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吻面还是握手?这是个问题Handshake 'safer' than kissing, flustered Britons advised Kiss or shake hands with a client or colleague? That is the big dilemma which faces workers around the country every day.Workers in Britain are "safer" to greet colleagues of the opposite sex with a handshake than a kiss, a common greeting in other parts of Europe, a study released Friday said.A survey of 1,200 workers by recruitment firm Office Angels said some became so anxious while deciding whether to kiss or shake hands that one in eight forgot the name of the person they were greeting.One fifth had an embarrassing clash of faces as they tried to kiss, and one in 10 became so flustered they resorted to waving instead.A similar number had actually allowed a colleague to sit through a meeting with lipstick on their cheek.And an over-enthusiastic few said they had ended up accidentally groping a colleague or client after opting for a kiss while the other one tried to shake hands.Londoners were most likely to be concerned about the issue, compared with workers in Northern Ireland, where most always went for a handshake, according to the research by the recruitment firm."My advice would always be, if in any doubt, go for a handshake. A handshake is always considered professional and courteous, and being on the safe side of formal is never a bad thing in a work place situation." David Clubb, the managing director of Office Angels said. 问候客户或同事时,是吻面还是握手?这是英国上班族每天都要面临的一大难题。上周五公布的一项调查显示,问候异性同事时握手比吻面“更安全”。吻面在欧洲其它地区是一种很常见的问候方式。“办公室天使”招聘公司对1200名公司职员开展的调查显示,有些人遇到这一两难问题时慌张失措,竟有八分之一的人忘了对方的名字。五分之一的受访者曾在行吻面礼时与对方尴尬“撞面”;十分之一的受访者由于慌乱失措,最后还是以握手了事。另有十分之一的受访者曾让同事面带着红唇印一直在会场坐到会议结束。还有一些“过于热情”的受访者称,他们在问候同事或客户时曾遇到自己准备行吻面礼,而对方则打算握手的情况,在这种情形下,他们则不小心摸了对方。此外,调查显示,与北爱尔兰人相比,伦敦人更在意吻面还是握手这个问题。在北爱尔兰,上班族们最常用的是握手礼。“办公室天使”公司的总经理大卫#8226;克拉伯说:“我一直主张在有任何疑问时选择握手。握手历来被认为是一种职业、礼貌的问候方式,而在工作场合,选择安全的礼节总没错。” /200804/34094Stimulating the brain with rapid pulses of electricity can improve your ability to perform mental arithmetic for up to six months, a new study has shown.一项新的研究显示,用电流速脉冲刺激大脑可以提高你的心算能力,效果可长达六个月。For anyone who struggles with dividing the bill at the end of a meal, there is now a way to give your brain a boost.对于那些餐后与账单苦苦斗争的人们来说,这是给你的大脑一个推动力的好方法。Scientists have shown they can improve people’s ability to perform mental arithmetic for up to six months by giving them a short course of harmless electrical stimulation on their scalps.科学家已经表示,他们能够通过无害的电流冲刺激头皮,提高人们长达六个月的心算能力。Volunteers who received rapid pulses of electrical current – equivalent to that from an AA battery – for just 20 minutes a day for five days saw their ability to solve calculations improve by 28 per cent.持续五天每天20分钟接受电流刺激(相当于AA电池)的志愿者,发现他们的计算能力提升了28%。The enhancement, which made them faster at carrying out sums and other mathematical tasks, lasted for up to six months after receiving the electrical treatment.这种提升在接受电击后持续了六个月,使得志愿者在计算总数时和其他数学工作中更快速。The researchers, who are based at the University of Oxford, believe stimulating the brain in this way could be used to help people who struggle with performing mental arithmetic.主要来自牛津大学的研究人员相信,以这种方式刺激大脑可以帮助那些在心算上苦苦挣扎的人们。Around a fifth of the population are thought to struggle with mental arithmetic while one in 20 suffer from dyscalculia – a learning disability involving numbers that is similar to dyslexia.据悉约有五分之一的人在与心算作斗争,而二十分之一的人忍受着计算障碍,这是一种涉及数字的学习障碍,与语言障碍类似。Dr Roi Cohen Kadosh, a cognitive neuroscientist who led the study, said he hoped to develop devices that could be used to help students in classrooms and elderly people.负责这个课题的是认知神经系统科学家瑞欧-科恩-卡多什士,他表示希望开发出帮助学生和年长者的装置。He said: “The amount of electricity we are applying is very small and totally painless. Most people asked us if the device was even working because they couldn’t feel it.The current appears to enhance the neurons ability to process information by making them more efficient.他说:“我们用的电流量非常小,而且完全不疼。很多人都问我们装置是否在工作,因为他们感觉不到。这个电流似乎提高了神经元处理信息并使其更有效的能力。”“We hope that these techniques will one day be used in the clinic, classrooms and even at home to help those who struggle with certain cognitive tasks.We are looking at using stimulation with educational games to help a child who is falling behind in class or to help elderly patients.”“我们希望这些技术有一天可以用于临床、教室甚至家中,来帮助那些在认知工作中苦苦挣扎的人们。我们考虑和教育游戏一起使用这种刺激,来帮助班里落后的小朋友或者帮助年长的患者。”Dr Cohen Kadosh and his team, whose work is published in the journal of Current Biology, asked 25 students to carry out calculations and learn mathematical facts – such as a times table – for 20 minutes each day.科恩-卡多什士和他的团队要求25个学生每天进行计算并学习数学实例20分钟(例如时间表)。这一他们的成果已经在《当代生物》期刊上发表。Just over half of the students were given the electrical current – known as transcranial random noise stimulation – as they performed the tasks, while the others were not.当执行任务时,略过半的学生接受了电流刺激,这个过程被称为经颅随机嗓音刺激,而其他人没有。Those that were treated with the electricity, which was applied by attaching two electrodes to their scalp, improved in their ability to perform mental arithmetic after a five days.那些接受了电流刺激的人,五天后处理心算问题能力有所提高,他们在实验时在头皮上连着两个电极。They were found to be up to 28 per cent better when asked to carry out calculations compared to those who had not received any electrical current.When they were tested again six months later, the improvements were found to still be there.研究发现,他们在被要求进行计算时,比那些没有接受电流刺激的学生要好28%。当他们六个月后进行测验时,这种提高依然存在。The electrical stimulation works by increasing the activity of neurons in the brain, helping to train them much like a muscle can be trained to become stronger and tire less easily.这种电流刺激通过提高大脑神经元的活跃性来起作用,帮助来训练那些神经元,类似于肌肉可以被锻炼得更强壮并更不容易累那样。Over time this helps to improve the efficiency of the neurons so they too can perform tasks more easily.久而久之,这有助于提高神经元的效率,从而他们可以更轻松的来执行任务。Dr Cohen Kadosh warned, however, that people should not attempt to apply electrical stimulation themselves as they could do more harm than good.然而,科恩-卡多什教授也警告说,人们不能自己来使用电流刺激,因为这样做弊大于利。He added: “Our data shows that we may be effecting molecular aspects of the neurons which may explain why there is this long lasting affect.”他补充道:“我们的数据表明,我们可以影响神经元的分子特征,这可以解释为什么会有持久的效果。” /201307/246849According to MyHeritage.com, everyone has a little celebrity(1) inside. Largely meant for charting family trees(2) and as a genealogy(3) community, the Web site also boasts an addictive(4) face recognition technology that blurs(5) the boundary between the great unwashed(6) and the thoroughly groomed(7).To find out which celebrity you most resemble(8), download a photo of yourself, and you'll quickly receive a list of stars with similar facial features. The results, which can include men and women, are often surprising.In one trial, a white, goateed(9), middle-aged man came up as most resembling the young black comedian Chris Tucker — and onlookers(10) exclaimed, "You know, I can see that."The Israel-based site uses algorithms(11) to compare faces. From a database of 3,200 celebs, ten ranked results are provided, which can be quite disparate(12).This writer's famous twins included the comedian Ben Stiller, the economist John Maynard Keynes and the painter Georgia O'Keeffe. Which makes sense, since many of my friends think of me as a comedic (if womanly) painter, with a strong penchant(13) for governmental interventionist(14) fiscal policy(15).Whatever our differences, though, MyHeritage suggests we at least share some superficial(16) similarities. The lesson, as always, is that machines know us better than ourselves.In this way, MyHeritage resembles the music Web site Pandora.com, which functions as a personal DJ. Pandora can lead a listener to music they might not know, but are predisposed to(17) like.On Pandora, you plug in a band or artist — for example, Beck. After listening to his "Fourteen Rivers," Pandora next cues up Jackson C. Frank's "(Tumble) in the Wind," and continues with songs by the Microphones, Iron amp; Wine and Travis.And if Beck sounds like Travis, then I might as well look like Georgia O'Keeffe. 根据网站MyHeritage.com,每个人都多多少少有些明星相。MyHeritage.com之前主要帮助网民绘制家谱,是一个宗谱社区,现在推出了一项有趣的面部鉴定务,模糊了平民百姓和明星大腕之间的界限。为了找到和你相似的明星,你需要向网站发送一张自己的照片,很快你就能收到一张和你长相相似的明星列表。结果通常会令你震惊,里面也许有男有女。在一次尝试中,一位白皮肤、山羊胡子的中年男子的对比结果竟然是年轻的黑人喜剧演员克里斯·塔克。旁观者们惊呼:“你知道么,我觉得你们挺像的。”这家以色列网站利用计算程序对比脸部特征。它会从3200个风格迥异的名人中为你挑出前10名最相似的。与本文作者最为相似的明星有喜剧演员本·斯蒂勒、经济学家约翰·梅纳德·凯恩斯和画家乔治娅·欧基夫。这样的结果也不无道理,因为我的很多朋友都认为我是有女性气质的幽默画家,同时又有强烈的财政政策政府干涉主义倾向。无论我们有多么不同,MyHeritage说我们总还是有一些相似的。通常机器比我们自身更加了解自己。这样说来,MyHeritage和音乐网站Pandora.com很相似。Pandora就好像私人DJ,为听众选择可能陌生但多半会喜欢的音乐。你可以输入一个乐队或者艺术家的名字,例如贝克。听完他的《十四条河》,Pandora会为你播放杰克逊·C·弗兰克的《风中翻腾》,之后是麦克风、铁与酒和崔维斯乐队的歌曲。如果贝克听上去的确很像崔维斯,那么我长得也的确像乔治娅·欧基夫。 /200805/38137

8. Skin off one’s nose Joe很热心公益,每周固定有一天去做义工。在他的影响下,我也参加了几次。有一次跟他提起如果能到附近的剧院做义工的话,也许会比较有趣。有一天他拿了一份报纸,上面就有剧院要找义工的消息,我打算下班后过去看看,可是不巧碰上那天身体不舒,下了班躺在床上就不想动了。第二天碰到Joe,问我有没有去,我把实情跟他解释。他听完后说: “No skin off my nose.”我不懂,只好怔怔地望着他,心想,他大概以为我是“叶公好龙”吧。 回家查了俚语词典,才知道skin off one’s nose是与某人有关的意思。Joe是在说我去不去其实"不关他的事",他只是顺便问一下罢了。 (摘自《世界日报》) 注:no skin off sb.’s nose 也可说成 no skin off sb.’s teeth 9. Small beer Small beer是“小啤酒”的意思吗?难道啤酒还分大小?其实,在英国small beer指的是口味比较淡啤酒,但是在美语中则是“少量啤酒”的意思。比如说夏天有客人来访,问他要喝些什么:Anything to drink?客人就可能回答说:“I’ll have a small beer(给我一点儿啤酒。)”比喻用法中说的small beer,指规模或者格局不大的事物。自以为了不起,不是小人物的人:He thinks no small beer of himself. Be small beer常用作与人比较的表现。 口语中常用small beer作形容词,因此开快餐店的朋友可以说:Ours is a small-beer fast-food joint beside McDonald. (摘自《联合早报》) 10. Spaghetti 朋友S说,意大利面食pasta,除实心粉spaghetti外,还有通心粉macaroni,宽面条lasagna,有肉馅做小方块形的意大利馄饨(云吞)ravioli,细长面条tagliatelle以及细线状的细面vermicelli(我们将“粉丝”译作vermicelli,原是意大利细面借之名)。 意大利是欧洲第一个吃面食的国家。十三世纪时马可波罗从中国传去制面食方法后,大受欢迎,特别是实心意粉spaghetti,以其容易烹调,可以配上各种佐料, 很快就风行全国。不过那时没有刀*可用,因此吃的都是无汤汁的实心意粉,便于用手抓送入口。现在的肉汁意粉(spaghetti with meat sauce),是后来才出现的吃法。当然,马可波罗当年在中国也吃过我们的牛肉汤面或者排骨汤面。但是有汤的spaghetti乃至以之作汤的 spaghetti soup,全是后来出现的意粉吃法。 Spaghetti一词源于意大利语spago,意思是一条线。一条意粉是spaghetto,通常用复数的spaghetti。意粉一碟,面条杂乱,因此车辆往来多,交通混乱的街口称为 spaghetti junction。 (摘自《联合早报》) 11. Speaking of the devil 几个同学聚到一起聊天,大家都到齐了,唯独不见Wayne。其中一个说“今天好像没见到Wayne”,另一个接着说“他的女儿放暑假,东西要从宿舍里搬出来,他大概帮忙去了”。正说着,只见Wayne从外面走过来。Joe于是说“speaking of the devil”。几个人乐了起来。我心想Wayne 这个人平常挺老实的,为什么说他是devil呢?于是我悄悄地去问Joe。 原来“speaking of the devil”是一条成语,相当于中文的“说曹操,曹操到”。也就是刚说Wayne 不在,结果他就来了。我不禁惊诧于语言的共通性,因为曹操不是也有“*雄”的称号吗?中英文在这一成语上有着这样惊人的异曲同工之处。 (摘自《世界日报》) 12.Stolen from ... dealer 高速公路上人车奔驰,朋友突然指着前方一部小轿车,说:“哇!这人好嚣张,贼车还敢挂上招牌!”我顺着他的目光看过去,不禁哑然失笑,我说:“先生呀!人家车牌上写着 ‘stolen from … Dealer’,是指他这部从… Dealer那儿买来的车,价格低廉,便宜得像偷来得一样。” 这是一种美式幽默广告手法,吸引顾客去… Dealer那儿买车,不是贼车啦。 (摘自《世界日报》) 13. Sweet tooth 我最害怕看牙医,但是因为有一颗蛀牙让我实在疼痛难忍,所以只好鼓足勇气,到牙医诊所挂号。当医生为我检查的时候,他问我:“Do you have a sweet tooth?”我很无辜地回答:“I had a doughnut this morning before coming here. I brushed my teeth. There is no sweet tooth.”他听了后摇摇头,便开始替我补牙。 很敏感的我,知道可能答非所问,闹了笑话,但是却百思不解。我懂 Sweet 及 Tooth 这两个单字,但把这两个字放在一起合用,我就不知道意思了。回家查了字典后,我才恍然大悟,原来sweet tooth的意思是“爱吃甜食”。 (摘自《世界日报》) 14.The Hong Kong dog 一次在一堂电脑课上,铃响后,系里的女秘书突然跑到教室来宣布:“Dr. Walker has a touch of the Hong Kong dog and will be here a little bit late.” 听完宣布后,我一脸正经地向坐在隔壁的美国朋友抱怨说:“Dr. Walker 怎么可以抚弄他的爱犬以至于来不及上课呢?”老美听完后居然大笑着说:“真是太好笑了!The Hong Kong dog 并非指一种,而是指某人吃坏了肚子、拉肚子的意思。”这一解释让我尴尬得无地自容。 (摘自《世界日报》) 15. Throw the book at Somebody 和先生从car wash(洗车场)里开出来,车上的水珠还依稀可见,这让先生想起一件事:曾经有一个美国人在高速公路上超速开车,时速达100多英里。警察当然把他截下来。在法庭上,他辩解之所以开快车,是因为想让风尽快把刚刚洗过的车吹干。我听了好笑,更好奇结果如何。先生答曰:结果是“They threw the book at him”。我不禁诧异,想像着他被“书砸”的样子。原来并非如此,“Throw the book at somebody”是指给某人最大极限的惩罚:charge someone to the full range of law。如果法律是一本书,那么这本书中所有被违犯了的条例,他都将为之遭受最严重的惩罚。 /200804/36091

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