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ROME By Monday morning, the grim, if now familiar, global ritual had begun. Leaders across Europe, Asia and elsewhere sent messages of sympathy and outrage. Editorialists opined against extremism and violence. Symbolic gestures another special lighting of the Eiffel Tower were announced. Solidarity hashtags circled the virtual globe.罗马——至周一上午,严肃的全球仪式已经开启,只不过现在人们比较熟悉了。欧洲、亚洲和其他地区的领导人发出表示同情和愤怒的讯息。各地的社论针对极端主义和暴力发表反对意见。具有象征意义的动作出现——艾尔菲铁塔再次亮起特殊的灯光。显示团结一致的标签在全球网络世界中流行开来。The Orlando, Florida, attack now ranks as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history. And the horrific slaughter early Sunday at a gay nightclub has a uniquely American component, again demonstrating an easy access to high-caliber assault weapons that stupefies much of the rest of the world.佛罗里达州奥兰多的袭击目前被列为美国历史上遇害人数最多的大规模击事件。周日凌晨在一家同性恋夜店发生的这一骇人听闻的屠杀事件带有独一无二的美国元素,又一次显示出袭击者可以轻易获得足以令世界许多地区错愕的大口径攻击武器。But judging from the initial reaction, the attack in Florida resonated globally on Monday not as an American anomaly, but because it felt so universal. Orlando now takes a place with Paris, Brussels, Beirut, Bamako, San Bernardino, and other cities struck by different incarnations of terrorism in recent years. Candles were once lit in their honor, too.然而,从最初的反应看,佛罗里达袭击事件不是作为美国的异常现象周一在全球各地引发回响,而是因为它让人感觉如此普遍。奥兰多现在加入了巴黎、布鲁塞尔、贝鲁特、巴马科、圣贝纳迪诺和其他城市之列,它们在最近几年遭到恐怖主义的不同化身袭击。蜡烛也曾经为纪念它们而点起。The Orlando attack is aly stirring debate on some of the most visceral fault lines of American politics: terrorism and Islamophobia, security and civil liberties, gun control and gay rights. But absent guns, those issues also resonate across the world, especially in many developed countries wrestling with how to maintain their freedoms in the face of violent attacks on their values.奥兰多袭击事件已经激发了有关美国政治里一些最内在的断层的辩论:恐怖主义和伊斯兰恐惧症,安全与公民自由,控和同性恋权益。但除了有关械的讨论,所有这些问题也在全世界获得共鸣,尤其是很多发达国家——在价值观面临暴力袭击时如何维护自由正令他们陷入挣扎。In an interconnected world, what seemed most relevant was what bound together the satirists of Charlie Hebdo, the heavy metal fans at the Bataclan, the tourists at the Brussels airport and the young people dancing early Sunday morning at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando not what divided them and their societies.在一个相互关联的世界里,看起来最切合的是将《查理周报Charlie Hebdo)的讽刺画家、巴塔克兰音乐厅的重金属音乐爱好者、布鲁塞尔机场的游客和周日凌晨在奥兰多“Pulse”夜店里跳舞的年轻人连结在一起的东西——而不是将他们和自己所在的社会分隔开的东西。But that connectedness also meant that Orlando quickly became politicized globally, as well as in the ed States. One organization campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union in the June 23 national referendum posted a campaign message on Twitter that showed Islamic State fighters warning of an “Orlando-style atrocityif Britain remained in the European bloc. The group deleted the tweet after the person who posted it was widely condemned.然而,这种连通性也意味着奥兰多很快就不仅在美国变成政治化的议题,在全球也是如此。主张英国在63日全民公投中脱离欧盟的一个倡导组织,在Twitter上发布了一条拉票帖子,显示伊斯兰国(Islamic State)圣战分子发出警告,如果英国依然留在欧盟里,就有可能发生“奥兰多式的惨剧”。在发布这条帖子的人遭到广泛谴责之后,该组织将它删除了。For many gays, lesbians and transgender people, the Orlando attack was a searing moment, highlighting the continued threats they face from an ideologically varied array of sources even as much of the world grows more inclusive about sexuality. In London, Owen Jones, a liberal columnist who is gay, walked off the set of a Sky News program after arguing with the host on how the Orlando attack should be defined. Jones argued it was both a terrorist attack and an anti-gay hate crime, while the program’s host sought to make a distinction between the two.对很多同性恋和跨性别者而言,奥兰多袭击事件是一个极度刺痛的时刻,突显出他们从各种思想意识源头遭遇的持续不断的威胁,尽管世界许多地方对性取向正变得越来越包容。在伦敦,同性恋者、自由派专栏作家欧文·琼斯(Owen Jones)在天空新闻台(Sky News)录制节目时,与主持人就该如何定义奥兰多袭击发生争执,随即离开了现场。琼斯认为,它不仅是恐怖袭击,也是反同性恋的仇恨犯罪行为,而节目主持人则试图将二者区分来看。“This guy, however he dresses up his bigotry and hatred, is someone who hates gays,Jones said of the killer, adding: “If he went into a synagogue and killed innocent Jewish people, as people have done, disgusting anti-Semitic terrorists, we’d call it out for what it is.“就算再努力粉饰自己的偏执与仇恨,这个家伙也还是一个仇恨同性恋的人,”琼斯如此评价那名凶手。他还表示:“如果他是走进了一座犹太教堂,杀死了无辜的犹太人——过去就有这样的事情发生——那么我们就会如实说这是令人发指的反犹恐怖分子。”“This was a homophobic hate crime as well as terrorism.”“这既是仇恨同性恋的犯罪行为,也是恐怖主义。”Europe’s mainstream political leaders were quick to offer condolences on Monday and affirm their friendship with the American people. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany condemned “such a murderous attackand declared a determination to “continue our open, tolerant life.”欧洲主流政治领导人很快在周一表示了慰问,申明他们与美国人民的友谊。德国总理安格拉·默克尔(Angela Merkel)对袭击事件进行谴责,称之为“凶残至极的袭击”,并宣布决心“继续我们开放、包容的生活。”Tel Aviv’s City Hall was bathed in the colors of the rainbow and the American flag on Sunday night. The town hall in Sydney, Australia, was lit in pink. In Britain, the cities of Blackpool and Liverpool said they would light local landmarks with rainbow colors on Monday night in memory of the victims.周日晚上,特拉维夫市政厅亮起虹色的灯光,悬挂美国国旗。澳大利亚悉尼的市政厅沉浸在粉色灯光里。在英国,布莱克浦和利物浦表示会在周一晚上在当地的地标亮起虹色的灯,以纪念袭击事件中的受害者。Even so, the Orlando killings come as far-right political parties in Europe are stoking anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiments in a similar vein to Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in the ed States. As Trump quickly seized on the massacre to renew his call to view Muslim immigrants as a threat, some politicians in the European right did the same.尽管如此,奥兰多杀戮事件发生的时机却恰逢欧洲右翼政党在煽动反移民、反穆斯林情绪。他们与在美国稳获共和党总统提名的唐纳德·特朗Donald Trump)论调类似。特朗普很快利用这场袭击重申他的呼吁,主张将穆斯林移民作为一种威胁来看待,而欧洲一些右翼政客也采取了相同的做法。Hungary’s right-wing government has been in the vanguard on resisting migrants, and championing a so-called illiberal democracy. On Monday, Lajos Kosa, the parliamentary leader of the governing party, invoked the Orlando attacks as a cudgel to repeat the party’s campaign against migrants from Syria and other Muslim nations.匈牙利的右翼政府一直站在抵制移民的前列,持一种所谓的自由民主。周一,匈牙利执政党的议会领袖洛约什·科沙(Lajos Kosa)将奥兰多袭击事件用作一件武器,重申该党反对来自叙利亚等穆斯林国家的移民的主张。“Uncontrolled migration, forced resettlement, the inflow of crowds into European society who not only cannot but do not want to integrate, come with enormous dangers,Kosa told a plenary session of the Hungarian Parliament on Monday.“不受控制的移民、强制性的安置,以及大批不仅没有能力而且无意融入欧洲社会的人群涌入,会带来巨大的危险,”洛约什·科沙周一在匈牙利议会全体会议上发言。For years, the ed Statesliberal gun laws, and the unwillingness of Congress to change them, have mystified people in many other countries.多年来,美国放任自流的管理法规和国会不情愿修改这些法律的状况,令其他许多国家的人迷惑不解。In Japan, the American gun issue is treated as a bizarre aberration, and much of the news media coverage of the Orlando killings focused on the terrorism angle. Only one person was killed by a gun last year in Japan, according to the National Police Agency, and there were only eight reported incidents of a gun being fired.在日本,美国的问题被看作奇异的反常现象,该国有关奥兰多杀戮事件的众多报道着重于恐怖主义的角度。据日本警察厅统计,去年全国只有一人遭杀,仅有八起被报道的击事件。In China, news of the Orlando shooting came only hours after a man set off primitive explosives in the check-in area at an airport in Shanghai. Four people were slightly injured, showing the gulf between the two countries in the lethality of the weapons available to the public. In China, where ordinary citizens have no access to firearms, the weapon of choice is often a large kitchen knife.在中国,奥兰多击事件的消息传来几个小时前,一名男子刚刚在上海一座机场的值机区域引爆简易炸药装置,这一事件导致四人受轻伤,显示出两国公众可获取武器的杀伤性存在巨大差异。在中国,普通公民不能持有,歹徒选用的武器通常是大一点的厨房用刀。There are more than 300,000 Chinese students studying at American universities and the Orlando shooting brought on new concerns from Chinese parents. Gao Junlan, a lawyer from southwestern China’s Sichuan Province, was concerned about her daughter, a third-year chemistry student at the University of Minnesota. Her daughter was at the Shanghai airport when the explosives were detonated there, waiting to catch a flight to the ed States.目前有0万中国学生在美国的高校学习,而奥兰多击事件给中国的父母带来了新的担忧。西南省份四川的律师高俊兰就很担心女儿的安危,后者是明尼苏达大学(University of Minnesota)化学专业的大三学生。上海的机场发生爆炸时,她的女儿就在现场,正在等待搭乘飞往美国的班机。“I think the American government should tighten its gun control,Gao said by telephone. “Yes, it is a free society for people with all religions and beliefs, but not everyone is capable of controlling their behavior and the government’s lax regulation is making killing a lot easier.”“我觉得美国政府应该加强管控,”高俊兰在电话中表示。“没错,它是一个自由社会,有各种宗教和信仰,但不是所有人都能控制自己的行为,而政府监管不严会让杀人变得容易很多。”来 /201606/449264

Speaking to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Munich, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expressed Beijings opposition to the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, Chinas Foreign Ministry said late on Friday.中国外交部在周五晚时对外宣称,中国外长王毅向美国国务卿约翰·克里表达了中国政府对美国部署末段高空区域防THAAD)系统的反对态度。Wang ;demanded the U.S. side must act cautiously, not use the opportunity to harm Chinas security interests and not add a new complicating factor to regional peace and stability;, the ministry said.外交部表示,王毅要求美方必须慎重行事,不要利用这个机会损害中国的安全利益,并且不要为地区的和平稳定增加新的复杂因素。South Korea and the ed States are expected to begin talks next week on possible deployment of the system.韩美两国将在下周开启关于可能部署该系统的对话。North Korea launched a long-range rocket on Feb. 6 carrying what it called a satellite, drawing renewed international condemnation just weeks after it carried out a nuclear test. It said the launch was for peaceful purposes, but Seoul and Washington have said it violated U.N. Security Council resolutions because it used ballistic missile technology.2日,朝鲜发射了一架远程火箭,但其声称是一台卫星。该举措在朝鲜进行核试验的数周后再次引发了国际上的谴责。朝鲜称此次发射的出发点是和平的,但是韩国和美国认为朝鲜触犯了联合国安理会的决议,因为其使用了弹道导弹技术。Wang also repeated Chinas stance that sanctions ;are not the aim; and that everyone should think of ways to restart talks on the North Korean nuclear issue. ;This completely accords with the interests of all sides, including China and the ed States,; Wang added, according to the statement.王毅也重申了中国的立场,强调制裁“并非目的”,大家都应该思考该如何重启朝核问题的对话。根据声明,王毅还补充说到:“这符合包括中美在内的各方利益。”In Seoul, the U.S. military stationed in South Korea said it had deployed an additional Patriot missile defense unit to the country in response to recent North Korean provocations. An air defense artillery unit from Texas is conducting ballistic missile defense training with existing troops deployed in the South, the U.S. Forces Korea also said in a statement.驻韩美军表示已经部署好了另一套爱国者导弹防御系统,以此来作为对近期朝鲜挑衅的回应。驻韩美军还在声明中提及,来自德克萨斯的防空炮兵部队正与现有驻韩部队一同进行弹道导弹防御训练。来 /201602/426115

Chinese authorities are scrambling to control the fallout after revelations that m in expired or spoiled vaccines have been distributed across China in a trade that continued unchallenged for years. 中国当局正在努力控制“问题疫苗”丑闻造成的不良后果。此前有爆料称,价800万美元的过期或变质疫苗被分销至中国各地,而且这一交易多年来一直畅行无阻The latest in a string of food and drug safety scandals in the country highlights the ability of unsafe distribution networks to thrive in the absence of public scrutiny. It comes at a time when China is promoting vaccine manufacture as a potential export industry. 作为中国一连串食品药品安全丑闻中的最新一例,此案凸显出了公共监督缺位的情况下不安全的分销网络发展壮大的能力。此案曝光的同时,中国正在推进疫苗制造业的发展,以期它日后成长为一个出口型产业Police in Shandong province cracked the ring that purchased and redistributed substandard vaccines 11 months ago but authorities only appealed to distributors to help trace potential victims this week, after Chinese media broke the story. 11个月前,山东警方破获了一个购买和转手销售不合格疫苗的团伙,但直到中国媒体曝光这条消息后,当局才在本周呼吁分销商协助查出此案的潜在受害者The ringleaders, a doctor and her daughter from the agricultural region of Heze, had been conducting the business since 2010 after being convicted of a similar offence in . 这个团伙的头目是来自农业地区菏泽的一名医生及她的女儿。自2010年以来,这名医生就一直在做这门生意。此前在年,她曾因犯下类似罪行而被定罪The ring specialised in buying spoiled or soon-to-expire vaccines from dozens of salespeople at vaccine groups, and then redistributing them to vendors, including government-run disease control centres, in at least 10 provinces or cities. 该团伙专门从疫苗公司的数十名销售人员手中购买变质或快过期的疫苗,再转手卖给至少10个省市的供货商,其中包括政府运营的疾控中心“We found the storage space to be a mess. There were no proper refrigeration facilities. The vaccines were wrapped in paper boxes with ‘ice bars,and the room clearly was not up to standard,policeman Chen Bo told China Radio International after the case became public. 此案公诸于世后,民警陈波告诉中国国际广播电台(China Radio International),警方发现嫌疑人存放疫苗的仓库内堆得乱七八糟,没有适当的冷藏设备,疫苗就包裹在中间塞上“冰排”的纸盒中,房间的温度显然达不到标准The story of the resold vaccines was first revealed by The Paper, an online news portal in Shanghai that specialises in investigative reporting. The ensuing public furore has led to 37 arrests, this week’s order to trace the potential victims and a statement by Chinese premier Li Keqiang on Tuesday that the case “exposed many regulatory loopholes 有关转卖疫苗的消息最初是由澎湃新The Paper)报道的。澎湃是位于上海的一家专长于调查性报告的新闻门户网站。报道引起的轰动已导7人被捕,并促使当局在本周下令查出潜在受害者,中国总理李克强也在周二批示称,此案“暴露出监管方面存在诸多漏洞”Qiao Mu, a former journalism professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University, said the case would have been “completely preventableif Chinese media were allowed to report freely on misconduct. “The authorities have a tendency of covering up media reports and failing to act until the whole thing blows up.原北京外国语大学(Beijing Foreign Studies University)新闻学教授乔木表示,如果允许中国媒体对不当行为展开自由报道,此案原本“完全可以避免”。“当局有种倾向,就是捂住媒体的报道、不采取行动,直到整件事捂不住了为止“It’s no coincidence that these cases repeat themselves,“这类案子反复出现不是巧合。In a similar case in impoverished Shanxi province in 2010, at least four young children died after receiving vaccines that had been left in sweltering heat. The editor of the China Economic Times was fired after his paper broke that story. 010年贫困的山西省发生的一起类似的案件中,至少4名儿童在接种曾暴露于高温下的疫苗后死亡。而在《中国经济时报China Economic Times)报道这条消息后,其总编被解职Authorities have not announced any deaths or illness from spoiled or ineffective vaccines in the Shandong case. 在山东这起案件中,当局尚未宣布变质或无效疫苗导致了任何死亡或患病In China’s most notorious food-safety breach, milk adulterated by the chemical compound melamine, the infant formula maker at the centre of the scandal attempted a recall but was ordered by government officials to cover up the problem, for fear of damaging China’s reputation ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. At least six infants died, more than 300,000 fell ill and the reputation of the Chinese dairy industry has yet to recover. 中国最臭名昭著的食品安全违规案,是在奶粉中掺入化合物三聚氰胺。处于那起丑闻核心的婴幼儿配方奶粉制造商曾试图召回产品,却被政府官员下令掩盖该问题,因为他们担心这件事会008年北京奥运会(Olympic Games)前夕破坏中国的声誉。那起丑闻导致至名婴儿死亡、0万婴儿患病,中国乳品业的声誉至今仍未恢复。来 /201603/433266Donald Trump vowed to ensure that America remained at “the top of the packof nuclear powers, as the US president on Thursday warned that the nation had “fallen behindin terms of weapons capacity.唐纳特朗Donald Trump)发誓要确保美国保持在有核国家中“领先”。这位美国总统周四警告称,在核武器能力方面,美国已“落在后面”。In an interview with Reuters, Mr Trump said he would prefer a world with no nuclear weapons, but would make sure the US was the dominant nuclear power. His first remarks on nuclear forces as president come two months after a tweet that the US should “greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability Asked about the tweet at the time, he reportedly told an MSN anchor: “Let it be an arms race在接受路透社(Reuters)采访时,特朗普表示他更倾向于没有核武器的世界,但是应确保美国是占统治地位的核国家。在这次以美国总统身份首次谈及核力量两个月前,他曾发推文称美国应该“大力加强和扩张其核能力”。当时,在被问及这一推文时,据称他曾向一位微软全国广播公MSN)的主持人表示:“就当它是军备竞赛吧”。“It would be wonderful, a dream would be that no country would have nukes, but if countries are going to have nukes, we’re going to be at the top of the pack,Mr Trump said on Thursday. “I am the first one that would like to see?.?.?.?nobody have nukes but we’re never going to fall behind any country even if it’s a friendly country.”周四,特朗普表示:“这样的梦想非常美好——一个所有国家都没有核武器的梦想。但是,如果各国要有核武器,我们要是其中领先的那一个。对于任何国家都没有核武器的情况,我会头一个乐见其成。但是,我们永远不会落后于任何国家——即使是友善的国家。”His comments were met with criticism from arms control experts, who also expressed concern that he called the New Start nuclear arms reduction treaty agreed by the US and Russia in 2010 as “one sided During the campaign, he raised concerns among US allies by urging Japan and South Korea to consider developing nuclear weapons to counter the threat from North Korea.他的言论受到了军备控制专家的批评。这些军备控制专家还对他称《新裁减战略武器条约New START)为“单方面”协议表示担忧,该条约是一个核裁军协议,由美国和俄罗斯010年达成。而在选战期间,特朗普还曾敦促日本和韩国考虑研发核武器以对抗来自朝鲜的威胁,从而引发了人们的担忧。Darryl Kimball, head of the Arms Control Association, an advocacy group, said Mr Trump was “tripling downon his previous comments. “I think the guy is getting very bad advice about the [New Start] treaty. Every US military leader who has looked at this has said New Start is in our interest.He said Cold War history had shown that “no one comes out on ‘top of the packof an arms race and nuclear brinkmanship游说团体美国军控协会(Arms Control Association)执行主席达瑞金柏Daryl Kimball)表示,特朗普正在对此前的言论“变本加厉”。“我认为他在该协议(指《新裁减战略武器条约》)上正在接受极为糟糕的建议。每一位曾关注这一切的美国军方领导人都表示《新裁减战略武器条约》符合我们的利益。”他说,冷战历史明,“在军备竞赛和核边缘政策(指把战争危险推至极致的政策,译者注)中,没有哪个国家能保持‘领先’。”Asked about the issue, Sean Spicer, White House press secretary, said Mr Trump was making clear that the US “will not yield its supremacy in this area to anybody在被问到这个问题时,白宫新闻秘书肖恩?斯派Sean Spicer)表示,特朗普明确表示,美国“不会将该领域的优势让给任何人”。“What he has been clear on is that our goal is to make sure that we maintain America’s dominance around the world, and that if other countries flout it, we don’t sit back and allow them to grow theirs,Mr Spicer said at a regular press briefing.斯派塞在一个例行新闻发布会上表示:“他已明确表示过,我们的目标是确保我们维持美国在全球的统治地位。如果有任何国家藐视这一点,我们不会坐视它们扩张它们的核武。”Mr Trump also raised pressure on China to tackle the nuclear threat from North Korea, saying Beijing could resolve the issue “very easilyif it wanted to. Michael Flynn ordered a review of North Korea policy before his ousting as national security adviser.特朗普还提高了对中国的压力,以应对来自朝鲜的核威胁。他表示,中国政府只要愿意,就会“轻而易举”解决这个问题。此前,在被罢免国家安全顾问之前,迈克尔?弗林(Michael Flynn)曾下令审查美国对朝鲜政策。来 /201702/494229

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