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淡水县医院男科医生惠城区男科专家The first year of college was punishingly lonely for the young medical student.Brought up in a poor village, he had little in common with his wealthier urbanpeers. He made no friends. No one listened to him. All he did was study.一名年轻的医学生在入学第一年感到极度孤独。他在贫穷的农村长大,与在较富裕的城市长大的同龄人拥有的交集很少。他没有朋友,没有人倾听他的新生。他所做的一切就是学习。It might be a tale of China#39;s growing social divisions.But instead of begrudging the other students their advantages, or bemoaningcliques, Zhang Yin concluded that the problem layinside. Agonised by his sense of isolation, he turned to a counsellor for help.这可能就是对中国差距日益加大的社会阶层的描述。但张银(Zhang Yin)并没有嫉妒其他学生的优势或哀叹拉帮结派现象,他将问题归结于内因。由于为自己的孤立感感到烦恼,他向心理顾问寻求帮助。What began as a search for meaning in his life became his vocation: he isresearching stress and depression at Changsha University and hopes totrain as an existential therapist. ;I want to know how others relievetheir pain and anxiety and discomfort,; the 24-year-old said.原本是对生命意义的探索,现在变成了他的职业:他现在正在长沙大学研究压力和抑郁症并希望将自己培养成存在主义治疗师。24岁的张银说,“我想要了解其他人是如何缓解痛苦、焦虑和不安的”。Zhang#39;senthusiasm for the ;talking cure; reflects a wider surge in interest,as China#39;scitizens seek meaning beyond the quest for prosperity.随着中国人民寻求成功之外的人生意义,张对“谈话疗法”的热爱反应了人们对这方面日益高涨的兴趣。;Chinese people have been hungering and searching for something for a long time sincethe collapse of Maoism. Every so often there#39;s a certain #39;fever#39; sweeping thecountry,; said Huang Hsuan-ying, an ethnographerwho has been studying the boom in psychotherapy in China since 2007. ;It fitsinto that long-term search for something that is not only material.;HuangHsuan-ying 说,“自从毛泽东思想坍塌之后,中国人民很长时间以来都在饥渴地寻求着什么。常常就会有一阵‘狂热’席卷整个国家”。作为人种论学者,Huang Hsuan-ying从2007年就开始研究心理疗法蓬勃发展的现象。“这与人们长期寻求物质之外东西的趋势相符”。ZhaoXudong, of Tongji University, in Shanghai,has said there are just 20,000 psychiatrists in the country. Yet evidence fromother countries suggests China will need 100,000 more to meet the population#39;s needs in coming years.上海同济大学的张旭东(Zhao Xudong)说,中国只有两万名精神病医生。而其他国家分析表明,在未来几年里,中国还将需要10万名精神病医生来满足人群的需求Althoughthere are 400,000 psychological counsellors registered with the country#39;sministry of labour, many in the profession believe the licence is too easy to obtain.虽然中国劳工部有4万名注册心理咨询师,但很多专业人士认为这本从业书太容易得到。 /201409/326827惠州前列腺尿急 SHANGHAI — The Walt Disney Company unveiled on Wednesday the designs and attractions at the new megaresort that is expected to open here in Shanghai in the spring, its first theme park in mainland China.上海——华特·迪士尼公司在周三公布了一座新的迪士尼综合乐园的设计和游乐项目。这片度假区将于明年春天在上海开幕,是中国大陆的第一座迪士尼主题乐园。The company said it was completing work on a 1.5-square-mile area that will house the Shanghai Disney Resort, with six themed areas, including one devoted to the hit ;Pirates of the Caribbean; film series, as well as live entertainment venues, a Broadway-style theater, two hotels and the ;tallest, largest and most interactive castle at any Disney theme park.;迪士尼公司表示,即将完成占地1.5平方英里(约合390公顷)的上海迪士尼度假区的建设工作。该乐园包括6大主题园区,其中一个将围绕热门系列电影《加勒比海盗》展开,此外还包括多处现场场所、一家百老汇风格的剧院、两家宾馆,以及;一座全球迪士尼乐园中最高、最大、最具互动性的城堡;。;We are taking everything we#39;ve learned from our six decades of exceeding expectations — along with our relentless innovation and famous creativity — to create a truly magical place that is both authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese,; Robert A. Iger, Disney#39;s chief executive and chairman, said at a news conference here.迪士尼首席执行官兼董事长罗伯特·A·艾格(Robert A. Iger)在上海的新闻发布会上表示,;我们把过去60年来所积累的一切关于如何超越游客期待的秘诀,加以迪士尼永无止境的创新精神和丰富创意,来打造这样一个‘原汁原味迪士尼、别具一格中国风#39;的神奇度假目的地。;Shanghai Disneyland represents an enormous bet on China#39;s shifting approach to westernized entertainment and leisure travel. Mr. Iger has said the company considers the .5 billion resort to be as transformative for the company as the establishment of Walt Disney World in Florida was in the 1970s.上海迪士尼乐园代表的是一次巨大的,押注的是中国向西式和休闲旅游方式的转变。艾格表示,这一斥资55亿美元的乐园对迪士尼公司的变革意义,不亚于70年代在佛罗里达州建成的华特·迪士尼世界。Disney#39;s goal is to create an engine that will drive demand in China for a wide range of Disney products: toys, clothes, furnishings, movie downloads and games. Disney typically relies on the creation of new Disney TV channels to pump its brand abroad, but China#39;s limits on foreign media have made that impossible.迪士尼的目标是要打造一个引擎,推动中国对大量迪士尼产品的需求,包括玩具、饰、室内陈设,电影下载和。在向海外推广品牌的过程中,迪士尼通常依赖的方式是设立新的迪士尼电视频道,不过中国对境外媒体的限制使得这一方式变得不现实。But Disney is walking a careful line. China approved the resort only after Disney promised that it would reflect Chinese culture. To that end, Disney#39;s messaging has been careful, with executives at the company#39;s headquarters in Burbank, Calif., repeatedly referring to the park as ;authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.;不过,迪士尼小心行事。在公司承诺乐园将会呈现中国文化以后,中国才批准了乐园的建设。为此,迪士尼在讯息的传达上颇为谨慎。来自美国加利福尼亚州伯班克总部的高管们不断强调,这个主题乐园是;原汁原味迪士尼、别具一格中国风;。Disney has tried to keep its specific plans for the Shanghai resort a secret, partly because it wants to control the marketing message and partly because of fears that Chinese parks would churn out copycat attractions. Those worries were stoked earlier this month, when a Chinese animated movie called ;Autobots; was marketed with images that were nearly identical to characters from Disney-Pixar#39;s ;Cars.;此前迪士尼一直对上海迪士尼的具体规划方案守口如瓶,一方面是因为公司希望能够控制营销讯息,另一方面则是由于担心会出现大量山寨的中国公园。本月早些时候发生的事情更是验了迪士尼的担忧,中国推出了一部名为《汽车人总动员》的动画片。该片的多幅宣传图片和迪士尼-皮克斯(Disney-Pixar)的《赛车总动员》(Cars)几乎一模一样。Despite Disney#39;s efforts, however, plans for the park have leaked for months onto fan blogs. Generating particular interest online ahead of Wednesday#39;s announcement was Disney#39;s decision to build a major ;Tron;-themed attraction. ;Tron: Legacy; was released in China in 2010, but it took in only million there. Disney recently decided not to move ahead with a sequel.虽然迪士尼做出了种种努力,但几个月来各种相关方案还是泄露到了粉丝客上。在周三官方正式公布整体方案前,网友们最感兴趣的是;创;主题公园。电影《创:战纪》(Tron: Legacy)于2010年在中国上映,不过只获得了1900万美元的票房。迪士尼最近决定不推进续集的创作。To compare, the last ;Pirates of the Caribbean; movie, subtitled ;On Stranger Tides,; took in million in China in 2011. The strong audience response was one reason Disney felt comfortable in moving ahead with plans for a large ;Pirates;-themed area.相较之下,2011年在中国上映的最新一部;加勒比海盗;系列电影《加勒比海盗:惊涛怪浪》(Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides),获得了7000万美元票房。迪士尼之所以乐于推进一个以;海盗;为主题的大型园区的建设,一个原因就是观众对该片的热烈追捧。Disney knows all too well the downside of skimping on rides and shows. A boutique-size Hong Kong Disneyland, which opened in 2005, struggled with losses for its first six years, in part because attendance was lower than expected; visitors and the local news media criticized the park as not offering enough to do.对于游乐项目和演出节目不足造成的负面影响,迪士尼再清楚不过了。占地极为有限的香港迪士尼乐园于2005年开幕,头六年里一直处于亏损状态,其中部分原因是入园人数低于预期;游客及当地新闻媒体批评那里游乐项目不足。Disney and the Hong Kong city government, which owns 52 percent of that resort, have since poured more than billion into a resort expansion that will stretch into 2017. Last year, Hong Kong Disneyland attracted 7.5 million people — roughly flat compared with 2013 — and generated .8 million in net profit, a year-over-year increase of 36 percent, according to Disney.迪士尼和持有该乐园52%股份的香港政府,已投入逾10亿美元用于乐园扩建。扩建工作将持续到2017年。据迪士尼介绍,去年香港迪士尼乐园吸引了750万人——与2013年大致持平——带来了4280万美元的净利润,同比增加36%。In its announcement Wednesday, Disney said the new resort had more technology and original features than previous parks, including many Chinese features blended into mosaics, gift items, performances and even the huge castle.在周三发布的方案中,迪士尼称,和之前的迪士尼乐园相比,新乐园体现了更多科技和原创元素,许多镶嵌画、礼物、表演甚至大城堡中,都融入了中国特色。Some of Disney#39;s most iconic attractions, including Space Mountain, It#39;s a Small World and Star Tours, a ;Star Wars;-themed journey through space, will not be featured when the park opens.乐园在开业时将不会包括迪士尼部分最具代表性的经典游乐项目,如飞越太空山(Space Mountain)、小小世界(It#39;s a Small World)和以《星球大战》为主题的太空之旅星际遨游(Star Tours)。Perhaps surprisingly, ;Star Wars; and the Marvel superhero movies will be represented upon opening, not by showpiece rides but by costumed character meet and greets, a comic book drawing area and a ;cinematic experience.; When the resort opens, its Broadway-style venue, the Walt Disney Grand Theater, will have a global premiere of Disney#39;s hit show ;The Lion King; in Mandarin.或许有些意外的是,《星球大战》和漫威系列超级英雄影片会在开业时重现,但并非主题游览路线,而是通过身着戏的演员见面会、漫画绘制区和;电影体验;的形式。开业时,百老汇风格的沃尔特·迪士尼大剧院(Walt Disney Grand Theater)将举行迪士尼大受欢迎的节目《狮子王》(The Lion King)普通话版的全球首演。Shanghai Disneyland will most likely rely less on repeat attendance and annual passes than its Hong Kong cousin. Disney estimates that 330 million people live within three hours of the Shanghai property, which is in the Pudong district.相比于香港迪士尼乐园,上海迪士尼乐园极有可能不那么依赖多次入园票和年票。迪士尼估计,三小时以内可到达位于浦东区的上海迪士尼乐园的人有3.3亿。Disney owns about 43 percent of Shanghai Disneyland, with the balance held by Shanghai Shendi, a government-controlled entity; Disney retains operational control, however, holding a 70 percent stake in the management company created with Shendi to run the resort.迪士尼拥有上海迪士尼乐园大约43%的股份,其余股份由政府控制的实体公司上海申迪持有。但迪士尼保留了经营控制权。在为经营乐园而与申迪联合成立的管理公司里,迪士尼持有70%的股份。Early this year, Disney said that it was moving the opening of the park to next spring, a delay from early 2016, and that the company and its Chinese partner would spend an additional 0 million to increase the number of rides on opening day, bringing total spending to .5 billion.今年年初,迪士尼宣布将把开业时间从2016年年初推迟至春天,并称该公司和中方合作伙伴将再追加8亿美元,用于增加开业当天的游乐项目。这使得上海迪士尼的总投资增至55亿美元。 /201507/387704US and EU sanctions against Moscow are in danger of turning round and biting the west by constraining global oil supply and pushing up prices, the former chief executive of BP has warned.英国石油(BP)前首席执行官唐熙华(Tony Hayward)警告称,美国和欧盟(EU)对莫斯科的制裁可能抑制全球石油供应并推高价格,反过来伤害到西方。Tony Hayward said that cutting Russia’s energy groups off from capital markets and restricting their access to western oil technology would eventually lead to less investment in Russian oil production and damage long-term supply. He said the US shale boom had obscured the growing risks to the world’s supply but its effect would wear off, leaving the global economy dangerously exposed to potential disruptions in the flow of oil.唐熙华表示,禁止俄罗斯能源集团进入资本市场并限制它们获得西方石油技术,最终将导致俄罗斯对石油生产的投资下降,从而损害长期供应。他说,美国页岩油气繁荣掩盖了日益增长的全球供应不足的风险,但这种效果将会消退,让全球经济危险地暴露于石油供应可能中断的风险。He spoke as the US and Europe expanded sanctions against Russia on Friday, with the US adding Gazprom, Europe’s leading energy provider, and Lukoil, the privately owned oil group, to the companies deprived of US goods, technology and services for deep water, Arctic offshore and shale projects. The EU and US have also imposed restrictions on financing for some state-owned Russian energy groups.唐熙华发表此言之际,美国和欧洲上周五扩大了对俄罗斯的制裁,其中美方将欧洲主要能源提供商俄罗斯天然气工业股份公司(Gazprom)和私营石油集团卢克石油公司(Lukoil)列入不能利用美国商品、技术和务开发深水、北极海域和页岩项目的制裁名单。欧盟和美国还对一些俄罗斯国有能源集团的融资施加限制。“The world has been lulled into a false sense of security because of what’s going on in the US,” Mr Hayward said in an interview with the Financial Times, referring to the shale boom that has driven a 60 per cent rise in US crude output since 2008. But he asked: “When US supply peaks, where will the new supply come from?”唐熙华在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“美国的局面使世界产生了一种错误的安全感。”他指出,页岩繁荣推动美国原油产量自2008年以来猛增60%,但他问道:“当美国供应见顶回落的时候,新的供应将来自何处?”As output from mature basins declines, the world has banked on new barrels from places such as Canada, Iraq and Russia. But Russian production from untapped resources in the Arctic and shale reserves in Siberia are threatened by sanctions, he said. “Because of financial sanctions, the big gorillas are going to start cutting their activities.”随着成熟油田的产量下降,世界寄望于加拿大、伊拉克和俄罗斯等地增加石油供应。但唐熙华表示,俄罗斯在北极未开发资源和西伯利亚页岩油气储量的开采受到制裁的威胁,“由于金融上的制裁,这些大型集团将开始削减它们的活动”。Mr Hayward, who runs oil explorer Genel Energy and is chairman of commodities group Glencore, also questioned projections for a big increase in oil production from Iraq. He said the country would struggle to reach targets to double production by 2020.目前执掌石油勘探公司Genel Energy、并担任大宗商品交易商嘉能可(Glencore)董事长的唐熙华,还对伊拉克石油产量大幅增长的预测提出质疑。他说,伊拉克将很难实现到2020年产量翻倍的目标。Sanctions could endanger joint ventures that Rosneft, the state-controlled Russian oil group, has set up with western majors such as ExxonMobil to explore in Russia’s Arctic seas. Michael Cohen, an analyst at Barclays, said they could also make it harder for European oil groups and service companies to provide support for their current operations in Russia.制裁可能危及俄罗斯国有控股的俄罗斯石油公司(Rosneft)和埃克森美孚(ExxonMobil)等西方石油巨头为勘探俄罗斯北极海域而成立的合资公司。巴克莱(Barclays)分析师迈克尔#8226;科恩(Michael Cohen)表示,制裁也可能让欧洲石油集团和务公司更难为它们当前在俄罗斯的运营提供持。 /201409/328366惠州包皮包茎的费用是多少

惠州治疗前列腺肥大的费用The conventional wisdom among public health authorities is that the Ebola virus, which killed at least 10,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, was a new phenomenon, not seen in West Africa before 2013. (The one exception was an anomalous case in Ivory Coast in 1994, when a Swiss primatologist was infected after performing an autopsy on a chimpanzee.)在利比里亚、塞拉利昂和几内亚肆虐的埃拉疫情已经造成至少1万人死亡。公共卫生机构的惯常思维是,埃拉病毒的流行是一种新现象,在2013年前没有在非洲西部出现过。(有一个例外,1994年在科特迪瓦出现过一例反常病例,当时一名瑞士的灵长类动物学家在对黑猩猩的尸体进行解剖后感染了病毒。)The conventional wisdom is wrong. We were stunned recently when we stumbled across an article by European researchers in Annals of Virology: “The results seem to indicate that Liberia has to be included in the Ebola virus endemic zone.” In the future, the authors asserted, “medical personnel in Liberian health centers should be aware of the possibility that they may come across active cases and thus be prepared to avoid nosocomial epidemics,” referring to hospital-acquired infection.这种惯常思维是错误的。我们最近偶然发现了《病毒学年鉴》(Annals of Virology)上的一篇文章,令我们颇为惊讶:“研究结果似乎说明,需要将利比里亚纳入埃拉病毒流行区。”文章作者强调,将来,“利比里亚卫生机构的医务人员应该意识到,他们可能会遇到活跃病例,因此应该做好准备,避免疾病在院内传播。”What triggered our dismay was not the words, but when they were written: The paper was published in 1982.让我们感到不安的并非文字本身,而是写下这些文字的这篇论文发表于1982年。As members of a team drafting Liberia’s Ebola recovery plan last month, we systematically reviewed the literature on Ebola surveillance since the virus’s discovery in central Africa in 1976. We learned that the virologists who wrote that report, who were from Germany, had analyzed frozen blood samples taken in 1978 and 1979 from 433 Liberian citizens. They found that 26 (or 6 percent) had antibodies to the Ebola virus.作为上个月拟定利比里亚后埃拉时期恢复计划的团队成员,我们系统地查阅了自1976年首次在非洲中部发现这种病毒以来的有关埃拉疫情监控的文献。我们得知,撰写上述报告的德国病毒学家分析了一些冻存血样——于1978年到1979年间取自433名利比里亚人。他们发现,其中26人(即6%)体内携带埃拉病毒抗体。Three other studies published in 1986 documented Ebola antibody prevalence rates of 10.6, 13.4 and 14 percent, respectively, in northwestern Liberia, not far from its borders with Sierra Leone and Guinea. These articles, along with other forgotten reports from the 1980s on antibody prevalence in neighboring Sierra Leone and Guinea, suggest the possibility of what some call “sanctuary sites,” or persistent, if latent, Ebola infection in humans.另有三篇发表于1986年的论文显示,在利比里亚西北部,距离该国与塞拉利昂及几内亚边境不远的地方,埃拉抗体的携带率分别为10.6%、13.4%和14%。上述文章,以及那些发表于20世纪80年代的被遗忘的有关邻国塞拉利昂和几内亚的埃拉抗体携带率的报告都说明,可能存在一些人所说的“避难所”,也就是持续携带潜藏的埃拉病毒的人体。There is an adage in public health: “The road to inaction is paved with research papers.” In a twist of fate, the same laboratory that confirmed the first positive Ebola test results in Guinea last year, the Pasteur Institute, was the publisher of Annals of Virology. Yet the institute’s April 2014 report said, “This subregion was not considered to be an area in which EBOV was endemic” (using the medical term for the Ebola virus).公共卫生领域有一条格言:“通往无所作为的道路上铺满了研究报告。”命运弄人的是,去年确认几内亚第一例检测结果为阳性的埃拉病例的实验室——巴斯德研究所(Pasteur Institute)——正是《病毒学年鉴》的出版方。然而,这家研究所在2014年4月发表的报告称,“该分区并未被认为是埃拉病毒的流行区。”Part of the problem is that none of these articles were co-written by a Liberian scientist. The investigators collected their samples, returned home and published the startling results in European medical journals. Few Liberians were then trained in laboratory or epidemiological methods. Even today, downloading one of the papers would cost a physician here , about half a week’s salary.造成这一问题的部分原因在于,这些论文都不是由利比里亚科学家合写的。研究人员采集样本,带回去,然后在欧洲的医学期刊上公布惊人的研究结果。那时候,几乎没有利比亚里人受到实验室或流行病学研究方法的培训。就算到了今天,利比里亚的医生下载一篇论文可能要花费45美元(约合280元人民币),几乎相当于半周的薪水。The story is not an unusual one. As it happened, the subjects in the 1986 antibody studies worked on the world’s largest rubber plantation (which then supplied 40 percent of the latex used in the ed States). During the current outbreak of Ebola, we saw rubber trees stretch as far as the eye could see from clinics in rural Margibi County — clinics shuttered after nurses died after supplies of latex gloves and other protective gear ran out. The way this part of Liberia was trawled for vital medical knowledge thus mirrored the way the West extracted the rubber it needed.这个故事并不罕见。事实上,1986年开展的抗体研究的受试对象是世界上最大的橡胶园的工作人员(当时美国使用的40%的乳胶产自该橡胶园)。在最近这轮埃拉疫情爆发期间,从马及比县的那些诊所——橡胶手套及其他防护装备的缺乏导致护士死亡后,诊所被关闭——看去,橡胶树不断延伸,一望无际。我们在利比里亚的这个地区获取重要医疗信息的方式,与西方国家获取他们所需的橡胶的方式别无二致。Sierra Leone’s and Liberia’s recent histories of civil conflict made it difficult to confirm an outbreak of the disease. Public health laboratories were not functioning in either country; it was months before Ebola was identified as the culprit pathogen. That made it impossible for the region’s few doctors and nurses to deliver effective care.塞拉利昂和利比里亚近期进行的内战使得医护人员难以确认疫情的爆发。这两个国家的公共卫生实验室均未良好运转;拖了好几个月的时间埃拉病毒才被确定为罪魁祸首。因此,该地区本已稀缺的医生和护士无法进行有效的医疗务。In all recognized Ebola epidemics to date, the disease has been transmitted primarily in the course of caring for the sick or burying the dead — hence the 1982 warning about transmission within hospitals and clinics. It was just as the German scientists had predicted: Liberia’s under-resourced health facilities became the fault lines along which Ebola erupted across the country and the wider region.在迄今为止所有被确认的埃拉疫情中,这种疾病都主要是在护理患者或掩埋尸体的过程中传播的。所以,1982年的论文提醒人们注意医院和诊所内部的感染。情况正如德国科学家所预测的那样:利比里亚捉襟见肘的卫生设施成为了软肋。埃拉沿着它们向全国乃至更广阔的地区扩散。To our knowledge, no senior official now serving in Liberia’s Ministry of Health had ever heard of the antibody studies’ findings. Nor had top officials in the international organizations so valiantly supporting the Ebola response in Liberia, including ed Nations agencies and foreign medical teams.据我们所知,利比里亚卫生部在职的高级官员中,没人听说过前述抗体研究的发现。在利比里亚勇敢地持抗击埃拉活动的国际组织,包括联合国机构和外国医疗团队,它们的高层官员也没听说过。When the history of this epidemic is written, it will chronicle the myriad ways that — from Guéckédou and Monrovia, to Geneva and Dallas — we were not prepared. But none of us can in good conscience say there was no warning.如果有人撰写这种传染病的历史,我们缺乏准备的无数个地方都会被计入其中,从盖凯杜和蒙罗维亚,到日内瓦和达拉斯。但我们谁都不能凭良心说没有过警告。Ebola was here aly. Understaffed and underequipped hospitals and clinics were sure to intensify, rather than stop, a major outbreak. And among its primary victims would be health care professionals. Had the virologists’ findings been linked to long-term efforts to train Liberians to conduct research, to identify and stop epidemics, and to deliver quality medical care, the outcome might have been different.埃拉病毒早就来到了这里。人手不足、设备匮乏的医院和诊所肯定会加剧,而非阻止一场大规模的疫情爆发。主要受害者将包括医护专业人士。如果那些病毒学家的发现,能和训练利比里亚人开展研究、辨认并阻止疫情、提供优质医疗护理的长期行动结合在一起,结果或许会有所不同。We all had friends and co-workers fall ill during this epidemic. But the fates of the afflicted reflect grotesque disparities. Of the 10 Americans infected with Ebola, all were airlifted to specialist hospitals with excellent clinical care in the ed States. Nine have recovered, and the 10th is, we pray, well on his way to a full recovery. At the start of the last major chain of transmission recorded in urban Liberia, last month, 11 of 11 people in one cluster perished.我们都有朋友或同事在这场疫情中病倒。但被传染者的命运却反映出了奇特的悬殊差异。10名感染了埃拉的美国人,全都被用飞机送到了美国的专科医院,那里有极好的临床护理。其中九人已康复,我们祈祷剩下那名患者也能尽快地完全康复。而上月,利比里亚城市地区有记载的最后一次大规模连锁传染刚刚开始,其中一个集体病例中的11人就全部死亡。A lasting legacy of this terrifying health crisis must be a new architecture for global health delivery, with a strong focus on building local capacity to respond effectively to such crises. Equity must be an indispensable goal in protecting from threats like Ebola, and in the quality of care delivered when prevention fails. Only then can we leave behind the rubber plantation model of international health and draw on the science that must inform these endeavors.这场骇人的卫生危机的持久影响之一,是必须为全球卫生救护建立新的架构,着重建设当地有效应对这类危机的能力。在预防埃拉等威胁,以及预防失败后提供的医护务的质量方面,公平必须成为一个不可或缺的目标。只有这样,我们才能丢弃国际卫生的橡胶种植园模式,利用必须与这些努力联系在一起的相关科学研究。 /201504/369445河源和平县妇幼保健人民男科中医院尿科 惠州市友好泌尿专科有泌尿科吗

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