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盐城协和医院有泌尿外科吗射阳县看妇科哪家医院最好的栏目简介:《英语视频之Top10》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上10大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如奇葩犯罪记录、科学骗局、邪恶老师等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。201602/416301盐城市第二人民医院妇科整形多少钱 The intent of the healthy kids act is to compliment这个健康儿童法案的意图是要配合the local school wellness policy.Before I said当地学校的健康政策,之前我说过the child nutrition reauthorization act enforced school儿童营养修订法案命令学校to make a wellness policy but didnt specify any制定自己的健康政策,却并没有具体规定任何standards.This is where Iowas healthy kids act标准,这正是爱荷华州的健康儿童法案弥补的began.And other states have passed similar laws.地方,另一个州也已经通过了类似法案The child nutrition reauthorization act is up for儿童营养修订法案已经准备再次revision.It has been proposed that schools with进行修订了,有提议说健康政策a good wellness policy in place may receive a 6制定得好的学校可以得到每餐饭6美分的cent per meal incentive.We may also see a激励,我们也将会见到为竞争性食品national standard set for competitive foods.设立的国家标准If a national standard was set it would take如果一套国家标准得以设立的话,它将会precedence over Iowas healthy kids act.But for now高于爱荷华州的健康儿童法案,但就目前而言our states healthy kids act is the only standard for我们州的健康儿童法案还是我们必须遵行的competitive foods we have to follow.The healthy针对竞争性食品的唯一标准,健康儿童法案kids act has set a standard for multiple areas of已经为多个健康领域设立了标准wellness which are to establish rules for minutes将会为学生每日或每周体育of physical activity on a daily or weekly basis运动的时间(分钟)做出规定for students, establish rules for nutrition standards为学生在校期间校园内为其提供的for food and beverages sold or provided on食品和饮料的营养标准the school grounds during the school day.做出规定This includes a la carte, vending and regulated这包括按菜单点的食物,贩卖的和经过规范的fundraising items. These recommendations do not募资食品,这些推荐食品并不适用于apply to the school lunch program. The healthy kids学校午餐计划,健康儿童法案act also requires every student to complete a course也要求每一位学生完成一门课程的学习that leads to certification in CPR and requires area来得到CPR(心脏复苏术)的明,并要求education agencies to contract with one or more地区教育机构与至少一名具有资质的营养学家licensed dieticians.Iowas healthy kids act sets签订合同,爱荷华州的健康儿童法案为nutrition standards for a la carte, vending and按单点菜,贩卖的和经规范的募资食品regulated fundraising items.As you can see订立了营养标准,你可以看到in the chart there are specific limits for calories在这幅图中对卡路里和钠有着非常明确的and sodium.Saturated fat can be no more than限定,饱和脂肪不可以超过卡路里的ten percent of calories.Trans-fat cannot exceed百分之十,反式脂肪每餐不可以超过point 5 grams per serving.Total fat can make up0.5克,总脂肪所占百分比不可以超过no more than 35 percent of total calories.总共卡路里的35%Sugar cannot contribute any more than 35 percent糖不可以超过总共卡路里的of total calories.Fifty percent of grains offered 35%提供的谷物中有50%must be whole grain.Milk can be low or non-fat,必须是全谷类,牛奶可以是低脂或脱脂的regular or flavored.Milk cant contain any普通奶或者调味奶,牛奶不可以含任何non-nutritive sweeteners.And as you can see非营养性的甜味剂,你也看到了the sugar content allowed in milk will gradually对牛奶中允许的糖类物质的要求在今后几年become more strict in the years to come.将逐渐变得越来越严格Fruit juice is allowed but must be 100 percent juice果汁是允许的,但必须是100%的果汁and not contain any sweeteners.Water cant have不可以含任何的甜味剂,水中也不可以添加any added non-nutritive sweeteners.Sports drinks,任何非营养性的甜味剂,运动型饮料flavored water and caffeinated beverages are not调味水和咖啡因汽水在小学生的to be made available to elementary students during在校时间里是不允许出现的the school day while soda and carbonated beverages苏打和碳酸汽水在任何学生are not to be made available to any students during在校时间里都是不允许出现的the school day.Schools participating in the参与国际学校午餐计划的national school lunch program must comply学校必须严格执行with specific nutrition standards.District 具体的营养标准,地区菜单制定者planners are encouraged to work toward the 2005也要参照2005年美国人膳食指南dietary guidelines for Americans.But current来进行制定,然而,目前我们的recommendations are still based on the 1995 dietary推荐仍然是以1995年的美国人膳食指南guidelines for Americans which lack some of作为基础的,这就遗漏了一些the updated information about trans-fat, sugar and须要进行更新的信息,比如关于反式脂肪,糖sodium that has since been made available on the和钠的信息,这些在2005年版的指南上2005 guidelines.It is surprising that是可以找到的,有些令人奇怪the recommendations for school meals is still对学校餐饮的推荐在15年后的今天仍然based off of the 1995 guidelines 15 years later.是基于当时1995年的指南的201504/369028When Michael came in, the crowd just stood up.迈克尔一开口 观众一致起立They actually broke a couple of chairs and seats in the auditorium.还不小心弄坏了会场好几把椅子lt was such a surprise.太令人震惊了And thats when everybody recognised the kind of talent that was there.人们就是在当时发现了他们的才能We wanted to win and we won.我们很想赢 也真的胜出lt was a really happy moment.那刻真的很开心lt was just... Cause that was the thing to win, Roosevelts talent show.因为大家的目标就是 要在罗斯福选秀获胜We win a Roosevelts talent show, its like signing a contract with Motown.在罗斯福选秀获胜 就犹如跟城唱片签约一般After the talent show ended,选秀结束后Joe decided that Reynaud and Milford werent going to be rehearsing with them.乔决定不让雷诺德与梅尔夫再跟他们一起练团And thats what kind of split everything off.这事让大家决裂Joseph was, in many ways, a frustrated musician.约瑟夫本身算是个不得志的音乐家He had a band called the Falcons.他曾经组过一个叫天应的乐团And l think to some extent he wanted to live vicariously我想就某方面来说 他很想要享受through the success, the possible success, of his chiIdren as musicians.自己孩子在音乐上的成就But Joseph is a vety complicated person,但约瑟夫是个很复杂的人and its not easy to paint Joseph with a wide brushstroke.没有办法简单形容的一个人Joe was a tyrant to them.乔对他们简直就像个暴君He was mean to them. He was evil to them.他对他们很不好 很邪恶201508/391401江苏盐城做无痛人流哪家医院最好的

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盐城市第一人民医院治疗早孕多少钱Chinas new targets for 20152015年中国的新目标At the opening session of the NPC,Premier Li keqiang outlined the governments goals for the upcoming year.在全国人民代表大会开幕式上,国务院总理李克强介绍了政府在接下来一年的工作目标。GDP growth target for this year is lowered to about seven percent, and the consumer price index increase set at 3 percent.今年的国内生产总值增长目标降至约7%,而居民消费价格指数增至3%。On the employment front-creating 10 million new job in urban areas, and lowering the jobless rate to 4.5 percent.而就业方面则是在城镇增加1000万个新的就业机会,失业率降至4.5% 。The growth of personal income should keep pace with the rate of economic development.同时个人收入增长也应跟上经济发展的步伐。To maintain steady growth, the goal is to increase imports and exports by 6 percent, while maintaining the balance of payment.为了稳定增长,目标是增加6%的进出口,同时保持收平衡。And with environmental protection a key concern, the government aims to cut energy intensity by 3.1 percent this year, compared with a 4.8 percent cut in 2014.而环境保护列为重中之重,同2014年降低4.8%相比较,今年政府计划将能源强度降低至3.1%。201503/364624 We are left programmed to eat energy-rich,我们本能地想吃高能的sweet, fatty foods.甜的 脂肪高的食物I could probably do something illegal要是我想吃香蕉拖肥批if I knew I was going to get a banoffee pie.我可能会不惜因此去犯法When it comes to enjoying chocolate,一谈到要吃巧克力when it starts to trickle at the back of the tongue,我就开始垂涎欲滴and I can feel it going down...然后就会有吃巧克力的感觉...Thats warm and its cool at the same time.那种又热又凉的感觉I have a sweet tooth. Maybe its我喜欢吃甜食because I was deprived of chocolate as a child.可能是我小时候没吃够吧Our craving for energy-rich food is very ancient.对于高能食物的欲望 自古就有In the 21st century,即使进入21世纪were left with a body and a brain which evolved with Homo erectus.我们的身体和脑子 一样是直立人进化来的201506/378491建湖县第三人民医院做无痛人流多少钱盐城协和男科医院星期六有割包皮吗



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