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You have a special dispensation你们有特许豁免权Now, graduates, I am humbled to stand here with all of you毕业生们 今天我和你们一起 恭敬地站在这里As an honorary Morehouse man成为荣誉莫尔豪斯人I finally made it我终于做到了And as I do, I’m mindful of an old saying在这里 我想到了一句古老的话;you can always tell a Morehouse man你总可以跟莫尔豪斯人讲道理But you cant tell him much;但你没有多少可以告诉他And that makes my task a little more difficult, I suppose我想 这让我的任务显得有些棘手But I think it also reflects the sense of pride 不过这也反映了根植于学校传统中的自豪感Thats always been part of this schools tradition不过这也反映了根植于学校传统中的自豪感Benjamin mays, who served as the president of Morehouse for almost 30 years本杰明·梅斯 作为莫尔豪斯学院院长辛劳了近30年Understood that tradition better than anybody他比任何人都更清楚这一传统He said and I e ;it will not be sufficient for我援引他的话 他说 ;莫尔豪斯学院;Morehouse college, for any college, for that matter, to produce clever graduates或任何学院 培养的不能仅仅是聪明的毕业生But rather honest men还要是诚实的人Men who can be trusted in public and private life 在个人和公共生活中值得信赖的人Men who are sensitive to the wrongs, the sufferings, and the injustices of society对社会上错误 苦难和不公敏感的人And who are willing to accept responsibility for correcting those ills;愿意担负起责任 矫正这些病态的人201604/435615VOA流行美语 81: ZIP / DRAMA QUEEN李华和Michael这个周末什么功课都没有,原来准备好好玩一玩,可是后来计划落空。李华会学到两个常用语:zip和drama queen。L: 嗨,Michael, 你这个周末有功课要做吗?M: Nope. I don't have to do zip. I'm free the whole weekend.L: 你不用做zip? 那是什么意思呀?Zip不是衣上的拉链吗?M: No, I mean zip as in zero or nothing. I don't have zip means I don't have anything to do.L: 噢,zip可以解释为"零","什么也没有"。那你的意思是你周末什么事也没有,对不对?M: Yes. If you ask me for money and I don't have any, I could say I haven't got zip. Get it?L: 知道了,你没有钱,我本来也没有想问你借钱啊。M: Good. Now, do you have any money I could borrow. I want to buy a coke.L: "No, I don't have zip." 我这么说对不对?M: Yes, you used it right, but I really want to buy a coke.L: 你真的要问我借钱哪?Michael, 我可真是没有钱,我不骗你。M: Oh well, I guess I'll have to go to the bank before we can do anything interesting this weekend. If I don't have any cash, then we won't be able to do zip.L: 没错,你要不到去取钱,那周末我们哪儿也去不了。We won't be able to do zip.M: Now you've learned the word zip. The bank is over there. I'll get some cash and I'll come right back.L: 快点,我饿了,要去吃晚饭了。嗨,Michael, 你多取点钱,I don't have zip in my pockets.M: Alright.******L: Michael, 我们周末出去玩的计划全被打乱了。我们的历史教授从电脑上发给我们一个新作业,星期一就要交了。啊呀,我真气死了。M: Oh, don't be such a drama queen. The assignment can't be that bad, and I know for a fact that you do have free time.L: 你叫我什么? Drama queen? Drama是戏剧,queen是女王。这两个词合在一起,嘿,我虽然不知道drama queen的具体意思,但是我肯定你是在讽刺我,对不对?M: Not really. A drama queen is a girl who exaggerates her problems, usually to get attention. Your problem really isn't that bad, but you make it sound like the end of the world.L: 噢,drama queen原来是说一个女孩,为了引起别人的注意,夸张了她面临的问题。 哎哟,就是小题大作。嗨,我可不是小题大作。我是因为没有时间完成作业,所以我才心烦意乱。M: Oh, please. You are being a little too dramatic about this homework assignment.L: 只是一个作业,你说得倒简单!算了,算了,不跟你争了。可能是我还不清楚drama queen的含意,Michael, 你再给我举个例子,好不好?M: Do you remember my friend, Angela, who called me crying because she couldn't find her math book?L: 当然记得。她呀,为了找不到她的数学书给你打电话的时候还哭了,我真是难以相信。她好像老是有什么事感到不高兴似的。M: She is such a drama queen. She makes a huge deal out of losing a book or a bad haircut. Once, she wouldn't talk to me for a week because I forgot to call her back.L: 对,她总是大惊小怪,小题大作的,丢了一本书也不高兴,剪头发剪得不好也不高兴。你忘了给她打回电,她当然要生气,一个星期不跟你讲话就算客气的了。我可没有象她那样,所以别叫我drama queen.M: Yeah, you're not quite as bad.今天李华学到了zip和drama queen两个常用语,zip就是零,什么也没有的意思;drama queen是指那种喜欢小题大作,大惊小怪的女孩子。 /200602/3156英语会话800句 30 /200608/9118

So, Im going to start off with kind of the buzzkill a little bit.好吧,我的开场可能有点让人扫兴Forty-two million people were displaced by natural disasters in 2010.四千两百万人在2010年因灾成为无家可归的人。Now, there was nothing particularly special about 2010,不过,2010年可没有什么太大不了的because, on average, 31 and a half million people are displaced by natural disasters every single year.因为,平均来说,每年因为各种自然灾害而流离失所的人数达到了三千一百五十万之多。Now, usually when people hear statistics or stats like that,通常,人们听到这方面的统计数据的时候,you start thinking about places like Haiti or other kind of exotic or maybe even impoverished areas,都会想到海地或者是其他国家或者是贫困地区,but it happens right here in the ed States every single year.但事实上类似的事情在美国每一年都在发生着。Last year alone, 99 federally declared disasters were on file with FEMA,仅去年一年,就有99起官方实的灾害被联邦应急(FEMA)记录在案,from Joplin, Missouri, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to the Central Texas wildfires that just happened recently.发生地点从密苏里州的乔普林、阿拉巴马州的塔斯卡卢萨、到最近刚发生在德克萨斯州中部的森林大火。Now, how does the most powerful country in the world handle these displaced people?那么,世界上最强大的国家是怎么安排这些无家可归的人呢?They cram them onto cots, put all your personal belongings in a plastic garbage bag,他们把灾民塞在简易床上,所有私人物品都被塞进一个塑料垃圾袋,stick it underneath,然后扔在床下面,and put you on the floor of an entire sports arena, or a gymnasium.然后大家都挤在一个体育场里,或者体育馆里。So obviously theres a massive housing gap,所以临时住房短缺问题很明显,and this really upset me, because academia tells you after a major disaster,这让我很失望,因为学术界认为,在一次大灾难过后,theres typically about an 18-month time frame to -- we kinda recover, start the recovery process,一般需要经过18个月的时间,才会开始重建的进程,but what most people dont realize is that on average但是大部分人都没意识到it takes 45 to 60 days or more for the infamous FEMA trailers to even begin to show up.一般要经过45到60天甚至更多时间,那些声名狼藉的的联邦应急的拖车才会开始出现。Before that time, people are left to their own devices.在那之前,人们只能靠自己。So I became obsessed with trying to figure out a way to actually fill this gap.所以我开始很专注于找到一个方法来填补这个空缺。This actually became my creative obsession.这项创造性的事业使我十分痴迷。I put aside all my freelance work after hours and started just focusing particularly on this problem.几个小时后,我就把我所有的手头兼职工作抛到一边,开始全身心投入到这项工作中。So I started sketching.画草图是第一项工作。Two days after Katrina, I started sketching and sketching卡特里娜飓风过后两天,我开始一遍遍的画草图and trying to brainstorm up ideas or solutions for this,尽己所能想方设法的来找到一个可行的方案,and as things started to congeal or ideas started to form,当我的构思最终成形后,I started sketching digitally on the computer,我开始用电脑上进行设计,but it was an obsession, so I couldnt just stop there.当然这终究还是图纸,所以我不能就此停下。I started experimenting, making models, talking to experts in the field, taking their feedback,之后我开始做实验,做一些模型,展示给这个领域的专家们,倾听他们的反馈,and refining, and I kept on refining and refining for nights and weekends for over five years.并进行改进,我一遍一遍的改进,这个过程持续了五年多。Now, my obsession ended up driving me to create full-size prototypes in my own backyard最终,这个使我着迷的计划有了一个结果,那就是在我家后院的全尺寸原型产品and actually spending my own personal savings on everything from tooling to patents and a variety of other costs,它们花光了我所有的积蓄,包括购买工具到付专利使用费以及其他各种各样的费用,but in the end I ended up with this modular housing system that can react to any situation or disaster.不过最后我还是成功做出了这个模块化房屋系统,它可以应付各种情况和灾难。It can be put up in any environment,它可以被安放在任何环境中,from an asphalt parking lot to pastures or fields,从沥青停车场到牧场或农田,because it doesnt require any special setup or specialty tools.因为它不需要任何特殊的基础建设或是特殊的工具。Now, at the foundation and kind of the core of this whole system is the Exo Housing ,这套系统的基础和核心是外挂式房屋模块,which is just the individual shelter module.那是一种独立的避难所模块。And though its light, light enough that you can actually lift it by hand and move it around,它非常轻,轻到你用手就可以轻易的举起来并且来回挪动,and it actually sleeps four people.这屋子能睡4个人。And you can arrange these things as kind of more for encampments and more of a city grid type layout,你可以随意摆放它们,例如像露营一样,或按照城市街区来规划摆放,or you can circle the wagons, essentially,或者你可以先把一些售货手推车围成一个圈,and form these circular pods out of them,然后把这些房屋围到外面形成帐子,which give you this semi-private communal area这样一个半私密性的公共区域for people to actually spill out into so theyre not actually trapped inside these units.会让住在里面的人们愿意出来走走,而不是一直呆在这些屋子里。Now this fundamentally changes the way we respond to disasters,所以这项发明从根本上改变了我们对灾难的反应,because gone are the horrid conditions因为之前那种很多人躺在小床上inside a sports arena or a gymnasium, where people are crammed on these cots inside.挤在体育场或体育馆里简易床的场景已经一去不复返了。201606/449725

On my first day as Secretary-General of the ed Nations, one question weighs heavily on my heart.今天是我担任联合国秘书长的第一天。有一个问题沉重地压在我的心头。How can we help the millions of people caught up in conflict, suffering massively in wars with no end in sight?数百万民众身陷冲突,在看不到尽头的战争中饱受苦难。我们怎样才能去帮助他们?Civilians are pounded with deadly force. Women, children and men are killed and injured, forced from their homes, dispossessed and destitute. Even hospitals and aid convoys are targeted.平民遭受致命攻击。男女妇孺,死伤惨重,他们背井离乡,一无所有,一贫如洗。连医院和援助车队,也成为攻击目标。No one wins these wars, everyone loses. Trillions of dollars are spent destroying societies and economies, fueling cycles of mistrust and fear that can last for generations. And whole regions are destabilized and the new threat of global terrorism affects us all.在这些战争中,没有赢家,人人皆输。数万亿美元被耗费,社会和经济遭到破坏,不信任和恐惧恶性循环,愈演愈烈。这种不信任和恐惧会让数代人挥之不去。一个个地区整个陷入动荡,而全球恐怖主义这一新威胁影响到所有人。On this New Years Day, I ask all of you to join me in making one shared New Years resolution: Let us resolve to put peace first.值此元旦之际,我请所有人和我一起,共同下定一个新年决心:让我们决心把和平摆在首位。Let us make 2017 a year in which we all – citizens, governments, leaders – strive to overcome our differences.让我们大家,不论是公民、政府、还是领导人,努力使2017年成为克彼此分歧的一年。From solidarity and compassion in our daily lives, to dialogue and respect across political divides…无论在日常生活中展现团结精神和同情之心,还是超越政治分歧开展对话、相互尊重……From ceasefires on the battlefield, to compromise at the negotiating table to reach political solutions…无论是在战场上实现停火,还是在谈判桌上为实现政治解决而达成妥协……Peace must be our goal and our guide.和平必须是我们的目标,我们的指针。And all that we strive for as a human family – dignity and hope, progress and prosperity – depends on peace.尊严和希望、进步和繁荣,这些都是我们人类大家庭奋力实现的目标,它们都取决于和平。But peace depends on us.而和平要靠我们去实现。I appeal to you all to join me in committing to peace, today and every day.我呼吁大家和我一起,在今天,在每一天,都致力于和平。Let us make 2017 a year for peace.让我们使2017年成为和平之年。Thank you.谢谢大家。201701/489396VOA流行美语 29: loser; to bug大家都知道Michael这个美国学生正在学中文。他和中国学生李华约好每个星期至少在一起活动一次。今天他们决定到一个公园去滑冰。李华会学到两个常用语:loser 和to bug。L: 今天的天气真好呀!正是运动的好天气。我已经好久都没有滑冰了。M: You're a very good skater. I just keep falling down.L: 学滑冰总是会摔跤的。多练习练习就好了。M: I know, but I feel like such a loser. I keep getting passed by little kids. They laugh at me.L: 小孩肯定比我们滑得快,别怕他们笑话你。你刚才说你觉得自己 是什么? Loser? 滑冰又不是比赛,怎么会输掉呢?M: I said I feel like a loser, it means that I feel like a failure. It doesn't mean I lost a game.L: 你是说loser就是一个人做某件事总是做不好。嗯, 我们在中文里常说:“我怎么老学不好,真是个笨蛋”。这跟loser的意思 差不多吧?不过,Michael,我肯定你在滑冰方面不是个笨蛋,你只 要多练习就行了。M: Thanks for the encouragement, Li Hua. But I've always been kind of a loser at sports. Growing up, I was always picked last for the baseball and soccer teams.L: 原来你在体育方面从小就不行。不过,Michael, 在其他方面你 一点也不笨。M: What do you mean, Li Hua?L: 这还不明白吗?女孩子都很喜欢你呀,你还有其他好多朋友呀。M: You're right, I do have a lot of friends. But if they could see how many times I fell down today, I'm sure they would not want be friends with such a loser.L: 得了吧,Michael,要说笨蛋,那天晚上我们见到的那个人才是呢。 他自以为挺帅,老是想去和女孩子搭讪,可是,谁都知道他是个 没出息的人,谁都不要和他交朋友。Michael,我们能叫这种人 loser吗?M: Yeah, very good, Li Hua. That guy really is a loser. He never studies at all. I think he's in college just to party.L: 他从来不念书呀?Michael,你还滑不滑?M: I guess so...Just wait up for me, in case I fall down again. Okay, let's go!(滑完冰以后)L: Michael,运动一下真舒。M: Yeah, you had been bugging me about going skating for so long, I guess it was about time that I came along with you.L: 什么是bugging ? Bug不是小虫子吗?M: No, bugging means to bother or annoy someone about something. I didn't mean it in a serious way, I was just kidding.L: 噢,to bug就是为了某件事去麻烦别人,让人讨厌。 Michael, 你 再举一个例子好吗?M: Sure. You can say that something is bugging you, such as an assignment that you haven't been able to finish or a problem that you cannot solve. You could also...L: 等等,让我先弄清楚你说的。你是说,我没能完成的功课, 或者解决不了的问题都可以用to bug这个动词。那就是说:"This assignment is bugging me",或者是:“This problem is bugging me",对 不对?M: Yes, you can also say that a habit someone has really bugs you.L: 我知道,象Mary,她老是打断我说话,让我很烦,很讨厌。M: You could say "It really bugs me when Mary interrupts me in the middle of a sentence." I can also say it really bugs me when you try to tell me what to do.L: 嗨,我告诉你该怎么做是为了你好。老实说,it bugs me that you never listen to me.M: It seems that you've learned how to use "loser" and "to bug". Let's go home.李华今天学了一个名词“loser",指一个人老是不会做某件事;她还学了一个动词“to bug",意思是为了一件事老是去麻烦别人,让人讨厌。这次这次[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次再见。 /200601/3100听讲美国口语 /200607/8051

76. It's supposed to... 应该······ 用法透视 该句表示"按道理讲应该......",可用来表达猜想或命令(相当于should)等含义。 持范例 1. He is supposed to arrive on the 5 o'clock train. 他应该乘五点的火车到达。 2. Summer is supposed to come during May. 夏天应该在五月来临。 3. It was supposed to be y last week. 这件事上星期就该做好的。 会话记忆 A: Hey, how was the show? 嗨,那场演出怎么样? B: Not great. It's a kind of boring. 不怎么样。有点乏味。 A: Really? I heard it was supposed to be great. 是吗?我听说它应该很棒的。 B: Yes, me too. But I'm disappointed. 我也这么听说。但我很失望 /200705/13511突破口语之情景对话(28):Bad luck倒霉Jane: I heard that Kevin got divorced. Is that true?Eddie: Not so bad,but Kevin does have problems with his wife.Jane: What?Eddie: His wife always complained that Kevin's salary was too low and got no promotion.Jane: Poor Kevin, we should do something for him. He is a nice guy and does his job well.Eddie: Yeah, I agree with you. But you know, it's just one of those things.译文: 简: 我听说凯文离婚了,是真的吗?艾迪: 还不至于这么糟。不过凯文和他妻子确实有些矛盾。简: 怎么了?艾迪: 他妻子老是抱怨他薪水太低,又不见提升。简: 可怜的凯文。我们真该帮他做点什么。他是个好小伙子,工作也干得不错。艾迪: 是啊,你说得没错。但你也是知道的,每个人都可能遇到这些事情。 注解 :1) divorced (adj): 离婚的 2) salary (n): 工资,薪水例: He finally got a job in a company paying good salaries. 他最终在一家公司里得到一份高薪的工作. /200708/16457

Now, I could have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #WheresGamora, like millions of fans did across the world,现在,我可以在Twitter上发#加美拉去哪儿了,就像世界各地成千上万的粉丝们一样。but the truth was I wasnt even really that surprised,但事实上,我并不对此感到惊讶,because I was there when Disney had released ;The Avengers.;因为当迪斯尼播出《复仇者联盟》的时候我也经历过了。And just this year, we got a new Avengers movie, the ;Age of Ultron,; and we were very excited,就在今年,我们又迎来了复联的新续集《奥创纪元》,然后我们很激动,because there was not one but two female superheroes, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow.因为其中有不是一个,而是两位女超级英雄,腥红女巫和黑寡妇。And we were very excited. But heres the real thing about this.所以我们很激动。但真相是这样的。Even though Scarlett Johansson, who is one of the most popular actresses in America, plays Black Widow,即使是由斯嘉丽·约翰逊,美国当红女星扮演的黑寡妇;and Black Widow is the star of not one, not two, but five different Marvel movies,即使黑寡妇形象存在于不是一部两部,而是五部不同的漫威电影,there is not a single piece of Black Widow merchandise available. Not one.市场上也还是找不到任何关于黑寡妇的产品。一个也没有。And if you go to the Disney store and look for a Black Widow costume,如果你前往迪斯尼商店寻找黑寡妇的饰,what you will find, is you will find Captain America and The Incredible Hulk. You will find Iron Man and Thor.你会发现,能找到的都是美国队长,绿巨人,钢铁侠或者雷神的饰。You will even find War Machine, who isnt even really in the movie that long.你甚至还能找到战争机器,在电影中都没怎么出镜的那种。Who you will not find is Black Widow.但是就是没有黑寡妇。And I could have gone to Twitter with the hashtag, as many people did, #WheresNatasha.我本可以登录Twitter,像许多人那样贴个标签,#娜塔莎在哪儿。But Im tired of doing that. Im tired of having to do that.但是我已经对这种行为感到疲惫了。我对这种情况感到疲惫了。All over the country right now, there are kids playing with the Cycle Blast Quinjet play set,现在全国上下,孩子们都在玩一个基于复联专用战斗机场景的游戏,where Captain America rides a motorcycle out of a moving jet and its really awesome. You know how awesome it is?在其中,美国队长骑着托车冲出了飞行中的战斗机,那场面太酷了。你能想象有多酷吗?So awesome that when it happened in the movie, it was Black Widow that did it.在电影当中也是这样的刺激,这其实是黑寡妇的戏份。Not only has she been erased, but she has been replaced with a male figure.不仅她的形象被抹去了,还被一位男性形象所取代了。And so what is this teaching us?这又给了我们怎样的启示呢?201705/508966点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!欢迎来到广播学口语。Andy向大家问好。Andy今天向大家介绍的两个句子是:Stop rolling in the aisles.和Donlsquo;t burst a blood vessel. 还等什么,赶快来搭乘我们的音乐快车吧!(音乐)音乐快车第一站到了:Stop rolling in the aisles. roll作动词有卷起,翻滚的意思。而aisle这个词读音比较特殊,需要注意。这个词是走廊通道的意思。那么roll in the aisle是说在走廊里打滚吗?这恐怕是生病了吧?哈哈!其实这句话的意思是捧腹大笑.One night Andy fell onto the floor while sleeping in bed。The next day I told this to my friend and he even rolled in the aisles that he could not speak a word!(一天夜里,Andy在睡梦中摔到了地上。第二天把故事讲给朋友时,他竟笑得说不出话来!)岂有此理!不过这种事也不止Andy一个人经历过。那位朋友的女友也有过同样的遭遇。可当Andy同样幸灾乐祸的大笑时,他却急了,;Stop rolling in the aisles!Is that so funny?I rsquo;ve never known you are such a guy!;(别笑了!有那么可笑吗?真不知道你是这样的人!)(音乐)有人对Andy这样无理,Andy自然不高兴。But donlsquo;t burst a blood vessel. 这就是我们下面学习的句子。burst是指爆炸或突然爆发, blood自然不必说。而 vessel本意是容器,管道。这里 blood vessel是指血管。所以 burst a blood vessel直译为血管爆裂。你知道吗?有研究表明,人生气的时候,血压升高,会有一部分血管爆裂。所以这句话的意思就是别太动怒了。Andy正怒气冲天的时候,朋友突然换了笑脸,;Donrsquo;t burst a blood vessel!Ilsquo;m pulling your leg!I also canrsquo;t help laughing when I heard this !;(别生那么大气,我在和你开玩笑!我听说这件事的时候也是忍不住哈哈大笑。)Those who are hot-tempered are easily to burst a blood vessel,but Andy isnrsquo;t. Andy is a gentleman and will keep my temper whaterever happens.(那些急性子的人很容易勃然大怒,但Andy不会。Andy是个绅士,无论发生了什么都会保持仪态。(音乐)大喜亦或大悲都是健康的杀手,Andy希望你和我一样,在任何情况下都保持仪态,不骄不燥。好了,今天就到这里吧,再见吧! /200605/7294

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