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Nine-year-old Giuliano Stroe knows what it means to knuckle down after school ... but not with his homework as you might expect.九岁的朱利亚诺·斯特勒知道放学后应该认真努力……但和你预想的不同,他并非是认真学习功课。Instead he goes straight to his bedroom and wraps his hands round a balance bar before doing some vertical press ups - knuckles down, of course.相反,他会径走回卧室,手握平衡杆,引体向下进行锻炼 - 当然,他锻炼时态度相当认真。That#39;s because the super-fit schoolboy, from southern Romania, has been pumping iron since he was a toddler, and is now as strong as a nine-year-old can be.这是因为,这位来自罗马尼亚南部的健美小正太自小就开始举重健身,目前9岁的他已成为世界上最健壮的男孩。He also likes lifting weights and performing pull ups, all before his mother, Ileana, serves up his tea.To celebrate his start in Year 5 at his school the youngster posted a new of himself on the internet performing an astonishing series of 90-degree press ups.他还喜欢在他的母亲伊莱亚娜面前表演举哑铃和引体向下。 为了庆祝他升入小学五年级,朱利亚诺在互联网上分享了自己锻炼的视频,视频中,他表演了一系列惊人的90度俯卧撑。In 2009, he became the Guinness World Record holder for the fastest ever ten meter hand-walk with a weight ball between his legs.2009年,朱利亚诺成为“10米负重倒立行走”吉尼斯世界纪录的保持者。He performed the stunt in front of a cheering live audience on an Italian TV show, and has become an internet sensation on YouTube.在一家意大利电视节目的现场,他负重腾空倒立行走,在一片欢呼声中,轻松用手“走”完全程。特技表演视频上传至视频分享网站YouTube后,朱利亚诺已经成为家喻户晓的网络红人。Then, in 2010 he broke the world record for the number of 90 degree push-ups.2010年他打破“90度俯卧撑”吉尼斯世界纪录。He also has unofficial records including 20 push-ups on four glass bottles, 90 degree push-ups on two rings and a one handed handstand for more than 20 seconds.此外,他还有许多非官方纪录,包括在四个玻璃瓶上做出20个标准俯卧撑、在两个拉环上做出90度俯卧撑、以及单手手倒立超过20秒。He got into bodybuilding thanks to his fitness-fanatic father, Iulian, 35, who claims there#39;s nothing wrong with a healthy exercise regime whatever age you are.朱利亚诺对健身的痴狂得益于他的父亲。尤利安现年35岁,是一名狂热的健身爱好者,他宣称,无论年龄多大,健康的锻炼机制都是有益无害的。Explaining his son#39;s extraordinary , he said: #39;He was very excited about going back to school and he wanted to show his friends he hasn#39;t been slacking during the holidays.#39;谈及儿子的爆红视频,他说道:“他急切地想回到学校,向他的小伙伴们明,他在假期并没有懈怠。”He added: #39;Giuliano is a good pupil and a very bright boy academically but of course his favourite lesson is always PE.#39;他补充说:“朱利亚诺是一个好学生,也是个非常聪明的孩子,但是当然,他最喜欢的课一直是体育。”The youngster and his little brother Claudiu have been weight training since before they could walk and Giuliano holds a string of world records for feats of strength in his age group.这位小正太和他的弟弟克劳迪乌从学会走路以来一直在进行重量训练,在他这个年龄段里,朱利亚诺显然技艺超群,已经打破了一连串的世界纪录。Critics have attacked the family for encouraging the brothers to train so hard while they are so young.尤利安让两个男孩接受严苛训练的做法遭到一些人的非议,因为这两个孩子实在是太小了。But dad Iulian said: #39;Critics say that the boys won#39;t grow properly, but there#39;s no proof of that. Hard work and exercise are always good.#39;不过尤利安辩称:“人们批评说锻炼会影响孩子的正常发育,但是没有据显示有这种伤害。努力健身和健康锻炼总是有益无害的。” /201410/338816Vibrant Cities活力城市SPAIN // In Andalucía, where whitewashed villages are as common as sherry and jamon, Júzcar stands out--literally. But its brightly colored blue architecture isn#39;t indigenous. It#39;s the result of a marketing ploy; the town hosted the 2011 premiere of #39;The Smurfs.#39; Today, tens of thousands of visitors flock here to experience these Moorish houses in their azure glory. For purists, the original terra-cotta roofs will be a welcome relief.西班牙 // 在安达鲁奇亚(Andalucía),粉刷成白色的村落就像雪利酒和西班牙火腿一样常见,而胡斯卡尔(Juzcar)是其中最出的一座村落——按照字面意思是这样。但它鲜艳明快的蓝色建筑并不是与生俱来的,而是市场营销策略的结果。这座小镇举办了2011年《蓝精灵》(The Smurfs)的首映式。如今,成千上万的游客蜂拥至此体验这些笼罩在蓝色光环中的蘑菇形房子。对于纯化论者而言,当地原有的陶瓦屋顶将成为一种受人青睐的安慰。MOROCCO// Like most popular Moroccan destinations, Chefchaouen has monumental mosques, traditional tea shops and a bustling medina. But while color in most cities is limited to the bazaar, Chefchaouen is awash in it. During the last century, the city#39;s buildings were increasingly accented in vibrant blue--both as a cooling mechanism and as an act of spirituality by its once large Jewish population, for whom sky blue was a sacred color.洛哥 // 像大多数受欢迎的洛哥旅游城市一样,小镇舍夫沙万(Chefchaouen)拥有不朽的清真寺、传统的茶叶店和一处熙熙攘攘的阿拉伯人聚居区。虽然大多数城市的集市在外观颜色上存在局限性,但舍夫沙万却处处充斥着色。在过去的一个世纪里,这座城市中越来越多的建筑染上了充满活力的蓝色——既作为一种降温机制,也作为犹太人的一种信教行为。这座小镇的许多居民都曾是犹太人。对他们来说,天空蓝曾是一种神 的颜色。NORWAY // The country#39;s second-largest city may be best-known for its nearby fjords and glaciers, but Bergen is rich in culture and architecture. The latter is thanks to the German merchants of the Hanseatic League, who crowded Bergen#39;s wharf with colorful wooden warehouses, which today comprise one of Norway#39;s seven Unesco World Heritage Sites. Once filled with cod, they now house restaurants, shops and the Hanseatic Museum.挪威 // 该国第二大城市卑尔根市(Bergen)最闻名于世的可能是其附近的峡湾与冰川,但它却在文化和建筑领域也建树颇丰。而后者的兴起多亏了汉萨同盟(Hanseatic League)的德国商人,他们在卑尔根的码头密密麻麻地修建了多的木制货仓,这些货仓在今天成为了挪威的七大联合国教科文组织世界遗产之一。曾经用来存放鳕鱼的仓库如今成了餐厅、商店和汉萨物馆(Hanseatic Museum)的所在地。 /201310/260656TOKYO — When you speak to foreign English educators in Japan, one thing becomes crystal clear: English education in Japanisn#39;t working. It#39;s just awful. While English classes are mandatory in Japanese schools, the percentage of students who emerge with actual English abilities are surprisingly low. Students in China, Korea and Japan are in an arms race tosee who can produce students with the best English, and Japan seems to be trailing far behind in third place.东京——当你同日本的外国英语教育者对话时,有一件事情变得非常明晰:英语教育在日本行不通。实在可以用糟糕来形容。虽然日本学校中实行强制性的英语课堂,可是拥有英语能力的学生少得可怜。中日韩三国的学生互相竞争看谁拥有最好的英语能力,而结果似乎是日本落在了第三名With the Olympic Games coming up in 2020,the Japanese government has proposed changes to increase the level of English ability in their students. Changes like starting introductory English classesin 3rd grade elementary school and making the subject compulsory from the 5th grade. Are these changes really going to help? We#39;ve gathered opinions fromboth foreign teachers and Japanese citizens about issues with the system and what might improve it.随着2020年奥运会即将到来,日本政府提议做出改变从而提升学生们的英语水平。比如在小学三年级就让学生学习一些入门的英语知识,以及在5年级时让英语学习成为必修课。这些举措真的有效吗?就这方面的问题,我们搜集了外国教师和日本民众的看法,看看如何提高日本的英语教育。Every foreigner who spends any amount oftime in Japan will understand the fundamental need to change the way students study English. But a recent th on the Japan subreddit, which seems to havebeen started by an English educator, tried to assemble as many opinions aspossible about the matter in one place. Many of the complaints fell into three main categories:在日本呆过一段时间的外国人都会意识到有必要对日本学生学习英语的方法进行根本性的改变。最近网上有一名英语教育者发表了一个帖子,就这个问题激起了人们的讨论,很多抱怨可归到以下三种:1. Teaching to the tests应试教育For those unfamiliar with the Japanese school system, most high schools and universities have a test that prospective students must take and pass. Especially in the case of high schools, there is amandated set of content that appears. And so, Japanese Teachers of English(JTEs) focus on the grammar and vocabulary that will be on the test. A broader understanding and the practical uses of English are largely ignored because they have to cover the specific material and don#39;t have time for anything else.在日本,大多数的中学和大学都有入学考试,想要就读的学生必须参加考试并通过才行。特别是中学,有一系列强制性的测试需要学生参与。所以为了应付这样的考试,日本的英语教师就把焦点放在了语法和词汇上了。对英语更广范围的了解和实际应用往往被忽视了。So, if Japanese students have to learn specific material for the tests, why should they learn anything else? There isno point in actually learning the language if all that is required is being able to pick the correct answer on a multiple choice test. Many Japanese netizens agree, ;Why change anything unless the style of testing is changed?;所以,为了通过考试学生们不得不学习某些指定的英语素材,那他们还有必要学习英语其他方面的知识吗?如果学生们需要做的就仅仅是在多项选择题中挑选出正确,那么还有必要学习这门语言吗?许多日本网民也觉得,当务之急就是要改变这样的考试制度。2. The quality of the textbooks is quitelow教科书的质量相当的低下Many foreign language teachers criticized the textbooks used in the classrooms, complaining about all manner of things including content and grammatical errors. Even more specifically, many peoplefound the choice of grammar included to be suspect, saying it wasn#39;t grammarused very often in native English. The JTEs have to teach these archaic forms through topics such as recycling plastic, people and animals dying in WWII andboring Japanese history, causing students to be apathetic. (Topics like theseare required in government approved textbooks.)很多外语教师都批评课堂中使用的教科书,包括其中存在的内容和语法方面的错误。而且人们认为教科书中的语法内容是可疑的,因为这些语法都不常用在地道的英语中。日本英语教师在教授这些陈旧的语法时,所使用的话题包括再生塑料,二战中人类和动物的死亡,以及无聊的日本历史,导致学生们对英语学习缺乏兴趣。(在政府批准的教科书中,这些话题是必备的。)3. A focus on translating into Japanese and JTEs speaking in only Japanese. Where is the English?Perhaps one of the biggest complaints wasthe amount, or lack of English used in the classrooms.集中于将英文翻译成日文,而且日本英语教师只说日语。那英语哪去了?或许人们最抱怨的事情之一就是课堂中英语的使用程度不高或者根本没使用英语。The JTEs often teach all the grammar in Japanese, and check that the students can follow the textbook by translating the English into Japanese. Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) are regulated to human tape recorders, and then set free to roam the class and ;help; thestudents. Of all the hours of English education, how many of those hours were spent actually listening to and speaking English? (Repeating English is not the same as speaking it.)日本英语教师通常用日文来讲授英语语法,而且通过要求学生将英文翻译成日本的形式来考查学生的英语学习进度。一些助理语言教师相当于人类录音机,然后踱步于课堂间并“帮助”学生。在英语学习的整个期间,有多少时间是真正花在听和说英语上了?(重复英语和说英语可是两码事啊。)Japanese people agree that the current teaching style often limits students to what little English they hear from the teachers and what words are put in front of them. Successful teaching should include as many senses as possible to surround students in English. One Japanese netizen suggests that TV dramas should be utilized to hear real English, while seeing the facial expressions and mouth movements all togetherin one package. How can a student not be excited to learn phrases like ;OK, I#39;m on my way;, ;What#39;s the problem?; or ;Freeze! You#39;reunder arrest!;日本民众认为目前的教学方式使得学生们接触到的英语知识极少。成功的教学应该从多个方面让学生们融入在英语学习环境中。其中一名日本网民建议说可以利用电视剧来让学生们听到真正的英语,而且还能同时看到剧中人物的脸部表情和嘴部动作。比如,“OK, I#39;m on my way”(好的,我已经在路上了), “What#39;s the problem?”(啥情况)或者 “Freeze!You#39;re under arrest!”(别动!你被逮捕了),看到这样酷酷的英语表达时,学生们怎么会没有学习英语的热情?Which brings us to the main problem with the current system: Japanese students don#39;t understand the benefits of learningEnglish. This is certainly not limited to Japanese learners, but how many time do you hear a student say, ;I#39;m Japanese, so I will never use English in thefuture.; Studying English as a language is one of the least interesting thingsabout it. But, what about all the different things that you can experience whenyou understand English? TV shows, movies, books, games, and it#39;s not even limited to entertainment, scientific journals, international business and the majority of the Internet is conducted in English.聊到这里,就涉及到了目前英语教育系统中存在的一个主要问题:日本学生不懂得学习英语的好处。当然,这并非日本英语学习者独有的问题,但是你有多少次听到一名日本学生说“我是日本人,所以我以后是不会使用英语的,”把英语当成一门语言来学习是英语学习中最无趣的一面之一。但是,在学会英语后,你知道你能体验到多少不同的东西吗?英语电视节目,电影,书籍,游戏,还还包括英语科学杂志,国际商业,而且大多数的网络内容都是以英语呈现出来的。When the exposure of English is limited to the classroom and the unfortunate textbooks, a majority of the students will disengage from it and end up not learning anything. When students are forced to study and learn about certain grammar points and vocabulary, with no know ledge about how you can apply it to all the amazing things in English, of course, thestudents are going to do poorly. Expose them to the idea that, yes, this is a subject you have to study, but look at what you can do with it outside the classroom.You can excite students with that and promote self-study, which is a much better approach than learning ;This is a pen; for the sake of a test.所以如果只在课堂和书本上学习英语的话,最终大多数学生将不会对英语学习产生兴趣,从而什么都学不到。如果仅是被强迫去学习语法和词汇而不懂得如何将这些知识应用在日常的英语使用中的话,那么学生们的表现肯定不好。所以应该给学生们的灌输的一种思想是:是的,这是你必须学习的一门课程,但是学成后,你可以在课外很好的利用这些知识,拓展自己的视野。你可以利用这种方式来激励学生,从而提升他们的英语自学能力。 /201410/336687

Whether you#39;re the life of the party, a bookworm or a night owl, your personality plays a surprisingly large role in your ability to slim down. Follow this guide to discover your personality type and use your own characteristics to lose weight and keep it off for good.不论你是派对狂、大书虫还是夜猫子,你的性格都会极大地影响你的减肥能力。从下面找出你的性格类型,然后根据自己的性格特点来成功减肥吧。If you#39;re impulsive...如果你是冲动型……In a famous 1972 study, scientists offered young children a choice between a single marshmallow immediately or, if they could wait 15 minutes, two marshmallows. Those who waited went onto experience more success and higher SAT scores later on in life. The ability to delay gratification also relates to weight loss, says Art Markman, Ph.D., professor of psychology at the University of Texas.在1972年一个著名研究中,科学家让一帮小孩选择是立即得到一个棉花糖,还是等15分钟后得到两个棉花糖。结果明选择耐心等待的小孩日后在生活中能获得更高分数或更大成就。德克萨斯大学的心理学教授阿特-马克曼认为,延迟满足感的能力和减肥大有关联。 /201402/276229

A recently opened steakhouse in New York City is offering a New Year#39;s Eve dinner for two for ,000.据合众国际社12月29日报道,纽约城最近新开的一家牛排餐厅推出万元迎新年天价大餐。;The economy is improving,; Jack Sinanaj, the owner of Empire Steak House, said. ;People come y to spend the money.;这家帝国牛排餐厅(Empire Steak House)的店主杰克·辛纳纳吉(Jack Sinanaj)说,“经济正在好转,人们愿意花钱。”The five-course begins with two pounds of Osetra caviar and a salad with poached pears, goat cheese and macadamia nuts.据《纽约邮报》报道,这套大餐的菜单上有五道菜,首先是两磅奥斯特拉鱼子酱和香梨沙拉,还有奶酪和坚果。The next course features wine and a lemon sorbet, while the main course is a Kobe steak and a South African lobster tail with black truffle, the New York Post reported.接下来是红酒和柠檬雪葩,主菜是神户牛排和与黑松露蒸南非龙虾。The dinner is served with a 2010 bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild.佐餐酒是一瓶2010年的庄园葡萄酒。Dessert is a three-layer chocolate torte that#39;s served with cognac pudding.甜点是一个三层的巧克力蛋糕配白兰地布丁。;Especially for New Year#39;s Eve, people want to do something special — to celebrate with some of the best food and wine,; Sinanaj said.辛纳纳吉说,“在新年前夕,人们想要做一些特别的事情——用最好的美食和美酒来庆祝。”。 /201401/271379

Although Japan is not often considered the best place for sexual equality, steps are definitely being taken in the right direction. More and more women are trailblazing lifelong careers in not always hospitable corporate environments and forgoing more traditional routes such as marriage and becoming a full-time homemaker.虽然日本不是性别平等的理想之地,但是它正朝着正确的方向迈出步伐。越来越多的女性放弃了结婚成为全职家庭主妇的传统路线,开拓性的选择终身从业(即使工作环境可能不友好)。But sometimes this comes at the cost of getting married and starting a family. While some women are perfectly fine with this, others will no doubt feel the occasional pang of regret when they consider that they never had a chance to get all dressed up and be the center of attention for the day like many of their friends and family.但有时这要以牺牲结婚、无法建立家庭为代价。有些女性可以泰然接受,而对于另一些人,当她们想到没有机会像朋友和家人那样完美打扮成为婚礼焦点时,无疑会感到后悔难过。That’s why Kyoto-based company Cerca Travel has set up a service providing all the glamor of a wedding without any of the commitment in what they call a “Solo Wedding.” That’s right: women can now have the full wedding day experience without actually having to get hitched.这就是为什么位于京都的Cerca旅游公司推出了这项提供所有婚礼的魅力但却没有任何承诺的“单人婚礼”务。没错:女性现在可以不必结婚就拥有一次完整的婚礼经历了。A Solo Wedding is a two-day excursion where clients spend the night in a hotel as they go in for dress fittings, bouquet design, hair and make-up, and even a full photo shoot. Each of these services is handled by a professional in the industry and done with the same level of quality and attention to detail as a real wedding ceremony.单人婚礼是一个为期两天的短途旅行,客户在晚间入住旅馆,在这里,公司会为其适配礼、设计花束、盘发和化妆,甚至拍摄一套完整的照片。就像真正的婚礼仪式一样,这里的每一项务都由业内的专家来处理,质量上乘,注重细节。When she’s all done up, the tour coordinator will take the solo bride to some beautiful Kyoto backdrops which complement her appearance for a commemorative photo shoot. If wedding dresses aren’t your cup of champagne, Cerca Travel can also set you up with one of the many other historical dress-up tours around Kyoto such as putting on Geisha make-up and clothes. There is also an option to have a decorative man between the ages of 20 and 70 to pose alongside you, but reportedly none of the 10 women who have enjoyed the Solo Wedding experience since Cerca began offering it in June this year have opted to do so, instead focusing on making the day all about them.当新娘准备就绪后,旅游协调员将会带这位单人新娘去京都美景胜地拍摄纪念照。倘若婚纱礼不是你的菜,Cerca旅游还可以为你另行安排京都许多其他历史装扮,例如艺伎的妆容和饰。新娘还有一个选择权,即她可以选择一个20-70岁之间的男性象征性的站在旁边拍照。然而据报道,自从今年6月提供这项选择到现在,享受过单人婚礼的10位女性都没有选择这样做,而是选择在这一天专注于自己。Cerca Travel’s website has some testimonies from past solo-brides:Cerca旅游网站上一些单人新娘的留言:“It really felt like a dream. I didn’t really care about the wedding dress because I was married and had children aly.” [divorcee in 50s]“这真的感觉像做梦一样。我真的不关心婚纱,因为我曾经结过婚并且已经有了孩子。”“That was the best!! I feel great! I’m dating a guy but have totally put off the pain that is getting married. I always wanted to wear a wedding dress and I didn’t want to regret it, but I also didn’t want to pester my boyfriend.” [single in 30s]“这是最好的!我感觉棒极了!我正和一个家伙约会,但是已完全摆脱了要结婚的痛苦。我一直想穿婚纱,我不想后悔,但我也不想让我的男朋友烦恼。”“Thank you for the other day. My childhood dream came true at 38…! It really was like a dream.” [single in 30s]“谢谢这一天。我儿时的梦想终于在38岁实现了!这真像做梦一样。”There are a variety of packages to choose from, but since the cheapest starts at around 300,000 yen, just like a real wedding this may be something that you’ll only want to do once.这项务有多种套餐可供选择,但是由于起价高达30万日元左右,就像真正的婚礼一样,你也许只想经历一次。It goes without saying that this vacation is probably not for everyone, as whether this is a glamorous weekend out or depressing reminder of one’s relationship status really just depends on the individual’s state of mind. Ultimately, though, we see nothing wrong with a woman taking a couple of days to be fussed over, and if there’s a company out there willing to do just that, why not do a little (okay, a lot of) selfish spending?不用说,这个假期很可能并不适合所有人,因为这可能是个迷人的周末,也可能令人沮丧地提示着一个人的婚姻状况,这些都取决于个人的心理状态。不过说到底,我们看到的没有错,让一个女人受宠若惊几天,如果有一个公司愿意做到这一点,那么为什么不为自己多花一点(好吧,许多)钱呢? /201411/339907

Jewelry designer Jamie Wolf doesn#39;t let pregnancy stop her from doing plies and ronds de jambe in her ballet class.珠宝设计师杰米#12539;沃尔夫(Jamie Wolf)没有让怀阻碍她在芭蕾课上继续练习下蹲和划圈等动作。As a former New York City Ballet corps member, Ms. Wolf knew the best prenatal exercise is the one she#39;s been doing most of her life.相反,作为纽约市芭蕾舞团(New York City Ballet)昔日的一名舞蹈队员,沃尔夫认为最好的期锻炼就是她迄今生活中投入时间最多的运动。With her doctor#39;s consent, Ms. Wolf went back to ballet class after eight weeks into her pregnancy. She says the endorphins from exercising helped her deal with first-trimester nausea. #39;I found that what makes me feel best while being pregnant are the things that feel familiar because everything else is changing,#39; says Ms. Wolf, who is due this month.经得医生允许后,怀八周的沃尔夫重新回到芭蕾课堂。她表示,运动促进体内的内啡?分泌,帮她克了吐这种怀初期的妊娠反应。如今,很快将迎来预产期的沃尔夫说:“我发现怀期间让我感觉最好的就是接触熟悉的事物,因为其他一切都在发生改变。”The 35-year-old New Yorker began dancing at age 8 at the School of American Ballet. Her first role on stage was the #39;Bunny#39; in New York City Ballet#39;s #39;The Nutcracker,#39; which became her nickname when she joined the company in 1996.沃尔夫现年35岁,纽约人,从8岁就在美国芭蕾舞学校(School of American Ballet)学跳芭蕾舞。她的舞台处女作是在纽约市芭蕾舞团的《胡桃夹子》(The Nutcracker)中扮演“兔子”(Bunny)。1996年她加入这个芭蕾舞团后,“兔子”便成了她的昵称。Ms. Wolf retired in 2006 to focus on her jewelry line. She stepped back into the studio three years later when choreographer and former City Ballet dancer Benjamin Millepied approached her to audition for a dancer role in the 2010 film #39;Black Swan.#39; To get back in shape, she began taking ballet classes with master teacher Wilhelm Burmann and continued to do so after working on the film.2006年,沃尔夫从纽约市芭蕾舞团退役,开始专注于珠宝设计工作。三年后她重回芭蕾舞房,因缘在于电影《黑天鹅》(Black Swan,2010年)需要一位舞者,担任编舞的前纽约市芭蕾舞团舞者本杰明?米派德(Benjamin Millepied)邀请她去试镜。为了重塑身形,她开始跟随名师威廉?布尔曼(Wilhelm Burmann)重新修习芭蕾,并且在电影拍完后坚持了下来。She is the only pregnant woman in a class geared for professional dancers, but that doesn#39;t deter her from enjoying the workout.沃尔夫参加的是面向专业舞者的培训班,而她是这个班上唯一的妇学员,但这一点儿也不影响她享受训练的过程。#39;I used to be able to do those moves and now I can#39;t,#39; she says. #39;Who cares? It#39;s about feeling good and I really enjoy it.#39;她说:“以前能做的动作,现在我都做不了了,可那又怎样?只要感觉好就行,我真的感觉很享受。”The Workout跟随“”律Ms. Wolf attends Mr. Burmann#39;s advanced professional class at Steps on Broadway one to three times a week. Class begins at the barre with leg exercises such as plies, tendus and ronds de jambe for 45 minutes. Then the class practices adagios, a sequence of sustained movements.沃尔夫每周去Steps on Broadway参加1-3次布尔曼的高阶专业芭蕾舞课程。该课程一开始有45分钟供学员进行下蹲、拉伸、划圈等基本的腿部练习,然后是一些动作连续的慢板练习。She modifies the exercises to fit her changing body, eliminating moves such as the arabesque, a pose in which a dancer stands on one leg with the other leg extended behind her. She is always on alert for signs of discomfort. #39;As a dancer, you#39;re comfortable with your body and you know yourself so well,#39; she says. #39;It#39;s very easy to differentiate fatigue from pain and discomfort.#39;因为怀带来的身体变化,沃尔夫在练习时对一些姿势进行了变通,例如略过像迎风展翅(arabesque)这样单腿站立、另一条腿往后高抬的动作。沃尔夫会对不适风险时刻保持警惕。她说:“一名舞者会让自己的身体处在舒适的状态,会对自己非常了解。我们很容易就能区分出哪种感觉只是累了,哪种感觉是疼痛和不舒。”At home, she follows online streaming s of Ballet Baby, a prenatal workout created by Mary Helen Bowers, a former dancer and founder of Ballet Beautiful, a ballet-inspired fitness program. Ms. Wolf sometimes takes Ms. Bowers#39;s studio classes.在家里,沃尔夫会跟着《芭蕾宝贝》(Ballet Baby)的在线流式视频进行锻炼。《芭蕾宝贝》是退役舞者玛丽?海伦?鲍尔斯(Mary Helen Bowers)为准妈妈们设计的一套锻炼动作。鲍尔斯也是基于芭蕾舞设计的健身项目Ballet Beautiful的创始人。有时候,沃尔夫也会去鲍尔斯的舞蹈房上课。The series includes mat work, toning exercises and cardio workouts broken into around 15-minute sessions. Her favorites include the Inner Thigh and the Classic Bridge exercises, which help sculpt the butt, the inner thighs and the back of the legs.《芭蕾宝贝》系列课程包括垫上练习、伸展动作和有氧运动,大约15分钟一小节。沃尔夫最喜欢的练习包括“大腿内侧运动”(Inner Thigh)和“经典搭桥”(Classic Bridge)练习,这些动作有助于锻炼臀部、大腿内侧和腿肚部位。The Diet期饮食For breakfast, she often has multigrain toast with fresh avocado sprinkled with salt or multigrain waffles with a banana. For lunch, she#39;ll have either a Moroccan chickpea salad or a salad with grilled chicken.沃尔夫早餐常吃的是撒上少许盐的鲜鳄梨杂粮吐司,或者香蕉杂粮华夫饼。午餐的话,要么洛哥鹰嘴豆色拉,要么鸡肉色拉。For dinner, she enjoys date nights and often eats out with her husband, Mike. At home, they cook grilled fish with wild rice and fish tacos with fresh guacamole in the summer. She eats whatever her body is craving but within moderation.对于晚餐,沃尔夫喜欢约会的感觉,所以常常和老公迈克(Mike)外出就餐。如果在家就餐,夏天他们会做烤鱼,并用野生稻米做饭,还会做鱼肉玉米饼卷,配以鳄梨色拉。总的来说,沃尔夫在饮食方面完全听从自己身体的需要,同时注意适量原则。She has Epic Seed#39;s Greek Yogurt + Chia every day for calcium, and bananas for potassium, which she learned prevents muscle cramps during pregnancy.此外,沃尔夫每天还会食用Epic Seed的Greek Yogurt + Chia以补充钙元素,并通过吃香蕉补钾,她听说这样可以预防期肌肉痉挛症状的发生。The Gear行头装备In ballet class, Ms. Wolf wears Yumiko#39;s Yuki leggings in black microfiber () and Alex or Heather microfiber leotards ( and , respectively). The brand doesn#39;t provide maternity wear so she buys up a size. She dances in Bloch split-sole ballet slippers, which cost around . Her other workout clothes includes Jungmaven T-shirts () and zip-hooded sweatshirts ().上芭蕾课时,沃尔夫穿的是Yumiko品牌的Yuki黑色超纤弹力裤(售价67美元),以及Alex或Heather系列的超纤面料练功(分别售价75美元和68美元)。因为这个品牌没有专门的妇,沃尔夫就选了大一号的尺码。练功时,沃尔夫会穿Bloch品牌的分割式软底舞鞋(售价在33美元上下)。她还备有其他一些练功,包括Jungmaven 品牌的T恤衫(售价29美元)和带拉链的套头衫(售价60美元)。A single class at Steps on Broadway costs , though she buys a series of 10 classes for 0. The Ballet Baby online streaming s cost about for the series. A monthly subscription to in-studio and online Ballet Beautiful classes costs 0.在Steps on Broadway单上一节芭蕾课的花费是18美元,沃尔夫报了一套共10节的课程,总计160美元。一套《芭蕾宝贝》在线视频课程的售价约为50美元,而Ballet Beautiful练功房和在线课堂的月收费是280美元。The Playlist美妙音乐#39;One thing I love about ballet is the incredible music, especially getting to perform with a live orchestra,#39; she says, who counts Stravinsky as one of her favorite composers. At Steps on Broadway, there is a pianist who accompanies the class.沃尔夫说:“我爱芭蕾表演时那美妙的音乐,特别是在乐队现场伴奏下跳芭蕾的感觉。”她表示,斯特拉温斯基(Stravinsky)是她喜欢的作曲家之一。在Steps on Broadway上课时,旁边就有钢琴师伴奏。 /201408/320040

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