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锡拉丘兹大学前助理教练Bernie Fine的老婆Laurie Fine 涉嫌与球员发生过非常关系,而当时他们还是球童球员Davis称Laurie Fine与多名球员曾有过关系,并且这是大家都知道的事,是大家茶余饭后的笑点Davis says, ;Given that it appeared to be common knowledge among the players, a routine source of jokes and conversation among them, and given Bernie Fine own knowledge of it, I find it impossible to believe Jim Boeheim, the head coach, did not also hear or learn that Laurie Fine had inappropriate sexual relations with players.;戴维斯说道:;考虑到这看起来是运动员之中的经常发生的笑话和各种趣谈,而且这位教练也承认其属实,但我很难相信主教练吉姆没有听到任何球员间的风吹草动;This is both desperate and disgusting. It an example of irresponsible and unprofessional lawyering. It a lawyer flaring about to keep a line, a dying lawsuit.这给人两种感觉,一种是绝望,而另一种则是恶心这是没有专业律师介入和不负责任的很好的例子律师曾经介入,阻止事态严重化,但这名糟糕的律师却起到任何作用At least the Ms.charged,至少在起诉这位夫人是这种情况,Just the week after the rule, only a limitation is criminal charges against Bernie Fine. Davis and his stepfather filed the civil suit,they claimed Jim Boeheim defend them. ;I call them wires out money at the immediate wake of story. They hid and kept themselves distance from those comments, and apologize to the two vulnerable ball boys as more inmation came out.仅仅一周,对这位夫人只是进行了刑事起诉戴维斯和他的继父提出了民事诉讼,他们声称吉姆为他们辩护;我叫他们此事筹钱他们隐藏自己,远离这些,之后为两名弱小球童们也牵涉在内的消息不胫而走而道歉;There is no point to this. No point. The Davis made reference to another individual sexual misconduct. Well Gees, how come that person isnt named by.这是没有意义的没有意义戴维斯提到另一个人也有这种行为为什么那人没有被判刑呢;注:听力文本来源于普特 5New movie by Spike Lee, Ice Age, how Americans buy groceries, ;Catch ,; can vs. to be able to, no longer, period vs. bottom line, ;freak on a leash;Words:Inside ManDo the Right Thing (Spike Lee movie)bank heistbank tellerto stick up a bankto hold uphostagebanditmaskedsequelanimatedcanned goodschain storeshopping cartsliced bbutcherJoseph HellerprofitcollarKorn 901

听笑话学英语:Your horse called 马打电话A guy is ing his paper when his wife walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head with a frying pan. He asks, "What was that ?" She says, "I found a piece of paper in your pocket with 'Betty Sue' written on it." He says, "Jeez, honey, 'Betty Sue' was the name of the horse I bet on." She shrugs and walks away.Three days later he's ing his paper when she walks up behind him and smacks him on the back of the head again with the frying pan. He asks, "What was that ?" She answers, "Your horse called."一个家伙正在看报纸,他的妻子走到他身后,用一只煎锅敲他的后脑勺他问道:“这是为什么?”她说:“我在你口袋里发现了一张写有‘Betty Sue’的纸条”他说:“哎呀,亲爱的,‘Betty Sue’是我赌的那匹马的名字”她耸了耸肩,走了 三天后他正在看报纸,妻子走到他身后,又用一只煎锅敲他的后脑勺他问:“这又是为什么?”她答道:“你的马打电话来了”

Brown v. Board of Education; yearbooks in American schools; indeed; none of them isare; down to the wireWords:casepartylandmark decisioninferiorto ruleto enrollto desegregateyearbookkeepsakepeershairdosautographindeednone of them isaredown to the wire 60


  The Mamp;M ContainerMamp;M收纳盒She loved Mamp;M candy. She went to the Mamp;M store in New York City. The store has three floors. Each floor has many Mamp;M items. There are Mamp;M coffee cups. There are Mamp;M pillows. There are Mamp;M T-shirts. She bought an Mamp;M snack container. She bought a pound of red Mamp;Ms. ;Ill put my Mamp;Ms into this container. Ill eat the Mamp;Ms when I need energy,; she thought. She went home. She put the snack container on the coffee table. What this, she wondered. She saw tiny scratches. She saw many tiny scratches on the lid. It was a brand new lid. It was a brand new container. She didnt want a lid with scratches. She went back to the store. She would exchange her lid a lid with no scratches. She looked at all the lids on all the containers. Every one of them had many tiny scratches.她喜欢吃Mamp;M豆她前往了纽约城的Mamp;M商店商店有三层每层都售卖许多Mamp;M产品有Mamp;M咖啡杯Mamp;M枕头Mamp;M体恤衫她买了一个Mamp;M小吃收纳盒她又买了一磅Mamp;M红豆她想着:“我要将Mamp;M豆放在收纳盒里当我需要能量时,我就会吃它她回了家她将小吃收纳盒放在了咖啡桌上她疑惑的想,这是什么她在上面看见了许多小刮痕她在盖子上看见了许多小刮痕这个盖子是新的这个收纳盒是新的她不想要一个全是刮痕的盖子她回到了商店她想换一个没有刮痕的盖子她看了所有收纳盒的盖子所有盖子上面都有刮痕译文属原创,,不得转载。

  Topic:Famous Americans-Geronimo; The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race; amiable versus amicable; biases Words:warriorApacheto mourn raid settler reservationparatrooper dog sled to survey musher checkpoint sponsorship amiable amicable bias 39695

  《政界小人物(Spin City)第季大结局的观众人数达到3,0万,播出时间为00年5月日1996年首播的A电视台的情景喜剧《政界小人物以美国纽约市政府为背景,展示了小雇员们形形色色的日常生活剧集最初由迈克尔#86;福克斯(Michael J. Fox)主演,最后迈克尔因病情逐渐恶化在00年辞去角色,由查理#86;辛(Charlie Sheen)顶替男主角看看迈克尔-福克斯如何评价查理#86;辛吧…… —It turns out, I remember this, we are talking about Charlie Sheen. You in fact, worked at you producer's show and Charlie Sheen came to, through the run. You had good relationship with him?—Charlie replaced me at "Spin City" and he did a great job. It's fantastic. And it's especially good because he works at it and gets paid.—Yeah. That's the way to do.—That's really nice. But, yeah, he was great and you know, I feel bad he's troubles now. But he is..—In the inside is to what, you know...—Well, he says he's doing Okay, so who is me to say is not.—Oh, that's right, he's, is all after winning?—I mean, you know, to straight arguing to me.—Yeah, that's right.—He is winning, and that's fine. I mean, I have no judgment about it. I think, I think, you know, I have an incredible craze to me. It's not reason to the level of Christian God ground, that was kicking on your head.—Yes, that was the old anything goes, go and take a swing of a host. —And I know he is so crazy, it’s acceptable.—Yeah, acceptable,yes.—But I don't know, I mean, I was always trying the best time, you know, I was in the best time.—It's gonna be fantastic us in the show and we hope Charlie to find s#86;omething else instance, so, it was all. You worried about it when the kids who are involved, but others are mad. That's we show business thought to be, don't you think? —Show business we are all here coz they are not all there.—Yeah, that's exactly right.【生词注释】replace v.替换Judgment n. 判断Incredible adj.不可思议的take a swing 打acceptable a.可接受的coz cuz (缩略词)由于, 因为 969breakfast早餐,swim游泳,wonder想知道Why Three Times?The teacher told the class the story of a man who swam a river three times bee breakfast. Johnny laughed. "Do you doubt that a good swimmer could do that?" asked the teacher. "No, sir," answered Johnny, "but I wonder why he did not swim it four times and get back to the side where his clothes were." 为什么是三趟老师给同学们讲了一个小故事,说有一个人早饭前要在河里游泳,横渡三趟 约翰尼笑了 老师问道:“你不相信一个游泳很好的人可以做到么?” 约翰尼回答说:“不是的,先生,我是不明白他为什么不游四次,这样他才可以回到放衣的那边”1.breakfast早餐有关习语:have (或 eat) someone breakfast (非正式)不费吹灰之力对付(或打败)某人 .swim游泳可以作及物或不及物动词作不及物动词时还有“眩晕”的意思:He was hot and tired and his head was swimming.他又热又累, 头晕目眩3.doubt怀疑也有“未确定”的意思:There is not much doubt about his guilt.他有罪几乎是可以确定的 .wonder想知道作名词时有“奇才”的意思:He's a wonder with the way he arranges everything without any help.他不要任何帮忙就把事情样样办妥, 真是个奇才 57

    To Become a Leader at Your School  Many leaders have certain traits and perm certain tasks that allow them to be respected by other people. If you would like to become a respected leader at your school, then you need to be knowledgeable about what it takes to be a good leader. Keep the following in mind in order to become a successful leader at your school.  Know your strengths. In order to be a good leader, you need to know where your strengths lay. Knowing your character strengths enables you to select environments that allow you to express and develop them. If you have a passion writing and like working in a team setting, consider becoming a leader on your school newspaper staff. If you are a people person and want to work public interests, become involved in your school student government.  Gain experience. You may have all the traits that a good leader should have, but if you do not have experience in the area in which you would like to become a leader, then you will not be viewed as a knowledgeable leader. If you want to become the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, youll have to start at the bottom and gain experience. This hold true practically every leadership position at your school.  Work well with people. Good leaders show excellent interpersonal skills. You should be able to listen to others, communicate well, establish trust, ask questions to stimulate thinking, and develop a sense of teamwork. To demonstrate your interpersonal skills, you should go around your campus and meet new people. Talk with them about school issues and listen to what they have to say. This will help you establish a sense of trust among your peers.  Be optimistic. Leaders must be optimistic. In whatever area of interest you have at your school, always remain optimistic in any situation that comes your way. This will show other individuals that you can be counted on in times of need.  Be willing to take action. Leaders create a vision, set goals that embody that vision, and develop plans that lead to their goals. Dont just talk about what you want to do once you have a leadership position on campus; take action to get it accomplished.  Student leadership is important schools to have because, within the schools, there are hundreds to thousands of students who come from different backgrounds and have different beliefs and values. Students need leaders who they can identify with and count on. When considering a leadership role, make sure you are equipped to handle whatever comes your way. 185

  Carla:Why do those teenagers have to dress like that?卡拉:为什么这些青少年要打扮成那样呢?Dont they want to fit in?他们不想穿着得体一点吗?Donald:Maybe they feel marginalized and theyre showing their feelings of alienation through their clothes.唐纳德:也许他们觉得被边缘化,而且他们正通过衣装显示自己已经被疏远Carla:That just a bunch of psychobabble.卡拉:这是一群心理呓语者Nobody is treating them like second-class citizens.没有人把他们像二等公民一样对待Theyre choosing to set themselves apart, to make themselves outcasts.他们选择让自己与众不同,让自己成为被抛弃者Donald:Maybe they dont feel they have the same access and privileges that other people do because of social class, religious beliefs, or other factors.唐纳德:也许他们觉得由于社会阶级,宗教信仰,或其他因素等同其他人不同,自己没有同等权利Carla:Nobody is shunning them.卡拉:没有人会回避他们They choose to live on the fringe of society.他们选择生活在社会的边缘They need to stop making themselves conspicuous and integrate into society.他们需要停止让自己引人注目并且融入社会Donald:What if they doubt theyd be accepted?唐纳德:如果他们怀疑自己将要接受的会怎么样?Carla:That ridiculous.卡拉:这太荒谬了Donald:Would you want one of them as your neighbor?唐纳德:你想要其中一人做你的邻居吗?Carla:Well, I…well…卡拉:我…Donald:I think Ive proved my point.唐纳德:我想我已经明了自己的观点 38

  The Da Vinci Code, how Americans pay retirement, “I could use one,” to hang out, care vs. care about, tag vs. label, allow vs. permit vs. let, to take the FifthWords:hoaxsemi-retireIRA01Kto draw a pensionfixed incometo hang outspyto care to care abouttaglabelto incriminateto take the Fifth 9197。

  Part 3. Torrential Storms in Kenya.Keywords. torrential storms, horticulture, hope, rain, growers, business orders, bad weather.Vocabulary. horticultural, shiver, pea, bean, associate, maize, nightmare, Rift Valley Fever.A. Listen to the first part of a news report about the torrential storms in Kenya.Complete the following statements, then fill in the chart below in note m.Hello, the last two weeks, weve reported how heavy rains have contributed to the sp of Rift Valley Fever in Kenya.This week, we hear how the continuing torrential storms in that region are washing away Kenyan horticulture hopes of a good season.Sarah Rannoe is just back from Nairobi.Now there never a good time heavy rainfall such as this.But the horticulture industry, Sarah, this must be a particularly bad time heavy beating rain.Well, January should be one of the best months growers of fruit, vegetables and flowers in Kenya.Hot, dry, sunny days and peak production destined consumers shivering in the European winter and longing a taste of African sunshine.But in Kenya, as elsewhere, the weather is not behaving as it should.Mouth of rain, often torrential, is washing away hopes of a good harvest.Flowers are reluctant to flower.And perhaps worst hit are growers of peas and French beans.;In the whole of my life, and Im talking about somebody who is over 60 years old,Ive not experienced a season like this.The whole of that period, Ive not seen rains like this in January in Kenya.;James Masengi, chairman of the Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya, who speaks not only his members, but out of personal and bitter experience.;Crops are flooded. We are finding it even difficult to meet the requirements of consumers.Because crops have been destroyed.;;Are you going to be able keep your business orders up to date? Are you going to complete your export orders?;;Yes, we are struggling very much to keep the export orders.In some places, were not able to supply them 0 percent, but were supplying something.;James Masengi.B. Now listen to the second part of the news report. Complete the following two charts in note m.And growers of roses, the flower associated with love and romance, there very little happiness in the air.Ian Maroe is managing director of CN Roses Limited, one of Kenya leading rose exporters.;Cold, cloudy, wet weather increases disease pressure and slows down growth.So our production is probably down. A six mouth figure is down 30 percent.;;Are you disappointing your customers?;;Some, we try to keep the more important ones contented, but some are definitely disappointed, definitely, yeah.;;Do you think youll be able to pick up over the course of the season?;;The bad weather as such will continue a depressingly long time according to the ecast.But if we get sunshine in the next month or so, well be able to catch up quite a lot.;;Are you making up the short fall in production by an increase in price?;;Uh, no, because a lot of our sales are on the contract price.;Ian Maroe.And I should add that even more of Kenya crops are in trouble.Maize has suffered badly.Coffee is under constant threat of disease.And although tea is growing well, getting it picked and transported is a nightmare on roads that become all but impossible in these conditions.But the greatest fear is that the rain could be followed by the opposite: drought. 3536

  American Presidents-William Henry Harrison; fringe benefits versus benefits package versus compensation package; teacher versus professorWords:to enlistsettlementto negotiatetreatyto allyWhigto nominatecampaignlog cabinsloganinaugurationto be limitedfringe benefitbenefits packagecompensation packageteacherprofessorI mean it 56

  A Bus Accident巴士事故There was a bus accident. The bus accident was near a dam. The bus ran off the road. The bus tipped over. Two people died. Eight people were hurt. The bus driver was going too fast. The road is a two-lane road. It is a narrow road. It isn’t a wide road. The road is not straight. It bends a lot. It curves a lot. The road looks like a snake. The speed limit is 5 mph. The bus was going 50 mph. The passengers were afraid. The bus ran into a guard rail. Then the bus tipped over. Passengers yelled. Passengers screamed. Passengers fell down. Passengers fell on other passengers. Luggage flew through the air. Luggage hit people. Luggage hit people in the face. Luggage hit people in the head. The windows broke. The windshield broke. Glass was everywhere. Bodies were everywhere. Luggage was everywhere. The ambulances came. They took people to the hospital. The police came. They took the driver to jail.这是一起巴士事故事故地点靠近河堤巴士冲出了公路它被掀翻了两人死亡八人受伤巴士司机的驾驶速度过快这条公路有两条道这是一条很短的路不是宽马路马路也不是直的是弯弯曲曲蜿蜒曲折的这条路像一条蛇限速5公里巴士行驶速度为50公里乘客很害怕巴士撞上了护栏之后被掀翻了乘客惊呼乘客尖叫乘客摔倒了一些乘客摔在了其他乘客身上行李在空中飞舞行李砸到了人砸到了人们的脸砸到了人们的头窗户破碎了挡风玻璃破碎了玻璃到处都是尸体到处都是行李到处都是救护车来了将乘客运往医院警察来了他们将司机送进了监狱译文属原创,,不得转载 6

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