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People who drink more than two cups of coffee per day are less likely to suffer from liver conditions, according to a landmark Australian study.根据澳大利亚的一项研究,每天喝两杯咖啡以上有助于减缓肝脏疾病症状。The study, conducted by Monash University in Melbourne, focused on 1100 liver disease patients at the Monash Health Clinic and found that coffee was able to reduce the impact on their condition.墨尔本莫纳什大学的通过在莫纳什健康诊所对1100位肝病疾病患者展开研究,发现咖啡有助于缓解患者病症。Two cups a day were found to reduce the damage caused by hepatitis C by up to 13 percent. Four cups were found to reduce the signs of fatty liver disease -- the most common liver disease affecting about 40 percent of Australians -- by as much as 24 percent.每天两杯咖啡可以把丙型肝炎患病率最多降低13%,每天四杯咖啡可以减少脂肪肝症状——脂肪肝是一种非常常见的病症,40%的澳大利亚人都有此类症状——通过此方法可以降患病率低至24%。Current statistics showed that around 6 million Australians are, or have been, affected by some form of liver disease, with fatty liver disease, hepatitis B and hepatitis C the three most common forms.根据现有数据,大概有六百万澳大利亚人现在或者曾经患有肝脏类疾病,例如脂肪肝、丙肝和乙肝都是比较常见的疾病。Alex Hodge, a liver disease specialist at Monash Health, revealed the findings of the study this week at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases in San Francisco.阿历克斯·霍奇是莫纳什健康中心的肝病研究专家。本周,他在旧金山美国肝病联盟会议上发表了自己的研究。He told Melbourne radio on Tuesday morning about the findings of his study and the apparent curative effects of coffee.周二早间,他告诉墨尔本电台,他发现咖啡有明显的疗效。;Two or more cups of coffee led to an improvement in their liver disease,; he said.“两杯或者两杯以上的咖啡可以缓解他们的肝脏疾病。”他说。;Certainly moderate amounts of coffee, depending on the liver disease you#39;re looking at, seem to be associated with less liver damage and probably less liver fat.;“适量的咖啡可以缓解你的疾病,减少肝脏损坏,可能还会减少脂肪肝。”The study found the most dramatic results were found in patients with hepatitis C and that drinking tea had no effect on the liver.研究发现,携带丙肝的患者的疗效最为显著。然而,喝茶并没有产生相应效果。In a separate study, coincidentally published on the same day, Harvard University#39;s Chan School of Public Health found similar results with people who drink up to five cups of coffee per day.在当天发表的另一项研究是由哈佛大学公共卫生学院所研究,其内容为每天喝五倍咖啡有相似的疗效。;In the whole study population, moderate coffee consumption was associated with reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, neurological diseases such as Parkinson#39;s and suicide,; the findings found.研究发现,“在研究群体中,适量的咖啡摄入可以减少心脏病、糖尿病和帕金森、自杀行为等神经类疾病的患病致死风险。”;Bioactive compounds in coffee reduce insulin resistance and systematic inflammation,; said Ming Ding, a Harvard doctoral student.哈佛士生丁明说: “咖啡中的活性化合物可以降低抗胰岛素耐受性和系统炎症。”;That could explain some of our findings. However, more studies are needed to investigate the biological mechanisms producing these effects.;“这可以解释我们的发现。然而,我们还需要进一步研究产生这些效果的生物机制。”No preventative effects were found during this study, which was published in the latest edition of the journal Circulation.但是,在研究中并没有发现咖啡有预防疾病的作用,该研究发表在最新一期《循环》杂志中。 /201511/411207

First LPs and record players made a comeback – now the cassette tape is rewinding back into our lives.起先是密纹唱片和唱机的重新流行,如今盒式磁带也回到了我们的生活。Music fans on both sides of the Atlantic are returning to the cassette two decades after they were replaced by the CD, and more recently digital downloads.二十年前,盒式磁带被CD取代;近几年CD又被数字下载取代。但如今,盒式磁带又重新成为了大西洋两岸音乐爱好者们的热门选择。This nostalgia for the old format comes despite the frustrations that led to their decline, including their tendency to become scrambled and jammed in players.盒式磁带容易卡带和缠进机器里,令人抓狂,也曾因此一度衰败,但是人们对老磁带的怀旧情绪却日益浓厚。Sales of music tapes are rising so quickly in the US that the Recording Industry Association of America, the trade body for music labels which also certifies gold and platinum records, is investigating ways to track sales for the first time since the early 1990s.在美国,盒式磁带的销量一路飙升,这促使美国唱片业协会自上世纪90年代初以来首度开始追踪盒式磁带的销售数据。美国唱片业协会是代表美国唱片业的贸易团体,同时它也负责金唱片和白金唱片的认。It is thought the revival was started by underground music acts. But now, more mainstream musicians have started producing albums on cassette again.有人认为,磁带的复兴是由地下音乐团体发起的。但是现在,越来越多的主流音乐人开始制作磁带形式的专辑。British singer Marina and the Diamonds released her last album, Froot, on cassette late last year. Albums from top US stars are also available on cassette, including Justin Bieber#39;s latest release, Purpose, and Kanye West#39;s Yeezus. They are being sold at fashion chains such as Urban Outfitters, as well as being available online. Meanwhile Hypnohouse Trax, a British dance music label, has put out a collection of its own on tape.去年,英国歌手美钻玛琳娜出的新专辑《果漾缤纷》就是磁带形式。美国顶级明星们也出了磁带形式的唱片,包括贾斯汀·比伯的最新专辑《目的》和坎耶·维斯特的《耶稣》。这些专辑在Urban Outfitters这类时尚连锁店均有售卖,网上也有货源。同时,英国舞蹈音乐公司Hypnohouse Trax也以磁带形式推出了他们的合集。Sales of cassettes in the UK could follow the path of vinyl record sales – which fell to a low of just over 205,000 in 2007, but have grown every year since and hit a 20-year high of 2.1million in 2015.盒式磁带在英国或许能成为第二个黑胶唱片。2007年,黑胶唱片的销量跌至20.5万张,但从那以后,其销量开始逐年攀升;2015年更是达到了二十年来的最高记录——210万张。The Oxford English Dictionary dropped #39;cassette player#39; from its concise edition in 2011. It now seems this may have been premature.2011年,《牛津简明英语词典》删除了“卡式录音机”这一词条。如今看来,此举似乎为时过早。And Sony stopped producing its iconic Walkman portable cassette player in 2010, although other brands, such as Philips, still make them.2010年,索尼宣布其标志性的便携式卡带音乐播放器(随身听)停产。不过飞利浦等其他品牌还在生产。Lee Rickard, 32, co-founder of independent record label Burger Records, which is based in Orange County, a suburb of Los Angeles, explained the appeal, saying: #39;Music just sounds different on tape, sometimes as it was originally intended to sound.伯格唱片公司是一个独立唱片制作团体,位于洛杉矶郊区奥兰治县。它的联合创始人,32岁的李·里卡德说:“磁带播放的音乐听起来有不同的感觉,有时候甚至可以还原音乐的韵味。”#39;Cassettes are compact, tangible, instant collectables, often with original and numbered artwork—and as cheap as a cup of coffee, so you can support your local artist without buyer#39;s remorse.“磁带是结构紧凑的实物,方便即时收藏;音乐内容有序且充满原始韵味,而且价格只相当于一杯咖啡。这样你在持本土艺人时也就不会肉痛了。”Burger Records has plans to release its own Burger Buddy, which will play tapes as well as convert them to computer-able MP3 files.伯格唱片公司计划推出新产品“伯格好伙伴”。它既能播放磁带,又能把里面的音乐转换成电脑可识别的MP3格式。 /201602/427440

Strutting down the catwalk, models these days tend to accessorise with a frown and a steely glare.昂首挺胸走过T台时,现在的模特们喜欢蹙着眉头,带着冷酷的目光。But now the world#39;s oldest model has told them to take a leaf out of her book – and cheer up.但当今世界最年长的模特却让她们学学自己,多笑笑。Daphne Selfe, who started modelling in the 1950s, has lamented that today#39;s crop of youngsters walking the catwalk look miserable.达芙妮#8226;塞尔夫在20世纪50年代就开始做模特,对于当今年轻模特走T台时脸挂着痛苦的表情,她颇为感叹。The 87-year-old told an audience at the Cheltenham Literature Festival that she enjoyed the experience of posing on the runway. She said she thought it a shame that the same pleasure is not reflected on the faces of today#39;s models which includes the likes of super-surly Cara Delevingne, 23.在切尔滕纳姆文学节上,这位87岁的超模告诉一位观众,她很享受在T台上摆姿势的过程。她说真可惜同样的愉悦感并没有体现在当今这些模特脸上,包括像23岁的卡拉#8226;迪瓦伊这样脸很臭的超模。Miss Selfe said: #39;I like prancing on the catwalk. They all look so sullen now, don#39;t you think? Why it is they all look so miserable? I always enjoy it. I don#39;t think you should grin at the audience but I do think you should look pleasant.#39;塞尔夫说:“我喜欢在T台上昂首阔步。现在的模特全都看起来很阴郁,你不觉得吗?为什么她们都一副痛苦的模样?我一直很享受走T台。我不是认为你一定要对着观众咧着嘴笑,但至少应该看起来开心点。”Miss Selfe has posed for the likes of Dolce Gabbana, Gap, Nivea and Olay during a career which has spanned more than 60 years.在超过60年的职业生涯中,塞尔夫为杜嘉班纳,盖璞,妮维雅和玉兰油等品牌做过模特。She has also featured in top fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire and been photographed by renowned fashion photographers including Mario Testino.她也为《时尚》及《嘉人》等顶级时尚杂志拍过封面,还被像马里奥#8226;特斯蒂诺这样的知名时装摄影师拍过。She currently holds the Guinness World Record for the world#39;s oldest professional fashion model.她现在保持着世界最老职业时装模特的吉尼斯纪录。Miss Selfe also discussed the training she received after being launched into the industry in 1950 – something she believes the models of today would benefit from.塞尔夫还谈到了1950年刚进入模特行业时所接受的训练,她认为现在的模特也能从中受益。Those entering the industry in her era were sent for three weeks training in #39;general deportment#39;.她那时候的模特入行时都会接受为期三周的“常规仪态”训练。Models practised walking down a catwalk with a book on their head to #39;give good carriage#39;.模特们在练习台步时,要顶一本书在头上,以“保持仪态端正”。They also had lessons on how to get in and out of a sports car #39;without showing their knickers#39; and how to do their own hair and make-up.他们还会培训如何在进出跑车时“不露出内裤”,如何给自己做发型和化妆。Miss Selfe also criticised fashion magazines for being #39;too expensive#39; and geared up for a much younger generation.塞尔夫还批判时尚杂志定价太高,目标群体年纪太轻。She said: #39;The population is getting older. Why isn#39;t there more clothing for those people? …I don#39;t like the colours mostly. I think they are so dreary.#39;她说:“人口老龄化越来越严重,为什么不给年纪大的人设计些衣?……我最不喜欢现在老年人衣的颜色,我觉得太枯燥沉闷了。”And what about the red carpet outfits worn by celebrities? #39;They don#39;t make people look terribly attractive,#39; she said.那些名人在红毯上穿着的华又如何?“它们也没让那些人看起来多迷人,”她说。Miss Selfe believes that #39;half the business of looking good is eating properly, taking exercise, thinking good thoughts, being curious and positive.#39;塞尔夫相信“外表好看的一半功劳在于合理膳食,运动锻炼,积极思考,保持好奇心和乐观。”Her own beauty regime includes cutting out processed food, shopping at a WI market over the supermarket, drinking plenty of water and always taking her make-up off before bed.她的私家美容秘诀包括不吃加工食品,不去超市而去女性研究所市场,喝很多水,还有睡前务必卸妆。 /201510/402401

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