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2018年02月26日 01:45:06

Obama Calls for an End to Partisan Politics in Congress奥巴马促挥别陈旧政治使国家前进At his inauguration, U.S. President Barack Obama issued a call to Americans to end what he called "stale politics" so the country can move forward. For decades politics as usual has been the general rule in the U.S. Congress, despite calls by successive presidents for bipartisan cooperation. 奥巴马总统在就职演说里,呼吁美国人民挥别他所说的“陈旧的政治”,以便使这个国家能够迈步向前。尽管历来继任的美国总统都呼吁两党合作,但是几十年来,国会里还是老样子。During his campaign for the presidency, Barack Obama spoke often of the need for a new style of politics, an appeal he expressed again in his inaugural address.  在竞选总统期间,奥巴马经常提到需要新的政治风范,他在就职演说里再度表达这样的诉求。"We come to proclaim an end to the petty grievances and false promises, the recriminations and worn out dogmas, that for far too long have strangled our politics," he said. 奥巴马说:“我们来此宣示,那些无用的抱怨和虚伪的承诺已经终结,那些长久以来扭曲我们政治的相互指控和陈旧教条已经终结。”Over the decades, many presidents have begun their administrations with pledges to pursue new levels of bipartisanship. Some have been more successful than others.  几十年来,许多美国总统都以誓言追求两党合作的新精神来开始他们的新政府,其中有些人做得比较成功。The strength of President Obama's victory in last November's election, and initial approaches he made to Republicans before his inauguration, may help smooth the way for his agenda on Capitol Hill. 奥巴马总统去年11月选举的巨大胜利,以及他在就职前对共和党所做出的姿态,也许会使他在国会的日程变得比较顺利。House Republican leader John Boehner appeared to be seeking to lay the groundwork for cooperation, saying in a statement Tuesday that Republicans "look forward to finding common ground with the President on solutions to the U.S. economic crisis among other issues.  众院共和党领袖伯纳尔似乎在寻求为两党合作奠定基础,他在星期二的一份声明里说,共和党议员“希望在解决美国经济危机和其他议题上,寻求和总统共同的立场”。In his address, President Obama also referred to what he called a shifting of the political ground, saying "stale political arguments that have consumed us for so long no longer apply." 在就职演说里,奥巴马总统也提到政治基础的改变。奥巴马说,“陈旧的政治辩论曾经如此长久地消耗我们,现在不应再继续了。”His task now and in coming months and years will be to reinforce this persuasively and respectfully.As he exchanged toasts with members of Congress at the traditional post-inaugural luncheon in the Capitol, the new president said Americans who spoke with their votes in last November's election expect their president and representatives to work together. 就职典礼后在传统的国会午餐会上,这位新总统在和国会议员互相祝酒时说,美国人民去年11月用选票发出他们的声音,期待总统和国会议员合作。"The American people have come together across races and regions and stations. Now we have to do the same. Now it falls to us, the people's representatives, to give our fullest measure of devotion to the cause of freedom, and liberty, and justice, decency and dignity and our chamber should reflect what we know are in the hearts of the American people," he said.  奥巴马说:“美国人民不分种族、宗教和立场都来到这里。现在我们也必须作同样的事。现在落到我们身上,落到人民代表的身上,我们应作出完全的奉献,为自由、正义和尊严而奉献。我们的国会应该反映美国人民内心的渴望。”Vice President Joseph Biden had this message for those gathered in Statuary Hall in the Capitol. "Just think to yourselves, look around at the table next to you, look at the people you are sitting next to, and remind yourself, remind yourself what this Constitution is about. There [are] three co-equal branches of government and together there is not a single solitary thing we cannot achieve," he said.A much-strengthened Democratic majority in the House and Senate, and pressures on lawmakers to deal effectively with the economic crisis, will no doubt help President Obama get his major domestic and foreign-agenda goals through Congress. 由于民主党在参众两院都是多数,加上民众渴望国会议员有效处理经济危机的压力,这些都毫无疑问地可以协助奥巴马透过国会,实现他在内政和外交上的主要目标。Also helping will be the extensive connections on Capitol Hill of his chief of staff, former Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel, and the influence of other former congressional staffers serving President Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden.  其他的协助则来自奥巴马的白宫办公厅主任、前伊利诺伊州国会众议员伊麦诺尔在国会的广泛人脉,以及其他曾经务过奥巴马总统和拜登副总统的前国会助理们的影响力。Senior members of President Obama's new administration wasted no time after the inauguration getting to work on the most important piece of legislation Congress will consider in decades - an economic recovery bill. 奥巴马新政府的高级成员在就职大典过后,分秒必争地为国会几十年来所必须考虑的最重要立法 “经济复兴法案”工作。Democrats want that legislation completed by the middle of February. But President Obama has hard work ahead to ease concerns of Republicans about the huge size of the 5 billion measure. 民主党方面希望到2月中旬以前就完成这项立法。奥巴马总统之前已经努力工作,缓解不少共和党议员对这项巨大的8250亿美元法案的顾虑。Also ahead in coming months will be more hard work on issues such as financial regulation reforms. The success President Obama has on these initial hurdles will provide an early test of his ability to navigate the partisan divides in Congress. 未来几个月必须努力解决的议题,还包括金融管理改革法案。奥巴马总统虽然跨越了最初的障碍取得成功,但他是否能够克国会的党派分歧,对他执政初期的能力是一个考验。01/61428固原包皮医院哪家好In Southern China meanwhile, there is massive floodings and landslides. State Television has been broadcasting dramatic pictures of buildings collapsing down a mountain and plunging into a river. At least 11 people have been killed.08/81410固原割包皮一般要多少钱Just deserts沙漠Poor access to fresh food is a solvable health problem难于接近新鲜食品是一个可以解决的健康问题THE corner shop on South Honore and West 59th in Englewood is an uninviting sort of place. Those windows that are not bricked up are covered in heavy security grilles; the shopkeeper hides behind a Plexiglas wall. Most of what is on offer is either packaged or carbonated, and is always processed.在恩格尔伍德,南奥诺雷和西59街的拐角商店是个没有吸引力的地方。这些商店没有用砖堵住的窗户被厚重的铁栅栏保护着,店主藏在玻璃墙后面。它们销售的大多数食品是有包装的或者是加气的,都是加工过的。This part of Chicagorsquo;s South Side is in the heart of one of Americarsquo;s many food deserts. These are notable not for the absence of food, but for the kind of food available. Though crisps, sweets and doughnuts are easy to come by, an apple is a rare commodity. Yet all the evidence shows that poor access to quality food results in a higher risk of obesity, diabetes and cancer;and more avoidable deaths.芝加哥南部的这个地区是美国许多的食品荒漠之一。这些地方之所以著名,不是因为缺少某些食品,而是因为一些类型的食品可以得到。虽然炸薯片,糖果和油炸面圈饼很容易得到,但是苹果确实稀缺的农产品。所有据也明获取有质量的食品不足导致了还肥胖、糖尿病和癌症以及更多可避免的死亡疾病的几率升高。Although cynics might argue that the market gives people the food they deserve, research published this month in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests otherwise. During the 1990s, when the American government paid for around 1,800 women to move out of public housing, the women who had moved showed a 20% lower rate of obesity and diabetes than those who had not. In other words, their improved environment (which many assume would include better shops) led to their better health.尽管愤青们可能会争辩市场给顾客的食品是顾客应当得到的,但这几个月发表在《新英格兰药物杂志》上的调查研究却有不同的看法。上世纪90年代,美国政府斥资帮约1800名妇女搬离公共住房。调查显示,搬入新居的妇女得肥胖症和糖尿病的概率比未搬迁的妇女低80%。换句话说,改善的环境(包括更好的商店)是让她们的健康得以改善的重要原因。Research published this week by Mari Gallagher, an independent food researcher, suggests that the problem of food deserts may be relatively tractable. Over the past five years, thanks to the arrival of some new grocery stores, Chicagorsquo;s desert has shrunk by 40% to a mere 384,000 people. It sometimes takes only one shop to change things vastly for the better. For example, the Food-4-Less store in Englewood improved access to fresh food for almost 41,000 people, most of whom are black.独立的食品研究调查机构Mari Gallagher本周发表的调查表明,食荒的问题可能是相对温和的。在过去的五年中,多亏一些新型食品杂货店的降临,芝加哥地区的食荒已经缩减了40%,反影响384000居民。例如,Food-4-Less一家位于恩格尔伍德的商店就为将近41000户居民改善了新鲜食品的途径,并且,这些居民中的大多数都是黑人。This is all grist to the mills of Michelle Obama, Americarsquo;s first lady, and Rahm Emanuel, Chicagorsquo;s mayor, who appeared together at a South Side pharmacy on October 25th to promote access to fresh food. Both have been adept in their own ways at twisting the arms of retailers such as Walmart, SUPERVALU and Walgreens to open grocery stores in underserved areas.这对出现在芝加哥南部一家药店,允许药店销售新鲜食品的美国第一夫人米歇尔﹒奥巴马和市长拉姆?伊曼纽尔来说是有利的。两人都擅长于像沃尔玛、超价商店和沃尔格林这样的大零售商在不适合的地方开设零售店。Walgreens, a chain of almost 7,800 drug stores, now has a large selection of fresh food in ten ;food oasis; stores in Chicago. It has also promised that over the next five years it will provide more fresh food in 19 other sites in the city, most of them food deserts, and in 1,000 other stores across the country. This could make a big difference. The firmrsquo;s chief executive, Greg Wasson, says that two-thirds of all Americans live within three miles of one of his shops.沃尔格林,一家拥有接近7800家分店的连锁药店,现在已经在芝加哥的十家;食品绿洲;商店中拥有一个大的挑选。它还许诺在下一个五年,在城市其他19处有食品荒漠的地方和1000家遍布乡村的分店提供更多新鲜食品。这可以有很大地改变现状。公司的行政总裁格雷格?沃森说三分之二的美国人将要住在距他分店三英里的范围内。Moreover, the opening of a halfway decent grocery store is often the trigger for the arrival of other better-class shops in the area, which then spurs a local economic revival. This could go some way towards reversing a worrying trend pointed out by Ms Gallagher. She says that there tend to be more diet-related deaths in places where ;fringe; retailers accept food stamps. Fringe retailers, by her definition, are those shops that specialise in food high in salt, fat and sugar, plus non-food items such as fizzy drinks. The sad thing, as she points out, is that food stamps are supposed to protect the poor from malnutrition, not make them ill.此外,一个中途相当好的食品店的营业经常引起其他更好的上流商店在这里集聚,然后将刺激当地经济的复苏。这也可能朝着加拉格尔指出的一种令人担忧的反面趋势走一段路程。她说在一些边缘零售商接受食物标记的地方将会有更多与节食相关的死亡。用她的定义来说,边缘零售商就是那些特殊的高盐、高脂和高糖食物,还有一些像碳酸饮料这些不属于食物范畴的物品。正如她所说,令人伤心的食品标记本应是保护穷人,让他们远离营养不良,而不是让他们生病。Mrs Obama made a point of saying that nobody in government is telling anyone what they should, or should not, be eating. But good food does have to be available. As any parent can tell you, the fruit bowl always needs to be easier to reach than the cookie jar.奥巴马夫人曾强调政府里没人告诉任何人他们应该或者不应该吃什么,但好的食物总是有的。就像父母告诉你,果盘比饼干罐更接近健康。solvable adj.可以解决的carbonate v. 使变成碳酸盐commodity n.日用品move out 搬出; 开始行动pharmacy n. 药房, 配药学malnutrition n. 营养失调163393For centuries, nomads and traders have made their way here. George is determined to follow in their footsteps. There is a timelessness about this place. And desert ghosts seem to haunt the hills. But that's not the wail of lost souls echoing through the cliffs. George is drawn deeper and deeper into the canyon by the sound of bellowing camels. It's a world-class beautiful place and all the camels are communicating. You could hear their voices echoing off the walls. It's kind of like being in a, in a cathedral. This is Gilt Arshell, a water pool visited by the ancients and a kind of grand central station for nomads and their camels. Gilters are like highway rest stops for those who travel in the desert. Here they can fill their goatskins with water, swap news and rest their animals. This wind-scoured canyon catches and holds rainfall like a barrel. Water in the desert is a rare gift and the much-trafficked reservoir is opaque with use. They're not really going to tell you about the peril of the walk through the water that's black with the dung of 10,000 camels. There are other reasons to watch your step when wading through these dark waters. Reasons that have teeth: there are crocodiles here, another vestige of a wetter time. Unlike their much larger cousins along the Nile, these crocs are only five feet long and at least for now, not very aggressive. George and Dan count only 6, though there may be a few more around. It's a mystery how such a small population manages to survive here. This is very strange seeing these pre-historic creatures that are, are trapped there like there, stuck on a little desert island if you will. In the desert, the islands are the water. And they are just got trapped there by the time. Later, in the upper reaches of the narrow canyon, George gets another surprise---cave art from thousands of years ago. Who were these ancient people? What were their lives like? You, when you are sitting there, you know you are sitting in exactly the same place as people did three, four, five thousand years ago. You don't know what they saw at their cave, but you can see what their impressions of that world were on the walls behind you. It's kind of like a window into an ancient dream.12/92772固原治疗软下疳需要多少费用

固原一个包皮手术需要多少钱固原包皮手术哪家医院好Three years after the 2008 war between Georgia and Russia, the temporary ceasefire lines between the two look increasingly like permanent borders. 2008年格鲁吉亚与俄罗斯爆发战争,三年后的现在,两国间的临时停火线越来越像是永久边界。In the heart of the Caucasus mountains, this ancient Georgian watch tower is useful once again. From the top, Adam Bartnicki, a European military monitor, studies military movements on the South Ossetian side of a ceasefire line. 在高加索山脉的中心地带,一座古老的格鲁吉亚了望塔又有了用途。欧洲军事观察员亚当.巴特尼基从了望塔的顶端,观察南奥塞梯这边停火线的军事动态。Through powerful binoculars he sees two new Russian bases nearing completion. “In the area of our responsibility we have maybe nine or 12 Russian Federation border guards' bases. They are like mushrooms,” said Bartnicki. 从威力强大的望远镜中,亚当.巴特尼基看到两座俄罗斯基地接近完工。他说:“在我们的责任范围内,我们看到有大约9到12个俄罗斯边界守卫基地。这些基地像草菇一样不断冒出来。”With their barracks, high fences and security lights, the new bases are home to 5,000 Russian military personnel stationed in South Ossetia - more than 10 times the number before the war. 一个个营房,高耸的围墙,以及保安灯光,这些新基地是五千名驻南奥塞梯俄罗斯军事人员的所在地,这个数目是战前人数的10倍多。Nearby, Lia Chlachidze is one of the few civilians remaining in the border village, Ergeneti, Georgia. She lives among the abandoned grape arbors and charred ruins of 140 Georgian farmhouses burned during the five-day war. 在附近地方,利阿.奇拉齐德泽是少数还留在格鲁吉亚边界村庄埃尔盖提的平民之一。她的住所座落在荒废的葡萄园以及焦黑的农庄之间,有140个格鲁吉亚农庄在历时5天的战争中被烧毁。“My parents are buried in the occupied territory," she said. "Who knows how many years will pass before I'm able to visit them. It's a human tragedy. I can't talk about it without crying." 利阿说:“我的父母埋葬在被占领的土地上。谁知道还要过多少年我才能去祭拜他们。这是人类悲剧。只要一说到这些事,总是会让我伤心落泪。”201108/147518ASEM Foreign Ministers Derailed by Burma, North Korean Nuclear Test亚欧外长河内会晤 关注缅甸北韩 The foreign ministers of 45 Asian and European countries met in Hanoi Monday for talks on the global economy but found themselves wrapped up with the issues of Burma and North Korea.亚洲和欧洲45个国家的外交部长星期一在河内举行会晤,共同商讨全球经济问题,但却发现他们全神贯注在缅甸和北韩的问题上。The foreign ministers had expected to take up the question of how Europe and Asia could cooperate to pull the world's economy out of the downturn it has fallen into since the global financial crisis began. But the highest-profile session of the so-called ASEM group (Asia Europe Meeting), took place between representatives of the European Union and Burma.这些国家的外交部长原来计划讨论欧洲和亚洲如何共同合作,带动世界经济走出全球金融危机开始后的低迷局面。但是最为引人注目的所谓亚欧会议却是由欧盟代表和缅甸代表参加的。The European Union called for the Burmese government to release opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. She is on trial for violating the terms of the house arrest under which the government has held her for 14 of the past 20 years.欧盟呼吁缅甸政府释放反对派领导人昂山素季。她是在软禁期间违反规定而正在受审。在过去20年内,缅甸政府已软禁了她14年。Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said releasing Suu Kyi was crucial to pave the way for planned elections in Burma next year.瑞典外交部长卡尔.比尔特说,释放昂山素季对于缅甸明年举行的选举至关重要。"What is necessary for those elections is to have an inclusive dialogue with all political forces in the country. That is the necessary precondition for the stability that I think everyone is seeking for the country to be able to move forward," Mr. Bildt said. "And for that to be possible, there must of course be freedom for the different political forces."“这些选举所必需的是和缅甸所有政治力量进行对话。这是使局势稳定的先决条件,我认为,每个人都在争取使缅甸实现稳定,以便使这个国家向前迈进。为实现这一目标,不同政治力量当然必须享有自由。 ”By the time Bildt and Czech Foreign Minister Jan Kohout finished meeting with the Burmese, North Korea announced it had tested a second nuclear bomb. Bildt had to respond to that issue, too. 当比尔特和捷克外交部长结束和缅甸举行的会议后,北韩宣布它进行了第二次核试验。 比尔特必须对这个问题作出回应。"It is alarming, it is a condemnation of the provocative regime in Pyongyang. I think it further isolates the country, I think it further aggravates the long-term situation of the country," Mr. Bildt said.The North Korean move prompted the strongest response from the Japanese delegation. Japanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Kazuo Kodama said Japan would press for the ASEM meeting to issue a joint statement condemning the nuclear test, apart from the conference's normal closing statement.北韩的行为促使日本代表团作出了最强烈的反应。日本外务省发言人儿玉和夫表示,日本将迫使亚欧会议,除了发表大会正常的闭幕声明以外,还发表一项谴责北韩核试验的联合声明。"This nuclear testing poses a grave threat, a challenge to the NEPT regime and also poses a grave threat to the peace and security, stability, not only in the Northeast Asian region, but also the whole global community," Kodama said.“核试验构成了严重威胁,不仅对东北亚地区的和平和安全,稳定构成威胁,而且也对全球各国形成威胁。”The Chinese, South Korean and North Korean delegations were reported to have met on the sidelines of the ASEM meeting, but no results of that meeting were made public.据报导,中国,韩国和北韩代表团在亚欧会议期间抽空举行了会晤,但是没有公布会议结果。05/71409固原包茎手术治疗多少钱More than 240 transnational corporations were surveyed for this report. The results show a drastic 54 percent decline in foreign direct investment inflows for the first quarter of .   这份报告对240多家跨国公司进行了调查。结果显示,年第一季度海外直接投资跟去年同期相比大幅度下降了54%。The UNCTAD survey finds cross border mergers and acquisitions dropped by an even more dramatic 77 percent, compared to the same period last year.   联合国贸发会在调查中还发现,公司跨国并购与去年同期相比更是急剧减少了77%。Although this gloomy situation is expected to persist throughout the year, the transnational corporations surveyed indicate they expect foreign direct investment will progressively recover in 2010 and gain momentum in 2011.   虽然这种低迷的形势预计会延续到年底,但接受调查的跨国公司表示,他们预计海外直接投资将在2010年逐渐复苏,并在2011年显著增加。But, UNCTAD Director of Division on Investment and Enterprise James Zhan warns of several risks related to the recovery of FDI.   但是,联合国贸发会投资和企业司司长詹晓宁(James Zhan)警告说,海外直接投资复苏可能面临几个风险。"One is the further global economic downturn," he said. "A second is an increase in financial instability and a third, which is very interesting, is the rise of protectionism involving a change in foreign investment regime."   詹晓宁说:“一个(风险)是全球经济继续下滑;第二个是金融更加不稳定;第三个非常有意思,那就是保护主义抬头导致海外投资管理体制出现变化。”Zhan says protectionism is not a big deal at the moment. But, he says the TNC's concerns about the risk of protectionism in foreign investments is not ungrounded.   詹晓宁说,保护主义目前并不严重。但是他说,跨国公司(TNC)担心海外投资领域会出现保护主义,这不是没有根据的。"The economic stimulus packages could give rise to what can be labeled as smart protectionism," said Zhan. "Furthermore, a new wave of economic nationalism could occur in the aftermath of the crisis when the exit of the public investment from the bailout flagship industries might lead to the protectionism of the national 'champions' from the foreign takeovers."   詹晓宁说:“经济刺激计划可能会助长所谓灵巧的保护主义。尤其是在危机过后,政府撤出用于拯救领军产业的公共投资时,使新一波的经济民族主义抬头,导致政府出面保护国家的龙头企业,防止它们被外国公司收购。”The survey finds FDI prospects remain bright in the agriculture and services industries, while the situation is less optimistic for the manufacturing sector.   这份调查报告发现,农业与务业的海外直接投资前景继续光明,但制造业的海外投资前景就不那么乐观了。It says developed countries from North America and the European Union are the regions most affected by the crisis. Sub-Saharan Africa and North Africa are least affected.   报告说,北美与欧盟的发达国家受危机影响最重,非洲撒哈拉以南和北非地区受危机影响最轻。The survey shows developing countries in East and Southeast Asia are particularly attractive destinations for foreign investment. And, it notes the top five spots favored by TNC's are China, the ed States, India, Brazil, and Russia.   报告显示,东亚与东南亚的发展中国家对海外投资特别有吸引力。报告说,最受跨国公司偏爱的五大投资对象国是中国、美国、印度、巴西与俄罗斯。07/78636固原治疗慢性前列腺炎的价格

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