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龙南县妇幼保健人民医院去疤多少钱江西省中心医院光子脱毛多少钱Gap Inc’s GPS 3.05% namesake brand is in a deep funk again. And the company’s CEO says that a much more inspired women’s wear collection is key to restoring the chain’s health.Gap公司的同名品牌再度陷入困境。公司首席执行官称,一个更具灵感的女装系列是让这家连锁零售商重拾活力的关键。Gap’s comparable sales fell 5% last year, compared to a flat performance at sister chain Banana Republic and a 5% jump at value chain Old Navy. Gap has been facing stiff competition from fast fashion stores like Hamp;M and Uniqlo, and basic clothing has become more of a commodity. Add to that mediocre fashion designs and you have an iconic but faltering brand.去年,Gap品牌的可比销售额下降了5%,同期,其品牌Banana Republic的销售额持平,而平价品牌Old Navy的销售额增长了5%。Gap面临来自H&M和优衣库等快时尚商家的激烈竞争,同时,基本款装日益普遍。加之Gap的装设计乏善可陈,品牌号召力大不如前。In an effort to find its footing again, Gap recently eliminated the role of creative director that had been held by star design consultant Rebekka Bay, whom it had hired just over 2 years earlier after she successfully launched Hamp;M’s upscale Cos brand. Gap also hired a new brand president. Gap Inc CEO Art Peck, who headed the brand a few years ago himself, said on Thursday that fixing Gap brand was his “No. 1 priority.” And that means focusing on improving its women’s wear in particular.为了重新站稳脚跟,Gap最近取消了由明星设计顾问丽贝卡o贝担任的创意总监一职。加盟Gap仅两年的丽贝卡,此前曾成功推出H&M旗下高端品牌Cos。Gap还聘请了新的品牌总裁。上周四,Gap公司首席执行官阿特o派克表示,重振Gap品牌是其“头等要务”,而这意味着专注于提升女装业务。派克在几年前曾亲自执掌Gap品牌。“It starts with righting the women’s business. There’s an esthetic issue, which we’re working on today with urgency,” Peck said, speaking on his first earnings call as CEO this week. Peck replaced longtime CEO Glenn Murphy earlier this month. “We need to have the women’s business hitting on all cylinders in order for the business the performances that we expect.”上周,派克在出任公司首席执行官后,首次出席收益电话会议,他表示:“首先要重振女装业务。这里存在审美问题,我们正努力尽快解决该问题。”本月早些时候,派克取代了担任首席执行官已久的格伦o墨菲。“要达到我们预期的业绩,女装业务必须马力全开。”Gap also announced on Thursday it had hired former L Brands LB -0.13% executive Wendi Goldman to the newly created role of executive vice president for Gap product design and development. Peck acknowledged she has her work cut out for her.Gap上周四还宣布,聘请了前L Brands高管文迪o戈德曼担任新设立的Gap产品开发设计副总裁一职。派克称,这一职位是为戈德曼量身打造的。While women’s denim is showing a bit of improvement, Peck said that Gap is missing the mark fashion wise on tops, particularly wovens and knits, with poor fits and an unappealing esthetic. “She’s just not responding to the product there right now at all,” Peck said, referring to Gap’s female consumers disinterest in the current merchandise.派克表示,虽然Gap的牛仔女装业务稍有起色,但该品牌的上装,尤其是针织衫,缺乏时尚感,而且既不合身也不好看。谈到Gap的女性顾客对现有商品兴趣缺缺,派克说道:“对现在的产品她们纯粹是眼也不眨一下。”The problem for Gap is that it has aly bought for the spring and summer seasons, so it warned its profit for the brand-new fiscal year will be hit by a “slower turnaround at Gap brand.”问题是其春夏款商品已经进货,因此,公司警告称,“Gap品牌局势扭转较慢”将影响其新财年的利润。Gap was also the author of its own problems in other ways. Gap was slower than its sister brands to speed up its supply chain, handcuffing it when it comes to responding to fashion hits or misses and reacting to what Hamp;M and Uniqlo do. So Peck is making it a priority to shorten the product calendar at Gap, and is making other changes so it can quickly ramp up production of things are proving to be popular items.在其他方面,Gap可谓是其自身问题的始作俑者。在供应链提速方面,Gap落在了品牌之后,这使其无法迅速对大热或受冷的时尚潮流做出反应,也无法迅速应对H&M和优衣库的动作。因此,派克将缩短Gap的产品周期作为优先事项,并辅以其他改变,使Gap能迅速增加热卖品的产量。Peck, who was president of Gap North America and its 700 stores from February 2011 to November 2012, pointed to his own experience to prove the Gap brand can strike again. Gap had struggled for a few years, closed 200 stores, but then had a massive home run in 2013 with bright colored jeans and “on-trend” products. Indeed, Peck promised more color and print and patterns later this year.2011年2月至2012年11月,派克曾担任Gap北美区及其700家门店的总裁。他称自己的经历表明Gap品牌能东山再起。Gap曾有几年苦苦挣扎,关了200家门店,但随后在2013年凭借亮色牛仔裤和“潮流”单品大获成功。事实上,派克承诺在今年晚些时候,推出更多色、印花和带图案的单品。Gap Inc cannot afford to have its .2 billion-a-year namesake brand falter for very long. It generates 38% of the parent company’s sales, and the brand is expanding overseas. Its mens, babies, and Fit lines are doing well. But the biggest category in the Gap brand – women- is not. And that has to change.Gap公司不能任由其年销售额高达62亿美元的同名品牌一蹶不振。Gap品牌贡献了公司38%的销售额,而且该品牌正向海外扩张。Gap的男装、婴儿装以及Fit产品线的业绩都不错。但该品牌最大的产品类别——女装业绩不佳。这种局面必须扭转。“I wish Gap was in a different place,” Peck said.派克称:“我真希望Gap不是眼下这样。” /201503/362744赣州整形美容医院祛痘怎么样 Can you parlay a hotel room reservation into thousands of frequent-flier miles?你能利用酒店预订获得上万英里的常客飞行里程吗?In the last year, the leading websites that allow travelers to do just that, PointsHound and Rocketmiles, were acquired by Points International and Priceline, respectively. How are they measuring up? And if you haven’t tried such sites before, is it worth trying them now?过去一年里,给旅客提供这种回报的主要网站PointsHound和Rocketmiles分别被Points International和Priceline收购。这两家网站水平怎么样?如果你以前没试过这些网站,现在值不值得试试?PointsHound and Rocketmiles give you frequent-flier miles in exchange for staying in hotels booked through their websites. There are, of course, trade-offs. For instance, when you don’t book directly with a hotel, you often have to forgo points and elite qualifying stays in the hotel’s loyalty program; any changes to your reservation must be made through the third-party site instead of with the hotel; and you may not always receive the lowest rate.通过PointsHound和Rocketmiles网站预订酒店,可以获得常客飞行里程。当然,这是有代价的。比如,如果你不是直接从酒店预订房间,通常就得放弃酒店忠诚度奖励系统中的奖励积分和贵宾资格积分。另外,如果你想更改预订,必须通过第三方,而非酒店;而且不一定总能获得最低价。On the other hand, you can accumulate enough miles for free flights and upgrades on airlines such as American, Air France, British Airways and JetBlue.不过,这样做的好处是能在美国航空公司(American)、法国航空公司(Air France)、英国航空公司(British Airways)和捷蓝(JetBlue)等航空公司积累足够多的里程,获得免费飞行和升舱的机会。When you reserve a room through PointsHound, you can generally earn up to 6,000 points a night in the airline or rewards program of your choice (there are exceptions: A recent search turned up a one-night stay at the Peninsula New York that would earn 16,100 miles on American Airlines). Properties marked with a Big Earn banner rake in the most miles. The site also has its own rewards program where members at the top levels (based largely on the number of nights booked) earn points at higher rates. Users of Rocketmiles, the primary PointsHound competitor, can earn up to 5,000 miles a night on their airline of choice.通过PointsHound预订房间,每晚通常能获得6000点航空公司积分或自选奖励计划(也有些例外:前不久我搜索时发现,在纽约半岛酒店[Peninsula New York]住一晚能获得美国航空公司16100英里的免费飞行里程)。打有“回馈丰厚”(Big Earth)标语的酒店奖励的里程最多。该网站还有自己的奖励计划,最高级别的会员(主要是依据预订酒店的天数)能获得最高比例的积分。Rocketmiles是PointsHound的主要竞争对手。它的用户订一晚酒店能积累自选航空公司的5000英里免费里程。Both PointsHound and Rocketmiles allow members to earn miles on carriers including Air France, Alaska Airlines, Alitalia, American, Etihad, Finnair, Frontier, Hawaiian, Icelandair, JetBlue, Saudi Airlines and Turkish Airlines, as well as Asia Miles, a travel and lifestyle rewards program.PointsHound和Rocketmiles的会员都能获得以下航空公司的里程:法国航空公司、阿拉斯加航空公司(Alaska Airlines)、意大利航空公司(Alitalia)、美国航空公司、阿提哈德航空公司(Etihad)、芬兰航空公司(Finnair)、边疆航空公司(Frontier)、夏威夷航空公司(Hawaiian)、冰岛航空公司(Icelandair)、捷蓝、沙特航空(Saudi Airlines)和土耳其航空(Turkish Airlines)。同时能获得亚洲里程(Asia Miles)的奖励,它是一个旅行和生活方式奖励计划。In addition to the airlines mentioned above, users of PointsHound can also earn miles on AeroMéxico, AirBaltic, LAN Airlines, TAM Airlines and US Airways. (They can use their hotel bookings to accrue the virtual currency, Bitcoin, as well.)除了上述航空公司,PointsHound的用户还能获得墨西哥航空(AeroMéxico)、波罗的海航空公司(AirBaltic)、智利航空公司(LAN Airlines)、巴西天马航空公司(TAM Airlines)以及全美航空公司(US Airways)的里程(还能用酒店预订获取虚拟货币——比特币)。Users of Rocketmiles have more options in addition to the carriers above: They can earn miles on British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Norwegian, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Singapore Airlines, Southwest, ed, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic, as well as points for Amtrak, Aeroplan and the Avios travel rewards program.而Rocketmiles的用户亦能获得以下航空公司的里程:英国航空公司、埃塞俄比亚航空公司(Ethiopian Airlines)、马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)、挪威航空公司(Norwegian)、阿曼航空公司(Oman Air)、卡塔尔航空公司(Qatar Airways) 、约旦王家航空公司(Royal Jordanian)、新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines)、美国西南航空公司(Southwest)、美国联合航空公司(ed)、维珍美国航空公司(Virgin America)和维珍大西洋航空公司(Virgin Atlantic)。他们还能获得美国铁路公司(Amtrak)、Aeroplan以及Avios的积分。To see what kind of mileage could be accrued during even a brief getaway, I performed several searches, always comparing both sites on the same day around the same time. Let’s use as an example a hotel search I ran for two guests staying in Orlando, Fla., from July 24 through July 26, with AAdvantage from American Airlines as the loyalty program of choice.为了弄清一次短暂出行能积累多少里程,我进行了几次搜索,总是在同一天的几乎同一时间比较这两家网站。举个例子,假设两位宾客计划从7月24日至26日在佛罗里达州奥兰多市住宿,选择的是美国航空公司的AAdvantage忠诚度奖励系统。PointsHound turned up more than 200 hotels, including the Waldorf Astoria Orlando, Four Seasons Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Available miles on American Airlines ranged from 3,300 miles (for a two-night stay in an eight-bedroom house with a private pool at Champions Gate Vacations Villas near Walt Disney World at 0 a night), to 5,800 miles (for a two-night stay in a deluxe queen room at the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek near Downtown Disney at 3 a night).我在PointsHound网站搜出了200多家酒店,包括奥兰多华尔道夫-阿斯多利亚饭店(Waldorf Astoria Orlando)、奥兰多沃特迪士尼世界度假村(Walt Disney World Resort)和迪士尼当代度假村(Disney’s Contemporary Resort)的四季酒店(Four Seasons Orlando)。美国航空公司提供的奖励里程从3300英里(在迪士尼世界附近的冠军门度假别墅[Champions Gate Vacations Villas]住两晚。这里的别墅有八个卧室和私人泳池,房价每晚500美元)至5800英里(在迪士尼中心特区[Downtown Disney]附近的奥兰多内溪温德姆至尊度假村[Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort]住两晚奢华大床房,房价每晚203美元)不等。For the same search, Rocketmiles turned up some of the same hotels, but far fewer: 35. They included the Radisson Hotel Orlando in Lake Buena Vista, DoubleTree by Hilton at the entrance to Universal Orlando and Hilton Garden Inn Orlando at SeaWorld. Additionally, Rocketmiles didn’t offer the major Disney-branded hotels found on PointsHound, including the Contemporary.我在Rocketmiles网站进行同样的搜索,显示出部分相同的酒店,但是数量要少得多:35家。包括奥兰多比娜·维斯塔湖的拉迪森酒店(Radisson Hotel Orlando)、环球影视主题公园(Universal Orlando)入口处的希尔顿逸林酒店(DoubleTree by Hilton),以及海洋世界(SeaWorld)附近的希尔顿花园酒店(Hilton Garden Inn Orlando)。除此之外,Rocketmiles没有提供在PointsHound上能找到的主要迪士尼品牌酒店,包括迪士尼当代酒店(Contemporary)。The site is designed to show users the best miles or points deals at any given time, however, so only the hotels that deliver on that promise appear. Indeed, one Rocketmiles hotel deal, at the Hilton Orlando, promised 10,000 miles (for a two-night stay in a deluxe queen room at 9 a night) — that’s 4,200 miles more than the best deal at PointsHound. Lock in that kind of offer for several trips and it won’t be long before you rack up 60,000 miles — enough for a round-trip flight to Mexico on American Airlines.Rocketmiles网站的设计是为了随时向用户展示最佳里程或积分交易,所以只有满足条件的酒店得以显示。的确,Rocketmiles提供的一项交易是,在奥兰多希尔顿酒店(Hilton Orlando)下榻(在豪华大床房住两晚,每晚房价239美元),可以获得一万英里的里程,这比PointsHound提供的最佳交易还多出4200英里。在几次旅行中采用这项交易,用不了多久你就能攒够六万英里,足够搭乘美国航空公司的航班免费往返墨西哥。As you can see, several factors should be taken into consideration when deciding whether or not to book through such sites:如你所见,在决定是否通过这些网站预订酒店时,要考虑以下几个因素:Q. How much can you spend on a hotel (and might it be worth it to pay a little more to earn a lot of miles)?问:你在住宿上能花多少钱(多花点钱以获得很多里程的做法值得吗)?A. The nightly rates at the top miles-earning hotels on both PointsHound and Rocketmiles were the same as those on the hotel’s own websites. So if I were to book through either of the sites, I would not be paying more just to earn miles. Excellent news. PointsHound promises that its rates tagged “price match guarantee” are the lowest online: If you find a lower rate for the same dates and the same hotel, you will be refunded the difference. The details are at Pointshound.com/low-price-guarantee. Rocketmiles does not have a best-rate guarantee. The website notes that the rates offered are in line with those of other online competitors, though, which is easy enough to spot check.答:PointsHound和Rocketmiles网站上奖励里程最多的酒店的房价与那些酒店自己网站上的价格是一样的。所以如果我通过这两家网站预订,我不必为获得里程而多花钱。这真是好消息。PointsHound承诺,贴着“最低价保”(price match guarantee)标签的价格是全网最低的:如果你在同一天、同一家酒店找到更低的价格,能获得差价补偿。详情请见Pointshound.com/low-price-guarantee。Rocketmiles没有最低价保。它声称自己的价格与其他网络竞争对手的价格是一样的。不过,这个太容易抽查了。What’s the cancellation policy?问:取消政策是怎样的?Booking directly with a hotel typically gives you the most flexibility when it comes to room preferences, making changes to your reservation, or canceling it outright (unless you booked a nonrefundable rate). On both PointsHound and Rocketmiles, most of the rates are refundable up to a few days before arrival at the hotel, though the specific cancellation policy varies from reservation to reservation so be sure to the fine print. Changes must be made through the sites though, not through your hotel. That can be inefficient, but it need not be a deal breaker, especially if you’re poised to earn a lot of miles.答:直接向酒店预订的话,在挑选房间、更改预订或彻底取消方面通常是最灵活的(除非你订的房间是一定比例内不退款那种)。在PointsHound和Rocketmiles上,提前几天取消大多是可以退款的,具体取消政策各不相同,所以务必阅读附属细则。不过,更改预订必须通过网站进行,而不能通过酒店。这样效率可能比较低,但不必因此放弃,特别是如果你打算获得很多里程的话。Will you miss out on earning points, status or reaping the benefits from a hotel chain’s own loyalty program, and if so, is it worth it to earn miles?问:你愿意放弃连锁酒店忠诚度奖励计划的奖励积分、贵宾资格积分或优惠吗?如果愿意,为了获得免费里程,这样做值得吗?Here’s where you have to make the hard choices. If you book through Rocketmiles, hotel rewards points will generally not be earned in addition to miles. That means you’re forgoing the hotel loyalty program in favor of an airline loyalty program. On PointsHound, for a time rates with a Double Up icon would earn you both hotel rewards points and stay credit toward elite status even as you earned miles. None turned up during my various searches; here’s hoping they make a comeback.答:你必须做出这个艰难的决定。如果你通过Rocketmiles预订,通常无法在兑换里程的同时还能获得酒店的奖励积分。也就是说,你放弃酒店的忠诚度计划,选择航空公司的忠诚度计划。有一段时间,PointsHound网站上有“双重积分”(Double Up)标志的酒店预订能让你既获得里程,又获得酒店奖励积分和贵宾资格积分。在我进行的几次搜索中,没有看到这种情况。希望它能再次出现。Is the hotel with the best miles offer a place you actually want to stay?问:奖励里程最多的酒店所提供的房间真的是你想住的吗?Don’t choose a hotel just to bank a few thousand miles; stay where you’ll be happy.答:不要仅仅为了获得几千英里免费飞行里程而选择某家酒店;选择你喜欢的酒店。Bottom line: These sites are a great way to score frequent-flier miles. The fundamental issue is that using them means you’re generally choosing to earn miles instead of hotel points. Would you rather work toward a free night at a Marriott in Rome, or a free flight to Rome? For some travelers, the boarding pass trumps the room key.最重要的是,这些网站是获得常客飞行里程的好方法。根本问题是,使用这些网站意味着,你选择获得里程,而不是酒店积分。你更愿意免费在罗马万豪酒店(Marriott)住一晚,还是更愿意免费飞到罗马?对有些旅行者来说,登机牌比房间钥匙更重要。 /201506/378934赣州中医院治疗痘痘多少钱

赣州第一附属医院隆胸多少钱Gaokao from foreigners#39; perspective外国人眼中的高考Allegedly the world#39;s largest high-stakes test featuring cramming and intense exam preparation, the gaokao has been attracting foreign media attention. Curious reporters found some typical gaokao scenes such as the following.由于被称为全球最大高风险考试;,并以;死记硬背;著称,中国高考也引起了外媒关注。好奇的外国记者记录下了这样一些典型镜头:One yaer,before the gaokao高考前1年…For the past year, Liu Qichao has focused on one thing, and only one thing: the gaokao. Fourteen to 16 hours a day, he studied for the college entrance examination. He took one day off every 3 weeks. (The New York Times, Jun 13, 2009)整整一年,刘奇超所有的心思都放在一件事情上,这唯一的一件事便是:高考。他每天学习14到16个小时,每3个星期休息一天。(《纽约时报》,2009年6月13日)Three month,before the gaokao高考前3个月…Ma Li, 18, fits the profile of a final-year student toiling on the exam tmill. She regularly puts in an extra 6 hours at home at the end of a 10-hour school day. (B, Jun 8, 2012)18岁的马丽是在高考机器上挥汗如雨的典型学生形象。她每天在学校学习10小时之外,还要在家再多复习6小时。(英国广播公司,2012年6月8日)One week,before the gaokao高考前1周…Families pull out all the stops to optimize their children#39;s scores. In Sichuan Province in southwestern China, students studied in a hospital, hooked up to oxygen containers, in the hope of improving their concentration. Some girls take contraceptives so they will not get their periods during the exam. (The New York Times, Jun 13, 2009)每家每户都想尽办法帮助自己的孩子考试中取得高分。在中国西南地区的四川省,学生一边在医院吸氧一边复习,以期提高注意力。一些女孩子则用避药物以防止月经周期在考试期间到来。(《纽约时报》,2009年6月13日)The day of gaokao高考当天Outside the exam sites, parents keep vigil for hours, as anxiously as husbands waiting for their wives to give birth. A tardy arrival is disastrous. One student who arrived 4 minutes late in 2007 was turned away, even though she and her mother knelt before the exam proctor, begging for leniency. (The New York Times, Jun 13, 2009)考场外,家长们持续几个小时地等待,就像等待妻子临产的丈夫一样焦虑。迟到则是毁灭性的,2007年就有一名学生迟到了4分钟,她和她的母亲在监考官面前跪下了,仍然未能参加考试。(《纽约时报》,2009年6月13日)Tough reality理想与现实Following the end of the ;cultural revolution; (1966-76), China#39;s universities were reopened and the entrance exam was launched in 1977. The vision behind it was utopian. The gaokao was expected to ensure that a peasant#39;s son from Gansu has the same doors open as a Shanghai official - to make high test scores, not political patronage or guanxi (relationships), the ticket to a university education.1977年,;文革;后的中国重开大学,恢复了高考,其背后的想法是理想化的:让一个来自甘肃的农家子弟与一个来自上海官员家庭的孩子拥有同等的机会;让分数,而不是政治恩惠或关系,成为大学教育的通行。But lower-income Chinese parents now endure too heavy a financial burden as they push their children to obtain as much education as possible.但是现在,中国的低收入父母正在为让孩子尽可能接受高等教育而承受过于沉重的负担。For a rural parent in China, each year of higher education costs 6 to 15 months#39; labor. A year at an average private university in the US equals almost a year#39;s income for the average wage earner, while an in-state public university costs about 6 months#39; pay. Moreover, an American family that spends half its income helping a child through college has more spending power with the other half of its income than a rural Chinese family earning less than ,000 a year.对于中国的农村父母来说,每一年的高等教育要花费6到15个月的劳动所得。在美国,中等私立大学每年所需费用,基本等同于美国平均收入者1年的工资,而本州的公立大学开销则约等于6个月收入。此外,一个每年拿出一半收入供孩子上大学的美国家庭,其另一半收入的购买力要强于一个年收入少于5000美元的中国农村家庭。Yet a college degree no longer ensures a well-paying job, because the number of graduates in China has quadrupled in the last decade.然而,大学学位已经不能再保一份高薪工作——中国大学毕业生人数已经在过去10年里翻了两番。 /201506/379069于都县中医院做双眼皮手术多少钱 Since ancient times, marriage has been regarded as most blessed events in the life of a Chinese passing the imperial examination and the birth of one#39;s children. one of the three The other firvo are Marriage was solemnized with lots of interesting customs performed to this day.从古至今,婚礼一直被中国人认为是人生三大快事之一。另外两个分别是金榜题名和生子。为了使婚礼看起来庄严正式,中国人有很多沿用至今的有意思的风俗习惯,有些至今仍在沿用。It was very important to follow a basic principle of the ;Three Letters and Six Etiquettes; in the past. Even now some customs are still followed.遵循“三书六礼”的基本原则在过去是非常重要的。即使在现在过去的一些习俗仍在沿用,当然有时候会根据实际情况做一些变动。Three Letters三书The ;Three Letters; include the Betrothal letter, Gift Letter and Wedding Letter.The Betrothal Letter is the formal document of the engagement,a must in a marriage. Next is the Gift Letter,which would be given to the identified girl#39;s family.Within the letter will be a list of the types and quantity of gifts designated for the wedding. Once both parties accept the marriage,the Wedding Letter is prepared and presented to the bride#39;s family on the day of the wedding and is a document that confirmed and commemorated the formal acceptance of the bride into the bridegroom#39;s family, with some adaptations of course.“三书”包括聘书、礼书和迎书。聘书是订婚的重要文书,是结婚必需的。礼书是给女方家的,其中应列出婚礼所需的礼物的种类和数量。一旦双方同意结婚,男方要准备迎书在结婚当日呈给女方家人,迎书的目的是确认男方已经正式将新娘接纳为家庭的一员。Six Etiquettes六礼Proposal: If an unmarried boy#39;s parents identify a girl as their future daughter-in-law, they will then locate a matchmaker. The matchmaker will formally present his or her client#39;s request to the identified girl#39;s parents.纳:未婚男方的父母确定未来儿媳的人选之后,就会请来媒人牵线。媒人会正式向女方家长提出男方的请求。Birthday matching: If the potential bride#39;s parents do not object to the marriage, the matchmaker will then ask for the girl#39;s birthday and birth-hour to assure the compatibility of the potential bride and bridegroom. If the couple#39;s birthdays and birth-hours do not conflict according to astrology,the marriage will continue onto the next stage. If there is any sign of astrological conflict, which meant the marriage will bring disasters upon both families,the proposed marriage is immediately quashed.问名:如果女方父母不反对这门亲事,媒人就会要求他们提供女孩的生辰八字,看看男孩和女孩是否相合。如果相合,婚礼会进人下个阶段。如果相冲,两人的结合会给家庭带来灾难,求婚会立刻终止。Presenting betrothal gifts: Once both birthdays matched,the bridegroom#39;s family will then arrange for the matchmaker to present betrothal gifts,including the betrothal letter, to the bride#39;s family.纳吉:一旦双方的生辰相合,男方会安排媒人给女方送去聘礼,其中包括聘书。Presenting wedding gifts: After the betrothal letter and betrothal gifts are accepted,the bridegroom#39;s family will later formally send wedding gifts to the bride#39;s family. Usually,gifts may include tea,lotus seeds, longan,red beans,green beans,red dates,oranges,pomegranate,and other delicacies,depending on local customs and family wealth.纳征:女方接受了聘书和聘礼后,男方会正式给女方送去“大礼”,其中通常会包括茶叶、莲子、龙眼、瓜子、红豆、绿豆、红枣、橘子、石榴和其他一些物品。由于各地习惯不同和家庭贫富不等,聘礼的内容和数量会有一定差异。Picking a wedding date: An astrologist or astrology book will be consulted to select an auspicious date to hold the wedding ceremony.请期:男方和女方会征求方士的意见或者查阅相关典籍来确定婚礼举行的好日子。Wedding ceremony: Before the wedding,a“good luck woman; who has a nice family will arrange the bridal bed and scatter symbolic fruits on the bed. Nobody is allowed to touch the bed until the couple enters the bridal chamber after the wedding ceremony,except Children who are invited onto the bed to bless the couple with fertility.迎亲:婚礼举行之前,会有家庭比较好的“喜婆”铺婚床,在床上撒有象征意义的水果。新婚夫妇婚礼之后进入新房之前,除了邀请来祝新人早生贵子的孩子外,任何人不得碰婚床。Usually the bride#39;s dowry shall be sent to the bridegroom#39;s family by the day before the wedding day. Sometimes the dowry will be brought by the bride#39;s estorts. Q traditional dowry normally consists of valuable items such as jewellery embroidered beddings,kitchen utensils and furniture. The type of the dowry is constantly changing except for the basic,symbolic items. For example,in 1980s,a sewing machine, a bicycle,and a recorder were musts in a marriage. Now, they are totally out of fashion.婚礼进行前一天,新娘的嫁妆要被送到新郎家。有时候嫁妆还要新郎的陪护。传统嫁妆通常会包括一些值钱的物品,比如珠宝、刺绣的床上用品、厨具和家具。除了一些基本的有象征意义的物品,嫁妆的种类一直在不断变化。比如在上世纪80年代,嫁妆必须包括缝纫机、自行车和录音机。现在,这些都过时了。Unlike Western tradition,the colour red dominates traditional Chinese weddings. Chinese people tend to use or wear red to add a joyful atmosphere to such a festive occasion.,和西方传统不同,中国传统的婚礼以红色为主。中国人往往用红色或穿上红衣来增加喜庆的气氛。At dawn on the wedding day, the bride puts on new dothes, wears a pair of red shoes and waits for the so called ;good luck woman; to dress her hair in the style of a married woman. Her head would be covered with a red silk veil with tassels or bead strings that hang from the phoenix crown. She waits for her future husband to escort her home, with married women talking around her about how to be a good wife.在婚礼当天的清晨,新娘会穿上新妆,头戴凤冠,脚穿红婚鞋,等待喜婆为她盘头。盘好后,就用有穗子或珠串的红盖头蒙头等待自己未来的丈夫来迎娶,她的周围会有已婚妇女告诉怎样做个好妻子。On the other hand,the bridegroom prepares himself to receive his wife. He gets dressed in a long gown,red shoes and a red silk sash with a silk ball on his chest. The groom kneels at the ancestral altar as his father puts a cap decorated with cypress leaves on his head to declare his adulthood and his family responsibilitier.与此同时,新郎也在准备迎亲。他穿上长袍和红鞋子,胸前别上一个红绣球,然后跪在宗庙的供案前,由他的父亲为他戴上有柏枝装饰的新郎帽,并宣布他已成家立业。Then the bridegroom sets out to receive his bride. Usually a crowd of friends escorts the bridegroom and musicians play joyful tunes during the entire trip.准备停当,新郎就出发迎娶新娘。通常会有一群朋友陪伴在新郎左右,还有乐师一路上不停地演奏婚乐。The most interesting part of the reception really takes place at the doorstep of the bride#39;s residence,which is heavily guarded by the bridesmaid or the bride#39;s sisters. It is customary for the bridesmaid to give the bridegroom a difficult time before he is allowed to enter. Usually wisdom,courage and his friends will help the bridegroom to succeed in his ;trial;.However, there is one more situation he has to negotiate with the bridesmaid and sisters of the bride-to distribute among them red packets containing money-in order to take his bride home.迎亲最有意思的一段发生在新娘家的门前。新娘家的门通常都由伴娘或新娘的们把守。根据风俗,她们只有对新郎百般刁难之后,才能放新郎进门。新郎通常需要借助自己的智慧、勇气和朋友的帮助才能通过这种“试炼”,然而,为了把新娘带回家,还有一件事他要跟伴娘和新娘的们协商:给她们发红包的数量。Before the bride departs to the bridegroom#39;s home,the“good luck woman; will lead her to the sedan chair. On her way to the chair, one of her sisters will shield her with a red parasol,while another sister will throw rice at the sedan chair. At the back of the sedan hang a sieve and metallic mirror that are believed to protect the bride from evil. The bride has to cry to show that she does not want to leave her parents.在新郎离开新娘家之前,有喜婆把新娘领到轿子上,在此过程中由新娘的一位用红伞遮住新娘,另一个向轿子内撒米。轿子的背后会挂上一个筛子和一面金属镜子,人们认为它们可以避邪。新娘必须要哭,以此向人们表明她不想离开自己的父母。Then firecrackers will be set off to drive away evil spirits as the bride sits into the sedan chair. All along the way people make great efforts to avoid any inauspicious influence. For instance,the sedan chair is heavily curtained to prevent the bride from seeing an unlucky sight(e. g. a widow, a well or even a cat). When the parading troop arrives at the bridegroom#39;s,firecrackers will be set off to hail the bride#39;s arrival. Before the sedan chair a red mat is placed so that the bride will not touch the bare earth. By the threshold,a flaming stove and saddle will be set up and the bride is required to sidestep or step over them to avoid evils.新娘坐上轿子后,会燃放鞭炮驱赶邪灵。一路上人们都会竭力避免不好的影响。例如,轿子四面都用帘子遮蔽,以避免新娘看到什么不祥的景象(柳树、井、甚至是猫)。迎亲队伍到达新郎家时,会燃放鞭炮欢迎新娘的到来。轿前会放上一个红色的垫子,不让新娘接触到土地。门槛前会放置一个燃着的炉子和鞍座,新娘要从旁边绕过去,或者从上面跨过去。The bride and bridegroom are then led to an altar, where the couple kowtows to Heaven and Earth,the family ancestors and parents successively. They then Afterwards, a grand feast is held for relatives and those who helped with the wedding. The newlyweds will resume drinking wedding wine. Generally they are required to cross their arms to sip wine. They also will toast their guests. Guests voice their good wishes for the couple.然后新郎和新娘会被领到一个香案前,拜天地,拜祖宗和父母,夫妻交拜。之后会进人洞房。整个过程会有人指导提示,观众会报以掌声。此后会举行一个盛大的宴会招待亲朋好友。新婚夫妇会喝交杯酒。喝完后也会向客人敬酒。客人们会表示对新人的良好祝愿。After night falls, the teasing games start. Usually all young men can participate except for the bride#39;s married brothers-in-laws. These funny and silly games help ease the tension,since in ancient times the newlyweds never met each other before the wedding!Most of the games require the shy couple to ad like wife and husband. The festive atmosphere also promotes closeness among all the family members and the community beyond. There also will be other activities conducted by the bridegroom#39;s mother after the roaring laughter fades into the darkness.夜幕降临时,除新郎已婚兄弟之外的年轻人通常都会去闹洞房。他们会玩些非常有趣或者愚蠢的游戏来帮助新婚夫妇消除紧张,要知道在古代新婚夫妇在婚礼之前是没有见过面的!游戏大多都会要求羞涩的新郎和新娘表现得像夫妻。喜庆的气氛会增进所有家庭成员以及社区间的亲密关系。Traditionally,the newlyweds are to return to visit the bride#39;s parents one or three days after the wedding. They will be hailed with a banquet and it is the bridegroom#39;s turn to suffer the well-intentioned teasing of the bride#39;s relatives and friends.按照传统,新婚夫妇在婚礼后的第三天要“回门”:回到新娘家。新娘父母会设宴招待,此时就轮到新郎受新娘亲友的善意的愚弄了。Traditional marriage customs lost their popularity due to the collapse of the feudal arranged marriage and its complexity. However, traditional marriage can still be seen in the countryside,despite innovations. Now, traditional marriage customs are being revived in some places and they are attracting many prospective couples.由于封建的包办婚姻已经瓦解,传统婚姻的习俗非常复杂,传统婚姻已经不受欢迎。然而在农村依然能看到它的踪影,当然也做了一些创新。如今有些地方,传统婚姻又开始流行起来,吸引着越来越多的要结婚的年轻人。 /201505/377305赣州去胎记到哪里

崇义县做狐臭手术多少钱Nathaniel Branden wrote Ayn Rand a fan letter when he was a teenager in Canada in the 1940s. He wanted to tell her how much he admired “The Fountainhead,” her novel about a brilliant architect’s proud resistance to what he perceived as the world’s inclination toward collectivism and mediocrity.20世纪40年代,十几岁的加拿大人纳撒尼尔·布兰登(Nathaniel Branden)给安·兰德(Ayn Rand)写了一封崇拜信,想告诉她自己有多么热爱她的《源泉》(The Fountainhead),这本小说讲述一个杰出的建筑师意识到这个世界正在滑向集体主义与平庸,于是骄傲地与之对抗。Ms. Rand did not respond, but Mr. Branden did not give up.兰德没有回复,但布兰登没有放弃。A few years later, while attending college in California, he wrote to her again. This time she did respond, and then some.几年后,已经在加利福尼亚上大学的他再次给她写信。这一次她回复了,两人开始通信。In relatively short order, they became philosophical soul mates, unlikely lovers and business associates. He was 25 years younger than she and, like her, married to someone else. That hardly mattered. Both believed in “rational selfishness” and unlimited capitalism, theories Ms. Rand embraced in “The Fountainhead” (1943) and her later blockbuster, “Atlas Shrugged,” which was published in 1957 and originally dedicated to both her husband, Frank O’Connor, and Mr. Branden.两人很快成了哲学上的灵魂伴侣、不可思议的恋人与生意伙伴。他比她年轻25岁,两人分别同其他人结了婚。但这不是问题。两人都相信兰德在《源泉》和她后来风靡一时的《阿特拉斯耸耸肩》(Atlas Shrugged)中全心信奉的“理性的自私”与不受限制的资本主义。《阿特拉斯耸耸肩》于1957年出版,最初是题献给她的丈夫弗兰克·奥康纳(Frank O’Connor)和布兰登这两个人的。Mr. Branden, who was 84 when he died on Wednesday at his home in Los Angeles County, would go on to change his name at Ms. Rand’s suggestion (it had been Nathan Blumenthal) and to become perhaps her most ardent disciple. In 1958 he started the Nathaniel Branden Institute, where he helped repackage her ideas — Objectivism, she called her philosophy — into lectures, recordings, books and articles.布兰登于周三在洛杉矶郡家中去世,享年84岁。认识兰德后,他成了其最热情的门徒,还按她的建议,把自己的名字由内森·布卢门撒尔(Nathan Blumenthal)改为纳撒尼尔·布兰登。1958年,他创立了纳撒尼尔·布兰登学院,重新把她的思想(她把自己的哲学称之为“客观主义”)包装为讲座、录音、书籍和文章。For the next decade, theirs was a distinctive and largely productive collaboration — at Ms. Rand’s insistence, both of their spouses knew of their extramarital relationship, though few outside their inner circle did — and it raised both her profile and his. Founded in New York, the Nathaniel Branden Institute grew to have branches in dozens of cities. Among its speakers was Alan Greenspan, the future chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.接下来的十年里,两人的合作极为独特,而且非常高产,从而对两人的形象都有提升。在兰德坚持之下,两人的伴侣都知晓了这段婚外恋,不过这段关系在他们的小圈子之外罕有人知。纳撒尼尔·布兰登学院在几十个城市内设立了分校。后来当上美国联邦储备委员会主席的艾伦·格林斯潘(Alan Greenspan)也曾是学院的演讲者之一。But by the late 1960s, Mr. Branden’s relationships with Ms. Rand and with his wife, Barbara, had deteriorated. It did not help that he had begun a relationship that year with a fashion model, 15 years his junior, Patrecia Scott, who had attended his lectures (and whom he later married).但是到了20世纪60年代末,布兰登与兰德和妻子芭芭拉(Barbara)之间的关系每况愈下。同时他又和来听他讲座的时装模特帕特里西亚·斯科特(Patrecia Scott)之间开始了一段恋情,这自然更加于事无补。斯科特比他小15岁,两人后来结婚了。In the summer of 1968, Ms. Rand announced in an article for The Objectivist magazine that their collaboration was over, claiming that both of the Brandens had taken financial advantage of her. The Brandens publicly denied the charge.1968年夏,兰德在为《客观主义者》(The Objectivist)杂志撰写的文章中宣布两人之间的合作告终,并称布兰登夫妇在财务上占她便宜。布兰登夫妇公开否认了这一指责。The split also caused a divide among Ms. Rand’s followers. Mr. Branden had become a draw himself, and he soon began promoting a revised version of their early ideas, shifting the emphasis from self-interest to self-esteem. He moved to Southern California, where he started a new organization, the Institute of Biocentric Psychology, and wrote a book, “The Psychology of Self-Esteem” (1969).这一分裂也在兰德的持者中造成了分歧。布兰登本人也成了重要人物,很快就开始宣传两人早期观点的修订版,重点从自利转向自尊。他移居南加利福尼亚,开创了新机构:生物中心心理学学院(the Institute of Biocentric Psychology),并于1969年出版著作《自尊心理学》(The Psychology of Self-Esteem)。He was well established in private practice when the extent of his early relationship with Ms. Rand became public. In 1986, his first wife, Barbara, told the story in the book “The Passion of Ayn Rand.” That book also divided Ms. Rand’s followers, but Ms. Branden received generally favorable reviews for what critics said appeared to be her clear effort to be fair to Ms. Rand. The book was made into a 1999 Showtime movie starring Helen Mirren as Ms. Rand and Eric Stoltz as Mr. Branden.与兰德的早年关系曝光之时,布兰登的个人事业已经获得相当大的成功。1986年,他的第一任妻子芭芭拉在《安·兰德的热情》(The Passion of Ayn Rand)一书中披露了他们之间的故事。这本书再次在兰德的追随者之间造成了分裂。但是芭芭拉的书获得了普遍好评,家都认为她显然很努力地去公平对待兰德。1999年,这本书被映时影业搬上银幕,由海伦·米伦(Helen Mirren)饰演兰德,艾瑞克·斯托罗兹(Eric Stoltz)饰演布兰登。In 1989, Mr. Branden offered his own version of the relationship in “Judgment Day: My Years With Ayn Rand.” It was not as well received as his wife’s account.1989年,布兰登出版了《审判日:我与安·兰德共度的岁月》(Judgment Day: My Years With Ayn Rand),从自己的角度讲述了这段关系,不过获得的评价却不如他前妻的那本书。Reviewing the book in The New York Times, the feminist writer Susan Brownmiller called “Judgment Day” “an embarrassing venture.”女性主义作家苏珊·布朗米勒(Susan Brownmiller)在为《纽约时报》撰写的书评中称《审判日》是“令人尴尬的冒险”。“Renegades from extremist movements are seldom likable in their new incarnations: their justifications ring hollow, their demands for sympathy tend to sound whiny,” Ms. Brownmiller wrote. “Mr. Branden compounds this inherent problem by replacing his Objectivist rhetoric with a massive dose of psychobabble from the California human-potential movement, in whose therapeutic vineyards he has fashioned a second, and apparently successful, career.”“极端主义行动中的叛徒如果有了新的化身,也很难被人喜爱:他们的辩解空洞无力,他们要求同情的呼声听上去似乎只是牢骚而已,”布朗米勒写道,“为了调和这个固有的问题,布兰登把自己的客观主义修辞替换成大堆加利福尼亚人类潜能运动中的心理学呓语,在该运动的治疗场所中,他为自己重塑了事业第二春,显然还很成功。”Nathan Blumenthal was born on April 9, 1930, in Brampton, Ontario, and grew up in Toronto. He attended the University of California, Los Angeles, before following Ms. Rand to New York, where he earned a master’s degree at New York University. He later received a doctorate from the California Graduate Institute, where he also taught.内森·布卢门撒尔于1930年4月9日出生于安大略省的布兰普敦,在多伦多长大。他曾在洛杉矶的加利福尼亚大学就读,后追随兰德来到纽约,在纽约大学获得硕士学位。后来他在加利福尼亚研究生院获得士学位,并在那里任教。His wife, Laurie, also known as Leigh, whom he married in 2006, said the cause of his death was complications of Parkinson’s disease. His survivors also include a sister, Elayne Kalberman. Barbara Branden died in 2013. Among Mr. Branden’s many other books are “The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem” (1994), “Taking Responsibility” (1996) and “The Art of Living Consciously” (1997).他于2006年再次结婚,妻子劳里(Laurie)又名利(Leigh),她宣布他的死因是帕金森症引发的并发症。他的姊伊雷恩·考曼(Elayne Kalberman)尚在人世。芭芭拉·布兰登于2013年逝世。纳撒尼尔·布兰登生前有很多著作,包括《自尊的六大柱》(The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem,1994)、《承担责任》(Taking Responsibility, 1996)和《好奇生活的艺术》(The Art of Living Consciously, 1997)。 /201412/348086 Technology shows such as the annual E3 games conference in Los Angeles have become known for their scantily clad #39;booth babes#39; designed to attract people to stands.在洛杉矶,一年一度的E3游戏展以穿着暴露的展品模特儿闻名。However, a Dutch firm has taken a slightly different approach for its London event.然而,荷兰的一家公司为他们在伦敦举办的展览做了点小小的改变。TransIP hired a pair of pole dancing robots for an event in Shoreditch. TransIP公司聘请了一对跳钢管舞的机器人在肖尔迪奇区做产品模特儿。The dancers, which cost around #163;2,500 to hire, were made out of old car parts and were designed by British artist Giles Walker, with their moves controlled by a computer.这对电脑操控的机器人的成本大约是2500英镑,由英国艺术家贾尔斯·沃克(Giles Walker)设计,是由旧汽车的零部件制作而成的。The robots were originally created in 2012 by Walker for a show called #39;Peepshow#39;.在2012年,沃克原本是为“西洋镜”展览创作的这对机器人。#39;We are now all living in a peepshow. Continually being watched by mechanical peeping toms on every street corner,#39; he said.“我们现在都生活在西洋镜里,时不时地被街角的偷窥狂偷窥,”他说。#39;With this in mind, I wondered if it was possible to literally make a CCTV camera sexy using simple mechanics...and by using the imagery of a pole dancer question the roles played in voyeurism.“带着这种想法,我想知道就用这些简单的金属和想象中的一些钢管舞者的形象,是否有可能创造出一个性感的机器人。”#39;Could this pile of old windscreen wipers and odd pieces of metal become something sexual.... #39;“这些破旧的雨刷器和奇怪的金属块能变成一些很性感的东西吗......”#39;Inspiration Centraal#39; - the free event hosted by Dutch hosting company TransIP - has so far seen more than 3,500 technology enthusiasts attend to hear talks from some of London#39;s most successful startup entrepreneurs, including MindCandy founder Michael Acton-Smith and #39;gaming industry godfather#39; Ian Livingstone.“灵感中心”——一个荷兰的TransIP公司举办的免费活动——已经吸引了超过3500个科技爱好者来听一些伦敦最成功的企业家的演讲,这里面包括Mind Candy的创始人,迈克尔·阿克顿·史密斯,还有游戏产业教父,伊恩·利文斯通。The eight day event, was been staged to celebrate the UK launch of Dutch VPS, hosting and domain name company TransIP.荷兰的电子公司TransIP用这个八天的展会来庆祝它正式进入英国市场。#39;We chose Shoreditch and Tech City quite deliberately as our new home, as we are a fan of London#39;s growing stature as an international technology hub, but frankly our expectations have been exceeded by the level of engagement we#39;ve experienced from the startup community in this beautiful city,#39; said TransIP CEO Jeroen Hüpscher.“我们是故意把公司的新址选在肖尔迪奇和科技城,因为我们喜欢伦敦这个正在蓬勃生长的国际化的科技中心。但是坦白说,我们在这座美丽的城市里的新兴社区所得到的远远超出了我们的预期。”TransIP的首席执行官杰伦·胡夫彻说。#39;We#39;ve been blown away by the reaction to our event, the level of attendance and the infectious enthusiasm for building a vibrant and successful startup ecosystem.“我们对此次展会的参会人数,群众的反响,和他们对于展会的热情感到很吃惊,这也有助于建立一个充满活力的成功的新兴的生态系统。”The robots will be pole dancing for the remaining four days of the event, along with presentations from leading figures in the technology industry.在接下来的四天里,这对机器人会给观众们表演钢管舞,此外还有科技产业一些领头的公司做产品展示。 /201505/374084赣州美白祛辐射斑哪家医院好赣州脱毛医院



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