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定南县无痛隆胸手术价格赣州皮肤医院激光除皱多少钱Fish Soup with Pebbles卵石鲜鱼汤According to legend, the famous Blang dish, Fish Soup with Pebbles, was created by some Blang fishermen in the wild. The story goes that, everyday Blang fishermen had to travel a long distance to catch fish in the river far away. After catching the fish, the fishermen, usually so hungry for food, would cook the fish beside the river with extremely limited ingredients—the fresh fish just caught and a bit of salt they carried. They dug a pit on the bank and laid several layers of Japanese banana leaves over the bottom, using it as a pot. After filling it with water, they put the fish inside and began to cook the fish soup, with the water heated not by fire, but by the hot-burnt pebbles they put one by one between the leaves. Before long the redolence mixed with the flavor of the fish soup and roasted pebbles prevailed along the river. Magically, the soup was no less palatable even cooked without using a pot or other common ingredients such as edible oil, onion, ginger or garlic, etc.布朗族名菜“卵石鲜鱼汤”,相传是渔民在野外抓到鱼后,又馋又饿,除了当场捉到的活鱼和随身携带的一点盐巴外,他们不用任何佐料。只要在沙滩上刨一个坑,在坑内铺上几层芭蕉叶代替铁锅,然后装上清水和鲜鱼,将河中卵石取来放在火塘内烧红,再将烧红的卵石一个接一个地投入装有清水和鲜鱼的芭蕉叶内,于是不用锅不用油的鲜鱼汤便这样烧成了。这种鱼汤味道鲜,而且有烧石的香味。 /201505/377236赣州最好的整形医院是哪 Han Seol-hyang blushes as she recounts her memories of teenage dating in Pyongyang.韩雪香(Han Seol-hyang,音)讲述起自己十几岁时在平壤约会的往事,她的脸红了。“Everything was in secret. It wasn’t all out in the open like in South Korea,” says the 30-year-old daughter of a North Korean government official. “It wasn’t that we were scared of being punished; that was just the culture.”韩雪香今年30岁,是一位朝鲜政府官员的女儿,她说:“一切都得保密,不像在韩国这么开放。倒不是说害怕受处罚,而是文化使然。”South Korea’s brash dating scene is one of a bewildering range of cultural differences confronting more than 25,000 North Koreans who have made their way south over the past 20 years, with many struggling to integrate socially and economically.过去20年逃往韩国的朝鲜人超过2.5万人,他们面临着各种令人无所适从的文化差异,令许多人无论从经济上还是从社会上都难以融入韩国,大胆的约会场面便是其中之一。But Ms Han and 51-year-old Kim Min-jeong, her business partner, have turned the situation to their advantage by establishing Eve, a matchmaking agency aimed at helping fellow North Korean refugees find husbands.但韩雪香和她的生意伙伴——51岁的金敏贞(Kim Min-jeong,音)将这一文化差异化作她们的优势,俩人合作创建了婚介机构Eve,旨在帮助朝鲜难民同胞找到如意郎君。On the wall of their office in a western district of Seoul is a whiteboard listing a dozen meetings arranged for the next few days between women born in North Korea and South Korean men. The dates of two imminent marriages and an expected birth are noted in red.Eve位于首尔西部某区,办公室的墙上挂着一面白板,上面列出了未来数日安排好的十几场约会,女方都是朝鲜人,而男方都是韩国人。其中有三个标红的日期,分别是马上要举行的两场婚礼,以及一个预产期。Next to a large framed photograph of one of the weddings they have helped to bring about — there were 29 last year alone — one of their 10 employees is explaining the service to a shy-looking man on the threshold of middle age.这家婚介所有10名员工,其中一个员工正向一位面露羞色、即将迈入中年的男士介绍务项目。他们身边的墙上挂着一个大相框,里面是Eve促成的一场婚礼的照片,仅去年这家婚介所就促成了29桩婚事。Eve promises to arrange up to six introductions for each man within the first year, with further dates to follow if he remains single after that time. About 200 men paid Won2-3m (,788-2,667) last year to register at Eve; more than double that number of female North Korean defectors signed up at no cost.Eve承诺每位男士在第一年内最多可相亲6次,如果一年后该男士仍为单身,还可为他安排更多约会。去年约有200名男士在Eve注册,注册费在200万韩元到300万韩元之间(约合1788美元到2667美元),女性会员都是脱北者,去年她们的注册人数是男性会员的两倍以上,无须缴纳注册费用。Seated on adjacent leather armchairs, both sporting white shirts, miniskirts and auburn-tinted hair, Ms Han and Ms Kim explain how they help clients to bridge the inter-Korean cultural divide.韩雪香和金敏贞挨着坐在皮革扶手椅上,两人都穿着白衬衫,迷你裙,头发染成茶褐色。她们介绍了自己如何帮助客户跨越朝韩之间的文化鸿沟。“The North Korean women are like 60-somethings in South Korea; they’re very conservative,” Ms Kim says. “So I tell the men to take things slow. If you grab her hand on the first date, it will scare her.”金敏贞说:“朝鲜女性的思想相当于韩国60多岁的人,她们非常保守。因此我告诉男士们要慢慢来。如果你第一次约会时就牵她的手,会吓到她的。”Ms Kim plays down the difficulties of becoming an entrepreneur in a dynamic capitalist economy after spending her first four decades in one of the last socialist states. She thinks she gained useful skills from working for 20 years in a regional accounts department of a state-owned restaurant company, before emigrating in 2005.金敏贞人生的头四十年是在社会主义国家度过的,之后她又在这个充满活力的资本主义国家里成了一名企业家,她并不认为这有多不容易。2005年金敏贞从朝鲜来到韩国,此前她在一家国有餐饮公司的分区会计部工作了20年,她认为自己从中获得了有用的技能。Ms Han had left North Korea two years before at the age of 18, having felt isolated, like “a frog in a pond”, after spending hours watching television footage of the outside world. They met in 2007, when both were working at a Seoul matchmaking agency. But in 2008 the two women decided to go it alone. They used their modest savings to put down a Won10m deposit for a rented office and lured a few male clients from their previous employer.韩雪香比她早两年离开朝鲜,当时18岁,在连续看了几个小时外面世界的电视后,她觉得自己与世隔绝,像只“池塘里的青蛙”。她与金敏贞相识于2007年,当时她们在首尔一家婚介所工作。2008年两位女性决定出来单干。她们用微薄的积蓄缴纳了1000万韩元定金,租下一间办公室,还从前雇主那儿挖走了几个男客户。Eve has attracted only one male North Korean client and no South Korean women. The lopsided gender mix reflects the fact that North Korean refugees earn a third less than the South Korean average. In one 2013 survey, all the women polled said they disliked the idea of marrying a defector. But 69 per cent of the men said they would, reflecting North Korean women’s reputation for being “docile and submissive”, according to Ms Han.Eve的客户里只有一位朝鲜男性,没有韩国女性。这种极不平衡的性别结构反应出一个事实,朝鲜难民的收入不抵韩国人平均收入的三分之一。在2013年一份调查中,所有女性受访者均表示她们无法接受嫁给一个叛逃者。但69%的男性受访者表示他们愿意娶一名叛逃者,据韩雪香说,这反映了朝鲜女性“温顺”的美名在外。This has led critics to accuse Eve and similar agencies of exploitation. Ms Han counters that the service can help female defectors integrate in the face of prejudice, recalling how she nervously pretended as a student to be from the north of South Korea.批评者因此指责Eve之类的机构利用脱北女性。韩雪香反驳说,她们的务可以帮助女性脱北者在面对偏见的情况下融入当地社会。她回想起自己当初如何紧张地装成一个来自韩国北部的学生。The troubles faced by North Korean defectors are an ominous sign of the challenge that Seoul will face in dealing with a greater influx, should Korea reunify. In the meantime, Ms Han adds, “we are doing our own version of unification”.脱北者面临的麻烦预示着首尔可能面临的挑战,如果朝鲜半岛真的统一,那么韩国将迎来更庞大的移民潮。与此同时,韩雪香说,“我们正在进行我们自己的统一事业”。 /201507/383868赣州市中医院做红色胎记手术多少钱

赣州妇幼保健院光子脱毛手术多少钱A funeral service is being held for a woman who has just passed away .有一场刚过世的女子的葬礼正在举行。At the end of the pall bearers are carrying the casket out到了仪式的尾声,正当抬棺材的人要将棺材抬出之际。when they accidentlly bump into a wall,jurring the casket.他们一不小心撞到了一面墙壁,摇动了棺材。They hear faint moan.他们听到了一个微弱无力的呻吟声。They open the casket and find that the woman is actually alive.他们将棺材 打开,发现到这个女子实际上还活着。She lives for ten more years,and then dies.她又活了十多年,然后就死了.A ceremony is again held at the same place,在同样的地点再次举行葬礼,and at the end of the ceremony the pall bearers are again carrying out the casket.而在葬礼的尾声, 抬棺材的人又再次要将棺材抬出去。As they are walking,正当他们在走路的时候,the husband cries out,;Watch out for that damn wall!;老公大声叫说:“小心 注意那面该死的墙壁。” /201503/361465崇义县纹眼线手术多少钱 瑞金妇幼保健人民医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱

赣州俪人医院整形美容A gorgeous woman with long wavy brown hair graces the cover of the forthcoming July issue of glossy magazine Vanity Fair. Meet Caitlyn Jenner, 65, a US Olympic athlete and TV personality formerly known as Bruce Jenner. Jenner, US reality television star Kim Kardashian’s stepmother and former stepfather, is one of the stars in reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But this was the first time she has been photographed as a woman since she came out as transgender in April.她一头棕色长卷发,性感动人,令(美国)时尚杂志《名利场》7月的封面变得熠熠夺目;她就是今年65岁的凯特琳#8226;詹纳,原名布鲁斯#8226;詹纳,美国前奥运冠军、电视名人;他还是美国真人秀(《与卡戴珊同行》)明星金#8226;卡戴珊的继父,不过现在应该称为“继母”。 自今年4月完成变性手术后,这是她首次以女性的身份参与拍摄工作。Jenner’s coming-out is a big moment in US pop culture history. As Western countries like the US have become more socially liberal, transgender people have become less marginalized. So how can you talk about transgender people and related issues without being offensive? GLAAD, a US organization aiming to improve representation of those who identify as LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender) in the media, offers guidelines.詹纳的出现是美国流行文化史上的一个重要时刻。随着美国等西方国家社会自由度的不断提高,跨性别者(变性人)越来越少受到排斥。当谈论到跨性别者或与其相关的话题时,如何表达才能不冒犯到他人?美国一家致力于为LGBT(同性恋、双性恋与跨性别者)人群发声的组织GLAAD给出了如下建议:Basic concepts基本概念Gender Identity性别认同One’s deeply held sense of one’s gender. For transgender people, their own gender identity does not match their sex. Most people have a gender identity of male or female. For some people, gender identity does not fit neatly into these two choices.性别认同指每个人对自己性别根深蒂固的认识。跨性别者即自我性别认同与生理性别不匹配。大部分人的性别认同不是男性就是女性,但也有一些人对自己的性别认同超出了男女的范围。Gender Expression性别表达External manifestations of gender expressed through one’s name, pronouns, clothing, haircut, behavior, voice, or body characteristics. Society identifies these cues as masculine and feminine. Typically, transgender people seek to make their gender expression align with their gender identity, rather than the sex they were born as.外在的性别表达包括:姓名、称呼、穿着、发型、行为举止、声音以及身体特征。而社会(性别)身份则分为男性化或女性化。而跨性别者则力图让性别表达与性别认同,而非生理性别相一致。Sexual Orientation性取向Describes a person’s enduring physical and romantic attraction to another person. Gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same. Transgender people may be straight, lesbian, gay, or bisexual. For example, a person who transits from male to female and is attracted solely to men would identify as a straight woman.性取向指一个人在情感与生理上对他人的持久的吸引。性取向与性别认同并不完全相同。跨性别者可能是异性恋、同性恋或双性恋。比如,一个人从男性变为女性,但依旧对男性情有独钟,那么她就是女性异性恋者。Transgender跨性别者An umbrella term for people whose gender identity and/or gender expression differs from what is typically associated with the sex they were born as. Some undergo medical procedures or surgery to change their bodies. But not all transgender people can or will take those steps, and a transgender identity is not dependent upon medical procedures.跨性别者是对性别认同与性别表达中至少有一项与天生生理性别不一致人群的统称。有些人通过药物或手术治疗改变生理性别,但并非所有的跨性别者都能够或愿意接受这一改变。同时,跨性别认同并不取决于是否接受变性治疗。Transgender man变性人(女变男)People who are born female but identify and live as a man may use this term to describe themselves. They may shorten it to “trans man”. Some may also use FTM, an abbreviation for female-to-male. Some may prefer to simply be called men, without any modifier. It is best to ask which term an individual prefers. The term’s exact opposite is “transgender woman” or “trans woman”. But take note that transgender women are not cross-dressers or drag queens. Drag queens are men, typically gay men, who dress like women for the purpose of entertainment. Do not use the word “transvestite” at all, unless someone specifically self-identifies that way.变性人(女变男)指生为女性,但性别认同为男性,并以男性身份生活的人们,英文也可缩写为“trans man”,或FTM(女变男)。有些人更希望人们直接称呼他们“男人”,不加任何修饰语。当然,称呼前最好询问一下他们的个人偏好。与这个词相对的则是“(男变女)变性人”,英文简称“trans woman”。不过,一定要注意将他们和“异装者”或“变装皇后”区别开。后者指为了效果,扮女装的男性(尤其是男同性恋者)。同时,也要避免使用“异装癖”这个词,除非被称呼者本人也如此认为。 /201506/380860 ;We need to draw the line on unethicalbehavior.But let#39;s draw it with an Etch-a-Sketch and don#39;t be afraid to shake it a little.;我们需要在不道德的行为上划一道线(我们需要区分不道德的行为),让我们用神奇画板来画吧,别担心有所摇晃。 /201507/384345于都县中医院做隆胸手术多少钱赣州玻尿酸丰下太阳穴




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