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这百威啤酒广告引用《破产》主题曲为背景音乐。 以下是双语文本:The loud... The savvy...The famous...喧嚣……领悟……盛名……It took all of us to taste and choose the new Budweiser Black Crown.这一切都促使我们去品味、选择新百威黑冠。Our kind of beer.我们的啤酒。A golden amber lager to match our night.足以匹配我们良宵的金琥珀色藏酒。The new, smooth and distinctive Budweiser Black Crown.这就是全新的、顺滑且与众不同的百威黑冠啤酒。 Article/201405/301093。

China Telecom said Friday that it will soon offer its customers 4G service. China Telecom is the second Chinese carrier to offer 4G service following China Mobile.周五,中国电信表示其将会很快为客户提供4G务。中国电信是继中国移动之后第二大可以提供4G务的中国通讯运营商。The 4G service will be available in many major cities and focus on data terminals in its early stages. The cheapest monthly package for data traffic will be 70 yuan for 1 gigabyte of mobile data. The highest cost will be 280 yuan for 10 gigs of mobile data. 许多主要城市都将配备4G务并在前期集中关注数据终端。最便宜的月度数据流量包将为70元/每1G移动数据。最贵的月度数据流量包将为280元/每1G移动数据China Telecom is China#39;s third largest wireless telecom carrier with about 185 million subscribers.中国电信是中国第三大无线通讯运营商,目前共有1.85亿用户。 Article/201402/276026。

If you struggle for the right words when proposing a toast, it#39;s time to discover and unleash your inner Shakespeare.如果你在婚礼上提议敬酒时纠结于合适的话语,现在是时候发掘你内在的莎士比亚般的才华了。You Will Need你需要Patience耐心Reserve保留Quote, lyric, or poem引用,抒情或诗歌Simple message简单的信息Notes便笺Glass (optional)酒杯(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Wait for your turn1.等待Wait for your turn. Custom dictates the bridal party, best man, and parents give their wedding toasts first. Use this time to collect your thoughts and relax.等着轮到你。风俗决定一般是新娘一方,伴郎和父母先发表婚礼祝词。利用这段时间来思考,放松。Limit your alcohol consumption until after your speech is done so you can think on your feet and avoid any particularly embarrassing faux pas.自己发表祝词之前先不要喝太多酒,这样才能清醒地思考,避免令人尴尬的失言。STEP 2 Find an interesting opener2.寻找有趣的开场白Use a e, lyric, or poem as your opener. Simple, profound words can focus an audience#39;s attention and get the emotions stirring.通过引用,抒情或诗歌来做开场白。简单,令人印象深刻的话语可以吸引宾客的注意力,引起人们的共鸣。STEP 3 Keep it short3.简短Keep things short, to around 2 or 3 minutes so the guests don#39;t get bored, and don#39;t pontificate on life and love. Focus your speech on the bride and groom.保持简短,大约两三分钟就可以了,这样宾客们才不会感到枯燥,不要装模作样地感概爱情和生活。讲话集中在新郎和新娘方面。If you struggle with where to put your hands, hold a glass. This will also segue into the actual toast at the end.如果你不知道双手放在哪里,可以握一只杯子。这只杯子还可以在最后用于祝酒。STEP 4 Write it down4.写下来Jot down some notes to deliver a smooth, coherent speech. Just don#39;t from a piece of paper or note cards -- make eye contact with the audience, and with the couple.草草记下一些便笺,发表连贯流畅的讲话。眼睛不要一直盯着纸张或卡片——与观众和新郎新娘保持眼神交流。STEP 5 Avoid bathroom humor5.避免低俗的幽默Avoid bathroom humor, vulgarity, or inside jokes. Just tell a story or offer words of wisdom to the happy couple on this joyous day.避免低俗的幽默,粗俗的语言或下流的玩笑。在这个喜庆的日子里,只要告诉新婚夫妇一个有意思的笑话或智慧的语言就可以了。STEP 6 End on a high note6.高调结束End on a high note by raising your glass and briefly thanking the wedding party and guests. That way, people know that you#39;re finished and that they can join in the toast. Cheers!举起酒杯,简短地感谢婚礼举办方和宾客,高调地结尾。这样人们就知道你已经结束讲话了,轮到他们来发表祝词了。干杯!The pressure inside a bottle of Champagne is between 75 and 90 pounds per square inch, about three times the pressure of a car tire.一瓶香槟内的压力介于每平方英寸75磅至90磅之间,大约是汽车轮胎内压力的三倍。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/286715。

If you’re one of the 100 million Americans with dry, itchy skin, find relief with these home remedies and lifestyle tips.如果你是拥有干痒皮肤的1亿美国人中的一人,根据以下家庭疗法和生活建议来缓解。You Will Need你需要2 eggs2个鸡蛋1 tsp. orange juice1茶匙橙汁1 tsp. olive oil, divided1茶匙橄榄油Rose water玫瑰水Lime juice酸橙汁Moisturizer润肤霜1 tsp. honey1茶匙蜂蜜Lavender oil熏衣草油1 c. powdered milk1杯奶粉1/2 tbsp. almond oil1/2汤匙扁桃仁油A humidifier1台加湿器A soft cloth (optional)软布(可选)Tea tree oil (optional)茶树油(可选)Night cream (optional)晚霜(可选)Steps步骤Step 1 Clean dry skin1.清洁干燥皮肤Make a daily skin cleanser by mixing together an egg yolk, orange juice, 1 teaspoon olive oil, and a few drops each of rose water and lime juice. Apply to your face, wait 15 minutes, rinse, and pat dry.混合一个蛋黄,橙汁,一茶匙橄榄油,几滴玫瑰水和酸橙汁。涂抹在面部,等待15分钟,清洗,擦干。Use a soft cloth to dry your skin, and avoid rubbing.使用软布来擦干皮肤,不要用力擦。Step 2 Moisturize2.保湿Moisturize immediately after your morning cleansing with a moisturizing cream. Thicker moisturizers provide a seal that keeps water from escaping.早上洁面后立即用保湿霜保湿。较浓稠的保湿霜可以形成一层保护膜,防止水分走失。Tea tree oil penetrates the skin’s cells. Add a drop to your moisturizing cream to keep your skin smooth.茶树油可以渗透皮肤细胞。向保湿霜中加入一滴茶树油可以保持皮肤光滑。Step 3 Apply a toning mask3.敷面膜Make a toning mask with the other egg, honey, a half-teaspoon olive oil, and a few drops of rose water. Apply, wait 15 minutes, rinse, and pat until the skin is damp.用蛋清,蜂蜜,半茶匙橄榄油,几滴玫瑰水制作面膜。涂抹,等待15分钟,清洗,擦干至皮肤稍微有点潮湿。Step 4 Use a night moisturizer4.使用保湿晚霜Use a thick cream moisturizer at night. Allow five minutes for absorption and then blot the excess.夜间使用比较浓稠的保湿晚霜。五分钟的时间让皮肤来吸收,然后吸掉多余的保湿霜。Apply night cream a half-hour before going to bed to prevent puffiness around the eyes.上床睡觉前半小时涂抹晚霜,防止眼睛周围水肿。Step 5 Limit bath time5.限制沐浴时间Limit bath time and use moisturizing soaps. Add lavender oil to bath water to promote moisture.限制沐浴时间,使用保湿香皂。向水中添加薰衣草油来增强保湿效果。Step 6 Take a milk bath6.牛奶浴Take a bath once a week with the powdered milk and almond oil in warm water.每周进行一次牛奶浴,向温水中加入奶粉和扁桃仁油。Step 7 Use a humidifier7.使用加湿器Use a humidifier, especially in the winter months.使用加湿器,尤其是在寒冷的冬季。Skin is your largest organ, weighing an average of eight pounds and measuring 22 square feet.皮肤是身体最大的器官,平均重量为8磅,面积为22平方英尺。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201303/230383。

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shootout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!What U.S. city is known as the city of brotherly love? If you think you know it, shout it out! 美国哪座城市被称为兄弟之爱之城?若果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it Nashville, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Flagstaff, Arizona, or Loveland, Ohio? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是田纳西的纳什维尔、宾夕法尼亚洲的费城、亚利桑那州的弗拉格斯塔夫还是俄亥俄州的洛弗兰德?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!William Penn called Philadelphia the city of brotherly love in hopes that it would be a healthy and wholesome place. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.威廉·佩恩把费城称为兄弟之爱之城,希望这座城市成为一个健康而健全的地方。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: People who know Kevin Grow say he has those Philadelphia ideals. 知道凯文·格洛的人说他是费城理想的化身。He#39;s an 18-year old student at Bensalem High School. 他是Bensalem高中的一名18岁学生。He recently signed a contract with the Philadelphia 76ers. 他最近与费城76人签约了。It#39;s a two day agreement, not two years. Two day. 这是一个两天的合同,不是两年,而是两天。But we have a feeling the thrill is going to last a lot longer for the NBA team, for Kevin and for his growing number of fans.但我们能感觉到激动的情绪会继续蔓延,不论是对于NBA球队、对于凯文还是对于他越来越多的粉丝来说。 /201402/276935。

Learn how to create a romantic atmosphere from dating expert Rachel DeAlto in this dating tips from Howcast.观看Howcast这段视频,跟随约会专家Rachel DeAlto学习约会时如何营造浪漫气氛。You guys want to know about creating a romantic atmosphere. Honestly, this really does go back to a lot of clichés. I mean,women like to be pampered, so if you want to be romantic, bring the flowers; pop open a bottle of wine.大家都想知道如何营造浪漫气氛。坦白地说,这实在已经是老生常谈了。我的意思是,女士们都喜欢被纵容和娇惯。所以,如果你想要浪漫的话,带一束花去约会,再优雅地打开一瓶葡萄酒。Make some time together special. It doesn#39;t mean that you have to spend a lot of money. It doesn#39;t mean that you have to take her somewhere specific, but it#39;s all about making an effort, and then making us feel like we are important enough to you to put some effort into it.让你们在一起的时光特别一点。这并不意味着一定要花很多钱,也不意味着你要带她去什么特别的地方,而是你要付出一点努力,让女士们觉得自己得到了足够的重视,值得你做出努力。It#39;s not that difficult, it#39;s how you act. It#39;s how you talk. Make sure that you take the time to compliment and ask about their day, pour them a glass of wine. Bring home flowers at the end of the day. It works whether you#39;re in a relationship or you#39;re just flirting.做到这一点并不困难,关键是你怎样行动,怎样说。一定要赞美她们,关怀她们是否开心,为她们倒上一杯葡萄酒。约会结束的时候,送上亲手种植的鲜花。无论是恋爱还是仅仅调情,这都是非常奏效的方法。But I#39;m thinking if you#39;re romancing, you#39;re a little past just the initial flirting stage. So, keep it alive. Put some effort into it, but it#39;s really not that hard. We#39;re pretty simple creatures. Candles are good. Oh, I forgot about candles.Candles are good. Use candles. And then you might get laid.但是我想,如果你想制造浪漫气氛的话,肯定已经超过了最初的调情阶段。所以,约会要有活力一点。付出一点努力,但其实并不困难。我们都是非常简单的生物。蜡烛是不错的选择。对了,我刚才忘记说蜡烛了。蜡烛非常不错,点燃蜡烛。你肯定可以俘获对方的芳心。视频听力译文由。 Article/201402/276688。

This could explain why large parts of the这就可以解释 为什么大多数人population have a tendency to lay down fat stores easily.都有易于储存脂肪的倾向It#39;s only very recently in这是个在人类历史上human history that this has become a problem.近期才显露的问题Now, the feast is constant.现在 食物充足才是常态You have food available every corner,我们随处都可以找到食物 very cheap, very palatable,价格不贵而且美味可口and this is really a perfect mixture综合以上情况to provide the expression of these那些基因就会表现为genes and confer obesity and weight gain to these people.人们的肥胖以及体重增加So if evolution was selecting for fatness,如果说肥胖是进化的选择the question remained as那么依然存在一个问题to what was compelling those individuals to put on the pounds.是什么在迫使着人们增加体重Scientists suddenly clocked that maybe what they should科学家忽然注意到 也许他们应该be looking at was what was关注究竟是什么driving us to eat so much - our appetite.在促使我们不断进食 即我们的食欲Proving its importance was a different matter.明它的重要性则是另外一回事But what followed was a接下来要说的complex tale of scientific detective work,是一个复杂的科学探索工作故事involving a German boy with这其中包括一个an unusual brain condition and a fat mouse.大脑与众不同的德国男孩 和一只肥老鼠The idea that there#39;s an evolutionary-based,生物渴望食物是基于进化本能biological drive to eat is clearly an interesting idea.是有生物性驱力的 这是个有趣的设想But until recently, it just remained that, just an idea.不过在不久之前 这还仅仅是一个设想Most people believed that our appetites were controlled大多数人都相信 我们的食欲是完全被entirely by willpower and voluntary action.毅力和自主行为控制着的We#39;ve discovered in the last few我们近几年才发现years that our brains are actually hard-wired to eat.我们的大脑对食物有着根深蒂固的渴望 Article/201307/246303。