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Meet Kevin.Kevin has been having some trouble with the ladies.Is it not that right Kevin?Well, as you recall from volumes 1 and 2.We have covered hygiene and attire.So, let us get Kevin up the speed. Ah, there we go.Now, we are on our way. So, let us get to today’s lesson.Dancing?Well, not exactly like that Kevin. Clearly, we have got some work to do.So, let us start from the beginning.First, let us work on getting our rhythm. We will start with the beat.Now, try move you feet in time with the rhythm, Kevin.By Joe, I think he has got it. Wowww, let us not get ahead of ourselves.Now, that we have got our rhythm down. Let us try to work into our shoulders.You are really busting the groove now, Kevin. Let us see if you can throw in some hand gestures.Do not give up now Kevin. Come on back, just try one more time.There we go! Now, that you got that down, let us move on to your face.You got to look confident when you are dancing. So, let us see it.Wow! You got that down path. Let us throw in a hat proud.Now, that you got your groove on. Wave out those lucky ladies in the room.I think you got there attention. But just in case, let us do a walk around, so anyone could see your moves.Now, let us bring it all together.Wow! What a zip. Good luck tonight with the ladies, Kevin.201001/94436164005

Seven of the 14 Chinese activists illegally detained by Japanese police for landing on one of the Diaoyu islands have arrived in Hong Kong. The other seven have boarded the vessel Kai Fung No 2, and are expected to arrive in Hong Kong Saturday morning.继日前14名中国保钓人士成功登上钓鱼岛并被日方非法扣留后,其中7名已经安全抵达香港。其余7名也已登上启丰2号舰船并有望于周六上午抵达香港。At around 8pm local time Friday, seven detained Chinese activists arrived at Hong Kong International Airport after an hour’s flight from Naha airport in southwest Japan.当地时间周五下午约8点,7名被扣中国保钓人士在日本西南部那霸市乘坐飞机并于一小时后抵达香港国际机场。Meanwhile, the trip back for the other seven detained Chinese began on Kai Fung No. 2, after they fixed the damage caused by Japanese water cannons. They are due to arrive in Hong Kong Saturday morning.同时,其余7名被扣人员在整修好被日方水炮毁坏的启丰2号后乘坐该舰船返航。预计,将于周六上午抵达香港。On August 12th, the boat carrying activists from Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen, set off from Hong Kong, arriving at the Diaoyu Islands on Wednesday.8月12日,启丰2号载乘来自香港,以及深圳的保钓人士由香港出发并于周三抵达钓鱼岛。Several Japanese warships were waiting for them in the area and one used water cannons against the vessel.7艘日本战舰已等候在那里,其中一艘使用水炮对我船舰进行阻挠。Undeterred, the activists landed and planted Chinese national flags on the island.坚强不屈的保钓人士冲破阻挠成功登上钓鱼岛并在岛上插下中国国旗。Soon after, all 14 activists were arrested by Japanese police.不久,14名保钓人士全部被日方逮捕。China lodged solemn representations to the Japanese side, demanding the unconditional and immediate release of the Chinese nationals.中国已经严正向日方表明我方态度,要求日方立即无条件释放我国公民。201208/196910

Are you a little sensitive? The chemicals in commercial shaving creams and lotions may dry out and irritate your skin.Imagine the money you would save if you didnt have to buy shaving cream or lotion. Follow these easy steps to find out how to make and use an all-natural and organic shaving lotion from olive oil.你的皮肤是否有一点敏感?商业化的剃须膏和润肤露中的化学品可能会变干并刺激皮肤。想象一下,如果你不买剃须膏或润肤露可以省多少钱。遵循以下简单的方法,学习怎样用橄榄油制作全天然有机剃须膏。Step 1: You will need1.你需要Extra virgin olive oil,A razor特级初榨橄榄油,剃刀Step 2: Choose Your Oil2.选择橄榄油Olive oil contains Vitamin I and is a natural antioxidant so its great for your skin. The best choice for shaving is extra virgin olive oil. You should avoid pure and light olive oil as they have been chemically processed.橄榄油中含有维他命I,是天然的抗氧化剂,因此对皮肤非常好。用于剃须最好的选择是特级初榨橄榄油。不要使用纯净轻质的橄榄油,因为这些橄榄油是经过化学加工的。Step 3: A Little Goes A Long Way3.用量很少Pour out a little olive oil into your hands and rub into your skin. In addition to being a great energizer for your skin,olive oil is a great lubricant and will protect your skin from nicks and cuts while you shave. Since the oil is naturallymoisturizing your skin, you wont need to apply any aftershave lotion when youre finished shaving.向手里倒一点橄榄油,擦在皮肤上。除了可以催化皮肤之外,橄榄油还是良好的润滑剂,剃须的时候可以保护皮肤免于刮伤。由于橄榄油对皮肤有天然的保湿作用,剃须之后不需要再涂抹须后水。Step 4: Dont Get Rusty4.防止生锈Once youre finished shaving, you can help preserve the life of your razor and prevent it from rusting easily by dipping it into olive oil. The oil will lubricate the metal and naturally protect the surface. Done.剃须之后,你可以将剃须刀浸入橄榄油中,延长剃须刀的寿命,并防止生锈。橄榄油可以润滑刀片,保护剃须刀表面。Step 5: Done.5.完成。Thanks for watching How To Shave With Olive Oil.感谢收看“怎样用橄榄油代替剃须膏”视频节目。201212/214700

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