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Very little connected to Margaret Thatcher#39;s legacy comes without an argument.撒切尔夫人过世,对于她给英国人民留下的宝贵遗产总是争议很大。The claim by the bishop of London in his funeral address that the former scientist was ;part of the team that invented Mr Whippy ice-cream; is no exception.而伦敦主教在其葬礼悼词中关于撒切尔夫人是“发明甜筒冰淇淋的团队成员”的说法,也毫不例外引起了争议。撒切尔夫人在从政前从事科学研究的工作。The New Scientist reported in July 1983, as Thatcher was elected a fellow of the Royal Society body of scientists, that she had worked ;developing emulsifiers for ice-creams for Joe Lyons from 1949-51;.《新科学家》杂志于1983年7月报道称,撒切尔夫人当选为英国皇家学会的成员,而且她曾“于1949年至1951年前,为乔利昂工作开发冰激凌中的乳化剂”。The Washington Post, in the wake of her death last week, claimed she ;helped invent ice-cream as we know it;, adding that her efforts as part of the Lyons team to create a cheap, airy ice-cream were ;one aspect of Margaret Thatcher#39;s legacy we can all feel unequivocally good about;.在上周撒切尔夫人离世后,《华盛顿邮报》声称她“帮助发明我们知道的冰淇淋”,补充说到她为了里昂团队制作便宜轻便的冰淇淋所做出的努力,是“我们确切知道的玛格丽特-撒切尔遗产的一部分”。It is, though, as the New Yorker has it, a ;frozen-dessert origin myth;.不过《纽约客》称这个关于“冰冻甜点的起源”的说法完全是虚构的。Mr-Whippy-style soft-serve ice-cream originated in the US about a decade before Thatcher worked at J Lyons, it reports. When soft-serve arrived in the UK, J Lyons was indeed at the forefront – but it had teamed up with the US ice-cream behemoth Mister Softee and operated franchises under that name.根据《纽约客》的报道,早在撒切尔夫人投身乔利昂团队的10年前,Mr Whippy 式软冰淇淋就已经在美国诞生了,不过而乔利昂确实将软冰淇淋引入英国——该团队与美国冰淇淋巨头Mister Softee 合作,并获得其特许经营权。Thatcher was a food research scientist at J Lyons but, as a Royal Society article noted in May 2011, the details of her work there are sketchy. She reportedly worked on the quality of cake and pie fillings as well as ice-cream, and researched saponification (soap-making).皇家学会于2011年5月发布文章指出,撒切尔夫人是乔利昂的食品研究科学家,但文中对她的工作的描写却非常粗浅。据称,她主要从事于改进蛋糕质量、饼馅和冰淇淋,以及皂化反应(制皂)的工作。The article reports: ;An oft-told anecdote in British left circles associates Thatcher with the invention of soft ice-cream, which added air, lowered quality and raised profits. Lyons certainly worked on this new product, but there is no firm evidence that Thatcher directly assisted in its invention.;那篇文章称:“英国左翼势力将撒切尔夫人与软冰淇淋发明联系在一起。软冰淇淋中添加了空气、降低了品质而且提升了利润。里昂确实从事于这个项目的工作,但是没有确凿据表明撒切尔夫人直接参与了发明。” /201305/237626

Google has brought out the list of the most searched topics in its search engine this year.谷歌发布了今年用户搜索最多的热门榜单。According to the search engine, Euro 2012 beat Olympics tickets as the top internet search of the year in the UK, the Sun reported.据《太阳报》报道,根据这一搜索引擎,2012欧洲杯打败了奥运门票,成为今年英国最热门的网络搜索关键词。The company#39;s stats also show that pop diva Whitney Houston#39;s death in February attracted more interest than Kate.谷歌的数据还显示,著名流行歌坛天后惠特尼#8226;休斯顿今年二月份去世的消息吸引最多网民关注,风头盖过了凯特王妃。#39;Gangnam Style#39; beat #39;Call Me Maybe#39; as the most trending pop song and #39;Skyfall#39; topped #39;Prometheus#39; as the most enquired about film.《江南Style》击败《Call Me Maybe》成为最受热捧的流行歌曲,而《007:天降杀机》战胜了《普罗米修斯》成为最多人查询的电影。Rio - home to the 2016 Olympics and a host city for the 2014 football World Cup - beat Greece as the most searched-for destination.2016年奥运会和2014年足球世界杯主办城市里约打败了希腊,成为搜索次数最多的旅游目的地。Google#39;s UK results are split into trending searches and most searched.谷歌英国的搜索结果分为热门趋势搜索榜和搜索次数排行榜。Justin Bieber#39;s split from Selena Gomez was the most enquired-about relationship bust-up while Victoria Pendleton beat Georgia Salpa as the most searched-for participant in a reality television show.感情破裂搜索排行居首的是贾斯汀#8226;比伯和赛琳娜#8226;戈麦斯分手的消息,此外维多利亚#8226;彭德尔顿打败了乔治亚#8226;索帕,成为搜索次数最多的真人秀选手。Sport dominated the trending searches, with Euro 2012 and Olympic tickets showing the biggest rises in interest ahead of Houston and the Duchess of Cambridge.体育在热门趋势搜索排行中占据了优势地位,对2012欧洲杯和奥运门票感兴趣的人最多,排名超过了休斯顿和凯特王妃。But the duo topped the trending celebrities section followed by #39;X Factor#39; judges Gary Barlow and Tulisa.但是在名人搜索榜上,休斯顿和凯特王妃排在最前,紧随其后的是真人秀节目《X Factor》的评委盖瑞#8226;巴洛和杜莉莎。Andy Murray#39;s US Open victory and Olympic gold medal helped him to become the most searched-for British Olympian.安迪#8226;穆雷在美国男子网球公开赛中取得的胜利和奥运夺冠使他成为搜索次数最多的英国奥运会选手。Usain Bolt was the most searched-for non-UK Olympian.尤塞恩#8226;尔特是搜索次数最多的非英国籍奥运会选手。TV soaps regularly top the TV ratings but the highest trending show of 2012 was the B kids#39; show #39;Mike The Knight#39; that beat US terror drama #39;Homeland#39; and #39;Towie.#39;肥皂剧通常都在电视收视排行榜上位居前列,但2012最流行的电视节目是英国广播电台儿童节目《麦克小骑士》,它打败了美国惊悚电视剧《国土安全》和真人秀节目《Towie》。 /201212/214468

A four-year investigation into the possible manipulation of the silver market is likely to be dropped after US regulators failed to find enough evidence to support a legal case, according to three people familiar with the situation. 据3名知情人士称,美国可能结束为期4年的针对白银市场可能存在操纵行为的调查,因为美国监管机构未能发现足够多的据,无法提起诉讼。 The Commodity Futures Trading Commission announced in September 2008 that it was investigating ;complaints of misconduct in the silver market;, following a barrage of allegations of manipulation from some precious metals investors. 2008年9月,美国商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)宣布,正就;白银市场存在不当行为的指控;展开调查,此前,一些贵金属投资者提出了大量操纵指控。 In 2010, Bart Chilton, a CFTC commissioner, said that he believed there had been ;fraudulent efforts; to ;deviously control; the silver price. 2010年,CFTC的一名委员巴特#8226;切尔顿(Bart Chilton)表示,他认为,市场上存在以;欺诈;手段;不正当控制;白银价格的;做法;。 But after taking advice from two external consultancies, the first of which found irregularities on certain trading dates that it believed deserved more analysis, CFTC staff do not have sufficient evidence to bring a case, according to the people familiar with the situation. 但知情人士称,在听取两名外部顾问的建议后,CFTC的工作人员没有找到足够多的据提起诉讼。其中一名顾问发现了某些交易日期的反常,CFTC认为,对于这一问题需要进行更多的分析。 The agency#39;s five commissioners have not yet formally determined the outcome of the investigation, leaving open the possibility that staff could be instructed to dig deeper. CFTC的5名委员尚未正式确定调查结果,因此该机构也有可能会指示其工作人员展开更深入调查。 The CFTC said: ;The investigation has not reached its conclusion;. It declined to comment further. CFTC表示:;调查尚未做出结论;。CFTC拒绝进一步置评。 Ending the probe would infuriate some US silver investors, who claim that a group of large investment banks – in particular, JPMorgan – has conspired to drive the price of silver lower. 结束调查将激怒美国一些白银投资者,他们声称,一些大型投行——尤其是根大通(JPMorgan)——共谋推低白银价格。 ;I#39;m sure it will be met with some concern from a certain group of aggressive silver speculators,; said one person familiar with the investigation. 一名了解此次调查的人士表示:;这样的结果肯定会激起某些激进白银投机者的担忧。; In a recent blog post, Ted Butler, a newsletter publisher and unofficial champion for the silver investors, accused the CFTC of being ;negligent in failing to terminate the obvious manipulation ongoing in silver;. 在最近一篇客中,时事通讯发布者、白银投资者的非官方持者泰德#8226;巴特勒(Ted Butler)指责CFTC;玩忽职守,未能终止白银市场持续存在的显而易见的操纵行为;。 The CFTC has analysed more than 100,000 documents and interviewed dozens of witnesses since it began its investigations, it said last year. CFTC去年表示,自调查开始以来,该机构对10万多份文件进行了分析,并采访了多名人。The people familiar with the situation said the evidence included records from JPMorgan. 知情人士表示,据包括来自根大通的记录。 /201208/193840

Three-quarters of a million tourists flock to the pristine, white beaches every year - but this booming industry has come at a price. When the influx of foreigners left the government struggling to cope with a relentless stream of rubbish, their answer was to turn one of this islands into a dumping ground.每年,全球有75万名游客来到纯净的马尔代夫海滩,但繁荣的旅游业也让当地付出了代价。大量外国游客持续遗留下的垃圾令当地政府疲于应对,不得不将一座岛屿变成垃圾场。Clouds ofpungent, toxic smoke rising from open fires, piles of filth made up of plastic bottles, crisp packets and consumer detritus... it#39;sa far cry fromthe white sands, crystal-clear waters and gently swaying palm trees that we associate with the Maldives, the quintessential paradise island holiday destination set in the Indian Ocean.焚烧垃圾产生的气体刺鼻有毒,塑料瓶、包装纸、游客丢弃的杂物堆积成山,这与白色沙滩、清澈透明的海水以及摇曳的棕榈树等我们对马尔代夫的印象格格不入。这座经典的度假胜地“天堂岛”座落在印度洋。Of its 200 inhabited islands, which are sp across an area of 35,000 square miles, 99 are dedicated resorts.马尔代夫有人居住的200座岛屿分布在3.5万平方英里的海洋上,其中99座已专门开发成度假胜地。Three-quarters of a million tourists visit every year – more than double the domestic population. Of these, over 100,000 travel from the UK.每年有75万人来马尔代夫旅游,是当地人口的两倍多。这其中有超过10万名游客来自英国。The capital, Malé, is four times more densely populated than London. Given these facts, it#39;s hardly surprising that the Maldives has a waste disposal problem.马尔代夫首都马累的人口密度是伦敦的4倍。因此马尔代夫的垃圾处理难题就不足为奇了。What you are seeing here is a view of the Maldives on which no honeymooners will ever clap eyes.你在这里看到的,是去马尔代夫度蜜月的情侣们绝不会看到的情景。Four miles west of Malé is the country#39;s dumping ground, Thilafushi – or Rubbish Island as it has simply become known.斯拉夫士岛在马累西部四英里,这里是马尔代夫的垃圾倾倒场,简单说也就是人们所说的“垃圾岛”。The country dumps upwards of 330 tons of rubbish on the island every day, a figure attributed largely to the tourist industry on which the chain of atolls relies. Each visitor generates 3.5kg of waste per day.马尔代夫每天在该岛上倾倒超过330吨垃圾,垃圾成山大部分原因是岛国马尔代夫依赖旅游产业。每位游客每天产生3.5公斤垃圾。Now, the government of the Maldives has belatedly banned the dumping of waste on the island, due largely to an increase in the number of waste boats #39;fly-tipping#39; directly into the sea, fed up with waiting seven hours or more to offload their cargo. The freighters are now ferrying debris to India instead.如今,马尔代夫政府已经禁止再向该岛倾倒垃圾,这主要是因为越来越多的垃圾船不愿等待7个小时甚至更久的时间卸货,而直接向海里“违法倾倒”。现在,垃圾船改为将垃圾运往印度。 /201206/188437

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