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Egyptian Billionaire Wants To Buy Island Refugees埃及亿万富翁打算买岛安置难民A wealthy Egyptian has offered to buy an uninhabited Mediterranean island to provide refuge hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Naguib Sawiris says if Italy or Greece will sell him an island, he will take care of the logistics. He says he will build shelters, schools, and a hospital, and will find a way the people to have jobs. The billionaire has asked the media to help sp the word so that he can convince politicians in Greece and Italy that this is a serious proposal.为了向数十万名叙利亚难民提供避难所,一位埃及富翁希望购下地中海的一处无人岛纳吉布·萨维里斯称,不管是意大利还是希腊,他们若想卖岛给我,我将提供后勤保障他称他将建造避难所、学校、医院,并帮助人们获得工作机会这名亿万富翁还希望媒体帮他传递信息,这样就会让希腊和意大利的政界人士认为这是一份认真的提议译文属原创,,不得转载 39781

entertain招待Room TemperatureTo entertain a business partner from Calinia last winter, I took him to a restaurant in Boston. We ordered red wine, which arrived icy cold, seemingly straight from the refrigerator. “Oh, miss,” my guest said to the waitress. “Red wine should be served at room temperature.” “Is that right?” she replied. “Then maybe you should come visit us again in July.”七月再来去年冬天,为了招待我来自加州的生意伙伴,我带他到波士顿的一家餐馆吃饭我们点了红葡萄酒拿来的时候凉飕飕的,就像刚从冰箱里拿出来的我的客人对女务员说:“,红葡萄酒应该是室温饮用”她回答说:“是吗?那你或许应该七月份再来”1.entertain招待也可以指“抱有”:They entertained a firm belief in final victory.他们对最后胜利抱有坚定信心 .order点菜on the order of相似: a house on the order of a mountain lodge 一所像山上小屋的房子3.guest客人be my guest请自便 .temperature温度也有“高烧”的意思: He has a temperature two days.他发烧两天了 6

  American cities:Nashville, Grand Ole Opry; school fund-raisers, to hold on to your hat, to be put inside, a blow-by-blow Words:Hall of Fameto be inducted intodialectfund-raiserfundsraffleto grow wearyto do away withto get rid ofburdensometo hold on to your hatto be put insideblow-by-blow to punch 31997


  Ask an American-Saving the oldest photograph; law versus rule versus policy; to stem from versus to be derived from; bring it on; infomercial; hawking; exercise fadWords:studioto show (something) offluminousthree-dimensionalnanopto scatternanotechnologyunwittinglydegradationto corrodechemical mechanismto preservelawrulepolicyto stem fromto be derived frombring it oninfomercialto hawkexercise fad 3

  volunteer自动提供,strip拆卸,exterior外部,chip away拆掉They’ll Leave the Key YouGeorge, my husband, volunteered to strip the bricks from the exterior of my parents’ house. One morning he was out front chipping away when a man came by looking my father. “He’s not here,” George said. The man thanked him, watched him remove a few more bricks and said, “I’ll bet next time they’ll leave the key you.” 会留钥匙给你的我的丈夫乔治自告奋勇地要帮我的父母亲拆除房子外面的砖块一天上午他正在前面拆砖的时候,有一个男子来看我父亲乔治说:“他不在家”那男子谢了他,又看他拆了几块砖,然后说:“我想下一次他们会把钥匙留给你的”1. volunteer自动提供 My friend volunteered an interesting piece of news. 我的朋友自动说了一则有趣的消息 .strip拆卸也有“剥夺”的意思:The house was stripped bare.屋子被洗劫一空3. exterior外部;外表 You mustn't judge people by their exteriors.你不能以貌取人 .chip away拆掉也可以指“敲下碎片”: He was chipping away at the rock with a hammer.他在用铁锤把那块岩石一小块一小块地敲下来5.brick砖块也有“可靠的朋友”的意思6.remove移走也有“开除”的意思: They removed him from his position.他们撤销了他的职务 86A Second Job第二份工作;We are running out of money,; Dad said. ;I must find another job.; Mom was a teacher. Dad was a teacher. They had four children. The baby had a rare disease. She was always sick. They had to take her to the doctor often. The doctor was expensive. But he took good care of the baby. He said she would be healthy in a few years. But Dad owed the doctor a lot of money. He looked in the paper another job. He asked his friends about another job. Finally he found another job. He became a taxi driver. After he taught school, he ate dinner. Then he went to the taxi company. He drove the taxi to the airport. He picked up people at the airport. He dropped off people at the airport. Some people gave him big tips. Some people gave him small tips. Some people gave him no tips. He drove the taxi eight hours. Then he went home. He was tired. He went straight to sleep. Every night he had a dream. Every night it was the same dream. Every night he dreamed about money. Every night the money was on fire.“我们快没有钱了,”爸爸说“我必须得去找份工作”妈妈是位老师爸爸是位老师他们有四个孩子有一个婴儿有罕见的疾病她总是会生病他们必须经常带她去看医生看医生很贵但是他很照顾这个婴儿他说她几年以后就会很健康但是爸爸欠医生很多钱他在报纸上想找另一份工作他问他的朋友们想找另一份工作最终他找到了另一份工作他成了一位出租车司机他在学校上完课以后,回家吃晚饭然后他就去那家出租车公司他把出租车开到机场他去接机场里的人他把人们带到机场有些人给他很多小费有些人只给他一点小费有些人不给他小费他开八个小时的出租车然后他就回家了他很累他直接睡觉了每天晚上他都做梦每天晚上都是同样的梦每天晚上他都梦到钱每天晚上他都梦到钱着火了译文属原创,,不得转载 671Electric car capital Kathmandu, Nepal, has one of the highest per-capita rates of electric vehicles in the worldAmid all the tradition and history of Katmandu, a profound change is in the air. In fact, it might literally clear the air, reducing the choking pollution which has blighted this congested valley. The streets of the capital are gradually being taken over by these new electric vehicles, or EVs. Known locally as safa tempos, they are clean, green and have become increasingly popular especially since heavy-polluting Vikram Tempo rickshaws were outlawed in 1999. Nepal is aly well ahead of the curve, it seems, on adopting electric vehicles.This is one of two companies producing EVs on a small scale. Shree Eco Visionary is churning out five to ten vehicles a month and the waiting list is aly eight weeks.In comparison to the fossil fuel vehicle, electric vehicle are much cheaper. The fossil fuel vehicles cost cents per kilometer, whereas an electric vehicle is 7 cents per kilometer.With oil going ever higher, that cost saving is likely to get even bigger. Sachendra shows me how each vehicle runs on car batteries, six up front, and six at the back. Charging is no problem. These vehicles are very easy to charge. We just have to take the cord, and just plug it into our normal household -amp socket. And this vehicle is with onboard charger, which is very efficient, and charges from seven to eight hours. But if the driver is in a hurry to recharge, they can go to one of 3 power stations and simply swap out the batteries fresh ones in a matter of minutes.Dan Rivers, CNN, Katmandu, Nepal. ---------------------blight——To have a deleterious effect onrickshaw——黄包车, 人力车churn out——艰苦地做出 0

  Dan: Hello, I’m Dan. I’m here to fix your heating system.丹:你好,我叫丹我来为您修理制热设备Janice: Oh, when I put in the service call, I didn’t expect a repairperson to come out the same day.贾尼斯:哦,我拨打电话的时候,没想到修理员当天就到了Dan: I just finished another repair in the neighborhood and the company told me to come by. How long has it been on the fritz?丹:我刚刚完成附近的修理工作,公司就派我过来看看这样的故障多久了?Janice: Well, the boiler hasn’t worked two months. We used it to heat the basement.贾尼斯:锅炉坏了有两个月了我们用这个给地下室供暖Dan: But you just called repairs today.丹:可是你今天才叫人来修理Janice: I didn’t call about the boiler. I called about our radiators. The radiators heat the original part of the house. But we’re also having problems with the furnace our central heating system, which heats the extension.贾尼斯:我打电话不是为了修理锅炉我想要修理散热器散热器负责为房子的部分房间供暖但是为分提供热能的集中供暖系统的锅炉也出现了问题Dan: You mean you have two different heating systems in one house?丹:你是说这件房子有两处不同的供热系统?Janice: It’s an old house. Each system was installed at a different time.贾尼斯:这是一栋老式住宅每个供暖系统都是在不同的时期安装的Dan: So you could have problems with more than one thermostat, heating element, fan, or set of ductwork.丹:所以你家里不止一台恒温器故障,加热装置,风扇和管道系统都出现了问题Janice: I know that we should install one system the whole house, but that would be expensive.贾尼斯:我知道房子应该安装一处供热系统,但是那样的话价格太高了Dan: More expensive than fixing two separate systems?丹:难道能比修理两个不同的供暖系统的费用还高吗?Janice: Is this going to cost a lot?贾尼斯:这种修理费用很高吗?Dan: I’m afraid so.丹:恐怕是这样的Janice: Well, we can’t afd expensive repairs. I guess we’ll have to use these.贾尼斯:这么高的维修费用我们负担不了我想我们还是用这些吧Dan: What are those?丹:这些是什么?Janice: Space heaters.贾尼斯:小型暖炉译文属 958



  Chris:Isnt this fun?Jade:I have no idea what Im doing.Chris:Just follow the foot movements. Brush left, brush right...yeah! That it!Jade:Whoa! Were changing partners now? Where do I go?Chris:Let the men take the lead!Jade:Whoa! [Jade makes a wrong move and dancers trip over her] Oh, no!Chris:Oops!参考译文:克里斯:这很好玩吧?小 玉:我完全不知道我在跳啥克里斯:只要跟着脚步移动左滑步,右滑步……对了!就是这样!小 玉:哇!我们现在要换舞伴了吗?我要往哪边走?克里斯:让男生带!小 玉:哇!(小玉跳错步伐,把舞者绊倒了)喔,糟了!克里斯:糟糕!重点词汇:movement (n.)动作A lot of movements in this dance remind me of the Tango.这种舞的许多动作,都让我联想到探戈brush (v.)掠过,拂过这里是指跳舞时脚轻轻擦滑过地面When you learn to tap dance, youll learn how to brush your feet gracefully.当你学踢踏舞,你就会明白该如何优雅地擦步change partners交换舞伴When you square dance, you change partners easily.当你跳方块舞,你可以轻易地交换舞伴take the lead带领,领导When Im dancing, I like to take the lead.当跳舞时,我喜欢当个带舞的人trip (v.)绊倒trip over 就是「被(某物、某人)绊倒」A: How did you fall down?你怎么跌倒的?B: I tripped over someone bag!我被别人的背包绊倒了! 573

  The best time of my life一生中最美好的时光It was June , and in two days I would be turning thirty.那天是6月日,再过两天我就要30岁了I was insecure about entering a new decade of my life and feared that my best years were now behind me.要进入生命中又一个新的十年,我对此感到忐忑不安,担心自己最美好的岁月已经离我远去了My daily routine included going to the gym a workout bee going to work.我每日上班前都去体育馆锻炼一阵Every morning I would see my friend Nicholas at the gym. He was seventy-nine years old and in terrific shape.每天早上我都会在体育馆见到我的朋友尼古拉斯他79岁,身材棒极了As I greeted Nicholas on this particular day, he noticed I wasnt full of my usual vitality and asked if there was anything wrong.那天我跟他打招呼时,他注意到我不象往常那样充满活力,便问我有什么不对劲I told him I was feeling anxious about turning thirty.我告诉他自己就要30岁了,心里很担忧I wondered how I would look back on my life once I reached Nicholas age,so I asked him, What was the best time of your life?不知道我要是到了尼古拉斯的岁数会怎么回顾自己的一生,于是我问他:你一生中最美好的时光是在什么时候?Without hesitation, Nicholas replied, Well, Joe, this is my philosophical answer to your philosophical question.尼古拉斯毫不迟疑地答道:好吧,乔,以下就是我对于你那富有哲理的问题所作出的富有哲理的回答When I was a child in Austria and everything was taken care of me and I was nurtured by my parents, that was the best time of my life.小时候我在奥地利,一切都被照顾得好好的,我在父母的抚育下成长,那是我一生中最美好的时光When I was going to school and learning the things I know today, that was the best time of my life.上学的时候我学着至今都不忘记的知识,那是我一生中最美好的时光When I got my first job and had responsibilities and got paid my efts, that was the best time of my life.当我找到第一份工作,承担了工作中的职责并且为自己的努力获得报酬时,那是我一生中最美好的时光When I met my wife and fell in love, that was the best time of my life.当我遇到我的妻子并坠入爱河时,那是我一生中最美好的时光The Second World War came, and my wife and I had to flee Austria to save our lives.二次大战来临,妻子和我为活命不得不逃离奥地利When we were together and safe on a ship bound North America, that was the best time of my life.当我们一起安安全全地坐上驶往北美洲的轮船时,那是我一生中最美好的时光When we came to Canada and started a family, that was the best time of my life.当我们来到加拿大建立了家庭时,那是一生中最美好的时光When I was a young father, watching my children grow up, that was the best time of my life.当我成了一位年轻的父亲,看着自己的孩子一点点地长大时,那是我一生中最美好的时光And now, Joe, I am seventy-nine years old. I have my health, I feel good and I am in love with my wife just as I was when we first met.而现在,乔,我79岁了我身体健康,感觉很好,而且还和初次相遇时一样爱我的妻子This is the best time of my life.这是我一生中最美好的时光 697

  James walks by an hour laterJames:You know that this afternoon meeting is cancelled, right?Jess: Why am I always the last to know these things?James:I sent out a notice. Youve stopped checking your e-mail?Jess: No, but Bean did send me like a hundred wards today. My mailbox must have been overflowing.James:How obnoxious! I heard he was sending you dirty jokes.Jess: He not only sent me nasty e-mail, but he so bored, he even asked me to search the Net even more wards him!参考译文:詹姆士一小时后走来詹姆士:你知道今天下午的会议取消了吧?洁 丝:为什么我总是最后一个知道这些事情的人?詹姆士:我寄了一个通知你不检查电子邮件了吗?洁 丝:没有啊,不过炳今天转寄了大概一百封信给我我的信箱一定爆掉了詹姆士:真是讨人厌!我听说他还寄黄色笑话给你洁 丝:他不只寄恶心的电子邮件给我,而且还超无聊的,他甚至要我上网找更多的转寄信给他重点词汇:overflow (v.)多得无法容纳Trash in Taipei often overflows into city streets.台北的垃圾常常满到路边都是obnoxious (a.)讨厌的,可憎的My little brother voice is really obnoxious.我小弟的声音真的很难听nasty (a.)令人作呕的,使人难受的Dont be nasty to your mother!别对你妈这么坏! 369

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