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雅虎新闻的一篇报道说,美国岁女孩把正在充电的手机放在了枕头下面,熟睡中闻到了烧焦的味道.Yahoo.com: Charging our devices as we sleep feels like a harmless routine. one young Samsung smartphone owner, however, that habit almost turned heated.Last week, a -year-old North Texas girl plugged her Samsung Galaxy S in its nightly juice-up bee hitting the sack, only to be awoken by the smell of something burning hours later.When she got up and searched around the source of the stench, she realized that she had wedged her charging phone under her pillow.And not only was the backside of the pillow scorched, but the phone was fried into an unrecognizable slab of plastic and melted components. The event left the family a bit surprised.The girl father said they have a reasonable expectation that the products they buy are going to be safe. He told local media that he suspects the phone overheated, causing the battery to swell and start a fire. 3670银川做眉毛多少钱简阳水光美白祛斑提升紧致讲解Today key word is ManbunManbun m-a-n-b-u-n男士发髻 男生丸子头bun是指圆形的小面包或圆发髻;A manbun is a type of long hairstyle that involves the tying of one’s hair into a single bun to be placed upon the crown area of the head.Here is an example:If a man looks good in man bun, he must be a handsome guy!如果一个男生梳发髻好看,那他一定是一个帅哥!What do you think? Bun is traditionally a hairstyle ladies. But man bunhas become popular since . Lots of male celebrities and models like this kind of style.Man bun makes them cooler!其实这个发型说的文艺是男士发髻, 一般来讲就是个小啾啾~男士小啾啾开始流行以后,足球王子贝克汉姆,精灵王子奥兰多布鲁姆等好多颜值超高的明星都尝试过Some people think it will make a guy looks like a girl. But actually it is not!You can have manbun and still be a macho. Look at Beckham, he was still insanely awesome with manbun.I am not saying every guy should do a man bun, but if you really want to, here are 3 ways to do it properly.First of all, you must have long hair and take care of it properly.By doing this, guys! you will finally know how difficult to be a girl.And you also need to choose the right hair products like styling cream or oils.Finally, pull the hair straight back, at level that about even with your eyes, fold it over in half, and put an hair tie over the folded part.Do not tie the bun near the shoulders, it will makes you look like a girl!一句话,想要留发髻的男童鞋们一定要不怕麻烦才行But 也不是所有人都能Hold住这个发型滴这个发型对气质还是有很大的考验的So 你身边有留manbun的人吗?男童鞋们,你们想不想试试这个发型呢?留言告诉我们吧,Talk to you next time. 93成都画眉毛教程

广汉市专业绣眉哪家好四川韩式半永久化妆绣眉Packaging a Person人的包装A person, like a commodity, needs packaging. But going too far is absolutely undesirable. A little exaggeration, however, does no harm when it shows the person unique qualities to their advantages. To show personal attractiveness in a casual and natural way, it is important one to have a clear knowledge of oneself. A skilled packager knows how to add art to nature without any signs of embellishment, so that the person so packaged is not a commodity but a human being, lively and lovely.人如商品需要包装,但切忌包装过头稍许夸张包装,只要展示了个性的独特品质,并无害处要在随意与自然中表现人的个性美,重要的是认识自己包装的高手在于懂得如何不留痕迹,将外在的修饰与内在的特性浑然一体,这时你不再是商品,而是充实生动的人A young person, especially a female, shining with beauty and full of life, has all the favor granted by God. Any attempt to make up would be self-defeating. Youth, however, comes and goes in a flash. Packaging the middle-aged is primarily to hide the marks made by years. If you still enjoy life enough to keep self-confidence and work at pioneering work you are unique in your natural qualities; and your attractiveness and grace will remain. Elderly people are beautiful if their river of life has been through plains mountains and jungles, running its course as it should. You have really lived your life, which now arrives at a self-satisfied stage of quietness and calmness with no interest in fame or wealth. There is no need to make use of hair dyeing. The snow-capped mountain is itself a beautiful scene of fairyland. Let your looks change from young to old in step with the natural ageing process so as to keep in harmony with nature, harmony itself is beauty, while the other way round will only end in unpleasantness. To be in the elder company is like ing a thick book of deluxe edition that attracts one so much as to be unwilling to part with.青年特别是女性拥有美丽和充盈的生命力而光照人,这是上帝赐予的神采,任何涂抹都是多余的败笔然而青春在打个盹的时间里就过去中年的包装主要是修复岁月的磨痕,如果中年的生命生气勃勃,保有自信,积极开拓,你将拥有无与伦比的内在气度,你依然魅力散发于是老年人,在你真正生活之后,如果你生命的河流沿着生命的指引的轨道流过了平原高山和丛林,那么你是美的这种呈现出安详与淡泊不必要去染白发,老人的白发像高山积雪,有中仙境之美人该年轻时就年轻,该年老是就年老,这是自然同步,这是自然和谐统一和谐就是美,反之就是丑和老年人在一起就像读一本厚厚的精装书,魅力无穷,令人爱不释手As long as one finds where one stands, one knows how to package oneself, just as a commodity sets up its brand by the right packaging.人只要真正找到了自己,就找到了品牌就找到了恰当的包装 36锦华是一名英语老师,来自一所“藏汉融合”的学校-西安市浐灞一中在春节来临之际,锦华邀请她的两位学生旦增桑姆,丁增美朵为你献上这期“为你读英语美文”,她们都来自离天最近的地方-西藏来自拉萨的旦增桑姆为大家带来一篇演讲,酷爱歌舞的丁增美朵为大家带来一首歌曲,希望你能感受到这份来自那片净土的温暖My name is Tenzinsangmo. The title of my speech is cherishing food and refusing to waste food.大家好!我是一名藏族女孩,叫旦增桑姆今天想以一个演讲的形式唤起大家对粮食的珍惜每一天,我们是这样过来的.There is rice, vegetables, and soup. We have enough food in our breakfast, lunch and supper everyday. Maybe you still complain. To complain that the meal is not good enough; To complain that you like the food doesnt appear in your bowl. To complain that you have to eat vegetables you dont like.现在,也许有人会说,我们早已远离食不果腹的年代吃饱饭,吃好饭,已经成为司空见惯的事情,还有谁会在意粮食的由来,还有谁会在意随意丢弃的粮食呢?然而,现实情况令人堪忧一方面,全世界人口与日俱增,粮食供应日益紧张,全世界还有很多地方与我国一些偏远贫困地区一样,人民生活水平极其低下,连最基本的温饱问题都尚未解决;另一方面,浪费粮食的行为屡见不鲜,就以我们身边为例,每次进餐,食堂里手机剩菜剩饭的大桶都被装得满满的,里面都是我们没吃完或觉得不好吃就随便倒掉的粮食Save food. Not just a slogan, not just a saying, not just a requirement. And we hope it can be rooted in our hearts and make us do something.珍惜粮食,不只是一种观念,不只是一种口号,不只是因为我们一次又一次在倡导我希望,珍惜粮食的观念能够根植在你我心中Save food, start from me, start from now.珍惜粮食,从现在做起 00泸州韩式雾眉哪家好Hard of hearing 身患重听 Three retirees, each with a hearing loss, were taking a walk one fine March day.有三个退休的老人,都患有重听三月里风和日丽的一天,他们在一起散步One remarked to the other, ;Windy, aint it?;其中一个人对另一个人说:“这天儿风有点儿大,是吧?”;No,; the second man replied, ;It Thursday.;“不是,”第二个人回答道,“今天是星期四”And the third man chimed in, ;So am I. Let have a coke.;第三个人插话进来说:“我也是,去买瓶可乐吧”1.be hard ofprep. 难以(以 ... 感到困难)例如:“It hard of getting involved in their competition.; 很难参与他们的竞争be hard of hearing 重听 ; 听力不好be hard of learing 听力不好to be hard of heart 冷酷.take a walktake a walk 主要强调散步这个状态go a walkgo a stroll散步,步行3.chimed insomeone chimed in 有人插话道eg:My boss got really mad when his secretary chimed in during the meeting. 我老板的秘书在开会的时候插嘴,把他弄得很火大本节目属 3成都西南医院纹眉价格

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