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我最喜欢的季节 My Favorite Season -- ::39 来源: In a year, thereare four seasons in my hometown and they are very different to each other. Thespring is comtable while the summer is too hot to stand. The autumn is cooland winter is very cold. The season I like most is autumn. Except the coolweather, the beautiful scenery is my favorite. When it comes to autumn, allleaves turn to yellow gradually. At that time, the scenery is amazing. Besides,when the leaves fall in to the ground, it feels so great walking on it. Inaddition, I like to travel in the autumn, because I want to take a look at thedifferent views of autumn.我的家乡一年有四个季节,每个季节都不相同春天很舒适而夏天炎热难熬;秋天凉爽而冬天寒冷我最喜欢的季节是秋天除了凉爽的天气之外,美丽的景色是我最喜欢的当秋天到来的时候,所有的叶子慢慢变黄那时候的景色是惊奇的除此之外,当叶子落到地上的时候,走在上面感觉很奇妙另外,我喜欢去秋游,因为我想要看看秋天的不同景色如果失业了该怎么办?-- :7:31 接下来这篇文章给大家介绍的是英语情景口语两位朋友之间的对话——如果失业了怎么办一位朋友担心他失业了钱不够用怎么办,另一位朋友则在一旁出谋划策,甚至提出如果对方失业了可以搬到他家去住直到找到工作为止有这样的朋友真好啊!好了,不再感慨了,还是一起来欣赏下面的英语情景口语小对话吧!A:I don't know what I'm going to do! It's going to be impossible to make ends meet if I lose my job.B: Don't worry. I don't think you're going to lose your job over one mistake.A: It was a rather big mistake. When you work as a investment adviser, one small mistake can cost the company millions.B:But it wasn't just you who was involved, right? You were only doing what your supervisor told you to do.A: That's true, but my supervisor is very dishonest. There's no reason that he will tell my boss it was all my fault, and there's nothing I can do about that. My boss won't believe me if I tell him the truth.B: Let's think realistically about what might happen. How much maney do you have in your savings?A: I have enough to live off of about 3 months. But I really don't want to spend my life saving on just living!I'd rather invest my money somehow.B: Well,you can't have everything. Let's just figure out what you'll do if you lose your job. When is your contract up on your apartment?A: Next month. So, I can move out then or renew my contract another year.B: Well,that's good. If you lose your job, you can just move in with me until you find another job. That will save you plenty of money.A: That's very generous of you. I guess that would work.B: If you lose your job, you just have to go a few manths without buying all the junk you usually buy. If you live frugally, you'll save plenty of money.A: I guess working with so much money has made me rather greedy. Maybe losing my job would be a good thing!A: 我真不知道该怎么办!我要是丢了工作,一定会入不敷出的B:别担心,我觉得你不会因为只犯一次错误就丢掉工作的A:可真的是一个大失误,如果你是投资顾问,那么即使是一个很小的失误也会造成公司上百万的损失B:不过,这事又不是归你一个人负责,对吧?你只是做了你上司吩咐你做的事而已A:这倒是事实,可是我的上司可不是一个诚实的人他不可能跟我们老板说实话我敢肯定他会跟我们老板说都是我的错就算我跟老板说实话,他也不会相信的B:那咱们想象一下接下来会发生什么你有多少存款?A:大概足够持我生活3个月的可是我真不想把存款都花在日常生活上我想做点投资B:嗯,你不可能什么都占着咱们算算如果你失业了该怎么办你房租的合同什么时候到期?A:下个月所有,我要么搬出去,要么在续签一年的合同B:哦,那好办了如果你被炒了,你就搬过来跟我一起住,直到你找到新工作这样可以帮你省一笔钱A:你真是太好了我觉得这样行得通B:如果你真失业了,你恐怕要有几个月不能再买你平常爱买的那些杂七杂八的东西了如果你过得节俭一点,也能省下不少钱A:我也觉得上班挣这么多钱使我变得有些贪心了也许失业反倒是件好事!National Day 国庆节 --6 :5:30 来源: National Day 国庆节  There are many festivals in China, but I love National Day best. Why? Firstly, during National Day we can have seven days off. We can go shopping, visit our friends, go to some interesting places and so on.  Secondly, I love my motherland very much. China is a great country. The Chinese people are brave and hard-working. I am sure in the future China will be richer and stronger.中国有许多节日,可是我最爱国庆节为什么?首先,国庆期间我们能放七天假我们可以购物、访友、游览名胜等等  第二,我很爱我的祖国中国是一个伟大的国家,中国人民勤劳、勇敢我相信将来中国会更富强

寒假英语日记每日一篇:冬天的早晨 -01-5 ::1 来源: It's the third day of the winter holiday.I got up at about 8 in the morning.After breakfast,i went to the vegetable field with grandmother.It's cloudy today,no sun,no rains,it's not cold.Full of cabbages andradishes are in the field,grasses beside the roads drooped their heads,several elders were working in their fields.Grandmother pulled out some radishes,and then began to dig field.I ran ,ran ,and ran with my dog almong the fields.I like the morning in the winter,especially morning in the holiday.今天是寒假的第三天我早上约八点起床早饭后,我和奶奶一起去了菜地里今天阴,没有太阳,也没有下雨,一点也不冷菜地里种满了萝卜和白菜,路边的草都垂着头,几个老人正在地里劳作奶奶拔了几个萝卜后就开始挖地了我和我家的小在田地间跑呀,跑呀,跑我喜欢冬天的早晨,尤其是假日的

《超凡蜘蛛侠经典台词 --30 :33:51 来源: 《超凡蜘蛛侠经典台词片名:超凡蜘蛛侠 The Amazing Spider-Man导 演:马克·韦布 Marc Webb主演:安德鲁·加菲尔德 Andrew Garfield、艾玛·斯通 Emma Stone剧情简介:Peter Parker lost his parents in his childhood. And now he is a senior school student.While investigating the truth of his parents,Peter is bitten by a spider......经典台词1. Come on. I know a right cross when I see it.别装了,我一看就知道这是右勾拳. I'm afraid duty calls. I will leave you in the more-than-capable hands of Miss Stacy.我还有事,就把你们交给能干的斯泰西了3. Most of his victims are suspects with rap sheets. They're calling him a vigilante.被他打的人大都是有前科的嫌犯,人们称他是侠客. Go figure.真不明白5. He’s a character.他这人就这样6. I was touching up stuff.我还做了润色精片段对白:Peter: Hey. Hey, I thought you…Uncle: Did you get something?Peter: What?Uncle: Now, don’t answer that, but I’m glad to know it’s working. You owe your aunt an apology big time. Be a man, get in there and apologize.Peter: I’m sorry. Aunt May, I…Aunt: Honestly, you don’t have to apologize to me. It’s your…Uncle: The hell he doesn’t.Aunt: Ben.Peter: Look, I’m sorry, I got distracted.Uncle: Oh, he got distracted.Peter: Yeah.Uncle: Your aunt, my wife, had to walk blocks alone in the middle of the night and then wait in a deserted subway station because you got distracted.Aunt: Ben, sweetheart, honestly, I am completely capable of walking home…Uncle: You will not defend this boy!Aunt: I’m not defending…Uncle: You are defending him. Listen to me, son.Peter: Yeah, go ahead.Uncle: You’re a lot like your father. You really are, Peter, and that’s a good thing, but your father lived by a philosophy, a principle, really. He believed that if you could do good things other people, you had a moral obligation to do those things. That’s what’s at stake here. Not choice. Responsibility.Peter: That is nice. That’s great. That’s all well and good. So where is he?Uncle: What?Peter: Where is he? Where is my dad? He didn’t think it was his responsibility to be here to tell me himself?Uncle: Oh, come on, how dare you?Peter: How dare I? How dare you?Uncle: Where are you going? Peter, come back here, please.Aunt: Ben, leave him alone a little while, He’ll be all right.Uncle: Peter! Peter? Peter?Salesman: It’s $.. It’s $..Peter: Yeah. No, I know.Salesman: Yeah, you’re holding up the line. No. You can leave a penny. You can’t take a penny.Peter: What?Salesman: You can leave a penny anytime, you have to spend dollars to take a penny. It’s a store policy.Man: You’re holding up my line.Peter: I don’t have cents.Salesman: You can’t afd milk, step aside. Daddy didn’t give you enough milk money today?Peter: We’re talking about cents.Salesman: Just step aside, kid. Really? No, not cool, bro. Hey, man, stop! Somebody stop that guy! Hey, kid, little help?Peter: Not my policy.Salesman: Somebody stop that dude! Hey! Hey, stop! Somebody stop that dude!Uncle: Hey!Peter: Oh, god, oh, god. Uncle Ben, Uncle Ben. Call an ambulance! Someone call an ambulance! Uncle Ben, Uncle Ben. Oh, god, oh, my god. Oh, god. No. Oh, Jesus.Police: Witnesses gave a description to the sketch artist. I need you to take a look.Aunt: No, I don’t know him.Police: I didn’t expect you would, ma’am. Homicide detectives are on it. We’ll see what they turn up.Aunt: Okay. 超凡蜘蛛侠六年级英语作文:My parents --1 :: 来源:   My mother is 38 years old, but she never tells others how old she is. She says she just doe?ˉt want them to know about it! My mother is a well-known doctor in our area. She works hard. She often gets up very early in the morning and rushes to the hoital to look after her patients. She is kind to her patients and treats them the way she treats her family. Sometimes I wonder whom she loves more, her patients or me.  My father is 0 years old. He has short hair, big eyes and a small mouth. He is my best friend.  My father is a teacher. Just like my mother, he is very busy. He doe?ˉt have any holidays or weekends. Every morning he goes to school very early and stays with his students until late in the afternoon. It seems that he never gets tired! His students love and reect him. He always tells my mother how good it is to be a teacher, because his students make him feel young. He thinks my mother should be a teacher, too! But so far she ha?ˉt taken his advice.  I will be a new student in my father#39 school this summer. I will work harder and I hope one day I can be a good doctor like my mother.想念爸爸(I Miss My Father) -- :01:0 来源: 想念爸爸(I Miss My Father)  i am a girl of ten, and i live in a small mountain village far from taiyuan. the only person that lives with me is my mother, because my father is away eight years, working in a city.  during the spring festival, my father came back home. he looked thin and tired. he gave my mother two thousand yuan, and told her that he would work even harder, earn more money, and then he could take us to the city he stayed at home only ten days.we are living a poor life now. but what i want most is not money, but my father. i miss him very much!    我是一个十岁的女孩,我住在离太原很远的一个小山村和我共同生活的唯一的人是我妈妈,因为我爸爸离家已经八年了,他在城里干活  春节期间爸爸回家了他看起来瘦瘦的,很疲倦他把,000元交给妈妈,并告诉她说他要拼命地干活,多赚点钱,然后把我们接到城里去他在家只呆了十天  我们的日子很苦,可是我最需要的不是钱,是爸爸!我很想念他!

我喜欢迪斯尼I Like Disneyland -- :31: 来源: I get to know Disneyland a year ago, at the time, my mother took me to Hong Kong, I was so happy, we went to Disneyland, I saw many lovely cartoon characters. I saw them when I was watching TV, I felt so happy, I told my mother I wanted to come to here again soon. I like Disneyland so much, I want to live in theDisneylandworld.我一年前开始知道迪斯尼,那时,我的妈妈带我去香港,我感到很开心我们去了迪斯尼,我看见了很多可爱的卡通人物我看电视的时候才看到他们,我觉得很高兴,我跟妈妈说我想要快点再去香港我很喜欢迪斯尼,我想要生活在迪斯尼的世界The Bamboo 竹子 --6 :59:0 来源: 竹子The Bamboo   Bammboo grows up straight and thin, with branches at the top. It has long leaves. It looks like a tree, but it is really a kind of grass.  There are more than five hundred kinds of bamboo in the world. Some grow over ten meters tall. Some are only a few inches tall. Bamboo grows best in warm and wet places.  The long stem of bamboo is hollow. They are light and strong. People use them to build houses and bridges. Bamboo is also made into paper. People like to eat them.  Do you like bamboo?竹子长得又直又细,顶部有枝条,叶子修长它像一棵树,但实际上是一种草世界上有500多种竹子,有的高达多米长,有的只有几寸高竹子最适合长在温暖和潮湿的地方竹子长长的茎是空的,它们很轻很结实人们用它们来建房子和搭桥竹子也能用于造纸人们很爱吃竹子你喜欢竹子吗?云南黑龙潭英文导游词 --01 :33: 来源: 云南黑龙潭英文导游词昆明市中心以北公里处有一座龙泉山,龙泉山脚下有一个非常漂亮的地方,叫黑龙潭,又名龙泉观  At the foot of Longquan Hill, about kilometers ( miles) north of the center of Kunming, there is a beautiful place called the Black Dragon Pool (Heilongtan), also known as the Dragon Fountain Temple (Longquanguan).  In fact, there are many attractions in this area, and the Black Dragon Pool is only one of them. I will introduce these sites to you one by one.  An ancient legend lends the Black Dragon Pool its name; it is said that a long time ago there were ten wicked dragons that caused much destruction and did great harm to people. One day, one of the Eight Immortals of the Chinese legend ’Lu Dongbin’ subdued nine of the dragons and jailed them in a tower. Only the youngest black dragon was left, charging with protecting and benefiting the people as the price of its freedom. This dragon is believed living in the Black Dragon Pool till today. The pool is divided into two parts by a bridge, and although the water is connected, the two sides are different colors and the fish in either side never swim to the opposite part of the pool. Moreover, hundreds of years, this wondrous pool has never dried up, even in drought years.  Near the Black Dragon Pool is the Black Dragon Palace, which was built in 9 (in the reign of Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty) and rebuilt in 5 (in the reign of Emperor Jingtai of the Ming Dynasty). The whole palace consists of three halls and two courtyards, and the main hall features a stone plaque written by the governor of Yunnan in the Qing Dynasty to praise the views here. The Black Dragon Palace is also called the Lower Temple, because when you walk along the stone steps, you come directly to the Upper Temple - the Dragon Fountain Temple - which is hidden among ancient trees. This 570-year-old temple includes Thunder Deity Hall, North Pole Hall, Sanqing Hall, Jade Emperor Hall and some other halls in which the deities of Taoism are worshiped. The Dragon Fountain Temple is the largest Taoist temple in southern China.  In front of the temple there are three huge and ancient trees: the Tang Dynastic Plum, the Song Dynastic Cypress and the Ming Dynastic Camellia. The main branch of the plum has aly died of old age, but the remaining branches growing out sideways are still full of vital ce and vigor. The 5-meter-high (8 feet) cypress has a very thick trunk - so thick that it takes four or five adults with linked arms to encircle it. The camellia is a prodigious tree which blossoms every year and always precedes the other camellias.  The Pavilion of Stele keeps many rare steles, tablets and plaques. The most famous is a tablet engraved with four Chinese characters - ’Wan Wu Zi Sheng’ - which means that all things in the world are propagating and developing, flourishing and animated. The inscription was written by a famous Taoist of the Ming Dynasty named Liu Yuanran whose handwriting is vigorous and lively. The four characters are written in one continuous stroke and look convex but feel concave to the touch, owing to the unusual way they reflect light.  The Ming Dynasty was overthrown by the Qing Dynasty in Chinese history, and the potentates of the Qing were all from a minority ethnic group called ’Manchu’. When the Manchu marched into the Chinese mainland and became the rulers, many people killed themselves to show their loyalty to the Ming Dynasty, including a scholar named Xue Erwang and his whole family. They drowned themselves, and the tomb of these loyalists is located beside the Black Dragon Pool.  In addition to these sites, there is a very large plum garden, Dragon Fountain Plum Garden, which occupies an area of over hectares (69 acres). More than 6,000 plums representing about 87 varieties create an ocean of flowers at each end of the year. 云南黑龙潭英文导游词

I'll Always Be a Chinese-我永远是中国人 -- 19:00: 来源: I'll Always Be a Chinese-我永远是中国人  My name is Zhao Xiaoxi, but they call me Niuniu at home. Iwas born in Taiyuan,China,but I moved to Montreal,Canada with my parents two years ago. It is far from my motherland, but I always think I am a Chinese. I have yellow skin and black hair. I'm proud of being a Chinese.  Sometimes I hear someone say something bad about China, and I will become angry with him or her. I am a clever girl. My parents are both clever. All the people I meet in China are hardworking and clever. I hope China will be stronger and stronger. And I hope that I'll return to China soon to visit my mother's parents, my father's parents, my uncle and aunt, and my elder sister, who is studying in Taiyuan.  我叫赵小溪,可是在家里他们叫我妞妞我出生在中国太原,可是两年前我和父母一起搬到了加拿大的蒙特利尔它离祖国很远,可是我总是想到我是一个中国人我有着黄皮肤,黑头发,我为是一名中国人而骄傲  有时我听到有人说关于中国的坏话,我就跟他她生气我是一个聪明的女孩,我父母都很聪明我在中国遇到的所有人都是既勤奋又聪明我希望中国会越来越强大我还希望我能早点儿回到中国,去看我的姥爷、姥姥、爷爷、奶奶、伯父、伯母,还有在太原上学的China 中国 -- :1: 来源: China 中国  China is my motherland. It lies in the eat of Asia. Beijing is the capital of China.  China's population is more than 1.3 billion. The population in the east is much bigger than in the west. The weather in China is wetter and warmer in the south and drier and colder in the north.  China has a long history, and there are a lot of places of interest in China, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the West Lake and so on.  In the last twenty years, great changes have taken place in my motherland. I am sure China's tomorrow will be much better. I love China!    中国是我的祖国,它位于亚洲的东部北京是中国的首都  中国有亿多人口,东部的人口比西部的多得多中国的天气情况是:南部潮湿、温暖;北部干旱、寒冷  中国具有悠久的历史,这里有许多名胜,如长城、颐和园、西湖等  近二十年来,我的祖国发生了巨变我相信中国的明天会更美好我爱中国!人A Sunny Day Party -- :: 来源: 人A Sunny Day PartyA:Rabbit B:Mountain C: Tree D: RiverSummary This story talks about some nature members want to have a party one day. But the party becomes a condem.Prologue:(The voice-over) It’s a beautiful sunny day! A little white rabbit jump out of her hole and run here and there happily. Then the story begins……ACT 1:Rabbit: Hello everybody! I’m the rabbit. I’m looking someone else to have a party because, you know, a sunny day like this is hard to meet these days. I’ve not see it several weeks!River: (Flowing in the desktop now and saying) I’m the river. I’m enjoy myself andyou can feel it from my song:“一条大河,波浪宽,风吹稻花香两岸……”(The rabbit step ward and interrupt him)Rabbit: Hello River! Nice to meet you.River: Nice to meet you too.Rabbit: What are you doing here?River: Just singing,“一条大河……”(Look at Rabbit) and y to go!Rabbit: Wait! Wait!River: Um? Is there anything I can do you?Rabbit: Would you please have a party with me?River: Have a party?(愕然,look at her, then laugh) A river with a little grey rabbit?Rabbit: I’m white, not grey! (angrily) You look!River: Oh! Are you white? (look around) But there’s grey in my eyes!Rabbit: No! you can’t say that!River: Ok, ok! You say there’s a party?Rabbit: (turn to smile) Yeah, I think we can raise a party!River: (laugh) To raise a party need several people. And there can be several!Rabbit: We can invite other guys to join us! There comes from one to two.River: (think) Ok, let’s go!ACT :(Mountain and Tree 上)Mountain: I’m the Mountain, not a hill. So, there are so many trees here with me,(骄傲地) and……Tree: Okay, okay! (转向大家) Morning everyone, I’m the Tree—an old tree a hundred years. (turn the face to Mountain) So, I’m owned by you, er?Mountain: Yeah, yeah….That’s what I want to say….(不好意思地冲Tree笑忽然看见Rabbit和River上来,就告诉Tree:) Oh,look! Who’s coming?All: (to each other) Nice to meet you!Mountain: (to Rabbit) You two come here ……Rabbit: …to raise a party! Can you join us?Mountain: Okay, but….(look at Tree)Tree: Um, ….(look all and think a while) Okay!(smile)….as there’s nothing to do today.Rabbit: (jump)Great, great! (laugh to River)I have told you: Several come from one to two!River: Yeah, I believe it!Rabbit: Then, (to all) why not find a cool place to sit down and, get enough foods and drinks, and we chatting, singing, and dancing?All: It’s easy! (smile)Mountain: I can offer delicious fruits.Tree: I can give you shadow.River: I can make a lake. You can drink or fish if you like!Rabbit: Woo! Impossible! Everything is y!Tree: Okay, we can begin now! Everybody must give us a show including singing, dancing, or just give us an interesting story. (to All) Do you agree?All: Yes!Tree: Then, (to All), Who’s the first?All: You--are the boss!Tree: Um….ok! (to mountain) How about you?Mountain: I have so many things to do such as prepare fruits you….Tree: Then….what about you, River?River: Oh, no! I want to do some fishing but, you know, the fish is few and fewer these days. So, I need some time….Tree: Then….what about you, Rabbit?Rabbit: No! I am the youngest one….you know….Tree: You are all Chinese!(angrily) This is the English class, why not be voluntary?(鼓励)Rabbit: I’d like to be the first!(高兴地)Mountain: Good! Let our pretty grey Rabbit be the first!Rabbit: (生气) How can you say that? Look, I’m white!All: (众笑,互相议论: Is her white? No ! haha….When the Rabbit look at them, they all become quite. Then, )Rabbit: I want to sing a song to you named …………………..All: (All applause.) Great!Mountain: (大惊失色)Oh my god! Wind comes again! He wants to carry my soil!All: Don’t worry! We will protect you!Tree: Actually, man has done too much to the earth! They should consider the consequence bee they do that! (All nod)Tree: Many foolish Chinese people cut their trees—my friends—to make one-off chopsticks and freight to Japan. Japan, you know, have a ests covering ratio of 65% which is 5 times to China. They bade cutting their own est but importing billion pairs of one-off chopsticks every year from China. And there’s 500 thousand of my friends were fell every year because of this!(weeping, 擦眼泪)All: Faint! (众安慰)Don’t cry anymore.Rabbit: Really? How disgusting they are! I hate Japanese! I really hate it!River: I hate those foolish Chinese people!Mountain: The overexploitation is not only to trees. They exploit us too much temporary interests and left garbage everywhere! Mountains become empty.River: Yeah, yeah, as what I said just now, there’s fewer kind of fishes here day by day because of overexploitation too! I haven’t got one piece of fish till now!Rabbit: I’d rather not to eat fish today…..All: (低头沉思状)Tree: And all kinds of factories released noxious gases and detritus into the atmosphere which made us grow hard!River: And dumped toxic wastes into us—the rivers! All my fish were hurt seriously, even die out! (weep, 擦眼泪)All: (众安慰)Don’t cry again.River: And the domestic sewage! They are not treated bee flow to me! And all kinds of pesticides flow to me since they are undegradable.All: (低头沉思状)Rabbit: Yes! The smoke and dust in air made my white cloth become grey day by day! Even black! All my It’s impossible me to become white again! (weep, 擦眼泪)All: (众安慰)It’ll be better some day.Mountain: I heard that many yellow powders were insufflated to the lawn of the Summer Palace when the film The Promise was taken. And it made there years to become a little green! Also, the famous beauty spot Shangre-La’s碧沽天池 was destroyed too! It needs 3 to 5 years to comeback!Rabbit: That’s terrible!River: Underground water has been contaminated as a result if agricultural waste.Rabbit: Green house effects make our earth become wormer and wormer. I can not see ice column in my hometown any more, which I often play in my childhood!Mountain: They cut all my trees (to Tree) except you and the wind often tease me and make me sick.All: What sick do you have?Mountain: Soil erosion!(weep, 擦眼泪) 教育城外语网http:www.edu.cnwylwyjywjbAll: (众安慰)Don’t cry anymore.Tree: Yes, man must do something to us since they want to develop the economic.Rabbit: But man cannot deal with the conflict between economic growth and environmental protection very well.All: Right.Rabbit: We Rabbit are timid by nature and we cannot endure too much noise. But Man’s machine make noise pollution, cause many of my friends died!(愤怒)All: (皆怒)How can they do that!Tree: I think the relationship between human and us should be friendly.River: But they don’t think so!All: (低头沉思状) Mankind believe that they can conquer over the nature, but they never done!River: Okay, let’s take revenge on human, how do you think?Tree: I agree! Since they killed so many friend of me including my brothers and sisters!Rabbit: My parents are all killed by human!Mountain: I’m so sick because of human’s hurt!All: Come on! Let’s call more and more people to fight against human being! 英语 话剧 剧本

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