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河北省新乐市医院挂号预约河北石家庄井陉县治疗痛经哪家医院最好的High-speed rail in China中国高速铁路Tracking slower“悄然”降速A showcase line, but throttling back 一条用于示范但“缩水”的高铁线路Jun 30th 2011 | SHANGHAI | from the print edition THE heart of China’s national railway policy has been the pursuit of speed. And having built the world’s longest high-speed network from scratch, this week the country proudly launched its showcase project, the 1,318km (820-mile) Beijing-Shanghai line. Running at speeds of over 300km an hour, the sleek electric train cuts the travel time between China’s two most important cities by nearly half, to four hours and 48 minutes.中国国家铁路核心政策向来唯速度是瞻。如今,中国已建成了世界上最长的高速铁路网络,填补了之前的高铁建设空白。本周,中国自豪地将其高铁示范项目——高铁京沪线投入运营,该线路全长1318公里(820英里),运行时速为每小时300多公里。这列流线造型的电气列车将中国两座最核心城市间的旅程时间缩短了将近一半,运行时间仅4小时48分。The service is designed as a rival to air travel. Indeed, at Beijing South station, the ultra-modern facility resembles an airport. The other terminus, meanwhile, actually is at Shanghai’s domestic airport. But that means travellers lose the benefit of a downtown arrival, often touted as an advantage of trains. Even on intermediate stops, stations are far from urban centres.高铁务的设计初衷就是与航空务竞争。实际上,拥有超现代化设施的高铁北京南站,其建筑模式与机场极其相似,同时高铁的另一终端站实际上就位于上海虹桥机场。但这也意味着旅客失去了到达市中心的便利性,而市中心设站经常被追捧为铁路的优势所在。甚至是京沪高铁的各沿途停靠站,其站点位置也都远离市中心。201107/143053石家庄无痛人流去哪好 Happy Birthday to You! How people around the world celebrate birthdays for young and old. Happy birthday to you, the latest installment of our Small World Series. Today with the help of our digital reporters around the world, we are gonna take a look at birthday traditions across the globe, from Korea to Lebanon. I am Joohee Cho in Seoul. When it comes to spending on a first birthday party, sky is the limit for most Korean parents, and the Chung family is no exception. “I spent about ,000 and I just have only one baby and this baby is very precious to me.”The first birthday is considered a major milestone, because in the past, so many didn’t survive the first year of life. For the main ceremony, baby Eun-Suh wears a han bo(韩), the traditional costume. The highlight of the party is when the baby must choose an object that will symbolize her future. Family friends add cash to the choices. Looks like Eun-Suh will be in the money.I am Karen Russo in Mumbai /. With India's growing economy, the middle and upper class have more disposable income. And with that comes spending on elaborate events like the increasingly popular western-style birthday parties.This party for five-year-old Ruansh has a carnival-type atmosphere with face-painting and prize-winning games. There is even a magician.One Indian tradition remains constant, parents feeding their children the first piece of cake for good luck. Although it appears to be a tradition this naughty boy doesn’t care to follow.I am Lara Setrakian in Lebanon, there is an old tradition in the Middle East to not just celebrate birthdays but celebrate name days.Today, Elias and his wife Elian are celebrating theirs. It’s the feast of prophet Elijah. So for people with a name derived from Elijah, it’s their special day. They are the guests of honor at mass. But for Elias and Elian, the real party starts in their living room. Complete with cake. At nightfall, fireworks on the rooftop, a dinner with friends mark their special day.参考中文翻译:世界各地的人们怎样为年轻人和老年人庆祝生日的呢?现在,由于世界各地数码摄影记者的帮助,我们可以一览全球各地的生日传统,从韩国到黎巴嫩。我是Joohee Cho,现在在首尔。当人们举办第一个生日派对时,父母毫不吝惜,Chung的家庭也毫不例外。“我为孩子的第一个生日花费了6,000美元。我只有一个孩子,这个孩子对我来说非常珍贵。”第一个生日被认为是人生一个重要的里程碑。因为在过去,很过孩子根本活不到一岁就夭折了。为了这个重要的庆祝会,小宝宝Eun-Suh特意穿了传统的韩。晚会的高潮是宝宝“抓周”,宝宝随手抓到的物体象征的他的未来。亲朋好友会在所有的选择中加上现金,象征着小宝宝以后会很有钱。我是孟买的Karen Russo。随着印度经济不断增长,中低阶层的人们拥有越来越多的可配收入,可以花费钱财来举办一些豪华的盛宴,比如越来越受欢迎的西方风格的生日派对。为5岁的Ruansh举办的生日派对很有狂欢节的气氛,人们脸上都化装,还有赢奖的游戏,甚至还有一个魔术师。印度的一个传统仍然很普遍,父母喂孩子吃第一块蛋糕,代表好运。然而这个淘气的小男孩似乎不想遵循这个传统。我是黎巴嫩的Setrakian。中东地区有一个古老的传统,不仅要庆祝生日,还要庆祝他们的名字。今天,Elias和他的妻子Elian 正在为他们的孩子举行庆祝活动。这是预言者Elijah的盛宴,所以对所有以Elijah命名的人来说,今天是一个特别的日子。他们是受人尊敬的客人。但是,对Elias and Elian来说,他们真正的派对在客厅里举行,全部都是蛋糕。黄昏时,屋顶燃放烟花,与朋友共进晚餐来度过特别的一天。200811/57252伊朗大选引发政局动荡内贾德在13日被确定胜出伊朗大选后,德黑兰巨大示威浪潮就没有停止过。总统选举候选人穆萨维已向护法委员会提出正式投诉,指选举发生舞弊,要求该委员会取消星期五总统选举的结果。分析称,示威潮恐怕会进一步扩大,而穆萨维号召示威之举并不明智,是对国家最高领导人的反抗。 ...Post-election Iran is still a turbulent place. The legal appeal by the opposition standard bearer Mir Hussein Mousavi has yet to run its course. And in the meantime, he's drawn hundreds of thousands of people out onto the streets for a massive demonstration. There were some incidents of violence. One person was killed in gunfire coming from a pro-government militia building in Tehran. Our correspondent John Lion was out on the streets during the protests."I was down at the rally and the atmosphere there was just quite unbelievable. People had suddenly thrown off the mantle of fear that has ruled this country for I don't know how long, and we are going out in complete defiance of pretty unveiled threats from the authorities, who are enjoying themselves, who are encouraging us to film them, and were speaking out openly against the system about, against the Supreme Leader, against everything this country stands for, really, so that was a moment of kind of, a moment of freedom really. As soon as we got into the traffic jam going into the rally, you could, we kind of felt safe, just safe in numbers. Suddenly, all around us were people in cars, were waving V signs and green, the color of the opposition, honking their horns and you could see that nobody could come and nobody can attack you, once you are into the crowd, you realize you are amongst a million people. And I think the security forces realized that, we saw a small group of riot police sort of miles away from the demonstration. They just, just standing by the side of the road. And even in the demonstration itself, I'm sure there were secret police officers in the crowd as they always are here, but they didn't dare come up to us and try and stop us filming as they usually do. And since then, of course, we've had what's the gunfire in the rally, the circumstances surrounding are a little bit murky, but somebody has been killed. So I wasn't there when that happen, but I can see obviously the fear will creep back in and the fear here is always in the background. What is the government going to do? How is it going to respond to these protests? "John Lion in Tehran. Well, in the main, the authorities appear to have let Monday's mass demonstration pass off without challenge. There have been incidents in which opposition activists have been confronted by the forces of the state. We have been speaking to a student in Tehran who asked not to be identified. He'd been involved in a sit-in at Tehran University and told us what happened when the police turned up. They detained at least about 200 students because there were three buses out there, and all were filled after they arrived. And they injured me and some of my friends had witnessed some scenes that was like a bloodshed. They had some knives with them and swords. I've sustained some severe injuries, but I don't feel any pain anywhere, but my heart. The experiences of one student at Tehran University. 06/75066石家庄和平医院四维彩超预约

石家庄第三医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗McCain, Obama Target States Key to Electoral Vote奥巴马、麦凯恩在关键州最后冲刺 With just two weeks to go until Election Day, U.S. presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain are campaigning in states that could decide the election on November 4. An aide to Barack Obama says he will suspend his campaign later this week in order to travel to Hawaii to visit his grandmother, who the aide says is gravely ill. 现在离美国总统大选还有两个星期,候选人奥巴马和麦凯恩都在11月4号投票日决定胜负的州展开竞选活动。In the final days of the campaign, both candidates are targeting key states that will play a major role in the state by state electoral vote that will determine who becomes the next president. 在竞选总统的最后冲刺时刻,两位候选人都瞄准了可以扮演关键角色的一些州,这些州的选举人票可以决定该州的走向,而选举人票才是决定谁能当选总统的关键。Republican John McCain was in Missouri on Monday, a state that has a history of backing the winning candidate in presidential elections.The latest polls show McCain and Democrat Barack Obama virtually tied in Missouri, and McCain sought to make headway by continuing to hammer away at Senator Obama's tax cut proposal. 最新的民调显示,麦凯恩和民主党的奥巴马在密苏里州实际上打了平手,而麦凯恩则继续抨击奥巴马参议员的减税提议,希望在这方面有所收获。"Senator Obama's economic goal is that he wants to sp the wealth around," he said. "He believes in redistributing wealth, not in policies that grow our economy and create jobs and opportunities for all Americans. Senator Obama is more interested in controlling who gets your piece of the pie than in growing the pie!" 他说:“奥巴马参议员的经济目标是把财富分散开来。他相信财富的再分配,而不是通过制定政策来增长经济、 为所有美国人都带来工作和机会。奥巴马参议员更感兴趣的是控制财富分配,而不是增加经济总产出!”Obama says he would provide a tax cut for 95 percent of working families, but would increase taxes for families that make more than 0,000 a year. 奥巴马说,他将为95%的工薪家庭提供减税,但是要给年收入超过25万美元的家庭增税。Senator McCain's vice presidential running mate, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, campaigned against Obama in Colorado. 麦凯恩参议员的副总统竞选夥伴,阿拉斯加的州长撒拉·佩林在科罗拉多竞选时矛头指向奥巴马。"It is not mean-spirited and it is not negative campaigning when someone is called out on their record, on their plans and on their associations," she said. 她说,“公布一个人的纪录,他的提议以及他的背景这并不是出于恶意,不是负面的竞选宣传。”Colorado is seen as another so-called "battleground" or "swing" state because the race is close there. Both campaigns have poured resources into Colorado in hopes of winning the state's nine electoral votes. A candidate is required to garner 270 electoral votes to win the presidency, out of a total of 538 representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia. 科罗拉多被看作一个“决胜州”,或者是“摇摆州”,因为在这里,两位候选人的持者旗鼓相当。两个选举阵营都在科罗拉多投入了大量的资源,希望赢得这个州的9张选举人票。赢得总统选举必须获得270张选举人票,全国50个州和华盛顿特区总共有538张选举人票。Democrat Barack Obama focused on the southern state of Florida on Monday, a state that President Bush won in 2000 and in 2004. 民主党候选人奥巴马星期一集中精力在南部的佛罗里达州竞选,这里是布什总统2000年和2004年大选时获胜的州。Obama focused on the national economy, which opinion polls show is by far the number one issue in the campaign. 奥巴马主要探讨美国的经济,民意调查显示,民众对国内经济的关心的远远超过任何其他竞选议题。"It is getting harder and harder to make [i.e., pay] the mortgage or fill up your gas tank or even keep the electricity on at the end of the month," he said. "At this rate, the question isn't just 'Are you better off than you were four years ago?', it's 'Are you better off than you were four weeks ago?'" 奥巴马说:“按期偿付买房的月供,给汽车加油,甚至在月底保持家庭用电不中断,这些都变得越来越难了。这种情况发展下去,我们要问的不是,‘现在的生活比四年前更好吗?’,而是‘现在的日子比四个星期前更好吗。’”Monday was the first day that citizens in Florida could take advantage of early voting, something many states now permit before Election Day. 星期一是佛罗里达州的居民可以享受提前投票的第一天,这是很多州都目前都允许在选举日前提前投票。Obama's former Democratic rival, Senator Hillary Clinton, campaigned for Obama in Florida Monday. 奥巴马的前民主党竞选对手希拉里·克林顿参议员星期一也在佛罗里达为奥巴马助选。She urged Democrats not to take Obama's lead in national polls for granted. 她警告民主党人,不要以为奥巴马在全国民意调查中领先,就一定胜券在握。"If people start believing, 'Well, this election is over, I don't need to go vote,' we might not actually be successful," she said. "So we've got to do everything we can to reach out to everyone you know in the next several days." 她说“如果大家都认为,‘这次选举大局已定,我不必去投票了’,那我们可能就不会成功。因此我们必须全力以赴,劝说所有你认识的人在这今后几天里参加投票。”New national polls give Obama a lead over McCain of between five and 11 points. 新的全国民意调查显示,奥巴马领先麦凯恩5到11个百分点。Political experts say Obama is likely to get a boost from the endorsement of former secretary of state and national security advisor, retired Army General Colin Powell. 政治分析人士说,奥巴马很可能因为前国务卿、国家安全顾问、退休将军鲍威尔的持获得更多选票。"He has both style and substance," Powell said Sunday on N's Meet the Press program. "He has met the standard of being a successful president, being an exceptional president." 鲍威尔星期天在全国广播公司的“面对媒体”节目上露面。鲍威尔说:“奥巴马既有风度又有内涵。他达到了作为成功总统的标准,能够成为一个特别出色的总统。”Powell also said he was voting for Obama because of Senator McCain's decision to tap Governor Palin as his running mate. Powell said he did not think Palin was y to be president in the event something happened to McCain. 鲍威尔还说,他持奥巴马,是因为麦凯恩参议员决定选择佩林州长作竞选夥伴。鲍威尔说,他认为,如果麦凯恩发生什么意外的话,佩林不能承担起总统的职责。200810/53608石家庄做产检哪家医院最好的 AIDS艾滋病Get your act together, guys;筒子;们,一起行动吧!Two UN reports on AIDS are coming out this month. That is one too many联合国将于本月发布两份艾滋报告,其中一份纯属多余。SOMETHING odd is going on in the international AIDS establishment. December 1st has been designated (as it is every year) to be ;World AIDS Day;. That is a signal for the ed Nations to put out a report on the state of the epidemic. This year, though, there are to be two reports.国际艾滋机构出现了一件怪事:12月1日被定为每年的;国际艾滋日;,这意味着联合国将会就艾滋状况发布一份报告。可是,今年的报告实际将会有两份。On November 21st UNAIDS, an agency created in 1996 to deal specifically with the then-newish disease, published its assessment of the situation. This reaffirmed what has become clear recently: that the epidemic is being beaten back by the widesp deployment of drugs, in combination with changes in the behaviour of those most at risk. The annual number of deaths has fallen to 1.8m, from its peak of 2.2m in 2005. New infections have also fallen, from a peak of 3.2m in 1997 to 2.7m last year. The report went on to outline what it calls an investment framework, designed to deal with the epidemic in the most cost-effective way. This builds on an analysis published in the Lancet in June by Bernhard Schwartl?nder, UNAIDSrsquo;s director of evidence, strategy and results. It attempts to prescribe, for each part of the world, the mixture of drug treatment, condom-promotion, prophylactic circumcision and so on that will bring most benefit to the fight.11月21日,联合国艾滋病规划署(成立于1996年,是一个专门应对当时才刚兴起的艾滋病机构)发表了一份艾滋现状的评估报告,重申了近来一些显著的事实:得益于药物的广泛使用及最易感染人群行为的改善,艾滋病出现消退之势。年死亡人数从2005年220万的峰值降至180万,新增感染人数也同样减少,从1997年的320万最高值跌至去年的270万。该报告继续阐述所谓的投资框架,旨在最合算地应对艾滋病。投资框架由艾滋规划署官员施贺德6月发表在《柳叶刀》的一篇分析报告而来,它试图为世界每个地区都开一份有助于艾滋抗争的综合处方,包括药物治疗,推广使用避套和预防性包皮环切等等。On November 30th, however, a joint report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), the ed Nationsrsquo; Childrenrsquo;s Fund (UNICEF) and;yoursquo;ve guessed it;UNAIDS comes out. What it will say is still under wraps. But WHO and UNICEF are also sponsors of UNAIDS, so the duplication of effort looks odd.然而,11月30日,世界卫生组织,联合国儿童基金会和联合国艾滋病规划署又将发布另一份联合报告,报告内容尚未对外界透露。由于世卫组织和儿童基金会同时是艾滋规划署的发起人,所以这样的重复工作有点奇怪。Both sides seem miffed by the otherrsquo;s actions. Michel Sidibeacute;, the head of UNAIDS, described the production of separate reports as ;costly and inefficient;. Gottfried Hirnschall, the WHOrsquo;s director of HIV/AIDS, says it had been agreed that in 2011 the three organisations would work together and jointly release a single report.双方似乎都因对方的行为略显愠怒。联合国艾滋病规划署事务长西迪贝称两份独立的报告;费钱又没效;。世卫组织艾滋病司司长赫恩斯歇尔则说三者经过商定,决定于2011年携手合作并发布联合报告。Though the AIDS epidemic has been knocked back by the huge sums of money now being thrown at it (about billion a year at the moment, in poor and middle-income countries), continued success requires an uninterrupted supply of drugs;and therefore of the cash to pay for them. The state of the worldrsquo;s economy means politicians are looking for any excuse to save money. Not a good moment to be squabbling.尽管由于巨量的投资额(目前每年投150亿美元给贫穷国家和中等收入国家),艾滋病暂时得以消退。但持续的成功需要不间断的药物供给;;当然还有购买药物的资金。世界经济的现状意味着政客们正寻找一切可能的借口省钱。这可不是一个互相争吵的好时候。epidemic n.传染病, 流行病assessment n. 估价; 评价framework n. 构架, 骨架duplication n. 副本; 复制inefficient adj. 无效率的knock back 回击163661石家庄妇科医院官网

石家庄做人流哪间医院好Last month, our English Department invited a local radio star to deliver a public lecture on the topic of media influence on society. He described the tug of war that has been going on in recent years between newspapers on real live paper (my words for the old-fashioned way) and newspapers available on the Internet.上个月,我们英语系邀请一位当地广播电台的明星给我们来一次有关媒体对社会影响的演讲。他描述了最近一些年老式的报纸和网络报纸之间的竞争。Are old-fashioned newspapers only for us older folks? The majority of college students I know appear to consider ing anything, not only newspapers (online or ;live;) as a chore. Most seem to only to pass exams.老式报纸只适合于年岁大的人吗?我认识的大多数大学生将阅读,不仅包括读报纸(无论是在线的还是;现场报道的;),视为累人的活。大多数人阅读只是为了通过考试。For me, the pleasures of ing a newspaper, as with ing a novel or a well-crafted poem, essay, or drama, are intricately connected with the pleasures of the human imagination. People newspapers for many reasons. Newspapers offer information, and they also cover a variety of topics. But newspapers and ing in general can only add to our lives if we have imaginations sufficiently fertile and copious to appreciate them.对我来说,阅读报纸的了却和阅读小说或是心编辑的诗,散文,喜剧,都与人们想象的乐趣复杂地联系在一起。人们阅读报纸有很多原因。报纸提供信息,也包含很多话题,如果我们需要丰富的想象力来欣赏报纸和阅读,它们就会融入到我们的生活中。Many tell me the Internet has aly taken over the job of old time ing, but I should not worry young people will suffer from underdeveloped imaginations as a result. PowerPoint presentations, games, text messaging, YouTube, and countless other high-tech advances keep young imaginations very much alive and growing. I hope so.许多人告诉我,网络已经替代了老式的阅读,但是我不应该担心这会导致年轻人的想象力得不到发展,PowerPoint展示,视频游戏,短消息的发送,YouTube还有无数的高科技发展会使年轻人的想象力保持活跃并增长。我希望如此。201111/161360 For the third time in a week, President Barack Obama is campaigning for his jobs plan in a state that could be crucial to his re-election effort. Meanwhile, a new poll shows that more than half of Americans do not think the plan will help reduce unemployment.奥巴马总统本星期在同一个州里,三度推广他的就业计划。这是他竞选连任努力中,非常关键的部分。同时,一项新的民调显示,一半以上的美国民众,并不认为他的计划将有助于减低失业率。President Obama took his economic message to the southern state of North Carolina. At North Carolina State University in Raleigh, the president again urged his audience to contact their lawmakers and express their support for his jobs initiative. 奥巴马将他的经济讯息,带到美国南方的北卡罗来纳州。他在北卡罗来纳州立大学罗里市分校再次呼吁他的听众,向议员们表明他们持总统的就业计划。"We have got to kick off our bedroom slippers and put on our marching shoes," said Obama. "We have got to get to work."他说:“我们必须踢掉卧房里的拖鞋,穿上行军的鞋子,我们必须开始做事了。”Obama's 7-billion program is intended to boost growth in the sluggish U.S. economy and to reduce the 9.1-percent unemployment rate.奥巴马这项耗资4千470亿美元美元的计划,是要用来振兴美国迟缓的经济增长,并且降低百分之9.1的失业率。The president faces opposition from Republicans and some Democrats in Congress to his plan to raise taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations to pay for some of the initiatives.奥巴马提出对富人及公司增税,以解决就业计划的部分经费来源,这个建议受到共和党以及部分民主党员的反对。In Raleigh, Obama called for citizens to back the plan. "Do you want to keep tax loopholes for oil companies or do you want to renovate more schools and rebuild more roads and bridges so construction workers have jobs again?" he asked.奥巴马总统在北卡罗莱纳州,呼吁民众持他的方案。他说:“你们原意让石油公司继续享有税法的漏洞,还是原意让更多的学校可以翻新,更多的道路桥梁可以重建,使建筑工人可以再度就业?”201109/153864石家庄治疗乳房肿块的医院河北石家庄深泽县治疗附件炎多少钱



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