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徐州/哪里做包皮手术最便宜徐州/三院晚上可以做检查吗Charging 收付款S: Salesclerk 售货职员 C: Customer 顾客实用句型 Practical Key Sentences五. 催款S51: We shall perm all acts that may be deemed necessary.我们将采取一切必要的行动S5: We confirm having received your payment of May th.我们确认已收到你们5月日的货款S53: If you become insolvent, we may refuse to make delivery.若你们丧失偿付能力,我们可拒绝交货、S5: Your remains unsettled, and it is aly a month overdue.你们的账款还没结算,已经延误一个月了S55: We shipped the goods immediately after we received your money.收到你们的钱后,我们立即发运了货物S56: a settlement our of US$ 6000, please remit the proceeds by TT.请电汇货款,以清还我们的6000美元账款S57: In general, you must pay off the balance bee the tenth of this month.总之,您必须在本月日前将余额付清C1: We shall remit to you upon receipt of the goods.收到货物,我们就马上汇款C: Weve arranged payment of your invoice.我们已经安排好为你付款C3: We can pay the money within one week.我们能在一周内付款C: We have paid up all that owed.我们已全部付清欠款C5: Would you please put off the payment months?能否推迟两个月付款?C6: Could you wait a little longer your payment from us?可否请您延缓我们付款的时间?C7: The amount concerned was warded to your of the Cuangzhou Bank of China by telegraphic transfer today.上述的金额已于今日电汇至贵公司广州中国的账号C8: We will transmitremit the money to you within this week.我们这周内会汇款给你C9: You may rest assured that well make payment in time.请放心,我们会时付款的C: In that case, we have to defer payment.在那种情况下,我们不得不延期付款C: Well have the balance of your payment goods remitted to you these days.我们将在这几天汇上货款余额C: We will pay the invoice when our query on it has been settled.我们对发票的疑问得到解决,我们即会付款C: We shall credit the difference, totalling .000 Yuan to your .我们将把差额总数万元汇入你的账户C: We will withhold payment until we receive replacement.在收到替换物之前我们拒绝付款C: The remittance will clear off all payment goods due to you.这笔汇款将付清你们全部货款C: We will look through these bills bee we pay them.付款前,我们要审核一下这些账单C: Pay you as soon as receive the goods, promise you.答应你收到货尽快付款给你C18: I disagree with your payment schedule. I wish youd change the payment schedule.我不同意你们的付款期限,但愿你们能改改付款期限C19: The total 30.000 Yuan was remitted to you the goods we ordered in March.我们总共寄你们3万元人民币以付3月份所订购货物 7徐州/治疗前列腺增生的方法 Kim Jong Uns purging of Jang Song Thaek-his uncle and North Koreas de facto No. 2-is being widely described as a power-consolidation move by the young dictator.外界普遍认为,朝鲜年轻的独裁者金正恩(Kim Jong Un)拿掉他的姑父、朝鲜政坛二号人物张成泽(Jang Song Thaek)是他为巩固政权而采取的一个行动。But it could end up weakening Mr. Kim instead, North Korea watchers say, by disturbing the balance between two major power centers: the military and the more economically minded politicos in the ruling Workers Party of Korea. That, in turn, could trigger more instability and more bellicose behavior from Pyongyang.但朝鲜观察人士说,如果此举打破了朝鲜两大权力中心的平衡,即军方与执政党朝鲜劳动党(Workers Party of Korea)内部更关心经济问题的一派之间的平衡,最终反而会削弱金正恩的统治,并可能引发朝鲜方面进一步的动荡和好战举动。While Mr. Jang, whose ouster was confirmed by North Korea on Monday, had positions of power in both the military and the party, he was more commonly associated with the party. His purging, some analysts say, may reflect a desire by Mr. Kim to hack at the party in the same way he aly has at the military. Last year Mr. Kim removed Ri Yong-ho as chief of the general staff of the Korean Peoples Army, and since then he has cycled through three top generals.朝鲜周一实了张成泽被革职的消息。虽然张成泽在军方和党内均有职务,但他与朝鲜劳动党联系更多。一些分析人士说,张成泽被清洗,可能是金正恩迫切希望用整军的办法整党的一个信号。金正恩去年解除了李英浩(Ri Yong Ho)的朝鲜人民军总参谋长职务,并接连撤换了三位高级将领。Playing competing factions in the regime against one another was a ruling method practiced by his father, Kim Jong Il, and grandfather, Kim Il Sung.建立派系间的平衡是金正恩的父亲金正日(Kim Jong Il)和他的祖父金日成(Kim Il Sung)惯用的统治手段Kim Jong Un learned at the knee of the master, says Bruce Klingner, a former U.S. intelligence analyst whos now senior research fellow for Northeast Asia at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.前美国情报分析人员、现任美国传统基金会(Heritage Foundation)东北亚资深研究员的Bruce Klingner说,金正恩是有家学渊源的By taking out Jang, it shows that Kim Jong Un is willing to go against the second-most-powerful man in North Korea and to go against a senior party official, not just a senior military official, he said.Klingner表示,清洗张成泽说明金正恩愿意铲除这个朝鲜政坛上的二号实权人物和这位党内高层官员,而不仅仅是一位军队高级将领。If its true that Mr. Kim is trying to play the military and the party against each other, analysts cautioned that it will require a delicate tightrope walk.分析人士表示,倘若金正恩的确是在寻求军方与执政党的平衡,那么他需要极为小心。It will also turn a spotlight on Choe Ryong Hae, the 63-year-old protégé of Mr. Jang who is now perhaps the most prominent remaining leader under Mr. Kim. Mr. Choe had virtually no visibility outside North Korea until April 2012, when he was suddenly elevated to the upper echelons of North Koreas political and military establishment.张成泽的落马也使外界的关注焦点转3岁的崔龙Choe Ryong Hae),他现在可能是金正恩政权中所剩的最有影响力的领导人。他012月突然被提拔进入朝鲜的政治和军事高层,而在此之前几乎没有被海外关注过。Though Mr. Choes military credentials are rather thin, North Korean media often shows him in uniform. His travels around the country and his high-profile diplomatic trips to China-once duties of Mr. Jang-are closely tracked by Pyongyangs newspapers.崔龙海的军方资历甚浅,但朝鲜媒体常常播放他身穿军装的画面。当他视察全国并高调出访中国时(访华本来是张成泽的分内事),平壤的报纸进行了密切的追踪报道。In a sense, Mr. Kim has aly tipped the importance of juggling civilian and military powers. Shortly after ascending to power in Pyongyang, he pushed forward byungjin, an ideology that purports to get around the guns-or-butter debate by arguing that North Korea can simultaneously pursue economic progress and nuclear weapons, which it continues to call its treasured sword.从某种意义上讲,金正恩已经透露过平衡文职与军方势力的重要性。在接管朝鲜大权后不久,金正恩就提出了“并行发展”的战略,试图回避要炮还是要黄油的争论,主张朝鲜可以同时发展经济和核武器。朝鲜一直将核武器称作国家的“宝剑”。But the difficulty of that balance troubles Scott Snyder, Washington-based director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, who has argued that North Koreas pursuit of nuclear weapons will cost the regime about 0 billion in trade by the end of the decade.但这种平衡的难度让美国外交关系委员会(Council on Foreign Relations)美朝政策研究项目驻华盛顿的负责人斯奈Scott Snyder)感到不安。他认为,到本十年结束时,发展核武器将让朝鲜丧失,000亿美元的贸易机会。Mr. Snyder also pointed in a phone interview to recent contradictions in North Korea that suggest instability and confusion-for example, the simultaneous push for tourism to bring in revenue and the harsh, seemingly arbitrary detention of visitors. (Over the weekend, North Korea released 85-year-old U.S. citizen after a six-week detention.)斯奈德还在电话采访中指出,朝鲜最近自相矛盾的表现也反映了内部的不稳定和混乱,例如,朝鲜一方面鼓励旅游业发展,希望获得更多收入,一方面又严厉、甚至可能是武断地拘押游客。(朝鲜周末释放了被拘六周的85岁美国公民。)The mismatched policies could unsettle the regime, which Mr. Snyder argues is as opaque to insiders as it is to outsiders.这种错位的政策可能动摇朝鲜政权,斯奈德认为,无论是朝鲜内部人士还是局外人都一样搞不懂这些政策The biggest danger to the regime remains from within, Mr. Snyder said. It could be that the steps that Kim Jong Un is taking are steps that are potentially corrosive, rather than consolidationist.斯奈德说,朝鲜政权面临的最大危险来自内部。金正恩目前采取的措施可能腐蚀其政权而不是巩固政权Hes governing by fear...and taking advantage of opaqueness at a time when the regime is more penetrated, and transparency is being imposed from the outside, to a greater and greater degree, he said.他说,金正恩实行的是恐怖统治,靠的是不透明,然而朝鲜政权已受到更多渗透,透明度也从外部得到越来越多的强化。The repeated purges marking the early days of Mr. Kims rule contrast starkly with the rise of his father, who took the reins of the regime in 1994 after at least a decade-long transition period. By the time Kim Jong Il stepped into the supreme leadership role, there were few high-level eliminations left to carry out, and no confusion over where power truly lay, says Victor Cha, a former U.S. official and specialist on North Korea at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.金正恩统治初期就不断实施清洗,这与他父亲上台时的情况形成鲜明对比。金正日经历了至0年的过渡期才994年掌握大权。美国前官员、华盛顿战略与国际研究中Center for Strategic and International Studies)朝鲜问题专家Victor Cha说,金正日成为朝鲜最高领导人时,已经没有什么高层清洗需要进行了,权力的真正归属也不再有疑问。The younger Mr. Kims decision to remove Mr. Ri last year and Mr. Jang this year constitute signs of internal churn and serious infighting, not a smooth transition, Mr. Cha says.Cha说,金正恩在去年和今年先后铲除李英浩和张成泽,他的决定说明朝鲜政坛内部出现了纷扰动荡和严重内讧,政权的过渡并不顺利。The danger, from a U.S. perspective, is that the regime may seek to address any lack of control with more aggressive behavior outside its boundaries, Mr. Cha says.Cha说,从美国的角度看,眼下的危险是朝鲜可能用更激进的海外行动来转移其政权的不稳定Dictatorships going through unstable transitions...tend to become more militant, more bellicose, Mr. Cha says.他说,遇到过渡不稳定的情况,独裁者往往会更加穷兵黩武。来 /201312/268644徐州/专业不孕不育医院

睢宁县中医院治疗男性不育多少钱徐州/人民医院不孕不育检查怎么样 A new report says nearly two million Syrian children need humanitarian assistance, after two years of conflict that has affected their ability to eat, go to school and have access to sanitation.一份新报告说,将近200万叙利亚儿童需要人道救援,持续两年的冲突对他们吃饭、上学和保持卫生都造成影响。Aid group Save the Children released the report Wednesday highlighting the effect of the Syrian crisis on what it calls the ;forgotten victims; of the fighting.救援组织“拯救儿童”星期三发表报告,强调指出叙利亚危机对儿童的影响,报告将这些儿童称为“被遗忘的受害者”。It says schools and hospitals have been damaged by clashes between rebels and Syrian government fighters, and that ;nearly every family; the group spoke with said they could not safely access clean toilets.拯救儿童组织说,学校和医院在叙利亚反政府武装和政府军的冲突中遭到破坏,该组织接触到的“几乎每个家庭”都表示不能安全地使用清洁的厕所。The report calls on all parties in the conflict to allow humanitarian aid to get to those who need it, while ending the use of explosives in populated areas. It further urges fighters to end the recruitment of child soldiers - a practice ed Nations investigators said earlier this week was being used by both the army and rebels.拯救儿童组织的报告敦促叙利亚冲突各方允许为需要的人们提供人道救援,并停止在居民区使用爆炸装置。该组织还敦促交战各方停止征募少年兵。联合国调查人员本星期早些时候说,叙利亚政府军和反政府武装都在征募少年兵。来 /201303/229889徐州/一院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

宿州治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好Thieves in Argentina dug a tunnel into a bank and stole from nearly 140 safe deposit boxes.Authorities believe the burglars entered the bank and emptied the safe deposit boxes during the New Year's Eve weekend. The caper wasn't discovered until Monday morning.阿根廷一伙盗贼挖了一条隧道,潜入一家,盗走将近140个保险箱里的物品。阿根廷当局认为,盗窃犯是在新年前夕凿入,并利用周末清空这些保险箱,这起盗窃案直到周一营业时才被发现。The prosecutor said the thieves rented the neighboring building to the bank in June. The tunnel they dug included lighting, ventilation and reinforcement.检察官表示,窃贼们去年6月在隔壁租了一栋楼,然后凿了一条通往的隧道,隧道经过加固,里面装有灯光和通风设备。Officials could not tell how much was stolen, since box owners do not have to say what they have secured.Many Argentineans started using safe deposit boxes instead of regular bank accounts following a 2001 financial crisis.2001年阿根廷发生金融危机后,许多人不再把钱存进,而是把它们放进保管箱里。管理人员并未说明盗贼此次盗走物品的总价值是多少,因为客户不必告诉方面保险箱里放了什么。来 /201101/122716 徐州/包皮手术那家好徐州/遗精早泄治疗医院



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