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I only wish that some of those musicians were here with us today,so you could see at firsthand how utterly extraordinary they are.查尔斯海泽伍德:我多希望他们今天也能在这儿,你们就能亲眼看到他们是多么非同寻常。Paraorchestra is the name of that project.帕拉乐队就是这个项目的名字。If any of you thinks you want to help me in any way,to achieve what is a fairly impossible and implausible dream still at this point,please let me know.如果你们中的任何人想以任何方式帮助我们,来实现这个目前还是个不大可能难以置信的梦请告诉我。Now my parting shot comes courtesy of the great Joseph Haydn,wonderful Austrian composer in the second half of the 18th century spent the bulk of his life,in the employ of Prince Nikolaus Esterhazy, along with his orchestra.我的告别表演是关于约瑟夫海登,他是18世纪下半叶一个伟大的奥地利作曲家他和他的乐队,受雇于尼古拉斯埃司塔哈吉王子。Now this prince loved his music,but he also loved the country castle that he tended to reside in most of the time,which is just on the Austro-Hungarian border,a place called Esterhazy a long way from the big city of Vienna. 这个王子很喜欢他的音乐,他也喜欢他一直居住的那个城堡,它座落在奥地利匈牙利边境,一个叫埃司塔哈吉的地方离维也纳很远的地方。Now one day in 1772,the prince decreed that the musicians families,the orchestral musicians families,were no longer welcome in the castle. 1772年的一天,王子谕知音乐家的家人,乐队成员的家人,不再受他欢迎。They werent allowed to stay there anymore; they had to be returned to Vienna,as I say, an unfeasibly long way away in those days. 他们不能再住在城堡里,他们必须返回维也纳,那可是段遥远的路途。You can imagine, the musicians were disconsolate.可以想像,音乐家们很伤心。Haydn remonstrated with the prince, but to no avail.海登向王子抗议,但是没用。So given the prince loved his music,Haydn thought hed write a symphony to make the point.鉴于王子热爱音乐,海登写了一首交响曲来表达他的意愿。And were going to play just the very tail end of this symphony now.下面我们将演奏这首交响曲的结尾。And youll see the orchestra in a kind of sullen revolt.你能感受到一种阴郁的反抗。Im pleased to say, the prince did take the tip from the orchestral performance,and the musicians were reunited with their families.我很高兴地说,王子从乐队的表演中感受到了,乐队成员们能和家人一起了。But I think it sums up my talk rather well, this,that where there is trust,there is music by extension life.我想这能说明一切了,有信任就有音乐-生命的延续。Where there is no trust,the music quite simply withers away.没有信任音乐就会枯萎。201503/362044。

  • People in other parts of the world in the factories of India and China在世界其它地方 例如印度和中国的工厂are facing the same problems and clamoring for the same kinds of improvement in their air当地也面临着相同问题 也希望空气质量得到改善It is another opportunity for leadership这是另一个争取领导权的机会Toxic fogs were a thing of the past毒雾已经成为过去时Coal emissions still cause about 200,000 premature deaths in the ed States alone但现在 煤炭排放仅仅在美国 就在导致大约20万人早逝Its hard to estimate how much bigger that number is elsewhere很难预计这个数字在其它地方会有多大Our fossil fuels are altering the climate of world化石燃料正在改变地球气候Rising temperatures and shifting weather patterns bring their own dangers and enormous economic costs温度升高 天气反常 这些都会存在危险而且经济代价也会异常巨大Think how much work didnt get done because of the polar vortex the grounded flights, the trains that didnt leave the stations and the cars that wouldnt start想想有多少工作由于极地涡旋而被耽误飞机无法起飞 火车无法离站汽车无法开动I mean, yes, you got to skip a few classes but it was not cheap当然 这让你们能够少上几堂课但这个代价太大了What we need are new ways to provide electricity new types of transportation and new approaches to doing business我们需要有新的发电方式新的运输方式 以及新的经营方式These will be the technologies and the ideas you are going to create and we can export你们需要想出这方面的新技术和新点子 然后再出口国外Right now the most difficult problems we face with regard to global warming are not the technical ones现在全球变暖上 我们所面临的最大难题并不是技术上的那些Those are huge and challenging to be sure and I hope you get to work on them right away, this afternoon当然 技术上的问题也很难处理我希望你们今天下午立马就投入到这些工作之中201510/404224。
  • First of all, for those of you who首先,对你们所有are not familiar with my work,不熟悉我的工作的人,I create multicultural characters,我创造了一个多重角色,so characters from lots of different backgrounds.那些角色具有多个不同背景So before the present is the new future,那样,现在的前面是一个新的未来,a bit about the past is that I grew up in a family关于我的一点儿过去是,我成长在一个家庭that was multi-everything -- multi-racial, multi-cultural,有着多种-每一样东西-多种-种族,多种-文化black and white, Caribbean,黑和白,加勒比海的,Irish-American, German-American.爱尔兰美国人,德裔美国人。There was Dominican music blasting from stereos.有多米尼克德音乐从音响里迸发。There were Christians and Jews.有基督徒和犹太人。Thats a long story filled with那是一个长长的故事充满了intrigue and interfaith guilt and shame.纠葛和信仰的付疚感和羞耻感。But I was totally immersed in this world但我完全地沐浴在这个that was filled with everybody,充满了每个人的世界and then I went on to the ed Nations school,后来我去了联合国学校and that just completely all”就这样完成了-So I began sort of developing these voices我开始发现这些声音and these people,和这些人,all of whom were loosely based on people I really know,都是那些我不太熟悉的人,and so, for example, in performing them,于是,举个例子说,为了表演他们I would really try to inhabit them.我就真的努力去和他们融合在一起。And for example, 比如I dont really talk like that,我真的不想那样说话but that was one of my people,但那是我的人中间的一个and Im going to bring a few of my friends --我将带来我的几个朋友I think of them as my friends ”我把他们当作我的朋友-to this stage, in this spirit of the idea在这个讲台上,在这个观念的精华里面that the present is the new future,现在就是一个新的将来in sort of a meta way,在某种相关的路上because I thought about it, and the future, for me,因为我思考着它,未来,我的,what can be so frightening有什么是那么可怕的?is that I dont know whats coming.是我不知道有什么会发生。I dont know if thats true for other people,我不知道那对别人也是真的but that notion of thinking about但那个概念是思考how we can understand the future我们该如何理解未来and predict outcomes,并且预计结果for me, its terrifying to not know what might be coming.对我来说,不知道即将来临的事情会很可怕。And so the idea that there are questions于是这个主意就有些that Ive never seen我从没明白的问题,that my people are going to answer,那是我的人要回答的,and some of these characters have been with me for ages,有些角色已经跟着我有很多年了,some of them dont even have names,他们中的一些连名字都没有I dont know whats going to happen.我不知道将会发生些什么。I dont know whats coming,也不知道结果怎样and all I can do is remind myself我所能做的就是提醒自己that I told Chris Id fly by the seat of my pants,我告诉克瑞斯我会飞到我的长裤的坐位上and now that Im up here it sort of feels like现在我来到这儿,就让我感觉像that dream where you dont have any pants on,那种梦里你没有穿裤子的感觉,and so I suppose Im going to be那样我应该是flying by the seat of my ass.坐到我的屁股旁边上的位置上飞行That said, lets just see who comes out.那就是说,让我们看看谁会来。May we have the first question:我们可以有第一个问题:;Do you ever get headaches“你曾经感觉from the microchips implanted in your brain?;从微芯片植入你的大脑那里而来的疼痛吗?”Right.对了Okay.好的。Well first of all, Ill just say好了, 首先,我只会说that I hope you can hear me okay.我希望你们可以听到我。My name is Lorraine Levine,我的名字是罗伦尼.列文,and the idea of microchips implanted in my brain,我的脑子里植入微芯片的主意,frankly, just putting on my glasses reminds me友好地说,当我戴上眼镜的时候就让我想起来了of thank God Im not wearing the Google Glasses.感谢上帝,我没有带上谷歌眼睛No offense to them. Im glad that you all enjoy them,我并不反感他们, 我很高兴你们都喜欢,but at my age,但在我的年纪,just putting on the regular ones I have只是带上我的普通的那种aly gives me too much information.已经给了我太多的信息。Do you understand what Im saying to you?你理解我对你们说的吗?I dont need to know more. I dont want to know.我不需要知道更多的。我不想知道啦。Thats it. Thats enough.就是那样,那就够了。I love you all. Youre wonderful.我爱你们所有的人。你们都是美妙的。Its fabulous to be here with such big machers它是多么好啊在这儿和这么多重要的人在一起again this year. Mwah!今年的又一次机会。姆哇!Okay, next question. (Applause)好了,下一个问题。(鼓掌)Next, please.下一个,有请。;Is dating boring,“约会很没劲吧,now that humans reproduce asexually?;现在人类可以单性繁殖了?”201410/335656。
  • In that hut, we walked in,我们走进那间小草屋and her father and his four wives were sitting there,她的父亲和四个妻子坐在那里and her sisters who had just returned because她的们也回来了,they had all fled when she had fled,她们也跟她一同离家出走的and her primary mother, who had been beaten还有她的母亲,in standing up for her with the elders.她曾因站在她的一边而被打When her father saw her and saw who she had become,当她的父亲看到她,看到她in her full girl self,变为一个成熟的少女时he threw his arms around her and broke down crying.他拥抱着Jaclyn,放声大哭He said, ;You are beautiful. You have grown into a gorgeous woman.他说,“你真美,你变成一个美丽的姑娘了,We will not cut you.我们不会给你行割礼了And I give you my word, here and now,我现在就承诺that we will not cut your sisters either.;也不会对你的行割礼。“And what she said to him was,她对父亲说,;You were willing to sell me for four cows,“那时候,为了四头牛,一只小牛以及一些地毯and a calf and some blankets.你愿意把我卖出去But I promise you, now that I will be educated但是,我可以向你保,现在的我接受了教育I will always take care of you,我会一直照顾你and I will come back and I will build you a house.我会回来,给你盖房子And I will be in your corner for the rest of your life.;直到你离开人世,我会一直陪伴你。”For me, that is the power of girls.我认为,这就是少女的力量And that is the power of transformation.也是转变的力量I want to close today我想以我的书里头的一段话with a new piece from my book.作为今天这个演讲的总结And I want to do it tonight这个演讲是献给在座所有人的for the girl in everybody here.内心少女的And I want to do it for Sunitha.也希望将此献给苏妮塔And I want to do it for the girls that Sunitha talked about yesterday,献给苏妮塔昨天谈论过的那些少女the girls who survive, the girls who can become somebody else.那些有幸存活下来的,有机会改变自我的少女But I really want to do it for each and every person here,也希望将此献给这里的每一个人to value the girl in us,希望大家可以珍视我们的内心少女to value the part that cries,珍视泪珠to value the part thats emotional,珍视情感的力量to value the part thats vulnerable,珍视脆弱的部分to understand thats where the future lies.并且明白,那是我们的未来之所系This is called ;Im An Emotional Creature.;这段话标题是“我是一个情感动物”And it happened because I met a girl in Watts, L.A.它源于我在洛杉矶遇到的一个女孩I was asking girls if they like being a girl,我那时候到处问女孩子,她们是否喜欢做女孩and all the girls were like, ;No, I hate it. I cant stand it.所有的女孩都说,“不,我讨厌这个,我不能接受这个,Its all bad. My brothers get everything.;太糟糕了。我的哥哥总是得到所有的东西。“And this girl just sat up and went, ;I love being a girl.而这个女孩则站起来说:“我喜欢做女孩,Im an emotional creature!;因为我是一个情感动物!”201511/407902。
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