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Here, in 140 characters or less, is some free advice for Twitter’s next chief executive: Focus on live events. People never tire of gabbing about what’s going on right now. Twitter could be the best place for that. Do it fast.在这里,我要用不到140个字符,为Twitter的下任首席执行官提供一些免费建议:侧重在实时事件上。人永远不会厌倦谈论当下正在发生的事情。Twitter可能就是最适合进行这种谈论的地方。速度要快。That may sound a bit simplistic. The news that Dick Costolo will resign at the end of this month is sure to elicit a raft of doomsaying commentary about the company. Mr. Costolo, who since 2010 has been chief executive of Twitter, the service that lets people post 140-character messages, helped take the company public in 2013 and built it into a Silicon Valley force.这听起来可能有点过于简单化了。迪克·科斯特罗(Dick Costolo)将在本月底辞职,这个消息一定会引发一些,说Twitter末日将至。科斯特洛自2010年以来一直是其首席执行官,在他任内,这个让用户发布140字符信息的务在2013年上市,并且成为一硅谷的主要力量。Along the way, however, Twitter’s audience growth stalled, and its advertising business looks to be cooling. From afar, Twitter can sometimes look dysfunctional, especially compared with its robotically disciplined competitors in the social networking business, among them Facebook and Pinterest, whose fortunes all burn brighter.然而Twitter用户增长停滞,广告业务看上去日益冷清。总体来看,Twitter有时候显得运转不灵,尤其不如它在社交网络领域那些井井有条的竞争对手,比如Facebook和Pinterest,前景都比它好。Among some investors and users, there is now a more straightforward and optimistic case to be made for the rebirth of Twitter under a new chief. That case involves focus. Twitter, as a service, is many things to many people at different times. It is one of the world’s best sources for news and for jokes about news, a playground for professional networking, and a haven for that most human of pastimes, idle gossip.在一些投资者和用户看来,Twitter要下一个首席执行官手中重生,目前有一个更直接的、更乐观的原因。它关乎侧重点。Twitter作为一个务,对很多人来说,在不同时间里有很多不同的用途。它是世界上最好的新闻来源,以及有关新闻的笑话的来源,也是职业人脉活动的平台,还是很多人消遣、闲聊的避风港。But because the service offers so many uses, Twitter, as a company, has had trouble focusing on one purpose for which it should aim to excel. The lack of concentration has damaged its prospects with users, investors and advertisers. Choosing a single intent for Twitter — and working to make that a reality — ought to be the next chief’s main task.但由于它提供了这么多的用途,Twitter作为一家公司,难以侧重在一个它应该出类拔萃的目标上。缺乏侧重点的问题已严重损害了它在用户、投资者和广告主眼中的形象。给Twitter选择一个目标——并努力实现它——应该成为其下一任首席执行官的主要任务。Among the many uses that Twitter fulfills as a social network, there is one it is uniquely suited for: as a global gathering space for live events. When something goes down in the real world — when a plane crashes, an earthquake strikes, a basketball game gets crazy, or Kanye West hijacks an awards show — Twitter should aim to become the first and only app that people load up to comment on the news.作为一个社交网络,Twitter拥有众多用途,其中有一个用途,没有谁比它更适合:实时事件的全球聚会空间。Twitter的目标应该是:当现实世界中发生什么事情——飞机失事、地震来袭,一场篮球赛打得非常精,或者坎耶·韦斯特(Kanye West)抢了一场颁奖晚会的风头——它是人们打开的第一个、也是唯一一个应用,来对新闻发表。We live in an era dominated by time-shifted media. Just about everything worth watching can be watched later, when it’s more convenient. Even so, many of us find experiencing media communally to be a deeply meaningful experience — much more meaningful than watching it later. The desire for communal experiences explains why the Super Bowl is still a mega TV event, why ESPN has grown to become one of the most valuable media properties on the planet, and why HBO has turned Sunday nights into a marquee time for television.我们生活的这个时代是由时移媒体主导的。一切值得看的东西都可以晚点再看,到方便的时候再看。即便如此,仍然有很多人觉得,共同在媒体上获得体验具有深刻的意义——远远超过晚一点再看。共同体验的愿望,也解释了为什么超级碗仍然是一个大型电视活动,为什么ESPN变成了这个星球上最有价值的媒体之一,为什么HBO让周日晚上成为了一个电视狂欢节。Twitter is well-positioned to take advantage of this desire. It is aly among the best places online for consuming news and commentary about live events. It would be ridiculous for many fans of the N.B.A. or of “Scandal” to watch TV without having Twitter nearby. Yet that behavior still remains a niche. Twitter’s next chief could change that, adding a few simple features that might transform the service into a required accessory for experiencing anything live.Twitter完全有条件去利用这种意愿。在消费实时活动的新闻和方面,它已经是最好的网上务之一。对于很多NBA球迷或《丑闻》(Scandal)的粉丝来看,看电视的时候不打开Twitter是很可笑的事。然而,这种做法尚未成为主流。 Twitter的下一任首席执行官可能会改变这种状况,添加几个简单的功能,让Twitter成为一个体验实时事件必不可少的应用。How should Twitter do that? Tech journalists and tech investors have spilled thousands of tweets over the years in attempts to account for the general unpopularity of Twitter. Though Twitter has brought out an accelerating set of improvements over the last year, it remains a punishingly difficult service to get accustomed to and use. Twitter may be alone among large social networks in turning away more people away than it attracts. About 300 million people use it every month, but more than a billion have signed up and quit.Twitter应该如何做到这一点呢?数年来,科技界的记者和投资者已经发表了数以千计的推文,试图解释Twitter总体上不得人心的原因。尽管在过去一年里,Twitter已经加快脚步,推出了一套改善措施,它迄今仍然是一个难以熟悉和使用的务。Twitter可能是唯一一个吸引到的人比放弃它的人少的大型社交网络。每个月约有3亿人在使用它,但有逾10亿注册用户不再使用它。Last week, in an extremely detailed post on his blog, the venture capitalist Chris Sacca, one of the earliest and larger investors in Twitter and an inveterate fan of the service, outlined the most straightforward recipe for Twitter to own live events. Much of what he called for could be easily done now. For every live event that generates tweets — whether it be news or a sporting event or a TV show — Twitter could create a dedicated section of the app.风险投资人克里斯·萨卡(Chris Sacca)是Twitter最早也较大的投资者之一,而且还是该务的超级铁杆粉丝。上周,他在客上发表了一篇非常详细的文章,对于Twitter如何直播实时事件,列出了一些简单直接的方式。他建议的很多东西,现在都是可以轻松办到的。对于每一个可以产出推文的实时事件——无论是新闻、体育赛事,还是电视节目——Twitter都可以在应用中创建一个专门的板块。Say the N.B.A. finals are heating up (which they are), and Twitter knows you like basketball. The app would send you a notification, tap to see the best tweets timed to the moment — with photos, s, commentary and, of course, jokes all focused on that event. In other words, an instant community talking about something you are interested in, and one that you can’t help getting glued to, because it’s about something happening live.假设NBA总决赛正在升温(事实的确如此),而Twitter知道你喜欢篮球。该应用就会给你发一条通知,点击就可以查看最好最应时的推文——有照片、视频、,当然还有笑话,全都侧重在那场篮球比赛上。换句话说,这是一个实时社区,谈论你感兴趣的东西,你对它无法自拔,因为它讲的是正在发生的事情。Twitter does some of this now, but not nearly as well as it could. When the Golden State Warriors were playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of the N.B.A. finals on Tuesday night, I saw people tweeting about the game when I loaded up the Twitter app. I’m not usually interested in basketball, but the tweets suggested this was an amazing game, so I stayed fixed to the screen.这方面的工作Twitter目前也做了一些,但没有它本应有的那么好。本周二晚上,金州勇士队(Golden State Warriors)和克利夫兰骑士队(Cleveland Cavaliers)进行NBA决赛的第3场比赛时,我打开Twitter应用,看到人们在发关于这场比赛的推文。我通常对篮球不怎么感兴趣,但推文里说这场比赛打得很精,所以我决定看一看。Twitter made the experience difficult. I couldn’t see a running score, I didn’t know whose accounts to follow for the best stuff about the game, and basketball tweets were mixed in with ordinary posts about everything else. Tapping on some N.B.A. hashtags created a more focused feed, but it was still a messy experience, with lots of repetition, and, worse, boring tweets. The only reason I stuck with it is because I’m aly a Twitter addict. Most people would have bailed.在Twitter上体验这个事情很困难。我看不到实时的比分增加,我不知道该关注哪些帐号才能看到有关这场比赛的最精的内容,篮球方面的推文和所有其他一般性的推文混在在一起。点击一些关于NBA的#标签,可以看到重点更集中的推文,但仍然相当混乱,有很多重复内容,而且更糟糕的是,很多无聊的内容。我坚持看下去唯一的理由就是我已经是个“Twitter迷”了。大多数人可能都会放弃。Mr. Sacca offered many obvious improvements to Twitter’s problems with live viewing. Twitter, he suggested, should hire human editors to create curated feeds for special events. It should offer these specialized feeds to users who don’t check in to the service very much, without requiring them to log in or to follow certain accounts permanently.对于Twitter在现场直播方面的问题,萨卡提供了很多明显的改进建议。他建议Twitter雇佣编辑人员来规划特别活动的推文。Twitter还应该提供一些专门的推文给那些不常登录它的用户,而不是总是要求他们登录或关注某些帐户。“Done right, live Twitter will have sports scores and TV listings front and center and will be the place everyone visits first to see how the game is going or when the show starts,” he wrote.“正确做法是,‘Twitter直播’会有比赛成绩和电视节目表,放在靠前和中心位置,大家最先就会去这个地方,看看比赛进行得怎么样了,或者比赛什么时候开始,”他写道。The best analog for Mr. Sacca’s vision is a digital-era version of television or radio — a global coming together in an otherwise lifeless, anodyne digital world. Twitter’s next chief could build such a thing. And it could be glorious.萨卡的设想,就好比是打造一个数字时代的电视台或电台——在一个原本缺乏生机、平淡无奇的数字世界中,让大家聚集一堂。 Twitter下一任首席执行官可以打造出这样的东西。那将是非常出的。 /201506/380866Little interest in the next iPhone#39;s purported Force Touch feature combined with weak demand in China could sink iPhone sales in the fourth quarter, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.分析师郭明池称,下一代iPhone的压感触控功能(Force Touch)在中国遭到了冷遇,国内需求低,这很可能会导致iPhone第四季度销量下滑。Reportedly slated for the iPhone 6S, Force Touch makes the screen pressure-sensitive so it responds to how you press on the surface and is aly in use on the the MacBook and Apple Watch. But Force Touch has failed to generate much excitement among MacBook and Apple Watch owners, Kuo said in an investors note picked up on Tuesday by Taiwanese news site Apple Daily. So Force Touch may not be ;the most significant change to the iPhone#39;s interface to date; that the analyst claimed it would be in an April report, according to Kuo#39;s latest opinion.据称,具备压感触控功能的iPhone 6S可以感知用户按压表面的不同力度,从而调出不同的对应功能。而这项技术已经在MacBook和Apple Watch上得到了应用。但是本周二的台湾苹果日报中刊登了郭明池的这样一番评价:压感触控并没有在MacBook和Apple Watch的用户激起很大的反响。与今年4月份郭明池爆料iPhone 6S将持Force Touch的时候态度明显不同,他现在并不认为压感触控是“苹果iOS迄今为止最大的变革”了。Expected to be released in September, the next iPhone comes in an ;off-year; for Apple. That means the new handset will likely offer a few enhancements and one significant new feature. But this year#39;s phone won#39;t be considered a major upgrade as was last year#39;s big-screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. If Force Touch doesn#39;t prove to be a killer feature for the new iPhone, existing iPhone users may see little reason to upgrade. That could push overall iPhone sales down in the fourth quarter, according to Kuo.预计在九月份发布的下一代iPhone可谓是“生不逢时”。一般来说,新机除了会做一些性能提升外,更重要的是会带来一项重要的新功能。但是今年的iPhone相比去年发布的大屏幕iPhone6和 IPhone6 Plus而言,恐怕不足以吸引用户升级购买。郭明池认为,如果Force Touch对于新的iPhone来说确实不能算作杀手级特性的话,iPhone手机的当前用户几乎没有理由购买新机,这也将导致iPhone的销量在第四季度直线下跌。Another factor that Kuo believes will hurt fourth-quarter iPhone sales is China. Still the world#39;s largest smartphone market, China is seeing weaker demand for mobile phones as the market has become more saturated. Apple has been hit by the downturn, losing its spot as the No. 1 smartphone seller in China and now in third place behind local vendors Xiaomi and Huawei, according to research firm Canalys. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged that China could see some ;speed bumps; because of economic woes.郭明池认为会损害iPhone第四季度销量的另一因素就是中国。中国当前仍是世界上最大的智能手机市场,但其手机市场已经趋于饱和,用户对于手机的需求正在减弱。据调研公司Canalys的数据显示,苹果公司已经开始衰退了,当前已失去了在中国智能手机销量第一的地位,位于本土品牌小米和华为之后,屈居第三。甚至苹果的CEO Tim Cook都已经承认,由于经济低迷,中国市场的发展已经进入了“减速带”。With no real killer feature for the new iPhone and sluggish demand in China, Kuo said that iPhone sales in the fourth quarter could fall to between 65 million and 75 million. If that forecast isn#39;t on the higher side, then sales would actually drop below the record 74.5 million iPhones reported in the same quarter in 2014. That would mark the first time that quarterly iPhone sales dropped on a year-to-year basis.郭明池预测,由于新版iPhone没有真正的杀手级特性,而中国市场需求也不旺盛,iPhone在第四季度的销售可能会跌至6500-7500万部左右。照此估计,iPhone的销量将低于去年同期苹果7450万部的骄人成绩,也将面临其历史上第一次销量下滑。Nothing definitive is known about the next iPhone at this point. Apple is expected to stick with the same screen sizes introduced last year -- one iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen and a larger edition with a 5.5-inch display. Kuo has suggested that the new phones will be powered by the Samsung-produced A9 processor, the successor to the current A8 chip. Combine that with 2GB of RAM, and the next iPhones would offer a hefty bump in power and speed over the iPhone 6.截止目前,关于新版iPhone的任何消息均不能保确切。苹果公司很可能继续延续去年发布的屏幕尺寸版本:一款4.8英寸,同时发布一版5.5英寸屏幕的iPhone。郭明池预测新版iPhone将会采用三星制造的A9处理器,以代替当前的A8芯片。再结合2GB的RAM存储器,下一代iPhone将比iPhone6在运行和速度方面都有一个飞跃。 /201509/397963

Technology makes our lives better. You#39;re taking a MOOC class, and have your appointments organized on your computer. You watch wepisodes on your internet-capable high-definition television. You pay your bills electronically and save time and money. That#39;s fine and dandy, until someone takes out the electronic banking system and the machines take over the planet.科技为我们带来了更美好的生活。你可以参加网络课程,利用电脑整理自己的约会事宜。你也可以在持联网的高清电视机上浏览网页,使用网络进行电子付。这一切都让人觉得如此得心应手,直到有一天你发现,有人可以侵入的网上交易系统,而先进的机器将会攻陷我们的星球。Sounds crazy? Perhaps. None of the gadgets and innovations we included in our list of 10 scary technologies is likely to rain death and destruction on our little planet, though that doesn#39;t prevent people from being unnerved by them. Read on to find out what weirdness may await in the future.这听起来是不是很疯狂?或许吧。以下我们列出的这10个吓人的科技发明中,不论是小玩意还是大发明,都不大可能对我们的星球造成伤害甚至是毁灭性的打击。只不过人们仍然对此感到惶惶不安。现在就让我们来看看,未来到底有什么古怪的事情在等着我们吧。10.Hearing Voices at the Store10.商店里的私人扩音器Imagine that you walk into your friendly neighborhood big box store and instead of being greeted by a smiling retiree, you hear whispered voices prompting you to buy things. You spin around to see who#39;s speaking, but there#39;s no one there and none of the other shoppers seem alarmed. Have you finally gone nuts? No, but the ]advertising industry has.想想看,你走进附近一家环境不错的大型超市,迎接你的并不是一位面带笑容的老年人,而是亲切温柔的声音耳语般地鼓励你购买一些商品。你四处搜寻,想要找到声音的来源,然而店内并无任何工作人员。你环顾四周,发现身边的其他消费者也并无异常。最后你会不会好奇的简直要疯掉了呢?不,当然不会。真正疯狂的是那些广告商。A company called Holosonics has developed a technology called the Audio Spotlight system, which uses tiny speakers to focus sound into a very narrow beam. Ultrasonic frequencies are too high for the human ear to hear, but as the sound travels from the Audio Spotlight system#39;s speakers, air distorts the sound and makes it audible. It#39;s perfect for in-store advertising, but you#39;d have to be standing in the right place to hear it.全方位应用声学公司(Holosonics)已经研发了一种称作“声音聚焦系统”的技术,能够利用微型扩音器将声音聚集成狭窄的一束。因超声波的频率过高,人类自然无法听到这类声音。但是应用了“声音聚焦系统”的扩音器发出声音后,空气可以改变超声波,使其能够为人类所听见。这种技术用来进行店内广告及营销工作简直是再合适不过了!然而要注意的是,只有站在正确的位置才能听到声音。9.DNA Hacking9.解密DNAWhen the human genome was fully mapped in 2003, researchers around the globe began to dissect the genome#39;s 3 billion-plus base pairs for the root causes of diseases like Alzheimer#39;s and common cancers. But that was only the beginning. The real dream of biotechnology is not only to understand how our DNA expresses itself, but also to ;write; new DNA that heals disease and repairs bodies from the inside out. J. Craig Venter, the bio-entrepreneur whose company helped map the genome, reached a new milestone in 2010 when he built the world#39;s first synthetic, self-replicating chromosome He loaded some homemade synthetic DNA into a bacterial cell and watched it grow and divide according to computer-generated As, Ts, Gs and Cs. By his own reckoning, he had created ;life.;在人类基因组计划于2003年圆满完成之后,全球范围内的研究人员都开始深入研究基因组中30多亿个碱基,试图找出一些疾病如阿兹海默或其他常见癌症的根本病因。然而这仅仅是个开始。生物科技的终极理想不仅在于搞清楚基因表达的方式,还要能够实现新型基因的创造,从而实现由内而外、完全治愈疾病的目的。克雷格·文特尔(J.Craig Venter)是一名生物科技领域的的企业家,其研究机构为“人类基因组”计划贡献了一份力量。2010年,他所进行的“全球首例人工合成、自我复制的染色体”项目取得突破性进展。克雷格·文特尔将人工合成的DNA植入菌细胞,通过计算机生成四种碱基(As,Ts,Gs 和Cs)来观察菌细胞的分化生长。用他自己的话来说,他是在创造生命。In the happy scenario, biologists of the near future will figure out how to program viruses and bacteria to deliver custom-made cures that shrink cancerous tumors or reverse the tide of dementia. In the super scary scenario, bioterrorists engineer deadly superbugs that target us at a genetic level. In a 2012 article, The Atlantic imagined a technologically plausible scheme in which the president of the ed States is assassinated by a highly contagious cold designed to target a weak link in his specific genetic code. To keep your DNA out of enemy hands, it#39;s best not to leave the house without a hairnet and rubber gloves.如果事情发展顺利的话,在不远的将来,生物学家有望控制细菌和病毒,针对患病者的病症提供所需的治疗,从而缓和癌症类肿瘤的病况或是有效扭转老年痴呆的发作。不过,如果事情朝着极其可怕的一面发展,生化恐怖分子也可能研发出致命性的超级细菌,直接从基因层面上对人类构成威胁。2012年,美国大西洋月刊发表一篇文章,作者在文章中提出一个科技上完全可行的假设:通过使人感染一种高传染性的感冒,你能暗杀美国总统于无形,因为这种感冒能攻击人体基因代码中某一特定的微弱链接。这样看来,要想避免敌人获取你的DNA,以后出门时发网和橡胶手套可都要随身携带啦。8.Cyberwar8.网络战争Imagine a war fought completely by computer. No, we#39;re not talking about a scene out of the movie ;WarGames,; we#39;re talking an all-out attack on a nation#39;s electronic infrastructure. What#39;s that, you may ask? Those are the systems that control emergency response services, banks and other electronic commerce, the systems that run the electrical grid, water and fuel pipeline controls, and oh, yeah: defense weaponry. A well-executed attack could cause serious disruption and open the populace up to physical threats.你能想象一场完全由电脑来对峙的战争吗?等等,我们说的可不是《战争游戏》中的一些场面,而是大家的电脑火力全开地攻击一个国家的电子设施。听到这里你的反应可能是:“呃,你在说什么?”我们所说的电子设施就是那些控制着应急务部门、、电子贸易、国家电网、供水管道、燃油管道和……噢!还有怎么能少的了防御武器装备运行系统。一场精心设计的网络攻击可以完全瓦解上述的电子设施,甚至乎会影响到普通大众的人身安全。In 2013, FBI Director James Comey predicted that cyberattacks would soon overtake traditional international terrorism as the greatest threat to homeland security. In 2008,Georgia suspected Russia of denial-of-service attacks (which Russia denied). In 2013, South Korea accused North Korea of cyberttacks. Hackers have taken on the Pentagon, and some suspect terrorist organizations of training their operatives to launch computer assaults. So how do you defend against a cyberattack? Educating people about computer viruses and Trojan horses will help, and using updated antivirus software is also important.联邦调查局局长詹姆斯#8226;科米(James Comey)在2013年预测,网络攻击会很快超越传统的国际恐怖组织,成为国家安全的最大隐患。2008年,在美国佐治亚州(Georgia),有互联网研究专家怀疑俄罗斯政府对美国发起了阻断务攻击。(译注:denial-of-service attacks,缩写:DoS,亦称洪水攻击,是一种网络攻击手法,其目的在于使目标计算机的网络或系统资源耗尽,使务暂时中断或停止,导致其对目标客户不可用。)而俄国政府对此言论表示否认。2013年韩国控告朝鲜对其进行网络攻击。这么多的网络攻击事件传出后,顿时言论四起,有的说黑客已经攻破了五角大楼的防火墙,还有的说有些疑似恐怖组织正在训练特工,准备发起电脑袭击。那么身陷不安全网络的我们该如何防范呢?为了能够让大众更安全地上网,政府应该普及有关计算机病毒和特洛伊木马病毒(Trojan horses)的各种知识,让公众能够识别并预防,除此之外,还应该不断更新使用的杀毒软件。Cyberattacks actually might be useful tools against machines that have learned to think for themselves and chosen to eliminate humanity. It#39;s the stuff of science fiction, but why do some people believe this could happen? Learn more on the next page.科幻小说可能会出现:网络攻击实际上是用来对付那些拥有了意识并想要消除人类的机器的。但为什么会有人相信呢?不要走开,下一小节告诉你。审校:Fiona 校对:落花生 Freya然 /201507/384945

Bill Gates is planning to double his personal investment in innovative green technologies to bn over the next five years in an attempt to “bend the curve” on climate change.比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)计划在未来5年将自己对创新绿色技术的个人投资增加一倍,至20亿美元,希望借此改变气候变化的趋势线。The billionaire philanthropist said he had invested about bn in dozens of early-stage companies — including battery, next generation nuclear and free air carbon capture — hoping they would develop “breakthrough” technologies.这位亿万富翁慈善家表示,他已对数十家早期阶段公司投资约10亿美元,希望它们将开发出“突破性”技术。这些公司活跃于电池、下一代核电和大气层碳捕捉等领域。Mr Gates, who is listed by Forbes as the world’s richest person with a net worth of almost bn, said he had invested directly in about 15 companies and indirectly in another 30. “Over the next five years, there’s a good chance that will double,” he told the Financial Times.以接近800亿美元净资产被《福布斯》(Forbes)列为世界首富的盖茨表示,他已直接投资了约15家公司,另外还间接投资了30家公司。他对英国《金融时报》表示,“未来5年里,投资额很可能将翻倍。” /201506/383336With the end of the year approaching, list season is in full swing, with media ranking the best and worst things of 2014. Gamers deserve a list of their own, especially with the release of Xbox One and PS4 one year ago. In the time since, both systems have unleashed a torrent of interactive games with beautiful graphics.年末临近,榜单季也如火如荼全面展开,各大媒体纷纷盘点起2014年度之最。游戏玩家们也值得拥有一份自己的榜单,尤其是一年前我们迎来了Xbox One与PS4两款游戏机,一大批画面精美的互动式游戏也陆续登陆这两大平台。Here we briefly review some of the best games released for both systems over the past year.下面,就让我们简单回归一下过去一年中这两大平台上发布的几款最棒的游戏。Sunset Overdrive落日超驰Platform: Xbox One游戏平台:Xbox OneIt is a diverse open-world shooting game. It’s set in a city where people have ingested an energy drink that’s turned them into mutants. Players must escape the city by blasting enemies and collecting fun gadgets. One of the game’s big selling points is its action-oriented movement. Every area is full of rails you can slide on and walls you can run along. “Never has getting from Point A to Point B in an open-world game provided so much enjoyment,” said IGN. “It provides some of the most fun, frantic, and fantastic gaming.”这是一款多重开放(是这么说吗)游戏世界的射击类游戏。游戏中的城市里人们喝下某种能量饮料而发生了突变。玩家们必须通过击中敌人并收集各种神奇武器,逃离城市。这款游戏的最大的卖点在于动感十足。滑翔轨道与可供奔跑的墙壁俯拾即是。IGN公司则称,“作为点对点的开放世界游戏,还没谁可与之匹敌,令玩家如此享受。它将带给玩家有趣、疯狂、奇妙的游戏体验。” /201412/346996

If you#39;ve been itching to try Windows 10 Mobile on your Windows Phone 8.1 device, we#39;ve got some bad news. Microsoft says older Lumias won#39;t be upgraded until ;early 2016,; which is a slight delay from the ;December; timeline it had offered before. For the time being, that means the only way to try the new OS is to buy the Lumia 950 or the 950 XL.持有微软Windows Phone 8.1的Lumia用户,如果你一直在期待Windows 10 Mobile更新的话,很遗憾,这里有一个坏消息要告诉你了。早些时候,微软正式宣布将这部分产品的升级时间从原来的12月推迟至2016年初,换句话说,想马上体验最新版系统的话,就只有去买Lumia 950/950XL 这一个办法了。Microsoft hasn#39;t explained the reasons behind the postponement, although we suspect it#39;s to give its new software some much-needed polish. While testing the Lumia 950, we noticed a number of bugs and performance hiccups that could and should be ironed out. Windows 10 is an important play for Microsoft.至于延后的原因,微软并没有进行具体的说明。但我们猜测是需要更多的时间来完善新版本软件。而在测试新手机时,官方发现了许多系统bug以及卡顿现象,所以这都需要,也应该被完善。Windows 10对微软来说是非常重要的一步。In a statement to ZDNet, a Microsoft spokesperson said:以下是微软发言人在至顶网带来的官方说明:;This November we introduced Windows 10 to phones including brand new features such as Continuum and Universal Windows Apps with the introduction of the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will begin rolling out early next year to select existing Windows 8 and 8.1 phones.;“11月,我们介绍了Windows 10手机版的全新的功能,如使用Lumia 950和950 XL展示的Continuum和通用Windows应用程序。Windows 10 Mobile更新将从从明年年初开始向适配的现有Windows 8和8.1手机推送。”It#39;s also unclear exactly which devices will be eligible for the upgrade next year. Microsoft has confirmed that handsets will need at least 8GB of internal storage, but that#39;s about it.现在也不清楚到底哪款机器能够在明年满足升级的要求。微软官方唯一确定的是手机需要至少8GB的内存,仅此而已。 /201512/416773

HONG KONG — China’s Internet companies, in recent years, have been the shining stars of growth, with Alibaba and Tencent rivaling in size some of their most formidable global competitors.香港——近几年来,中国的互联网企业一直是经济增长中的亮点,阿里巴巴和腾讯的规模堪与全球最强大的竞争对手媲美。Inspired by their success and driven by huge buyouts of smaller companies by China’s Internet giants, investors have poured money into new start-ups.它们的成功,以及中国互联网巨头斥巨资收购小型公司的潮流,促使投资者纷纷将资金注入了新成立的初创企业。But new figures from the end of 2015 show that wave of investment may be coming to an end, or at least slowing.但是从2015年底的最新数据来看,这波投资热潮可能即将结束,至少是在放慢速度。In China, venture capital investment fueling the growth of new start-ups fell 29 percent in the fourth quarter from the level in the third quarter, according to a new report from CB Insights and KPMG. The report, which calls the drop in funding a “crash,” says it is linked to economic uncertainty in the region.风险投资推动了新生初创企业的增长,但研究公司CB Insights和毕马威(KPMG)发布的一份新报告显示,中国第四季度的风险投资比第三季度减少了29%。该报告形容这种融资减少是“暴跌”,认为它与地区经济状况的不确定性有关。Among the contributors may be the Chinese Internet giants that have fueled the boom. Hiring freezes at Alibaba and Baidu have signaled recent caution about spending, according to Mark Natkin, founder of the research firm Marbridge Consulting in Beijing.之前推动那波繁荣的中国互联网巨头,可能也在暴跌当中发挥了作用。调研企业北京迈瑞咨询有限公司(Marbridge Consulting)的创始人马克·纳特金(Mark Natkin)认为,阿里巴巴和百度冻结招聘,显示它们最近在出上变得谨慎。“A year or two ago, V.C.s felt they didn’t have to drive a company all the way to I.P.O. for an exit because Baidu, Tencent and Alibaba were rolling down the aisles with their shopping carts,” he said, referring to venture capital firms. He pointed out that now those firms are less focused on smaller companies, and instead are preoccupied with consolidating more mature sectors like group buying and ride-hailing apps.“一两年前,风投觉得不必一直把初创公司推到上市才能退出,因为百度、腾讯和阿里巴巴在大举收购小公司,”他说。他指出,目前巨头们不那么关注于收购小公司了,而是忙着在较为成熟的领域进行整合,比如团购、拼车应用。A looming question is how much recent market turmoil in China will affect private fund-raising in 2016. A major slowdown could dent Beijing’s ambitions to continue the rapid growth of the Internet industry.一个迫在眉睫的问题是,中国近期的市场动荡会对2016年的私募融资形势造成多大的影响。经济的严重放缓,可能会打击北京让互联网行业保持快速增长的雄心。In recent economic plans, the Chinese Communist Party has identified Internet-related businesses as fundamental to the transition of the Chinese economy from one centered on infrastructure investment to one based on consumer spending.在最近的经济计划中,中国共产党已经表示,与互联网相关的企业,在中国经济从依靠基础设施投资向依靠消费出转型的过程中,是一个根本性的力量。The slowdown comes as total Asian venture capital investment hit levels last seen in 2013 in North America, before the most recent boom in investment there. Just last week China announced a billion fund to help bail out struggling electronics makers and other tech firms, a potential indication that the recent slowdown and stock market turmoil could spill over into the strategically important tech sector.在中国投资放缓之际,亚洲风险投资总体达到了北美2013年的水平,当时北美还没有出现最近的投资热潮。上周,中国宣布提供300亿美元的资金,帮助那些苦苦挣扎的电子产品生产商及其他科技企业摆脱困境,这个潜在的迹象说明,最近经济放缓及股市震荡的情况会影响到具有重要战略意义的科技行业。The Chinese trend follows a broader pullback in global venture capital investment at the end of 2015. In the ed States, deals fell for the second straight quarter to their lowest level since 2011, according to the report. In the last quarter of the year, the total amount of money funding private companies fell by 30 percent from the previous quarter.中国的这种趋势符合2015年末全球风投广泛回撤的形势。报告显示,在美国,交易连续第二个季度下滑,降至2011年来的最低水平。在去年第四季度,私有公司拿到的投资总额比前一季度下降了30%。Yet the drop-off in China and Asia comes amid a very different context than the drop-off in the ed States. In Asia, the increase in venture capital funding rose much more sharply after 2013. Such investment in Asia jumped from just .8 billion in the first quarter of 2014 to .2 billion in the third quarter of 2015. In the fourth quarter it fell to .7 billion.但与美国风投金额减少的情况相比,中国和亚洲地区风投金额减少的背景完全不同。在亚洲,风投资金在2013年后大幅增加,从2014年第一季度的28亿美元增加到了2015年第三季度的142亿美元。而第四季度,风投金额降至97亿美元。Still, 2015 was a banner year for Asian venture capital investment, with deals totaling .7 billion in 2015, well above the .1 billion in 2014 and the meager .4 billion in 2013.但2015年仍是亚洲风投领域的丰收年,这一年的交易总金额达到397亿美元,远高于2014年的211亿美元,以及2013年极少的金额——64亿美元。The report said venture capital firms may be sitting out the latest investment rounds because they expect valuations to come back down to earth in the next year or two. In Asia, roughly one-third of investment in start-ups comes from large corporations, compared to just a quarter in North America.报告称,风投公司或许不会参加最新一轮的融资,因为它们预计估值会在未来一两年回归低位。在亚洲,初创公司获得的大约三分之一投资来自大型企业,而在北美,这个比例只有四分之一。Lyndon Fung, an analyst with KPMG’s U.S. capital markets group, wrote in the report that Chinese investors are also increasingly looking abroad.毕马威美国资本市场分析师冯瑞麟(Lyndon Fung)在报告中写道,中国投资者也越来越多地将目光投向了国外市场。“We are seeing Chinese V.C. investors and V.C.-backed companies shifting their focus to invest in the international market, where things are a bit more stable, to acquire complementary technologies to strengthen their ecosystem,” he wrote.“我们看到中国的风投,及获得风投持的公司,将投资重点转移到了状况比较稳定的国际市场,从而取得互补性的技术,增强其生态系统。” /201601/424054

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