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南京鼓楼医院胎记多少钱南京武警医院疤痕价格南京市红会医院做抽脂手术价格 W. Carlos M. used to be in a wheelchair. After two years of stem cell therapy that he believes reversed his condition, Costa Rican authorities are closing down the center where he received treatment. The center has a permit to store adult stem cells, but not to perform the treatment M. received.W. Carlos M.曾经一度坐在轮椅上。据他回忆,经过两年干细胞疗法的治疗,他的病情得到了好转。然而,哥斯达黎加当局却关闭了他接受治疗的治疗中心。原因是该中心虽然拥有储存成人干细胞的资格许可,但却没有进行治疗的资格许可。And now we dont know what will happen, what reaction will have. All the people I know, every single patient has had positive reactions to the treatment. Cases with three year inability, paraplegia, and they are starting to feel their legs. We now feel truly abandoned and disappointed by the decision that was taken.现在我们不知道将来会发生什么。我认识的人,每一个在这里治疗的人都对治疗效果青睐有加。曾经有3年瘫痪的人经过治疗,逐渐能感觉到自己的腿了。现在,我们对政府的决定感到很无助,很失落。The Costa Rican Health Ministry says the Institute of Cellular Medicine is not following standard procedures in medical clinical trials. Such trials use a control group, giving a fake therapy to rule out the placebo effect.哥斯达黎加的卫生部表示,该治疗中心并没有遵从医学临床试验的标准程序。标准的医学临床试验会设置对照组,对比出干细胞疗法的副作用,并检测出它是否会引发安慰剂效果。Health Minister Maria Luisa Avila, ;The people in charge of the center should have developed protocols, investigation protocols which are viewed by bioethics committees who have an external consultant review things that are doing well, because mother-cell treatments are not approved for routine usage in any serious country. This is still a therapy which is still being investigated.;卫生部长玛丽亚·路易莎·阿维拉表示,“中心负责人已经签署了停止营业的协议,该协议由生物伦理委员会起草。该协会的外部顾问审查工作一直进行得很好。干细胞疗法在很多国家没有受到认可,它仍是一项正在研发中的治疗手段。The center was using master cells found throughout the body that give rise to many different tissues and blood cells. That had become standard treatment for certain genetic diseases. The clinics owner told Reuters he closed the clinic and admitted that some of his treatments had not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.该中心是利用从身体中提炼出的干细胞经过培育再植入到身体不同器官和血细胞中的疗法对患者进行治疗。这种治疗方法已经成为了一些遗传疾病的专门疗法。该治疗中心的所有者告诉路透社记者,他已经关闭了诊所,并承认他的一些治疗是美国食品和药物尚未批准的。Andrew B, Reuters.安德鲁·B,路透社消息。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201206/188362南京市小腿减肥多少钱

无锡妇幼保健院锯齿线提升白色锯齿线假体隆鼻价格Science and technology科学与技术Policing治安The aftershocks of crime犯罪余震An idea borrowed from seismology may help to predict criminal activity.从地震学上获取的灵感或许能预测犯罪行为。LOS ANGELES is one of the most under-policed cities in America.洛杉矶是美国警力最不足的城市之一,With a mere 26 officers for every 10,000 residents, the Los Angeles Police Department needs all the help it can get.每一万个市民只分配了26名警察,因此洛杉矶警局急需各方援。That help may be at hand, with a modification of technology used to predict another type of threat that the city is prone to: the aftershocks from earthquakes. Big earthquakes are unpredictable.援也许就近在咫尺,只要将一项技术修改一下便可。这项技术原本是用来预测余震的—这个城市很容易受到的另一种灾难。Once they have happened, however, they are usually followed by further tremors, and the pattern of these is tractable.大地震是无法预测的,但是大地震发生后随之而来的余震模式却是可以掌控的。George Mohler, a mathematician at Santa Clara University, in California, thinks something similar is true of crimes.加利福尼亚州的圣克拉拉大学的数学家乔治·默赫勒认为,余震和犯罪有着相似之处。There is often a pattern of “aftercrimes” in the wake of an initial one.在初始犯罪后,常会尾随一种“犯罪后效应”模式。The similarity with earthquakes intrigued him and he wondered if the mathematical formulas that seismologists employ to predict aftershocks were applicable to aftercrimes, too.这种和地震的相似性激起了他的兴趣,于是他想,如果地震学家应用的预测余震的数学公式应用到犯罪后效应中,又会如何呢?To test this idea, he and a team of researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles, adapted a computer program used by seismologists to calculate the likelihood of aftershocks.为了测试这一想法,他和一队来自加利福尼亚大学的研究人员采用了一套地震学家用来计算余震可能性的电脑程序,They then seeded it with actual LAPD data on 2,803 residential burglaries that occurred in an 18km-by-18km region of the San Fernando valley, one of the city’s largest districts, during 2004.输入了2004年,在圣费尔南多谷中面积为18*18km2的区域里发生的2803起住宅爆窃案的警方数据。Using the seismological algorithms, the computer calculated which city blocks were likely to experience the highest number of burglaries the next day, and thus which 5% of homes within the area were at particular risk of being broken into.通过地震学的运算法则,电脑计算出了哪些街区在第二天可能会遭到大批盗窃,因此区域内5%的住宅都冒有很大被盗的风险。In one test the program accurately identified a high-risk portion of the city in which, had it been adequately patrolled, police could have prevented a quarter of the burglaries that took place in the whole area that day.在一项测试中,这个程序精确地辨识出了该市的一块高风险区,而如果巡逻充足,警方本可以在那一天阻止该地区四分之一的盗窃案。In addition to modelling burglary, Dr Mohler examined three gang rivalries in Los Angeles, using data from 1999 to 2002, and discovered that similar patterns emerge from gang violence as retaliations typically occur within days—and metres—of an initial attack.除了用盗窃案做模型,默赫勒用1999到2002年的数据,也检测了三起洛杉矶的帮派斗争,并发现了相同的模式:在最初的袭击之后,几天内会在邻近区域很典型地发生复仇暴力。That, too, should help police deploy their limited resources more effectively.这也能帮助警方更有效地部署有限的资源。RoboCop move over, then. ComputerCop is coming.机器战警已经过时,现在是电脑战警的时代了。 /201302/225460南京拉双眼皮手术 In 1900 Albert Einstein was a 21-year-old undergraduate at Swiss Federal Polytechnic that this young man will one day be synonymous with genius with something none of his professors would have predicted. 1900年,阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦年仅21岁,他是瑞士联邦理工学院的大学生,这位年轻人总有一天会有一些诸如天才的代名词笼罩在身,他的任何教授都没有预测到。It K class the professors thought he was goof-off as the consequence Einstein could not get a single chart after graduction.K班教授认为他偷懒,爱因斯坦在毕业后甚至不可能得到一份像样的工作。He even thought about switching field and selling insurance.他甚至想到转换行业跑去销售保险。Can you imagine opening the door one day and there was Albert Einstein selling you life insurance ? 你能想象有一天打开门,看见爱因斯坦在对你兜售生命保险吗?What a waste .Einstein thought he was such a loser.这就像是废物一样。爱因斯坦认为自己是一个失败者。He wrote a letter to his family saying that it would be better if perhaps he was never born. 他写了一封信给他的家人称如果自己从来没有出生,或许会更好。Nobody was talking about the young Albert Einstein.没有人谈论年轻的阿尔伯特;爱因斯坦。注:听力文本来源于普特201203/174728南京韩式分层吸脂

南京鞍鼻矫正价格 When Continents Collide: The History Of Our Planet大陆相撞:我们星球的历史It was one of the Earths momentous times. Continents collided. Volcanoes erupted. Ocean currents shifted. Species ran amok.这是地球意义非凡的时刻之一。大陆板块碰撞,火山喷发,洋流变化,各种物种横行。Twenty million years ago, North and South America were arranged in nearly the same positions as they are today. The big difference being, they were separated by a deep open channel called the Central American Seaway. There was no Panama and no need for a Panama Canal because there was clear sailing from the Atlantic to the Pacific.两千万年前,南北美洲与今天相比位置相差无几。最大的迥异之处在于,它们被一条称作中美航道的深邃广阔的海峡分开。当时没有巴拿马,也没有巴拿马运河存在的必要,因为当时有从大西洋到太平洋的畅通的航道。But the Earth is a geologically active planet with shifting crustal plates. During the time period between twenty and three million years ago, the Pacific Plate collided with the Caribbean Plate, pushing magma to the surface to make islands in the sea, and eventually creating a land bridge between the two continents. The movement not only changed the land, it disrupted ocean currents, opened a door to species migrations and probably altered the worlds climate.但地球是一个地壳板块不停运动,地质十分活跃的星球。在两千万年前到三千万年前的这段时间里,太平洋板块与加勒比海板块发生碰撞,使得岩浆喷发出地表在海 洋中形成岛屿,并最终形成了连接上述两块大陆的陆地桥梁。这一运动不光改变了陆地,同时也改变了洋流,为物种迁移提供条件,并很可能改变了地球的气候。When the land bridge closed, equatorial waters could no longer mix. The Atlantic became saltier and the Pacific more dilute, creating a gradient that moves water in a giant loop around the globe today. Warm Atlantic water that used to pass through the gap moved northward, becoming the Gulf Stream. Scientists believe these changes created a warmer Europe and contributed to our recent cyclic ice ages.当陆地桥梁合拢的时候,赤道附近的水域无法再相通。大西洋变得盐度更大,而太平洋恰恰相反,这就形成梯度,成为今天的全球洋流大循环。温暖的大西洋海水之 前流经海峡,如今只能向北流动,形成墨西哥湾暖流。科学家相信这些变化使得欧洲更加温暖,并影响了我们最近一次周期性冰河世纪的到来。The land bridge also opened the way for species to cross from one continent to the other. Deer, horses, raccoons, bears and the camel ancestors of llamas moved south across the bridge. Anteaters, porcupines, opossums and armadillos moved north.陆地桥梁同时也为物种在大陆之间的迁移创造条件。鹿,马,浣熊,熊和美洲驼的骆驼祖先通过这座“桥”来到南美洲。食蚁兽、豪猪、负鼠、犰狳 则一路向北。Unfortunately, many large South America species couldnt compete with the North American animals and became extinct, changing the ecology of an entire continent.不幸的是,许多大型的南美洲物种无力同北美洲迁移过来的动物竞争,从而灭绝,这改变了整个大陆的生态系统。 /201206/187719南京省妇幼保健院脱毛价格鼓楼区妇幼保健人民中心医院打溶脂针价格



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