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:为团队做安排 687。

Conversation A: May I help you?B: Im looking some gloves.A: Over this counter, please. What kind would you like? Wool, leather, or fur?B: Fur, please.A: And what color do you like?B: Any color except black and dark blue.A: Are these all right? They wear well and dont cost much.B: Theyre just what I need, may I try them on?A: Sure.B: Theyre a bit small. Have you any larger ones?A: Yes. They come in several sizes, try these.B: These are much better, Ill take this pair.A:要帮忙吗?B:我想看看手套A:请到这个柜台来您喜欢绒线的,皮革的还是毛皮的?B:毛皮的吧A:您喜欢什么颜色的?B:除了很色和深蓝色,其他颜色都行A:这些怎么样?它们很耐用,价钱也不贵B:这正是我想要的,我可以试戴看看吗?A:戴吧B:这双有点小,有大一点的吗?A:有这种手套有好几种尺码试试这双B:这双非常好,我买这双 1989。

本对话选自Joey《乔伊Joey Gina和Michael回家的时候Joey正在装扮新买的圣诞树虽然记者会被Joey 搞砸了,但是这没有影响到他的好心情Joey: Hey, guys. Check it out. I got the perfect tree. It smells like Christmas when we were kids, and the girl selling it had crazy low jeans on.Gina: And I found a store down by the airport that carries the Fist.Joey: Hey! Michael: So are you feeling better about the press conference thing?Joey: My boss was pretty mad at me, but I'm trying not to let it get me down, you know? I mean, it is the holiday season.重点知识解释:1. press n. 报刊; 新闻界例如:The minister invited the press to a meeting to explain his action. 部长邀请新闻界开会,向他们解释他的行动出版社,例如:the Oxd University Press 牛津大学出版社. check it out (非正式)查,核实例如:The police are still checking out his storyhis alibi.警察还在核实他交代的情况(他不在案发现场的据)例句:How does his story check out with the facts? 他的说法经核实与事实相差有多大?3. get me down 使疲倦(生病,不安);使诅丧例如:This continual wet weather is getting me down.连续下雨的天气我真受不了汉语译文:Joey: 嘿,伙计们来看看我找到了完美的树它闻起来有我们孩提时圣诞的味道售货员女孩穿着疯狂低腰的牛仔裤Gina: 我在机场回来的路上找到了一个店,他们卖“费斯特”酒Joey: 嘿!Michael: 关于那个记者招待会你感觉好点了吗?Joey: 我老板真的很生我的气,你知道,我试着不让它影响我的心情,我是说,这是节目的季节课后题目:学习完后,搞砸的记者会影响到了Joey过圣诞节的心情吗? 755。

Crocodile enthusiast Lyndon Anlezark was in northern Australia Kakadu National Park last month when he spotted a woman – and her small dog – being approached by a crocodile as they stood close to the water at Cahill Crossing.上个月,鳄鱼爱好者林登·安尼扎克在澳洲北部的卡卡杜国家公园中,拍到一名女子带着小在河边散步,当走到卡西尔路口的水域时,有一条鳄鱼不动声色的游向了他们Mr Anlezark grabbed his phone and filmed the resulting confrontation, half convinced he was about to witness something terrible.当时安尼扎克掏出手机将镜头对准了这个对峙的场面,确信他将见一些危险的事情The footage he shot shows the woman appearing totally unfazed as the saltwater crocodile gets nearer to her.根据他拍摄的镜头显示,当那条咸水鳄越来越接近这名女子时,她却看起来很镇定Then, instead of fleeing, she slips one of her flip-flops off her foot, then starts slapping it against her hand to scare off the predator.接着,她并没有逃跑,而是脱下脚上的一只人字拖开始拍打,以吓跑这只食肉动物Thankfully it works, and the huge animal swims away – as a crowd of onlookers breath a sign of relief.谢天谢地,这还挺有效,这条大鳄鱼居然知难而退——一众观看的网友们也松了一口气Mr Anlezark later uploaded the footage to his YouTube channel, appending it with a warning saying: ;Please dont walk this close to crocodiles, especially in known feeding zones.;安尼扎克随后将这条视频上传到了他的YouTube主页上,并加上了一条温馨提示:“请不要如此靠近鳄鱼,特别是在已知的饲养区里”Northern Australia has an estimated 80,000-0,000 crocodiles.澳洲北部约有8到万条鳄鱼Over the last four decades more than people in the Northern Territory have been killed by the creatures, including four fatalities in alone.过去的0年里,北领地共有余人丧生鳄口,仅年就发生了起悲剧 3665。

A: Am I right in thinking that this dress is on sale?我不知道这件衣还在打折中吗?B: Im sorry. Youre one day too late the sale.抱歉现在已经不打折了A: Couldnt you still sell it today at the sale price?那能以打折时的价钱卖给我吗?B: Im sorry. One day can make a big difference sometimes.不好意思即使才过去一天,价钱也还是会变动的A: No problem. Other stores are having sales. Ill check them out.没问题其他的店面也有打折的我在别的地方看看吧B: Bee you go, let me show you some other dresses that are on sale.你也可以先看看我们店里其他的裙子啊再去别的地方看啊 9。

A: Hi, I'm John Sandals, and I have a reservation.B: Would you show me your ID, sir, please?A: Here you go.B: Thank you very much. Now, sir, do you have a credit card?A: Certainly! Would you like my American Express card?B: Regrettably, Mr. Sandals, we accept only MasterCard or VISA.A: I thought American Express was accepted everywhere. Never mind. Here's my VISA.B: Thanks. You're in room 5, a big, nonsmoking room, with a queen bed. Is that okay, sir?A: Yes, that's just fine.B: I'm happy to hear that. Here is your key. Just dial 0 if you need anything. 96。