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惠州最好的前列腺专科医院惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院男科小米购买微软手机专利 -- :1: 来源: 日前,中国手机制造商小米购买了微软手机旗下数百项发明专利 Experts say the patent deal paves the way the Chinese firm to sell its handsets in Western markets.有专家表示,此次购买微软专利给这家中国公司在西方市场销售手机铺平了道路Microsoft will benefit from the fact that some of its Android apps - including Office and Skype - will now be pre-installed on Xiaomi devices.而微软也将会受益微软旗下的部分安卓应用程序(包括Office和Skype)将被预装在小米手机上The announcement comes at a time when Xiaomi has been struggling to meet sales targets.这一购买协议宣布得非常及时,目前小米正在为难以达到销售目标而头疼The Beijing-based company originally set itself a target of selling 0 million smartphones in .这家北京公司本来将其年的销售目标定为1亿台手机But it managed to sell only 71 million, partly because of increased competition from domestic rivals.但是小米最终只卖出了70万台手机,部分原因是因为来自国内厂商更加激烈的竞争Oppo and Vivo overtook Xiaomi in phone shipments in the first three months of , while Huawei extended its lead, according to research firm IDC.据研究公司IDC透露,年前三个月Oppo和Vivo超过了小米的手机出货量,而华为则扩大了自己的领先优势That pushed Xiaomi down to seventh place in global market share. It had been ranked third in .这使得小米的全球市场份额下跌到了第七位小米在年的市场份额曾达到了全球第三位"The patent deal comes at a pretty important time Xiaomi, which has topped out in the Chinese market," said Ben Wood from consultancy CCS Insight.咨询公司CCS Insight的本·伍德说道:“对于小米来说,这一专利购买协议来得正是时候,因为小米的目光已经不仅仅局限于中国市场了”"Intellectual property had been the biggest challenge it faced in breaking out of its active markets in Asia and Brazil. Having a patent portfolio lets it defend itself against rivals who would otherwise have sued."“要想突破亚洲和巴西的传统市场,小米面对的最大挑战便是知识产权问题拥有一些专利可以使得小米能够保护自己,否则它的竞争对手便会起诉它”Xiaomi gains nearly 1,500 patents as part of the deal, including rights to communications, and cloud technologies.作为这项交易的一部分,小米将获得约00项专利,包括通讯、视频和云技术的使用权The company has previously faced accusations of patent infringement from Blue Spike, a US-based rightsholder and Swedish telecoms equipment maker Ericsson.之前小米曾遭到数起专利侵权诉讼,Blue Spike、一个美国专利拥有者、瑞典电信装备制造商爱立信等都曾对小米提起过侵权诉讼Microsoft has recently made moves to scale back its handset operations, cutting jobs in its smartphone division and selling its Nokia-branded feature phone business.微软最近收缩了其手机业务,在智能手机部门进行的裁员,并且出售了诺基亚品牌的功能手机业务However, under chief executive Satya Nadella’s leadership it has tried to encourage use of its products on non-Windows handsets.然而,在CEO塞雅·纳德拉的领导下,微软正试图鼓励在非Windows系统手机中使用他们的产品Xiaomi aly used Microsoft’s Azure platm to power its MiCloud service.小米已经使用微软的Azure平台来持自己的“小米云”务From September, it will also pre-load Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Skype onto several of its devices including the Mi 5 and Redmi Note 3.从九月份开始,小米将把Word、Excel、PowerPoint、Outlook和Skype预装在旗下几款手机中,包括米5和红米Note3等"Microsoft doesn’t have much interest in being a mass market smartphone manufacturer," said Mr Wood.本·伍德说道:“微软对成为一个大众市场手机制造商不太感兴趣”"In doing the patent deal with Xiaomi, it gets an opporty to get more users engaged with its apps, and can attempt to turn them into an ongoing revenue stream via subscriptions and other fees.“通过和小米的这场专利交易,微软有机会让更多的用户来使用它的应用软件,从而可以通过收取订阅费和其他费用来把这批用户变成持续稳定的收入来源”"There are an awful lot of people using Microsoft products in China aly, but typically the software is pirated and has made the firm no money."“在中国,已经有非常多的人在使用微软的产品,但是这些软件一般都是盗版,从而使得微软挣不了钱”惠州友好泌尿专科医院治疗男性不育多少钱 成本上升,星巴克上调售价 --19 :9:30 来源: 由于成本上升,星巴克部分产品上调售价,但是由于国内同类产品选择较少,顾客仍会青睐星巴克 Rising costs have contributed to the price surge of some Starbucks drinks on the Chinese mainland. According to the Seattle-based coffee chain, Starbucks stores on the Chinese mainland will adjust their pricing of selected beverages by one or two yuan beginning June , . This price adjustment does not involve food, whole bean coffee, merchandise, or Starbucks reward cards.成本上升使得中国大陆内地的一些星巴克饮品价格疯涨总部位于西雅图的咖啡连锁店称,自年6月日以来,位于中国大陆的星巴克咖啡店将挑选部分饮品上调价格1到元这次调价不包括食品,全豆咖啡,商品或者星巴克奖励卡"We have always taken a long-term approach to pricing by carefully monitoring and evaluating our local market operating costs, including occupancy expenses, distribution, infrastructure,labor, innovations and other operating costs," according to the Starbucks statement.根据星巴克的一份声明:“我们一直通过严密监控和评估本地市场运营成本进行长期定价,包括入住费用,分配,基础设施,劳动力,创新和其他运营成本”"Over the past few years, we have increasingly strengthened our investments in coffee, food,store design, employee development, customer experience and digital innovations, in order to enhance the experience and provide maximum value to our partners and customers throughout China."“在过去的几年里,我们逐渐增强了在咖啡,食品,店面设计,员工发展,顾客体验和数字创新方面的投资,以便提升顾客体验,为我们的合作伙伴和全中国的客户提供最大化价值”This is the first rise since . Ben Cavender, principal of China Market Research Group, said the price change had to happen after such a long time.这是自年以来,星巴克首次上调售价中国市场研究集团主席Ben Cavender说,这么长时间以来,价格变动必定发生"Despite the low inflation, there are increasing costs most brands here in China, including rents and ingredients," he said.他说:“尽管通货膨胀率低,中国的大部分分店成本都上升了,包括房租和原材料”Since its first entrance to the Chinese market in 1999, Starbucks has opened more than 0 stores in 1 cities, making the country its largest market outside of the ed States. He said Starbucks’ current price rise of 8 to percent will not change buying behavior among Chinese customers as they don’t have many options in the coffee market, which is dominated by Starbucks. The main competitor, Costa Coffee, has even higher prices and lower priced brands have no scale.自1999年第一次进入中国市场以来,星巴克已经在1个城市开设了0多家分店,是美国以外最大的市场他说,星巴克目前售价上调8%到%不会改变中国消费者的购买习惯,因为他们咖啡市场上的选择不多,主要由星巴克主导主要竞争对手咖世家咖啡售价更高,品牌价值低,受众面低"Customers might complain about the price change a while, but the regular customers will not give it up and will keep coming back to Starbucks," said Cavender.Cavender说:“顾客可能对价格调整抱怨一会儿,但是习惯性消费者不会放弃星巴克,会继续惠顾星巴克”新发明:能为手机无线充电的衣 --30 19::19 来源: 还在为半路手机没电又找不到电源或者没有充电线而苦恼吗?来看Kickstarter最新众筹项目-能为设备无线充电的衣! Hiral Sanghavi is at it again.Hiral Sanghavi卷土重来Less than a year after the Kickstarter campaign his BauBax jacket raised a whopping . million, he’s debuting his next project -- clothes that wirelessly charge your devices.他的BauBax智能夹克在Kickstarter网站众筹中拿到9万美金的天价资金后,不到一年的时间他又在筹备下一个项目-能为设备无线充电的衣The project launched Tuesday on Kickstarter with a goal of raising 加强“困境儿童”保障 -- :36: 来源:chinadaily 国务院日前印发《关于加强困境儿童保障工作的意见,《意见指出,为困境儿童营造安全无虞、生活无忧、充满关爱、健康发展的成长环境,是家庭、政府和社会的共同责任请看相关报道:The central government on Thursday issued a guideline on taking better care of children who live in difficulties due to poverty, disabilities or lack of custody.国务院周四(6月日)发布了加强困境儿童的保障意见,这些儿童多由于贫困、残疾或者监护缺失而生活在困境中The guideline, issued by the State Council, stressed ensuring subsistence, basic medical care, schooling, custody and other ms of assistance children in difficulty.该意见强调要保障困境儿童的生存、基本医疗、入学、监护以及其他形式的帮扶困境儿童(children in difficultychildren living in difficulty)包括:因家庭贫困导致生活、就医、就学等困难的儿童(children who grow up in poverty and thus have poor access to medical treatment or education),因自身残疾导致康复、照料、护理和社会融入等困难的儿童(children who have difficulty in receiving rehabilitation and nursing due to their disabilities),以及因家庭监护缺失或监护不当遭受虐待、遗弃、意外伤害、不法侵害等导致人身安全受到威胁或侵害的儿童(children who are subject to abuse, abandonment, or accidental injuries lack of or improper family custody)《意见提出的保障措施除了生活保障和医疗保障以外,还提出对家庭困难的残疾儿童,积极推进包括义务教育、高中阶段教育在内的年免费教育(-year free education disabled children in financially challenged families),推动建立随班就读持保障体系对监护缺失、监护不力和不当的困境儿童(children with no or incompetent guardians),分类明确了替代监护的责任主体和相应程序,同时对缺少监护人的刑人员和强制隔离戒毒人员未成年子女(underage children of prisoners and drug addicts isolated in mandatory detoxification institutions)等做了相应安排(中国日报网英语点津 Helen),000.该项目于周二在Kickstarter网站启动,目标是筹集万美元资金With this line, his Seattle startup Baubax is turning jackets, jeans and shorts into mobile charging stations.如此的话,他的西雅图启动项目Baubax将把夹克、牛仔裤以及短裤变成移动充电站The clothing, which is machine washable, has copper wire built into it and a wireless charging pad that’s stitched inside a pocket.这种衣可机洗,内置了缝在口袋里的铜导线和无线充电板You charge an iPhone by putting it into a BauBax iPhone case and slipping it into the pocket. Android phones don’t require the case because they have built-in wireless charging capability. The power source is a battery bank that fits into a wallet you carry in the clothes.为苹果手机充电,要给手机套上BauBax专用iPhone壳,然后把它放到口袋里安卓手机则不需要手机壳,因为它有内置无线充电功能电能来源于衣里携带的置于皮夹里的蓄电池组Sanghavi said the battery bank can provide one full charge to a smartphone, two charges to a smartwatch and four to bluetooth earphones.Sanghavi说,蓄电池组能充满一次智能手机,两次智能手表,或者四次蓝牙耳机The battery bank can be charged with a special BauBax charging pad. It takes two to four hours to recharge the battery bank.蓄电池组需用BauBax的特殊充电板充电,充满一次电需要-小时Sanghavi, 30, had the idea this wireless charging system when he was in Hong Kong.30岁的Sanghavi在香港时有了这个无线充电系统的想法"We were there meetings with manufacturers. We were using our devices GPS and other things a lot and constantly draining the battery," he said.“我们在那儿和制造商开会,用我们的设备完成导航等等很多事,电量不断被消耗”他说In all, BauBax is designing 7 products wireless charging, including sweatshirts, jackets and wristlets, which can charge a smartphone inside of it. The clothes range from 超百万英国人签字请愿第二次脱欧公投 -- :: 来源: 在英国脱欧公投后,一份呼吁二次公投的请愿书获得了超过一百万人的签名 A petition calling a second referendum on UK’s membership of the EU has gained more than one million signatures following the vote to leave.在英国脱欧公投后,一份呼吁二次公投的请愿书获得了超过一百万人的签名The petition will be considered by Parliament as it has passed the required 0,000 threshold.只要请愿书获得超过十万人签名就将接受议会审议The UK voted to leave the EU by 5% to 8% in Thursday’s referendum but the majority of voters in London, Scotland and Northern Ireland backed Remain.在上周四的全民公投中,英国以5%比8%的投票数选择离开欧盟,但伦敦,苏格兰和北爱尔兰的大多数选民持留在欧盟David Cameron has previously said there would be no second referendum.卡梅伦此前曾表示将不会有第二次公投On Friday he said he would stand down as prime minister by October following the leave result.上周五脱欧结果出炉后,他说他将在十月份辞去首相职务’Accept that decision’“接受这个决定”The petition, set up by William Oliver Healey, states: "We the undersigned call upon HM Government to implement a rule that if the Remain or Leave vote is less than 60%, based on a turnout less than 75%, there should be another referendum."这份由威廉·奥利弗·希利起草的请愿书宣称:“我们签名呼吁英国政府实施既定规则,如果留欧或脱欧方票数少于60%,总投票率低于75%,则应该举行第二次公投”Thursday saw a 7.% turnout, significantly higher than the 66.1% turnout at last year’s general election, but below the 75% mark suggested by Mr Healey as a threshold.上周四的投票率为7.%,明显高于去年大选66.1%的投票率,但是低于希利先生提出的75%的临界值The Scottish independence referendum in had a turnout of 8.6% - but there has not been a turnout above 75% at any general election since 199.年苏格兰独立公投的投票率为8.6%,但自199以来,没有任何一次大选投票率在75%以上The petition site temporarily went down following "exceptionally high volumes of simultaneous users on a single petition, significantly higher than on any previous occasion", a House of Commons spokeswoman said.该请愿网站由于“特别高的用户量在同一时间涌入同一请愿书,显着高于以前的任何场合”暂时下线,下议院发言人说However, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn rejected the idea of a second referendum.然而,工党领袖杰瑞米·科尔宾否决了第二次全民公决的想法He said: "The referendum has taken place, a decision has been made. I think we have got to accept that decision and work out our relationship with Europe in the future."他说:“公投已经发生,人们已经作出了决定我认为我们必须接受这一决定,并处理与欧洲的未来关系”UKIP leader Nigel Farage, who has campaigned the UK to leave the EU throughout his political career, said in May that a narrow win Remain could cause unstoppable demand a rerun of the referendum.英国独立党领袖奈吉尔·法拉杰的整个政治生涯都在谋求英国脱离欧盟他在5月份表示,如果留欧派险胜,则很可能不可阻挡地引起第二次公投But Mr Cameron has said the referendum was a "once in a generation, once in a lifetime" decision, saying the UK had "referendums not neverendums".但卡梅伦表示,公投是“一代人一生只有一次”的决定,并称英国将“不会有第二次公投”The parliamentary petitions system is overseen by the Petitions Committee, which considers whether petitions that receive more than 0,000 signatures should be raised in the House of Commons and debated.议会的请愿系统由请愿委员会监督,该委员会将考虑有超过十万个签名的请愿书是否应该在下议院提出和讨论The committee is due to sit again on Tuesday.该委员会将于本周二再次开庭In a separate petition more than 0,000 people have called on London Mayor Sadiq Khan to declare the English capital independent from the UK and apply to join the EU.在一份单独的请愿书中,有超过十万人呼吁伦敦市长萨迪克·汗宣布英国首都从英国独立出来并申请加入欧盟The page, set up by James O’Malley, states: "London is an international city, and we want to remain at the heart of Europe.由詹姆斯·欧麦立起草的请愿书声称:“伦敦是一个国际化的城市,我们想要保持欧洲中心地位”"Let’s face it - the rest of the country disagrees. So rather than passive aggressively vote against each other at every election, let’s make the divorce official and move in with our friends on the continent."“让我们面对事实-这个国家的其余地区不同意这一观点与其在每次选举中被动地激烈地投票反对其他人,不如让我们与官方离婚,同我们大陆上的朋友们同居”Mr Khan has said he has no doubt London would "continue to be the successful city" but called the UK to remain part of the single market.萨迪克表示,他对伦敦将“继续成为成功的城市”这一点毫无疑虑,但呼吁英国仍然作为统一市场的一部分留下来mer London Mayor Boris Johnson, one of the leading Leave campaigners and the bookmakers’ odds-on favourite to succeed David Cameron, has insisted the UK is not "turning its back" on Europe.前伦敦市长,脱欧阵营的领导人物,下注接替卡梅伦的热门人选鲍里斯·约翰逊坚称,英国并没有“背弃”欧洲He said the decision would not make the UK any less tolerant or outward looking and would not reduce opporties young people.他表示这个决定并不会使得英国变得不宽容,眼界不开放,也不会减少给年轻人的机会 to 让地球见 男子太空求婚感动女友 -- :57:30 来源:   Jason Hakala is a specialist, so his marriage proposal was probably always going to be a recording.  杰森·哈卡拉是一位视讯专家,所以他的求婚仪式大概也会通过录制一段视频的方式  The Seattle man Hakala has now gone viral after filming a grand marriage proposal to his longtime girlfriend, Stella Yee.  此人名叫哈卡拉,来自西雅图,他拍摄了一场盛大的求婚仪式,献给他长期交往的女友斯特拉·绮,如今他已在互联网上大红大紫  He sent a helium-filled weather balloon with his phone and and a GoPro camera attached to it 90,000 feet in the air, and the camera captured his phone playing a pre-recorded message from space.  他把自己的手机和一部极限运动专用相机绑在充满氦气的气象气球上,气象气球升到了9万英尺的高空,相机在空中翻录下了手机上播放的一段他提前录制的视频  That message reduced Stella to tears, and many others as well now after the was posted to YouTube.  这段视频让斯特拉感动得热泪盈眶,这段视频被上传到YouTube视频网站上之后,也让许多观者感动得热泪盈眶  In it Hakala says: 'Hey babe. The time has finally come. It took me a trip to space to finally get the balls to do this. But I love you so much and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, Stella Yee?'  在这段视频里,哈卡拉说道:“嗨,亲爱的这一刻终于到来了只有当此刻‘我’升上太空的时候,我才鼓起勇气问你这个问题我太爱你了,我想与你共度此生斯特拉·绮,你愿意嫁给我吗?”  And she ofcourse said yes.  她的回答当然是我愿意   Hakala told that he made the balloon using a PVC pipe and attached a GPS so he and his friends could track where it landed.  哈卡拉说,他用聚氯乙烯塑料管制作了这只气球,还在气球上安装了卫星导航,这样他和女友就能追踪到它降落的地点了  They launched it from a field three hours east of Seattle.  他们在西雅图以东三个时区的位置发射了这只气球  The next day Hakala took his girlfriend - who he first met in high school - and her family on a hike in Washington.  第二天,哈卡拉带着他的女友——他们是在同一所高中认识的——以及女友的家属一起去华盛顿徒步旅行  After reaching the summit they aimed to conquer, he played the space in front of everyone.  当他们来到预定抵达的山顶上时,他在所有人面前播放了这段以太空为背景翻录的视频  The proposal took place in , but Hakala only just uploaded the online.  这场求婚仪式发生在年,不过哈卡拉最近才把这段视频上传到网上  The couple were married in Hawaii and now have a -month-old daughter named Suvi.  这对恋人已经在夏威夷结婚了,现在有一个名为苏薇的一岁零一个月大的小女儿.BauBax总共设计了7款无线充电产品,包括运动衫、夹克衫以及护腕,它们都能够充满一部智能手机衣价格从0到0美元不等The collar in each jacket also features a plug-in point to charge wireless earbuds. A separate charging inside the jacket’s sleeve can charge an AppleWatch.每件夹克衫的衣领处都有一个插入点,能够为无线耳塞充电;而夹克衫袖子处独立的充电单元能够为苹果手表充电All the accessories, including the BauBax battery bank, charging pad, iPhone case, wristlet and wallet, are sold separately.所有配件,包括BauBax电池组、充电板、iPhone壳、护腕和皮夹等,都是单独销售The company expects the clothing to be y consumers by January . However, the products come with a caveat: people with pacemakers shouldn’t use them because the electromagnetic fields may interfere with the pacemakers.该公司预计衣将于年1月面向消费者然而,这种产品有一点需要注意:带起搏器的人不能使用,因为电磁场可能会干扰起搏器Sanghavi hit a home-run with his first Kickstarter project. His campaign the BauBax travel jacket -- which has features that do everything from inflating an attached neck pillow to holding your soda can -- was the fourth most-funded on Kickstarter.Sanghavi在Kickstarter的第一个项目曾大获全胜他的BauBax旅行夹克-个功能帮助完成大大小小所有事情,从为颈枕充气到容纳苏打罐-它是Kickstarter上筹资排名第四的项目His company is aly profitable, but it hasn’t been without some backlash from consumers. The jacket was expected to be delivered in December and didn’t start shipping until early spring.他的公司已经开始盈利,但也不是没有受到过消费者的投诉夹克衫预计月发货,但第二年初春还没有开始运输"There was a four-month delay because we ran into supply chain problems," said Sanghavi. "It was a painful learning experience us."“由于供应链出了问题,当时有了四个月的延迟”Sanghavi说,“对我们来说那是个沉痛的教训”He said the vast majority of his 5,000 backers were happy with the travel jacket.他说在他的5000个赞助者中,绝大部分人都很喜欢那件旅行夹克"We did have a % to % return rate it," he said, adding that the most common complaints were about it being the wrong size or color.“我们的确拿到了%到%的回报”他说他还补充说,最常见的投诉是衣尺寸和颜色弄错了He said the company is working with new distributors in order to avoid the same problems.他说公司已经与新的经销商合作,以避免同样的问题出现 Sanghavi, the second campaign isn’t about money, per se.对Sanghavi而言,第二次众筹并不是为了钱,而是为了产品本身"This one is about market validation," he said. "We want to know if there really is a need this type of product."他说:“这是一次市场验我们想知道该类型产品是否真的有市场需求”惠州市治疗阳痿早泄

惠州友好医院割包皮去哪个科室求职失败的原因不知道?先看看这条 -- ::5 来源: 简历投了很多却石沉大海?接受了一遍又一遍的电话面试却杳无音信?看了下面的文章从自己身上找找求职失败的原因吧!Finding a good job is tough. You have to send out dozens of resumes, connect with your network, say the right things, spin around three times, and then pray really hard that the interviewer likes you enough to score an interview. But sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your interviews go nowhere. Weeks turn into months, and despite your best efts, you’re still at square one. If your job hunt has been taking longer than usual and your search seems to be leading from one dead end to another, the sobering truth is you may be causing your own mistune. Here are some the biggest mistakes that could result in you being placed on the “no hire list.”找到一份理想的工作真的很难,求职者得投上数十份简历,登录各大招聘网站,避免说错话,来回奔波,然后诚心祈祷自己能获得一次面试的机会可有时无论怎样努力,面试依旧遥遥无期等着等着,一星期就过去了,慢慢地一个月又过去了,可你的求职之路仍在原地踏步如果你找工作的时间长得离谱,一次又一次地走进死胡同,那么请直面现实:你自己才是造成这一切的元凶以下列举的种种问题可能导致你登上“招聘黑名单”1. Showing up in a bad mood1.流露出不良情绪No matter what happened to you immediately bee the interview, and no matter how tiring your job search has been, don’t come to the interview with a sour attitude. No one wants to work with someone who is always scowling and complaining. Your interviewer cares about your skills, but he or she also wants to work with someone who won’t negatively affect team morale.无论面试前发生了什么,无论找工作有多累,面试时都不要垂头丧气没人愿意和终日怒气冲冲、抱怨连天的人一起共事面试官确实很关注求职者的专业技能,但他们并不希望招来的人给团队带来负能量Corporate trainer Chavaz Kingman said if you want the job, you’ll have to fix your attitude. “One thing people don’t often think of bee a job interview is the mood they are in. If you have friends or relatives who are not your greatest cheerleaders, then don’t speak to them bee the job interview. You want to be as uplifted and as focused as possible. Get rid of the negative voices bee walking into the interview,” Kingman told The Cheat Sheet.企业训练师查瓦斯·金曼表示如果求职者想找到一份工作,首先要端正态度“许多人在面试前都没有关注过自己的情绪如果有些亲友无法令你感到快乐,那么在面试前不要和他们说话你要尽可能保持愉悦,保持专注进行面试前要屏蔽掉那些负面的声音”金曼这样告诉Cheat Sheet. Being unprepared.准备不足Bee you go to your interview, make sure you take care of the basics. It’s not enough to wear a new suit and have perfect hair. At the very least, you should know some inmation about the company as well as a few things about your interviewer, such as his or her work experience. Life and career coach Maggie Reyes said preparation is as simple as doing an internet search. It only takes a few minutes to look this inmation up on the corporate web page. “Well-prepared candidates review the company website. If they know who they will be meeting, they look them up on LinkedIn or Google and learn about their interviewer. They prepare questions about the role and the company ahead of time and ask intelligent, relevant questions during the interview,” Reyes told The Cheat Sheet.在进行面试前一定要了解一些基本信息穿件新衬衫,做个好看的头型是远远不够的至少你要了解面试官的工作经历等基本信息人生职业生涯教练玛姬·雷耶斯表示面试前的准备和在网上找工作一样简单,只需花几分钟在公司网页上了解一下即可“准备充分的求职者会浏览公司的网站如果他们知道了面试官是谁,会登录领英或者谷歌进行相应的了解他们会就面试官可能提出的有关职位和公司的问题进行准备,在面试中也会向面试官提出有见地的相关问题”雷耶斯如是说3. Disregarding the phone interview3.忽视电话面试Don’t take the phone interview lightly. Your success or failure could determine whether you are granted a face-to-face interview. Just because the interview is over the phone doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare. Do your best to sound enthusiastic and do enough research so that you can ask and answer a variety of questions. “Candidates should never discount a phone interview as just a screening call. Today, many employers conduct a series of phone interviews bee inviting candidates to meet in person. It’s important to prepare a phone interview just as you would an in-person meeting,” Annette Richmond, a mer recruiter and founder of Career Intelligence Resume Writing and Career Services, told The Cheat Sheet.千万不要轻视电话面试电话面试的成败直接关系到求职者能否得到真人面试的机会不要认为在电话中面试便不需要进行准备了尽可能让自己的声音听上去充满热情,进行充分的调查,才能有应对各式各样的问题的底气和主动发问的资本Career Intelligence Resume Writing and Career公司创始人安妮特·里奇蒙德曾担任过面试官,她在接受Cheat Sheet网站采访时表示“应聘者千万不能把电话面试看成打电话这么简单如今许多用人单位在组织真人面试前都会进行一系列电话面试求职者应该像准备真人面试一样准备电话面试,这一点是非常重要的”. Not ing the job description.忽略岗位描述Applying blindly to every job you see won’t get you very far. Take time to thoroughly review the job description and think about how your skills match what the employer is requesting from candidates. Reyes said analyzing the description and reviewing how you can deliver on the employer’s request may help you not only sell yourself but also answer tough questions during the interview. “Prepared candidates review the job description and make notes about what portions of their experience are transferable to the role they are applying . Those notes may or may not come up in the interview, but it helps to be prepared. If there is any part of your experience that isn’t immediately obvious in the resume, but is highly relevant, make a note of that so you can bring it up organically during the conversation,” advised Reyes.盲目的应聘不会有好的结果静下心来把岗位描述读一遍,看看自己的专业技能是否符合用人单位的要求雷耶斯认为,认真分析岗位描述,总结一下自己如何达到用人单位的要求,不仅有助于推销自己,也利于应对面试中会出现的刁钻问题雷耶斯提出了如下建议“准备充分的求职者会对应聘职位的岗位描述进行总结,将自身经验中与之相关联的部分做成笔记这些笔记在面试中不一定用得上,却有备无患如果工作经历中有的部分在简历中体现得并不明显,但却与应聘职位高度相关,将这些部分记录下来,在交谈过程中可以向面试官进行系统性的展示”惠州包皮环切术要多少钱 <牛人_句子>惠阳医院包皮手术多少钱

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