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Young people in a tent city at the center of Cairo's Tahrir Square chanted a song from the 1950s, with words updated to refer to their revolution, saying they want to return Egypt to what they see as its former glory.Tension rose in Egypt Tuesday with a tough statement from the interim government and a march on a main government building where the prime minister and his Cabinet have their offices.7月12日(星期二),埃及局势因为临时政府的一项强硬谈话而更加紧张。抗议群众在总理和内阁办公的政府大厦四周游行。Young people in a tent city at the center of Cairo's Tahrir Square chanted a song from the 1950s, with words updated to refer to their revolution, saying they want to return Egypt to what they see as its former glory. While they sang, people of all ages flowed through civilian checkpoints into the square in response to a call by activist groups for yet another large protest.埃及首都开罗解放广场露营区里的年青人,高唱着50年代的歌曲,歌词被修改成与他们现在的革命理念有关,他们要恢复埃及往日的荣耀。他们唱歌的同时,人们不分老少,蜂拥穿过了平民检查站,前往解放广场,响应活跃份子举行另一次大型抗议活动的号召。The people complain that the ruling military council and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf are not moving fast enough to implement reforms and to put former regime members and security officers on trial. 人们抱怨说,执政的军事委员会和总理夏拉夫在执行改革和和审判前政府人员以及安全官员方面,动作迟缓。On Monday, the prime minister promised to reshuffle his Cabinet and appoint new regional governors by Sunday. He said he will resign if he does not achieve that.星期一,埃及总理夏拉夫承诺改组内阁,并且在星期日以前,完成指派新的地区首长。他说,如果他做不到,他就辞职。Later, the government announced that the Cabinet reshuffle had begun, with the resignation of the prime minister's deputy, and said meetings were under way to decide on further changes.稍后政府宣布,内阁改组已经从总理的副手辞职开始。并且说,正在开会讨论进一步的行动。Also, an Egyptian court on Tuesday convicted a former prime minister and two Cabinet ministers of corruption and sentenced them to up to 10 years in jail. The three served under ex-President Hosni Mubarak who also faces corruption-related charges and resigned in February.星期二,埃及的一个法院将前总理和两名前部长,以贪污罪判处十年徒刑。这三名前政府官员原先在埃及前总统穆巴拉克手下任职。穆巴拉克本人也面临贪污罪名的指控,他在今年二月间辞职下台。201107/144269。

  • Republicans Face Possibility of Big Losses in US Congressional Races共和党在美国国会或遭遇重大挫折 Republicans face the prospect of significant losses in the House of Representatives during next month U.S. election. Most analysts see Republicans losing at least 20 House seats, but some predictions put potential losses at 30 or more in the 435-seat House. While Americans have generally negative views of Congress, Democrats have taken advantage of a general trend of dissatisfaction. 共和党在下月举行的大选中将在众议院面临重大损失,大多数分析家认为,共和党可能会失去至少20个众议院席位,但还有一些预测认为共和党在众议院总共435个席位中可能会失去30席或30席以上。尽管美国人对美国国会的看法大体上是消极的,但民主党利用了民众的普遍不满趋势。Although a number of issues will be on the minds of Americans when they go to the polls on November 4, the most dominant is the global financial crisis which most analysts agree is pushing voters toward making major changes in Washington, and Republican candidates are vulnerable across the country. 虽然当美国选民于11月4日走进投票站时心目中有很多问题,但是他们最关心的是全球的金融危机。多数分析家认为,这一关切将推动选民要求华盛顿进行重大变革,从而使全国各地的共和党候选人普遍处于脆弱地位。Currently, Democrats hold a 235 to 199 advantage in the 435-member House, with one seat vacant. Though Republican leaders have tried to maintain an optimistic public face, there were some early negative signs in 2008. 目前,民主党在众议院的435个席位中占有235席对199席的优势,其中一个席位空缺。虽然共和党领导人曾试图保持一种乐观的公众形像,但在2008年出现了一些早期的消极迹象。Early in the year, three key state districts held by Republicans for decades shifted to Democrats in special elections seen as important early indicators. 今年年初,共和党主导了几十年的三个关键州的选区在特别选举中转向民主党,这被视为重要的早期征兆。Among them was the seat held by former Republican House speaker Dennis Hastert, where a Democratic candidate benefited from fundraising and an endorsement by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama. In the southern states of Louisiana and Mississippi, two key seats also fell to Democrats.At the same time, since the 2006 mid-term election, Republicans leaving Congress, either retiring or running for higher office, outnumber Democratic departures by a margin of 29 to six. 与此同时,自2006年中期选举以来,共和党人因为退休或另有高就而离开国会的比例和民主党相比为29比6。Debates in House races reflect concerns about the economy and the recent government rescue plan for the financial markets.  众议院举行的竞选辩论反映出对经济和政府最近救援金融市场计划的关切。Democrats and Republicans contrast what they would do in Washington if elected, but also reflect a lot of common ground on the financial mess. 民主党或共和党当选后会在华盛顿采取截然不同的行动,但是他们对金融乱局的问题有很多共同点。In Ohio's 15th district, which narrowly went Republican in 2006, Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy faces Republican Steve Stivers. 在2006年以微弱优势倒向共和党的俄亥俄州第十五选区,民主党候选人玛丽.乔.基尔罗伊在选举中和共和党候选人史蒂夫.斯蒂夫斯对阵。"We need to move in quickly to eliminate and put more oversight and more regulation so the risky behaviors on Wall Street and [in] the banking industry that brought us to this crisis, come to an end," says Kilroy. 基尔罗伊说:“我们必须迅速采取行动,对华尔街和华尔街的业进行更多的监督和调控,彻底根除他们所采取的导致我们陷入这场危机的冒险做法。”"We need to make sure that what they are going to do is going to work," Stivers says. "We need to make sure that it is going to be a smart investment and that the taxpayers aren't going to be left holding the bag for Wall Street."  斯蒂夫斯说:“我们必须确保他们的措施有成效。我们必须确保这将是一个明智的投资,不会让纳税人被华尔街套住成为替罪羊。”In Colorado, where opinion polls show Barack Obama has opened a significant lead over John McCain, the House contest between Republican House incumbent Marlyn Musgrave and Democrat Betsey Markey featured this exchange about energy policy. 在科罗拉多州的民意调查显示,奥巴马以较大优势领先于麦凯恩。该州众议员的竞争在现任众议员共和党的马斯格雷夫和民主党的马尔凯之间展开。他们最近对能源政策针锋相对地交换看法。"My opponent has voted against every piece of renewable energy legislation that has come before the Congress in the past four years," says Markey. 马尔凯说:“我的对手在过去四年里对提交到美国国会的每一个再生能源的提案都投了反对票。”"I will always vote against a bill if it has pork [extraneous spending] in it, and a tax increase and those are the reasons for my no votes on those bills," Musgrave says. 马斯格雷夫:“我将继续投票反对一项需要巨额花费,同时还需要增加税收的法案。这就是我没有投赞成票给这些法案的理由。”In addition to the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have also worked against Republicans, who are also weighed down by President Bush's poor public approval ratings.  除了经济之外,伊拉克战争和阿富汗战争也对共和党不利。同时共和党还受到现任总统布什低迷的民众持率的拖累。Democrats are out-spending Republicans in House races by almost four to one, with Republican congressional campaign managers forced to make tough choices on where to direct funds.An internal Republican party document recently reported by U.S. News amp; World Report, and the multimedia political news organization Politico, described 58 Republican House seats as being at some level of risk, with as many as 34 seats in serious danger of shifting to Democrats. “美国新闻与世界报导”杂志和多媒体的政治新闻组织“政治新闻报导”最近披露了一份共和党的内部文件,表明共和党在众议院里有58个席位面临一定程度的风险,其中34个席位有转向民主党的严重危险。Among interesting shifts, Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann's chances for re-election were damaged by controversy that followed her call for investigations of members of Congress that she suggested had anti-American views.Democrats are not without their problems. In Florida, a Democrat Tim Mahoney's chances of winning a key Republican seat are threatened by a personal scandal, while Democrats faced tough races in some key states, such as Pennsylvania.  而民主党也非高枕无忧。在佛罗里达州,民主党候选人马奥尼从共和党手中赢得关键席位的可能性受到他个人丑闻的威胁,而民主党人在一些关键州,如宾夕法尼亚州等,也面临著艰难的选战。While Democrats could sharply increase their majority in the House, the picture in the 100 member Senate is less hopeful, where Republicans may still maintain enough seats to block legislation. 虽然民主党可能会大幅增加他们在众议院的多数席位,但是在由100名参议员组成的参议院中,民主党的希望不大,共和党仍可能保持足够的席位来阻挠立法。200810/54011。
  • Christmas Jars A holiday tradition for every family Before my dad died, we never thought about money. I mean, it wasn't that we were rich, but we weren’t poor either, you know, we just were. We had a nice house; we had a hot dinner every night; we even went to Disneyland once and I remember we all got dressed up for the airplane ride. We never really wanted for anything except perhaps for a little more time together. That’s from the performance you will see live from New York on December 3rd in movie theaters all across the country. You can go to Glennbeck.com for all the details. I want to talk to you about the Christmas Jars Reunion, and author Jason Wright is here. The Christmas jars tradition is what exactly? Very simple, you take an empty jar, pickle jar or mayonnaise jar, doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how big it is. And you just dedicate your spare change to it each and every day. You don’t need to write a really big check. You don’t need to drop a hundred dollar bill in it; it’s your spare change. That little act of daily sacrifice, every day filling up that jar, eventually accumulates into a pretty tidy sum of money to give away to someone anonymously on Christmas Eve. Now I do it. We all have one in our house. I have one in my closet, it really has a Christmas jar. We filled it up; and then we go and put it on somebody’s doorstep the week of Christmas anonymously. We just , you know, it is great fun for the kids to be able to try to sneak it up to the house and leave it there. If anybody, you haven't started you jar at the beginning of the year. I think people would say, well, OK, that will be a good tradition to start next year. That’s right. I hear that a lot; and that's not true. Go right now as soon as the program is over. Find a jar, fill it up. Between now and Christmas, what do we got, still four or five weeks? Cheat a little bit if you have to. Go to the bank and get twenty dollars for the quarters. To the right family in need, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty dollars may not seem like a lot of money to you; but to a family who just have been, maybe dad’s been laid off, maybe it’s a single mom with a couple of kids has no idea how she’s gonna to afford to be able to put even one thing under the tree for Christmas, let alone some extravagant kind of Christmas that they don’t need. But one thing with their name on it, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty dollars in a Christmas jar given anonymously to them could change their Christmas, could in fact change their life and they will pay off for it. America, I’m...Next week I'll share with you a story about the hardest Christmas that I had with my kids was the year I was flat broke, was the year I got my daughter a bell. And actually, I mean, I found myself shopping at CVS, the drugstore, for Christmas. And I was so low. I remember that Christmas. I also remember the Christmas that we did the Christmas jars. That first Christmas we did it, I remember my kids were still small enough where they were just wired. They couldn’t wait. And we got out in the middle of the night; and we parked the car a couple of blocks away. And then we snuck up to the house; the kids ran with the jar. I was afraid that they were gonna drop it; it was gonna break. And then there would be broken glass and then there’d be a lawsuit. But that didn’t happen. And I remember so vividly how great it was. Please, begin to start new traditions. This is Christmas Jars Reunion, it is the sequel to The Christmas Jars, you will find it in bookstores everywhere. It is a fantastic book and a fantastic tradition. Jason Wright. Thank you! If you give a jar away or you get a jar, will you please visit my website and tell me your story. I’d love to hear them , I’d love to share them with other...The website is...?Christmasjars.com.Got it!12/91260。
  • China's economic worries CNN's Stephen Frazier asks Dong Tao of Credit Suisse what ecomonic impact the winter storms will have on China.I think in general, the industrial production and agricultural productions are most affected by this. Among all of these things, I think the industrial production probably would recover once the bad weather is over. But I think the agricultural production will be affected and the summer crops in China probably will see a significant damage, given that one tenth of the Chinese farming land were affected by this snow storm.One tenth of the farming land, I mean, think of the acreage there, and we are also getting reports that it’s not just the crops out in the open, that greenhouses are collapsing and that smaller barns are buckling under the weight of the snow. This is in areas that don’t normally see this kind of weather, isn’t it?Well, this is not the biggest snow-storm in China, but definitely this is the worst snowstorms in China’s modern history. The reason is that the snowstorms came to southern China, south of Yangtze River area. These areas rarely see any snow and this time we are seeing about 20-60 centimeters of snow coming in, in couple of er, weeks. And the situation is still developing, uh, this might not be the end yet.What do you think this will mean for the price of food then, especially for vegetable crops, for example?There are two elements of that. One is the short-term. When the bad weather comes, the food prices go up. We’ve aly seen about 7-10 percent of food prices going up in many cities in China. But that’s kind of bad weather induced. The other part of that will be the long-term. In the air with that because of the food supply will be damaged at least for this year so that the food prices which has been a major factor behind China’s inflation will continue to go up. This will add a lot of pressure to the Chinese government and this also might have some implications to the global grain market. Let’s talk briefly. We are almost out of time about the implications for the economy as a whole. I mean, China has been on a thirty-year reform program to make it this export power house. But it’s really very fragile in some ways and this is another example highlighting that. I can remember the diesel fuel shortages just a few months ago that pointed that out. But this seems to be even more dramatic.Well, bad weather happens here and there. And that alone doesn’t probably, probably doesn’t have anything to do with China’s reform process. So when we have the hurricane in the US, we probably have the similar kind of impact. Whereas this matters is the Chinese economy is in overheating situation, the government's trying to hit the brake. And now with the inflation going up, food supply going down and power shortages, these things could affect the Chinese decision-makers' mindset.Notes:Barn: A large farm building used for storing farm products and sheltering livestock.Buckle: To cause to bend, warp, or crumple.03/63493。
  • New Zealand's second-biggest city, Christchurch, is facing an enormous clean-up after being struck by the country's worst earthquake in 80 years. The magnitude 7 quake devastated parts of Christchurch early Saturday.新西兰第二大城市克赖斯特彻奇在经历了一场大地震后正面临清理工作的巨大挑战。星期六凌晨发生的7.1级的地震是新西兰80年来第二大地震,给克赖斯特彻奇市的很多地方造成严重破坏。Christchurch awoke Sunday to another grim day as shell-shocked residents assess the damage inflicted by one of the country's most powerful earthquakes.大震后的克赖斯特彻奇满目疮痍。惊魂未定的居民们星期天开始面对这场罕见大地震所造成的破坏。Mayor Bob Parker is urging residents to stay indoors.市长派克敦促人们尽量不要外出。This is not a good time to go out, as curious as you may be, and have a look around if it means driving out onto the streets because we need to keep them free for emergency services," Parker advised. "Use common sense; emergency services are flat out at the moment. The assessment is underway. Take sensible precautions, but don't go out sightseeing. Check on your neighbors. Do the things that communities do so well at times like this."他说:“大家可能很想知道外面的情况,想开车出去看看,但是现在不是时候,因为我们要为救护车等应急务车辆保持道路的畅通。”他呼吁人们保持头脑清醒,救护车、警车等应急车辆都已经大量出动,并表示灾情评估工作已经展开。这位市长在提醒人们不要出于好奇而外出的同时,也敦促大家邻里之间相互看看是否平安无事,在震后的艰难时刻充分发挥社区的作用。Authorities say it is a miracle no one was killed after disaster struck Saturday before dawn, when most people were still asleep. A small number of serious injuries have been reported.有关当局说,这次黎明前发生大地震中仅有一人丧生可谓是一个奇迹。当时大部分人仍在酣睡之中。此外,据报受重伤的人也不多。201009/113109。
  • U.S. President Barack Obama turns from national elation over the killing of America's most wanted foe Osama bin Laden to face the threat that high gasoline prices and unemployment poses to his own 2012 re-election hopes.Six days after announcing U.S. special forces killed al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, in his weekly radio and internet address Obama offers a sober message on the economy. "Although our economy hasn't been the focus of the news this week, not a day goes by that I'm not focused on your jobs, your hopes and your dreams."Average gasoline prices are up to almost a gallon across the country, up by more than a dollar compared with a year ago, and a potential serious threat to Obama's political future. At the same time, while more jobs were added to the economy last month, the unemployment rate rose to 9.0% "A lot of folks are still looking for work. And many folks who do have jobs are finding that their paychecks aren't keeping up with the rising costs for everything from tuition to groceries to gas prices." While Obama's approval rating jumped sharply after the news of the deadly raid against bin Laden's compound, Obama's latest remarks underline White House concern that the public remains anxious about the economy, and that any bounce in public opinion over bin Laden's death could be fleeting. 【词汇注释】elation n.得意,振奋foe n.敌人pose v.把……摆正位置special forces 特种部队sober adj. 清醒的potential adj. 潜在的paycheck n.薪水tuition n. 学费approval rating 持率fleeting a.短暂的,飞逝的201110/157321。
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