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The Congress and the President have got to work together when they come back to, one, make sure taxes remain low. If there are -- if the foundation is strong, yet indicators are mixed, the worst thing the Congress could do is raise taxes on the American people and on American businesses. Secondly, we have got to understand that if we are worried about gasoline prices, we ought to expand refineries here in the United States, and we ought to explore for oil and gas in environmentally friendly ways in the United States. As I mentioned, the Secretary and Secretary Jackson are leading an initiative on housing, called HOPE NOW, but there's legislation that can be passed to make it easier for people to refinance their homes.MS. RANDOLPH: And is picked up by the booms.That's why we launched a national competition to improve our schools. And for less than one percent of what our nation spends on education each year, we've encouraged almost every state to raise their standards;the first time that's happened in a generation.

We think that the summary document reflects a very robust reflection of this underlying technical report. So let me go through and tell you what I believe to be the key findings of the summary for policymakers, which, again, reflects this underlying technical document.

And the fundamental question that I ask is, is their leadership that share the vision and are willing to work hard to achieve the vision? And if the answer to that question is yes, the United States of America will be a strong partner in implementing the vision.26-Nov-07As our population grows we have to recognize that our consumption of the planet's resources is unsustainable. We need a global transformation of attitude and practice. It is especially urgent to address how we generate the energy that drives our progress. Burning fossil fuels is the principal cause of climate change, which increasingly threatens prosperity and stability in all regions. That is why world leaders have pledged to reach a global legal climate agreement in 2015.

And so I've come to thank the staff and the providers of compassionate health care here for their work. I remind the people of Omaha that this is a public-private partnership; the federal government is a -- and my administration strongly supports the expansion and the extension and the reach of these community health centers. But the private sector, the public needs to support these centers, as well.We talked about a lot of other subjects. We talked about the security in the region. The President has got good advice and has got good judgment when it comes to issues like Somalia and the Sudan. I assured him that we're committed to peace and stability. Matter of fact, I informed the President today that I spoke to the Secretary General of the United Nations about Sudan, and how I think it is important to continue putting the pressure on respective parties to come up with an agreement that will help end the genocide. And it's important for the United Nations to get moving those troops into the Darfur region as quickly as possible.Q Iran’s President said the NIE is a victory for Iran. They want an apology from the United States, and compensation, sir. Will you do that? Is the NIE a victory for Iran?

We talked about Burma, the area, the region. The President has been a very strong leader when it comes to the freedom agenda and human dignity.Remarks by the President on the Ongoing Oil Spill ResponseRose Garden12:13 P.M. EDTWill you come away with me?' he said finally to her; but the Reed shook her head, she was so attached to her Home.

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