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It#39;s the ;Dirty Harry; version of tech support. A Colorado Springs man was hit with a municipal violation after he ended a long-running battle with an uncooperative computer by blasting it eight times with a handgun Monday, police said。维修版《肮脏的哈里》日前在现实中上演。据警方透露,20日,科罗拉多州斯普林斯一名男子跟自己的电脑较劲了很久,还是没能修好它,一怒之下用手朝它连开8,因此违反了市政法规。Lucas Hinch, 37, was given a violation for discharging a weapon inside city limits, police said in a report titled, ;Man Kills His Computer.;当地警方在标题为“男子杀死电脑”的声明中表示,现年37岁的卢卡斯·辛驰违规在市区范围内使用武器。The police report said that Hinch ;was fed up with fighting his computer for the last several months; and shot it in a back alley behind his home just before 7 p.m., ;effectively disabling it.;警方声明称,辛驰过去几个月一直在跟他的电脑作斗争,他简直受够了,于是在晚上快到7点的时候,在家后面的小巷里朝电脑开,“将它打得稀烂”。Police public information officer Lt. Catherine Buckley said he shot the old Dell desktop machine with a Hi-Point 9 mm pistol。警方负责公共信息的长官凯瑟琳·巴克利中尉称,男子击这台老款戴尔台式机时,用的是半自动9毫米口径手。;He did tell us he thought it was okay because we are an open carry state,; Buckley said. But it is illegal in the city limits to discharge a firearm unless one is protecting life or property, she said. The violation would most likely result in a fine, Buckley said。巴克利称,“他告诉我们,他以为在本州公开佩是合法的。”但在本市范围内开是违法的,除非当事人是为了保护人身或财产安全,她说。巴克利透露,辛驰很有可能因他的不当行为而被罚款。The police department posted a photo of the blasted machine on its Twitter and Facebook pages。警方在其推特和脸书主页上贴出了被打烂的电脑的照片。 /201504/371801Lawyer#39;s Son律师的儿子The lawyer#39;s son wanted to follow in his father#39;s footsteps,律师的儿子想要继承他老爸的衣钵,so he went to law school.因此他就去读法学院。He graduated with honors,and then went home to join his father#39;s firm.他以优异成绩毕业,然后返家加入他老爸的公司,At the end of his first day at work he rushed into his father#39;s office,and said,就在他上班的第一天要结柬之际,他急忙地冲进他老爸的办公室说:;Father,father,in one day I broke the car accident case that you have been working on for ten years!;“老爸,老爸,我一天就破了你办了十年的车祸案件!”His father responded:;You idiot,our company lived on the funding of that case for ten years!;他的老爸响应说:“你这个小白痴,我们公司就是依靠那个案件的资金才生存了十年呀!” /201504/368405In a modest-looking dwelling shrouded by greenery halfway up one of the highest mountains in eastern China, a young couple have been conducting an experiment in self-sufficiency for about five years.在中国东部一座高山的半山腰上,绿色植被掩映着一个不起眼的住处。在那里,一对年轻的夫妇开展自给自足实验已有大约五年的时间了。On Lao Mountain, in coastal Shandong Province, Tang Guanhua, 26, whose family runs a design company, and his wife, Xing Zhen, 31, a former securities manager, have been surviving by their own wiles, producing everything from shoes to electricity.在滨海省份山东的崂山,从做鞋子到发电,这对夫妻全靠二人之力为生。丈夫叫唐冠华,26岁,家里经营设计公司;妻子邢振31岁,曾经是券经理。Dressed in their homemade attire, the couple pointed to shelves loaded with bottles of home-brewed vinegar, jars of salt collected from evaporated brine and an enormous bamboo contraption leaning against the wall, held together with rope, that they use to weave clothing. One inspiration is John Seymour, a British advocate of self-sufficiency who spawned a movement half a century ago.穿着自己缝制的衣,夫妇二人展示了架子上一瓶瓶自家酿制的醋、一罐罐海水蒸发后采集的盐,还有倚在墙上用绳子固定起来的一个巨大的竹制织布装置。鼓舞他们的包括英国人约翰·塞默(John Seymour)。他倡导自给自足,半个世纪以前发起了这项运动。But getting to this point has not been easy.Growing up in Qingdao, a port city that thrives on tourism and high-tech development, Mr. Tang, a self-described city boy, believed that “everything could be bought with money,” and he said he had no idea about “the difference between lettuce and rapeseed, wheat and rice.” Before he started renovating the once-shabby brick hut he rents from local farmers in 2010, Mr. Tang said he had been aware of the hardships he might face and tried to prepare as best he could.他们的尝试走到今天这个地步并不容易。唐冠华在以旅游和高科技发展著称的港口城市青岛长大,自称是个城里孩子,以为“任何东西都可以花钱买到”,还说自己以前根本不知道“生菜和油菜之间、小麦和稻谷之间有什么区别。”2010年,唐冠华从当地农民那里租来了一座破旧的砖房。他说,翻修工作开始以前,他预料到了自己会面临困难,所以尽力做好了准备。Yet he was still overwhelmed by unexpected difficulties. Without gas and kitchenware, Mr. Tang and several volunteers ate raw peppers for supper. Without a bathroom, they dug pits in the yard until there was no space for more.即便如此,意料之外的种种难题仍让他措手不及。没有燃气也没有厨具,唐冠华和几名志愿者生吃菜椒当晚饭。没有卫生间,他们就在院子里挖坑,直到无处可挖为止。“Not until then did I figure out how to cope with it,” said Mr. Tang, referring to the challenges of disposing of human waste. Within a year, he had built a bamboo septic tank, finished the renovations and begun growing vegetables like Chinese chives and lettuce.“到了那时候我才想出办法,”提到处理人体排泄物的挑战时,唐冠华说。一年之内,他用竹子做了一座化粪池,完成了翻修工作,开始种植韭菜和生菜等蔬菜。At first, Ms. Xing, who had gotten to know Mr. Tang before he embarked on the self-sufficiency project, was bewildered by it. But as she visited the site on Lao Mountain, she was inspired by his enthusiasm and that of the volunteers who flocked there.在唐冠华开始自给自足实验之前,邢振就认识他。一开始,她对此很不理解。但在参观了他在崂山的这片地方后,她因为唐冠华及涌向那里的志愿者的热情而受到了鼓舞。“They were passionate and genuine, unlike other people I had seen who easily gave up their ideas without giving them a try,” she recalled.“他们充满,真心诚意,不像我见过的其他一些人,不试一下就轻易放弃了自己的理想,”她回忆道。Unlike Mr. Tang, Ms. Xing had not previously imagined herself as a back-to-nature pioneer. After studying economics for five years, she took the 9-to-5 job that was expected of her. A slim, bespectacled woman who can frequently be found updating a blog on the couple’s work, Ms. Xing described herself as a “mainstream girl” who always followed the crowd. “I didn’t know how to think independently,” she said.和唐冠华不同,邢振之前从没想过自己会成为“回归自然”的先锋。在学习经济专业五年后,邢振开始了一份符合期望的朝九晚五的工作。她外形纤瘦,戴着眼镜,经常在客上更新夫妇两人的进度。她形容自己以前是个“随大流的姑娘”,总是从众。“我不知道该怎么样独立思考,”她说。After the couple married in 2011, Ms. Xing quit her job in Qingdao, mostly because she wanted to spend more time with her husband. But after a year living with him on Lao Mountain, she had “an awakening.”2011年两人结婚以后,邢振放弃了在青岛的工作,主要是希望有更多时间陪在丈夫身边。不过,与唐冠华在崂山居住一年后,她“觉醒”了。“It was like an epiphany,” said Ms. Xing. “I suddenly realized that all I did before was try to fit into a widely acknowledged value system that I didn’t even fully understand.”Having secured their shelter, the couple took the challenge to the next level. They visited scholars and handicraft masters to learn how to brew vinegar, soy sauce and beer, how to knit clothes, raise poultry and make cooking utensils and soap. They converted a bicycle into a generator and built a washing machine, a solar panel and a small wind turbine.“好像顿悟了一样,”邢振说。“我忽然意识到自己以前所做的一切都是为了融入一个众人接受的价值体系,而我根本不理解那套东西。”有了安身之处,夫妇二人更进一步。他们拜访了学者和手工艺师傅,学习如何酿造醋、酱油和啤酒,如何纺线织布,如何饲养家禽,如何制作器皿和肥皂。他们将一辆自行车改造成了发电机,还造了一台洗衣机、一块太阳能电池板,以及一台小型风机。With help from nearby university students, the couple spent more than two years building a second hut, two stories high, with bamboo, rocks, clay and recycled building materials.在附近大学生的帮助下,夫妇二人花了两年多的时间用竹子、石头、泥土及二手建筑材料建成了二层楼高的第二座棚屋。“I think the local farmers could have finished it within two weeks,” Mr. Tang said.“我觉得当地农民的话不到两周的功夫就可以造完了,”唐冠华说。As word of the couple’s project sp, local farmers shook their heads in disbelief, curiosity-seekers flocked to see them, and critics began piling on. During a talk show appearance on China Central Television, the state broadcaster, celebrity guests mocked them for “challenging modern civilization,” accused them of “being delusional” and ridiculed them for not being able to host their parents during holidays. Even friends were confounded.随着夫妇俩的项目流传开来,当地农民摇头表示怀疑,好奇的人群蜂拥而至,批评浪潮也随之袭来。对此,官方媒体中央电视台的一档访谈节目还进行了报道。受邀来到节目中的名人嘲笑他们“挑战现代文明”,指责他们“痴心妄想”,讥讽他们没法在节假日招待父母。就连他们的朋友也颇为困惑。Contrary to the critics, Mr. Tang and Ms. Xi say the purpose of their project is neither to promote an ascetic lifestyle nor to throw away the fruits of modernization. Instead, they say, it is simply to explore an alternative for those who don’t fit into modern urbanized society.与批评声相反,唐冠华和邢振表示,他们这一项目既不是为了宣扬一种苦行的生活方式,也不是为了抛弃现代化的成果,而只是想为无法适应现代都市社会的那些人探索出另一种生活方式。“When I first came up with the project, I hoped it would be a plan to solve the social issues I was concerned about once and for all,” Mr. Tang said.“当我第一次提出这个计划的时候,我希望它能彻底地解决我所关心的一些社会问题,”唐冠华说。Encouraged by his parents, Mr. Tang had come up with the idea of opening his own business while he was still in high school. After he made some money as an advertising designer and an event planner for shopping mall openings, he dropped out of high school and was taken by wanderlust.在父母的鼓励下,唐冠华在高中时就提出了创业的想法。他当过广告设计师,为商场开业活动做过策划,从中赚了一些钱后便从高中辍学,之后迷上了旅行。“It was the traveling that changed my perception of the world,” said Mr. Tang, a tall, lean man with straight hair and an unassuming manner.“正是四处行走改变了我对世界的看法,”唐冠华说。他身材高瘦,留着直发,为人谦逊。In places like Macau, Mr. Tang witnessed the booming of commerce and entertainment, but also human greed and hypocrisy. “It got me wondering about the purpose of my life and if I’d like to be someone like that,” he mused.在这样的地方,唐冠华目睹了商业和业的蓬勃发展,但是也看到了人性中的贪婪和伪善。“这促使我思考自己人生的意义,考虑自己是否想要成为那样的人,”他若有所思地说。At 18, Mr. Tang was influenced by an artist friend and started expressing his societal concerns through street art and photography. But after realizing that none of these efforts had a lasting effect on other people’s awareness, Mr. Tang, with the help of friends, came up with the idea of building a self-sufficient community. To cover some of the expenses, he set up a nongovernmental organization to accept donations, though contributions from individuals must be no more than 1,000 renminbi, about 0.18岁的时候,唐冠华受到一名艺术家朋友的影响,开始通过街头艺术和摄影来表达自己对社会问题的关切。但是后来,他意识到这些努力对他人观念方面的影响并不持久。因此,在朋友的帮助下,唐冠华提出了建立一个自给自足社区的想法。为了垫付一部分开,他成立了一家接受捐助的非政府组织,但是规定个人的捐助额不得超过1000元人民币。“This is not a project built up by money,” Mr. Tang said. “If you have the ability to donate that much money, we prefer you to donate real things, like building materials and recyclable things, or come join us to experience the project yourself.”“这不是一个靠金钱撑起来的项目,”唐冠华说。“如果你有能力捐很多钱,那么我更希望你能捐一些实物,比如说建筑材料、可回收利用的物品,或者是和我们一起来亲身感受这个项目。”He later named the experiment Project AnotherLand and set out a number of steps for achieving his goals.后来,他把这项尝试命名为“家园计划”,并为实现自己的目标设定了一系列的步骤。The first, to determine whether it was possible to live self-sufficiently, appears to have been largely achieved by his experiment on Lao Mountain. The second, to expand the project’s scale with more people, will come later this year when the couple build a larger community in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province. Other steps include sharing their experiences with urban dwellers and publishing a self-sufficiency guidebook, which is in the works.第一步是要确定自给自足是否可行。通过他在崂山的实践,这一点似乎基本实现了。第二步则是扩展项目规模,吸引更多人参与其中。这一步将会在今年晚些时候进行,夫妇二人届时会在福建省会福州市建立一个更大的社区。其他的步骤则包括,与都市居民分享他们的经验,以及出版一本自给自足指导手册。这本手册目前正在撰写中。An increasing number of people are aly paying attention. Yang Haitao, a student at Ocean University of China in Qingdao, is one of thousands of volunteers who have come through in recent years. During a recent visit, he said he had learned to make soap from waste oil, grow vegetables and knit shoes.有越来越多的人已经开始关注到他们的项目。在位于青岛的中国海洋大学读书的学生杨海涛(音),就是近些年里参与到该项目当中的上千名志愿者之一。近期来到这里的时候,他谈到自己学会了如何利用废油制作肥皂,如何种菜和纳鞋。“If there is a larger community like this in the future, I think I’ll sign up for it,” Mr. Yang said.“如果未来能有一个类似的更大规模的社区,我想我是会参加的,”杨海涛表示。More than just build a community for his peers, Mr. Tang said his goal was to help future generations decide whether they want to live off the grid.唐冠华表示,他的目标不只是为同龄人建立一个社区而已,他还想要帮助后代决定,他们是否想要过上不依赖现代设施的生活。“I won’t have kids until I have built a self-sufficient community,” Mr. Tang said. “Maybe my kids will prefer to live in the city. But at least I want to offer them another option to choose from.”“在建好一个自给自足的社区之前,我是不会要小孩的,”唐冠华说。“或许我的孩子会更喜欢住在城市里,但是至少我想要给他们提供另一种可选的方式。” /201506/381504The viscountess had decided to downsize.子爵夫人决定节俭度日。When Lady Hambleden, the former wife of the fourth Viscount Hambleden, moved from her stately manor to a cottage in a village outside London, she had little room, and even less desire, for the Aubusson carpets, Louis XV chairs, Regency girandoles and lesser English paintings that populated her estate.第四任汉布尔顿子爵(Viscount Hambleden)的前妻汉布尔顿夫人从富丽堂皇的宅邸搬到伦敦郊外的乡村小屋,屋子里地方不够,她也没什么兴趣把原来大宅里的奥布松地毯、路易十五椅子、摄政王时代烛台和那些不那么英国的油画搬过来。So, in 2013, she held a kind of “Downton Abbey” tag sale at Christie’s in London. Among the 300-plus items she put up for auction was an oil sketch that copied “Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows,” one of the best-known works of the great 19th-century English landscape painter John Constable.于是,2013年,她在伦敦佳士得举办了一场“唐顿庄园”式的拍卖会,拍卖300多件物品,其中有一幅油画草图,模仿《洼地那边的塞利斯伯尔利教堂》(Salisbury Cathedral From the Meadows),那是19世纪伟大的英国风景画家约翰·康斯特布尔(John Constable)最著名的作品之一。“The painting was so black, so somber and a little nightmarish, with dark clouds and a ghostlike cathedral, I never considered it as important,” Lady Hambleden said in a phone interview.“这幅画太黑暗、太阴郁,让人有点害怕,画面上有深暗的云朵和鬼魅般的大教堂,我从来不觉得它有多重要,”汉布尔顿夫人在接受电话采访时说。Listed as the work of a Constable follower, it sold for just #163;3,500 (around ,200).这幅画被标记为康斯特布尔的模仿者所做,以3500英镑卖出(约合5200美元)。But the anonymous buyer, an art dealer, had a hunch. Real Constables were often painted over during the 19th century, when their rough, seemingly unfinished quality put off prospective purchasers. So the dealer had it cleaned and took it to a leading Constable expert, Anne Lyles, a former curator at Tate Britain.这位匿名买家是一个艺术商,他却产生了一个预感。在19世纪,康斯特布尔的真迹经常被涂改,因为原来画面上那种粗糙,看似未完成的特质会令可能的买家望而却步。所以这位艺术商清理了画面,把它拿给重要的康斯特布尔专家——安妮·莱尔斯(Anne Lyles),她曾是英国泰特美术馆的策展人。“When I first saw this sketch, newly cleaned, there was just something about the application of the paint, the texture in the sky and the expression of the light and shade — all looked promising,” she said recently in a phone interview.“第一眼看到这幅新近清理过的草稿,便可以看出颜料的应用,天空的质感,以及光与影的表达方式——一切看上去都很有希望,”最近,莱尔斯在接受电话采访时说。In January, the painting, now deemed a true Constable by Ms. Lyles, was sold at Sotheby’s in New York. It fetched .2 million.这幅画已被莱尔斯女士鉴定为康斯特布尔真迹,一月,这幅画在纽约苏富比拍卖行卖出,达到520万美元。At a time when the attribution of paintings can be so litigious that many experts have retreated from the field, the startling reassessment of the “Cathedral,“ and its sudden explosion in value, provides a rare window into the often imprecise, and debate-riddled, field of identifying the authorship of artworks.如今这类鉴定非常易于引起争论,因此许多专家都退出了这个领域,而这幅《教堂》以及它的突然大幅升值为人们提供了少有的机会,可以一窥艺术品作者鉴定这个充满模糊和争议的领域。The Metropolitan Museum of Art has twice changed its mind in the past four decades over whether its portrait of Philip the IV is a masterpiece by Velázquez (the current view), or a fine painting by an also-ran. Sotheby’s was sued after it sold what it had determined to be a copy of Caravaggio’s “The Cardsharps” for #163;42,000 (about ,000) in 2006, only to have a scholar later declare it was actually by the master himself.在过去的40年里,大都会艺术物馆曾经两次改变主意,无法确定一幅菲利普四世的肖像究竟出自委拉斯贵兹(Velázquez)之手,还是另一位落选者的作品(目前该馆认为它是委拉斯贵兹的作品)。一幅名为《打牌作弊者》的油画曾被认为出自卡拉瓦乔(Caravaggio)的模仿者之手,2006年,苏富比将此画以42000英镑(合83000美元)拍出,一位学者鉴定此画是卡拉瓦乔本人所做后,苏富比遭到诉讼。This time it is Christie’s that is facing questioning over whether it bungled the attribution of a painting. “We understand that there is no clear consensus of expertise on the new attribution,” the company said in a statement.这一次佳士得也面对质疑,他们是否弄错了画家。“我们理解,对于这项新鉴定,专家没有清晰的一致意见,”公司在声明中说。It then provided the name of an expert who holds a different view from Ms. Lyles. “I could see no sign of Constable’s hand in the work,” said Conal Shields, an art historian and Constable scholar.之后公司公布了一位不同意莱尔斯意见的专家的名字。“我在这幅作品中看不出康斯特布尔亲手绘制的迹象,”艺术史学家与康斯特布尔专家康诺尔·西尔德斯(Conal Shields)说。Nonetheless, some in Hambleden, an idyllic village of brick and flint cottages that was the backdrop for movies like “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and often fills on weekends with equestrians and shooting parties, say they feel aggrieved on behalf of the viscountess.汉布尔顿小村庄风景如画,布满砖石农舍,《飞天万能车》(Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)等影片曾在这里取景,周末常常有骑马和狩猎活动。不管怎么说,在这里,有人为子爵夫人感到愤愤不平。“Lady Hambleden is a lovely person — very gracious, friendly and kind,” said Steve Skowron, a neighbor of the viscountess, who was Countess Maria Carmela Attolico di Adelfia when she married William Herbert Smith, the fourth viscount, in 1955.“汉布尔顿女士是个好人,她慷慨、友好,善良,”子爵夫人的邻居史蒂夫·斯科隆(Steve Skowron)说。子爵夫人于1955年与第四任子爵威廉·休伯特·史密斯(William Herbert Smith)结婚的,当时是玛利亚·卡梅拉·安托里克·德·阿德尔菲亚女伯爵(Countess Maria Carmela Attolico di Adelfia)。“She’s very well liked in the village,” he said. “She has an annual Christmas party and invites everyone over. The case of the John Constable painting is a very strange one. How can Christie’s have missed it? I think the consensus of the village is that she should sue.”“村子里的人都喜欢她,”他说。“每年她都举办圣诞派对,邀请所有人参加。这幅约翰·康斯特布尔的画是件怪事。佳士得怎么会搞错?我想村子里的人都认为她应该打官司。”Yes, admits Lady Hambleden, 84, when she first learned the painting was by Constable, “I felt like a fool! I know it’s not my fault, but that was my first feeling.”是的,84岁的汉布尔顿夫人说,当她知道这幅油画是康斯特布尔的真迹时,“我觉得自己太傻了!我知道这不是我的错,但我的第一感觉就是这样的。”But she said she has no intention of suing over a work for which she had little affection and that her mother-in-law had stuffed in a cupboard for 60 years.但她说,她不想为了一幅自己不怎么喜欢的画打官司,60年前,她的婆婆把这幅画塞进了一个柜子里。“It was sold under my name,” she said, “but on behalf of my children. So it would be their decision whether or not to bring legal action.”“它是在我的名下卖掉的,不过却是代表我的孩子们。所以由他们来决定要不要采取法律行动。”Her sons did not respond to a number of messages seeking comment.本文作者多次发送信息要求她的儿子们对此作出,他们均未予以回应。In the 2006 case involving Sotheby’s and Caravaggio’s “The Cardsharps,” the reattribution also came after a scholar had the painting cleaned and restored.2006年,苏富比的卡拉瓦乔《打牌作弊者》一事中,也是画面先做了清理和复原,再由一位学者进行重新鉴定。The consignor sued, alleging negligence and breach of contract. But in January a judge ruled in Sotheby’s favor.拍卖委托者发起诉讼,称拍卖行疏忽大意,违背合同。但是一月,法官做出了有利苏富比的判决。Karen Sanig, the head of art law at Mishcon de Reya in London, said the crux of the case wasn’t whether the painting was a Caravaggio or not.伦敦Mishcon de Reya律师事务所艺术法部门的主管凯伦·萨尼格(Karen Sanig)说,此案的重点并不在于那幅油画究竟是不是卡拉瓦乔的真迹。“It all comes down to a question of whether the auction houses carried out their analysis with enough care and attention,” she said. “Which the court found they did in the circumstances.”“问题在于,拍卖行做出分析是否足够细致周到,”她说。“法庭认为在当时的情况下,他们确实做到了。”Ms. Lyles’s willingness to register an opinion on the Constable contrasts to the situation in the ed States, where scholars and artists’ foundations, like the Roy Lichtenstein Foundation, are increasingly sitting out authentication battles because of fears of being sued.莱尔斯愿意为康斯特布尔的作品发表自己的意见,这和美国当前的情况形成鲜明对比。在美国,学者和艺术家基金会(比如罗伊·利希滕斯坦基金)担心遭到控告,日益淡出对作者身份进行鉴定的争论。“If you lower the reputation of an artwork incorrectly, then you’re liable for damages,” said Ms. Sanig, referring to the legal concept of slander of title to goods. “We don’t have lawsuits involving artwork on the same basis in the U.K.”“如果你错误地降低了一件艺术品的声誉,你对物主的损失便富有责任,”萨尼格说,她是指诋毁物权的法律概念。“在英国,同样的情况下就不会有涉及艺术品的法律诉讼案。”Constable, who is known for his expressive brushwork, often done with a palette knife, and for mixing colors on the canvas, is now viewed as a precursor to Impressionism. But for decades after his death in 1837 his sketches were over-painted to make them more palatable to buyers who expected something more finished.康斯特布尔以其富于表现力的笔触闻名,经常用调色刀作画,还常常在画布上混合色,如今他被视为印象派的先驱。他于1837年去世,在他去世几十年间,他的草图经常被覆盖和修改,好让它们显得更像已经完成的画作,令买家更易接受。“He leaves bits of the primed canvas showing through a finished painting; he leaves these visible brush strokes; he doesn’t smooth out the tones of his colors so there’s an even gradation,” said Jonathan Clarkson, a senior lecturer in the history and theory of art at the Cardiff School of Art and Design and the author of a monograph on Constable. “And at the time people just thought this was sloppy practice, that it was because he couldn’t paint better rather than he was choosing to paint this way.”“在完成的油画中,他让底层的画布露出来,让笔触清晰可见,他从不把色调弄得平顺缓和,也没有渐变效果,”卡迪夫艺术与设计学院的艺术史与艺术理论高级讲师约拿森·克拉克森(Jonathan Clarkson)说,他还曾写过一篇关于康斯特布尔的专著。“当时人们觉得这只是随意的练习,觉得他没法画得更好,他们不明白他是故意这样画的。”Complicating matters: as Constable’s reputation grew, forgers and imitators picked up their pace. And one of his seven children was also an accomplished artist, whose work can sometimes be difficult to distinguish from that of his father.更麻烦的是,随着康斯特布尔的名声渐渐增长,伪造者和模仿者们也随之而来。康斯特布尔的七个儿子之中,有一位也成了成功的艺术家,他的作品有时候会被人和其父的作品混为一谈。So before Ms. Lyles would affix her name to a reattribution of the 18-inch-by-24-inch Hambleden “Salisbury Cathedral,” she wanted to show it played a role in the evolution of the final work, rather than being someone’s imitation, albeit with brilliant brushwork. She found several features that, to her, proved the link, including the striking way the light from the stormy sky falls on the Cathedral spire.所以,莱尔斯为汉布尔顿这幅18x24英寸的《塞利斯伯尔利教堂》做出重新鉴定时,她希望说明,除了精美的笔触,这幅草图还在最终作品的形成过程中起到了一定作用,并不是其他人的仿作。她发现了若干特征可以明这种联系,包括暴风雨的天空中透出的光线落在教堂尖顶上这种惊人的方式。Sotheby’s later hired her to write the catalog entry for the sale, for an undisclosed fee. “Obviously,” she said, “I’m not going to risk putting my name to something that I don’t believe in.”苏富比后来雇用她为这次拍卖撰写拍品目录介绍,润笔费数额不详。“显然,”她说,“我不会冒险为自己不相信的事情而签下自己的名字。”With her imprimatur as the bedrock evidence, the painting was put up for sale as a Constable at Sotheby’s Jan. 29 sale. The bidding soon surged past the high estimate of million and ended light years from the high estimate that Christie’s in 2013 placed on the work — ,200.她的认可被视为可靠的据,1月29日的苏富比拍卖会上,这幅画被当做康斯特布尔的真迹。拍卖迅速超过300万美元的最高估价,这和2013年佳士得为这幅画所做的最高估价可谓相去甚远——当年它的最高估价是1200美元。And even that value would have been excessive for Mr. Shields, the dissenting Constable expert: “It’s a really crass, inept painting.”持不同意见的康斯特布尔专家西尔德斯觉得,1200美元也有点太多了,“这就是一幅粗笨拙劣的画。” /201503/363525

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