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浙江省人民医院去胎记多少钱金华整形医院治疗青春痘多少钱They have revealed just how hard it would be数据显示出 这颗行星环境十分恶劣for life to survive生命想在这里存活in the planets extreme environment.非常困难The surface of Mars today is a very harsh place to life.在现在的火星表面 生命很难存活Theres a lot of things that are hazards to life.有许多物质都对生命有害Now were interested in knowing现在我们感兴趣的是whether those same hazards were there in the past过去的火星是否也存在这样的有害物质and maybe early Mars as opposed to present Mars早期的火星或许不同于现在的火星was the place to look for life.能够允许生命存在Today, Mars is an inhospitable desert.今天 火星是一片毫无生命迹象的沙漠Its thin atmosphere leaves its surface exposed稀薄的大气使得地表完全暴露在to lethal solar and cosmic radiation.致命的太阳辐射和宇宙辐射下Average temperatures of minus 55 degrees Celsius地表平均温度为零下55摄氏度would make it very hard for life as we know it to survive.我们已知的生命在这种环境下极难生存Thats why Curiosity is not expecting因此好奇号并不打算to find life here and now.能在现在的火星找到生命Instead, it will try to discover相反 它将试图发现if life could have survived there百万年前的火星millions of years ago.是否有生命存活重点解释:1.interested in 对 ... 感兴趣例句:He is interested in music, and I in photography.他对音乐有兴趣,而我对摄影感兴趣。2.in the past 在过去例句:Ive seen little of her in the past few weeks.近几周我很少见到她。3.look for 寻找;寻求例句:As the tide receded we were able to look for shells.潮水退去,我们就能寻找贝壳了。 201601/423667浙江省金华妇保医院咨询电话 ;Especially after 11 September 2001, when the firemen were so involved in New York, the helmet attained new significance for me personally, because I had been given a firemans helmet way back in the 1980s by a Boston fireman which was heavy, which was classically made, made of leather with copper and metal spine on it and so on. I was given this, and I had a great sense of receiving a ritual gift, not unlike the way Beowulf receives the gift from Hrothgar after he kills Grendel.;911事件中,纽约的消防队员舍生忘死。在那之后.头盔对 我个人而言有了全新的意义。早在二十世纪八十年代,一名波士顿消防员就送过我一个消防员头盔,分量极沉,用传统工艺制成,原料是皮革和黄铜等等,还有一道金属脊。接受这件礼物对我而言有宗教仪式般的感觉,就和贝奥武甫杀死哥伦多后接受来自荷罗斯加的礼物一样。In a sense, the whole Sutton Hoo burial ship is a great ritual gift, a spectacular assertion of wealth and power on behalf of two people-the man who was buried there and commanded huge respect, and the man who organised this lavish farewell and commanded huge resources. We are clearly in the presence of power.从某种意义上说,整个萨顿胡墓葬都是一件仪式性的礼物,展示了两位历史人物的财富与权力:一位是埋葬在这里的受人尊敬的逝者,另一位是拥有巨大财富、安排了这次豪华葬礼的人。The Sutton Hoo grave ship brought the poetry of Beowulf unexpectedly close to historical fact. In the process it profoundly changed our understanding of this whole chapter of British history. Long dismissed as the Dark Ages, this period-the centuries after the Romans withdrew-could now be seen as a time of high sophistication and extensive international contacts, that linked East Anglia not just to Scandinavia and the Atlantic, but ultimately to the eastern Mediterranean and beyond.萨顿胡船葬无意中将诗歌《贝奥武甫》拉近了历史现实。在这个过程中,它彻底改变了我们对英国这一时期历史的认识。罗马撤离后的几 个世纪曾长期被认为是“黑暗时代”,现在我们了解,这其实是个高度发达的社会,贸易范围十分广泛,东安格利亚不仅与斯堪的纳维亚和大西 洋地区建立了密切联系,甚至与东地中海以外的地区也有往来。The very idea of ship burial is Scandinavian, and the Sutton Hoo ship was of a kind that easily crossed the North Sea, so making East Anglia an integral part of a world that included modern Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The helmet is, as you might expect, of Scandinavian design.船葬是斯堪的纳维亚常见的墓葬形式。我们的萨顿胡船轻松地穿越北海,使东安格利亚成为包括现代丹麦、挪威和瑞典在内的一个更广阔 世界的一部分。你也许猜到了,头盔也是斯堪的纳维亚式的。201510/401985To pass their genes along to the next generation, most animals need to partner. So in one sense, mating is cooperative, with each partner contributing half their DNA to the offspring. But mating also involves plenty of competition between the sexes. Thats because both males and femals are hard wired to try to make babies that can survive and reproduce, but they do this in totally different ways, ways that actually threaten the other sexs genetic legacy.为了将基因遗传给下一代,大多数动物都需要配偶。所以在某种意义上交配是种合作行为,参与的伴侣每人可以将一半的DNA遗传给下一代。但交配同时还涉及两性间激烈的竞争。因为雌性都会本能地尝试,让后代得以存活并繁衍后代,但两性实现目的的方法全然不同,事实上有些方法会对异性的遗传物质产生危害。For males, its all about quantity. Sperm are easy to mass produce, and most males spend little time or energy parenting, so their best mating strategy is to b in bulk:the more offspring they have, the better the odds that some will thrive. For most females,this strategy doesnt work, because they have a limited supply of eggs and spend lots of time and energy caring for their young.对雄性而言就是数量问题。精子易于批量生产,大多数雄性在育儿方面花费的时间和精力较少。因此它们的最佳交配策略就是大量繁殖:繁殖出的后代越多,部分后代繁荣的可能性就越大。对大部分雄性而言这种策略就不管用了,因为卵子的数量往往有限,而且她们需要花较多的时间和精力照顾后代。Instead,females want to make sure they get the best dad for every one of their offspring. Some choose only to mate with the biggest, flashiest or best-behaved males. Others mate with multiple males, then choose a winner; chickens, for instance can selectively squirt out sperm from subpar suitors. But the pickier females are, the tougher it is for the average male to make babies.取而代之雌性希望可以确保她的每个娃都有个最棒的爹。有些雄性选择只跟最大只,最华丽或表现最佳的雄性交配。有些雌性则选择跟无数雄性交配,然后从中择优;例如,母鸡可以选择将次等精子喷射出体外,但是雌性越挑剔,那么普通水平的雄性就越难繁育出后代。So males have evolved ways to limit females discretion:In some species, males take their mates through brute force, whild males in other species take the slightly less unsavory approach of obsessively following their mates around to keep other suitors away. Male squirrels try to ensure fidelity by plugging femalesreproductive tracts with a fluid that hardens after sex, creating a sort of biological chastity belt.因此雄性进化出了限制性选择权的方式。有些物种雄性会用蛮力完成交配,其他一些物质的雄性则选择稍微不那么令人讨厌的方式,他们会紧紧跟在雌性身边赶走其他竞争者。雄松鼠为了确保配偶忠诚在交配后使用会固化的液体堵住雌性的生殖器,形成类似生物贞操带的东西。雄性果蝇更过火,它们会随释放一种化学混合物令其他精子失效刺激排卵,并且用性欲抑制剂从此扼杀配偶的性冲动。作为应对雌性进化出了反反攻战略重夺优势。例如,一些雌松鼠,想出了排出贞操塞的方法。另一些动物And male fruit flies go even further:along with their sperm,they release a chemical cocktail that deactivates other sperm, stimulates ovulation,and kills their partners future sex drive with an anti-aphrodisiac. In response, females develop counter-counter-strategies to regain the upper hand ...wing...or paw.例如雌鸭子和雄鬛,她们进化出了迷宫般的生殖系统,只有在她们通力合作的情况下方能通行。雄性的回应是再次进化,性别战越加激烈,这解释了为何有些鸭子的阴经会是这个样子的。Some female squirrels,for instance, have figured out how to pluck out their chastity plugs.And in other species, like ducks and hyenas, females have evolved maze-like reproductive tracts that require their full cooperation to navigate. Males evolve in response, and the sexual arms race keeps escalating, which explains why some ducks have penises that look like this.一般而言,一个物种的雄性水平越参差不齐,雌则越挑剔,两性进化战则越激烈。另一方面,倾向与发展长期伴侣关系,并且共同抚养后代的物种。例如人类 ,一方的繁殖成功对另一方而言也是成功,所以这种后代养成策略,会令两性更加亲密。In general, the more promiscuous a species males are, too choosier the females, and the more intense the sexual arms race. On the other hand,in species in which partners tend to have longer-term relationships and raise offspring together-like homo sapiens-reproductive success for one partner also means success for the other, so the two sexes baby-making strategies line up more closely.但一夫一妻的可行性,依然能引发一些微妙的托词。虽然看似浪漫,但婚戒实际上只是个圈住配偶的镀金圈圈罢了。But even the possibility of non-monogamy is enough to spark some subtle subterfuge, although seemingly romantic, a wedding ring is really just a gilded form of guarding our mate.201604/438379金华整形医院激光除皱手术多少钱

义乌市妇女医院绣眉手术多少钱I do feel its a lot of pressure on us.我觉得压力实在太大了Not only your parents are watching you, your grandparents are, also.不光是父母在监督你,祖父母外祖父母也是And that makes a child... A single child in a family feels very difficult.这让孩子...家里的独苗倍感艰难But I do think thats out of love.但是我相信这全是出于爱Children should follow their parents and love their parents, right?孩子就应该听父母的话孝敬父母,不是吗You know, according to Confucius...孔子说过...In Confucianism, parents are always right.儒家认为,父母永远是对的Parents arent always right.父母不可能永远是对的You have to adjust yourself to be suitable to the society,你必须调整自己去适应社会instead of everything to suit to you.而不是让社会来适应你For some of the free spirits in Bohunt Year 9, like Angelina, this is a tough message to take.对一些航特中学九年级的学生,比如安吉丽娜来说,这是个很难接受的观念Angelina, stand up.安吉丽娜,起立In my opinion, I think thats wrong.我认为,那是错的I think you should be your own person not just... Yeah.我觉得你应该为自己而活,而不是...You should be who you are.你应该做你自己I really dislike how they teach social education in China.我真的不喜欢中式的社会学;Your parents are always right.;;父母永远是对的;Wrong. No.错了,不对No, they could racist, they could be homophobic,父母可能是种族主义者或者恐同者they could be sexist, they could be misogynistic.他们可能性别歧视,歧视女性Whats that?什么意思Against women, basically. Oh.就是歧视女性。哦No, but if they say, if their opinion is always right...要是他们说,他们的观点永远是对的Yeah? No.是的。不对201603/430820金华人民医院激光去斑多少钱 While Kens at the market, Jennys grandmother is showing me老谭去逛市场的时候 Jenny的祖母向我们展示了her traditional method for making pickles.她制作泡菜的传统方法She first adds to the pickling water, garlic, chilli and salt,她先在泡菜汤里加了大蒜 辣椒和盐and then uses a method I然后使用了一种havent seen before, two types of rock sugar,我从未见过的方法 加了两种冰糖a lot of Sichuan pepper很多的花椒and instead of vinegar, shes adding bai jiu,而且没有加醋 而是加了白酒a local 50% proof spirit, a bit like a sweeter version of vodka.一种当地的50度酒 有点像微甜的伏特加Pickles are incredibly popular in China泡菜在中国非常的受欢迎and are an easy way to preserve vegetables.也是一种简单易行的保存蔬菜的方式When I was a child in Taiwan,我小时候住在台湾I used to have them for breakfast with my grandmother.常常和祖母一起早餐吃泡菜Jennys grandmother alwaysJenny的祖母一直has a pot of pickles on the go, even today.保持着做泡菜的习惯 一直到今天Wow, I cant wait to try those.哇 我已经迫不及待的想尝尝了The pickling water is so strong that the vegetables泡菜汤的味道十分浓烈are y in just 24 hours.所以蔬菜24小时便泡好了She serves them the traditional way,她用传统方法把泡菜装盘with a light drizzle of chilli and Sichuan pepper oil,洒上少许辣椒和花椒油made from infusing hot oil with Sichuan peppercorns.一种由热油和花椒籽制成的调味油Mmm. That is delicious. So crunchy.唔 太美味了 嘎嘣脆Ive got now the chilli,现在尝到辣椒的味道了the numbing heat of that Sichuan pepper oil以及花椒油麻麻的热感and a little sour from the pickle.还有一点点泡菜的酸味儿Beautiful, thank you.太好吃了 谢谢奶奶201507/389018东阳市妇女医院网址

兰溪市儿童医院导诊A year later in Boston,Rebels destroy million worth of tea,一年之后 在波士顿 反抗者们捣毁了价值一百万的茶叶One of the most famous acts of resistance In American history.这就是美国历史上 最著名的反抗运动之一1775, Lexington.Ordinary Americans, patriots, prepare to defend themselves1775年 在莱克星顿 普通的美国民众 爱国主义者们决定奋起反抗Against the most powerful army in the world.世界上最强大的军队The British are under orders to arrest rebel leaders And seize their weapons.英国士兵奉命去抓获叛军首领 并夺取他们的武器The future of 13 colonies hangs in the balance.十三个殖民地的未来危在旦夕The War of Independence has begun.Mudgett will be on the frontline.独立战争打响 马杰特将赶赴前线When mankind truly tastes freedom,they develop an appetite for freedom当人类初尝自由滋味 就会更加渴望自由and they want to be able to use that freedom to build their own lives.他们希望珍惜那自由 建立自己的生活A year later. July 4th, 1776.Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.一年后 1776年7月4日 在宾夕法尼亚州的费城The Second Continental Congress votes To adopt a radical document:The Declaration of Independence.第二次大陆会议表决 通过了一部激进的文件:独立宣言Edited by scientist turned politician Benjamin Franklin,它由一位从科学家转变成的政治家所编写 他就是本杰明·富兰克林Proclaiming the 13 colonies free And independent from Great Britain.它宣告了十三个殖民地的解放 从大不列颠独立出去201603/434618 Beijing to lin with Moscow with new high-speed railway中国拟建北京至莫斯科高铁Beijings Municipal Government says its going to ask for permission to build a high-speed passenger railway linking the Chinese capital to the Russian capital, Moscow.北京市政府表示将申请修建一条北京通往俄罗斯首都莫斯科的高速客运铁路线。Beijings municipal information office says the new high-speed link would cut the train trip between Beijing and Moscow to just two days.北京市政府新闻办公室发布消息称将拟建莫斯科至北京高铁,列车运行时间仅需2天。Right now it takes a week to travel by train between Beijing and Moscow.现在北京至莫斯科乘坐火车需要一周时间。Beijing authorities say the project will cost around 250-billion US dollars.北京当局表示该项目将耗资约2500亿美元。The new line would pass through Kazakhstan, rather than the current link to the Trans-Siberian railway, which connects through Mongolia.拟议的莫斯科至北京高速铁路将途经哈萨克斯坦,而非现在穿过蒙古来连接西伯利亚的铁路。201501/356198浙江妇女儿童医院贵么金华市儿童医院到底好不好



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