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嘉兴市第一医院韩式三点双眼皮多少钱嘉善县隆胸多少钱Europe Italian politics欧洲 意大利政治Will Monti run for prime minister?蒙蒂会竞选总理吗?How to prevent Silvio Berlusconi from returning to power如何防止西尔维奥·贝卢斯科尼重掌大权With his restrained smile, laconic manner and dry humour, Mario Monti, Italy’s prime minister, makes a good sphinx. And that is the role he will have to play until the budget for 2013 is approved by parliament, probably on December 21st. Only then will he be able to cast aside the neutrality he must maintain as head of a technocratic government and announce whether he plans to stand in the general election now expected in February.克制的微笑,简洁的仪态和冷冷的幽默,意大利总理马里奥·蒙蒂塑造了一张体面的狮身人面像。他必须始终扮演这样一个角色,直到议会在12月21日左右通过2013年的预算,他才能够抛弃作为技术官僚政府首脑必须坚持的中立态度,并宣布是否计划参加预定在2月份举行的大选。The early vote became inevitable on December 8th when Mr Monti told Giorgio Napolitano, the president, that he intended to resign. By then, he had lost the support of Silvio Berlusconi’s People of Freedom (PdL) movement. The 76-year-old Mr Berlusconi then said he would be his party’s candidate for prime minister. He later cast doubt on this, even making a bizarre offer to stand down if Mr Monti wanted to take over his party—a sign perhaps that the former prime minister senses that his candidacy risks becoming an embarrassing catastrophe. It has run into a barrage of international condemnation and even Mr Berlusconi’s old chums in the Northern League are hesitating about whether to renew their electoral alliance with the PdL.12月8日,蒙蒂告知意大利总统乔治·纳波利塔诺辞职的打算,提前投票已不可避免。到那时,他失去了西尔维奥·贝卢斯科尼领导的自由人民党(PdL) 的持。76岁的贝卢斯科尼随后宣布他将担任该政党的总理候选人。之后,他又使事情变得疑云重重,甚至令人匪夷所思地提议如果蒙蒂想要接管他的政党的话,他将会退出——这个迹象表明前总理或许意识到他的候选人资格面临着演变成令人尴尬的灾难的危险。他已经陷入轮番轰炸的国际谴责,甚至贝卢斯科尼北方联盟的密友都在犹豫是否恢复和自由人民党组成的竞选联盟。Mr Berlusconi launched himself into the campaign with an implicit renunciation of the actions of Mr Monti’s government, which his party has until now supported. The billionaire media mogul has since depicted the government’s policies as unnecessarily painful and imposed on a Germanophile Mr Monti by the government in Berlin. He has scorned concerns over the interest cost on Italy’s vast public debt, which Mr Monti had almost halved before Mr Berlusconi’s reappearance panicked investors. And he held out to voters the prospect that he could undo the reintroduction of an unpopular property tax and reignite growth, something he signally failed to do in the eight years between 2001 and 2011 when he held power.贝卢斯科尼投身竞选运动,间接地断绝了和蒙蒂政府的任何行动,而他的政党直到现在依然持后者。这位拥有亿万资产的媒体大亨目前将政府的政策描述成不必要的疼痛,并通过柏林政府将“亲德派蒙蒂”的称号强加在蒙蒂身上。他一度鄙视对意大利庞大的国债利息成本的担忧,在贝卢斯科尼的再现引起投资者恐慌之前,蒙蒂几乎使其下降了一半。贝卢斯科尼还许诺选民他能通过撤销重新引入的一项不受欢迎的财产税,再次刺激经济增长,而在2001-2011他执政的8年间他显然未能做到这些。Some of Mr Monti’s comments, obliquely countering Mr Berlusconi’s populist contentions, suggest he is itching to defend his government’s record. But those close to him say he is genuinely undecided about whether to run. The risks are considerable, and not just for Mr Monti.蒙蒂的一些拐弯抹角地反对贝卢斯科尼民粹主义论点的言语暗示他渴望保卫他所领导的政府的政绩。但是他的亲信们表示他确实没有决定是否继续执政。风险是巨大的,不仅仅是对蒙蒂而言。A central problem of Italian democracy is that both its main parties are an ideological hotch-potch. On the left, the Democratic Party (PD) is the offspring of a marriage between ex-communists and former Christian Democrats. On the right, the PdL is the outcome of a merger between reconstructed neo-fascists and Mr Berlusconi’s heterogeneous following of opportunists, ex-socialists, conservatives and the odd liberal. Mr Monti has the chance to lay the foundations of an altogether more presentable conservative movement: an Italian reflection of the principles that inspire the European Peoples’ Party in the European Parliament.意大利民主政体的一个核心问题是主要政党都是思想大杂烩。左翼民主党(PD)是原共产主义者和前基督教民主党结合的后代。而右翼自由人民党是新法兰西主义者和贝卢斯科尼领导的由机会主义者,原社会主义者,保守党和奇怪的自由党组成的多种多样的追随者结合起来的产物。蒙蒂有机会为一场完全的更象样的保守运动打下基础:这项运动是对激励欧洲国会中的欧洲人民党的法则的意大利式的解读。The building blocks aly exist: the conservative Union of Christian and Centre Democrats (UDC); a new movement led by the chairman of Ferrari, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, which was founded specifically as a vehicle for the prime minister; and other, smaller groups. Mr Monti could steal votes from the PdL, which is in danger of breaking apart despite Mr Berlusconi’s return and from the moderate wing of the PD. Above all, says Antonio Noto of IPR Marketing, “he could lure to the polls some of the 25% of Italians who say they are not tempted by any of the existing parties”, or even by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement led by Beppe Grillo, a former comedian.构建基础已然存在:保守的基督教和中派民主党联盟;法拉利主席卢卡斯·柯德罗·迪·蒙特泽莫罗领导的专门为总理制造座驾的一项新运动;还包括其他规模较小的组织。虽然贝卢斯科尼复出,但是自由民主党依然面临着解体的危险,蒙蒂可以借此拉拢他们和中立派民主党的选票。最重要的是,知识产权市场研究院的安东尼奥·诺托表示“蒙蒂能够吸引到对现有的政党都没有兴趣的大约25%的意大利人的选票”,甚至能得到前喜剧明星贝皮·格里罗领导的反正统的五星运动的持。Big business and the Catholic church have aly signalled their support for the prime minister. And Mr Monti could prove a good foil for the slick, showy tycoon. Mr Berlusconi has been defeated twice in five general elections. Each time, his nemesis was another quietly-spoken economics professor with impeccable European credentials: Romano Prodi.意大利财团和天主教会已经暗示了他们对总理的持。而蒙蒂可以明自己是这位华而不实,极尽炫耀的商业大亨很好的反衬。贝卢斯科尼在5次大选中2次落败。他的主要对手又是默不作声的持有无懈可击的欧洲书的经济学教授罗马诺·普罗迪。The snag is that Mr Monti’s real adversary would not be Mr Berlusconi, but the leader of the PD, Pier Luigi Bersani, who has pointedly warned the prime minister to stay out of the fray. Without exception, the polls show the PD and its allies with a substantial lead. Under Italy’s electoral rules, whichever coalition comes first receives a bonus that guarantees it a majority in the Chamber of Deputies. But in the Senate the bonus is allocated region by region. The big risk for the governability of Italy after the election is a result that gives a coalition a majority in the chamber, but not in the Senate.真正的障碍在于蒙蒂的真正的对手并不是贝卢斯科尼,而是民主党的领导人贝尔萨尼,他尖锐地提醒总理远离这场争论。无一例外,民意调查显示民主党和其盟友大大领先。根据意大利的大选规则,任何一个处于第一位的联盟都有这样一个福利,保其得到众议院的多数持。而在参议院里,这个福利是按地区分配的。大选后的意大利施政将面临的最大危险是选举结果使得该联盟获得了众议院的多数持,却没有得到参议院的持。A pro-Monti coalition would find it hard to overtake the PD nationally, but could ruin its chances of dominating both houses. A hung Senate might also give Mr Berlusconi, whose party has sunk to around 15% in the polls, his most realistic chance of retaining influence. But so long as Mr Monti was y to join forces with Mr Bersani after the election, the PdL could be pushed firmly into opposition, along with Mr Grillo’s representatives.持蒙蒂的联盟发现要全国性地推翻民主党相当困难,但是可以毁灭其统治两院的机会。贝卢斯科尼领导的政党的民意持率已经降到了15%,而悬而未决的参议院给他保持影响力提供了最现实的机会。但是只要蒙蒂准备好在大选后和贝尔萨尼通力合作,自由人民党将被牢牢地推向反对派,格里罗的代表也不例外。Other calculations are weighing on Mr Monti. If he were to stand, he would have to give up his life senator’s seat. A decision to run could mean he lost his chance to occupy the Quirinal palace as Italy’s head of state when Mr Napolitano retires next year. That is where Mr Bersani would like to see him, as a guarantor of future reforms. Above all, there is the increasingly unfathomable Berlusconi variable. If Mr Berlusconi were to pull out, or his party to implode, the temptation for Mr Monti to pounce might become irresistible.其他政治猜测也压得蒙蒂喘不过气来。如果他继续担任总理的话,他将不得不放弃终身议员的席位。退出竞选的决定意味着他将失去明年纳波利塔诺退休后作为意大利元首进驻奎里纳莱宫的机会。而贝尔萨尼迫切期望他能作为未来改革的保人呆在那里。毕竟,贝卢斯科尼的可变因素正变得越来越深不可测。如果贝卢斯科尼撤出大选,或其政党发生内讧,那么蒙蒂面临抓住这个机会的诱惑是不可阻挡的。 翻译:姜振南译文属译生译世201609/466100浙江嘉兴假体植入丰胸多少钱 平湖市妇幼保健所瘦腿针多少钱

嘉善县职工医院玻尿酸多少钱All right,so Mindy you planned a lot of weddings for a lot of peopleMindy 你为很多人策划了婚礼and I know that brides are difficult,right,sometimes,sometimes我知道新娘一般比较难应付 恩 有时 有时I mean its really stressful,I learn that,its a very stressful thing有时真的会有压力 我知道 这真的是一件非常有压力的事情How do we compare cause you have two brides than that other poeple you have done跟其他一个新娘的比起来 我们这有两个新娘 你怎么比较这两者呢Well I think if we had a big wedding it would have been a big problems我觉得如果我们举办盛大的婚礼 那将会有很大的麻烦But because it got really small,I mean truely I have admited that you did everything但因为你们的婚礼规模真的很小 而且我得承认你几乎计划了所有事情I just follow the directions,no,yeah,no,yeah我做的仅仅是执行你的计划 不会吧 是的 不会吧 是的But we did,we had a huge like 150 to 200 people originally,we were gonna do a huge wedding但我们原先打算邀请150人到200人参加我们的婚礼 我们打算举办盛大的婚礼and at the last minute we said please call and uninvited everybody,because we just cant do it,its too stressful但最后的时刻我们决定说请打电话给大家 我们决定不邀请那么多人了 因为我们不能做到 压力太大了and then we got the calls from the certain people thinking that they were the only one uninvited然后我们接到了一些人的电话 他们以为只有他们没受邀请So that they were offended,Im kept telling them,no you are still,you would have been there所以他们感觉被冒犯了 我不停的告诉他们 不 你是在邀请名单内的 你本来是要来参加的yeah,we did the right thing,we only had 21 people,so it was perfect我们做了正确的选择 我们的婚礼只有21个人 是的 这人数非常合适and even then it was so hard to decide the seating chart,cause the further away people get from you the more offended they are但仍然 你很难去决定座位表 因为离你坐得越远越会觉得他们被得罪they feel terrible,they analyze it,to see exactly who is next to you他们会感觉很糟糕 他们会试图分析 看看谁会坐在旁边Its a big deal,a political class but to see it.but we were pretty calm,right这可是件大事 看到才会明白是典型的官方反应 但我们都很冷静 对吧Very calm,from the minute I got there that morning,you were kind of flying around非常冷静 那天早上我到达场地的时候 你到处在那走来走去I was a little worried than I before,oh god here we go,not one我比之前想的还要紧张一些 哦 天啊 真的要开始了 不只一位新娘 /201608/460087嘉兴狐臭手术那种好 Drought in California加州旱情Painting the lawn green把草坪喷绿Californians find novel ways to cope with drought加利福尼亚州居民奇思妙想治旱灾JACK MELLIGAN, a prison guard in Sacramento, was tired of staring at his brown, patchy lawn—a side-effect of the drought that has parched California for the past three years. He thought about replacing it with shop-bought turf, but worried that he might incur hefty fines for watering it, under new statewide water restrictions. So he paid someone 0 to spray-paint his lawn a cheery green instead.萨克拉门托(美国加州首府)狱警杰克·梅丽甘盯着自己家干枯斑驳的草坪,厌倦了——这是在过去三年里,干旱炙烤着加州所带来了的一个不良反应。杰克正在考虑用商店买来的草皮代替,但遍布加州的限水令却让他担心,若给草坪浇水,则面临巨额罚款。所以他花了180美元,雇人给自己家的草坪喷漆,喷上一片让人心情愉快的绿色。In a state known for special effects, such fakery is to be expected. If Hollywood can make a green screen look like a terrifying desert on an alien planet, it is only natural that Californians should seek ways to make the terrifying deserts in their front yards look verdant. Mr Melligan is not alone; your correspondent has a wardrobe full of green-stained shoes to prove it.因加州以特效而闻名,所以像这样的造假草坪是在意料之中的事。假如好莱坞能制造一个绿色屏幕,看起来像外星球的可怕荒漠,那么加州的居民想方设法让门前荒地变得绿油油,就再自然不过的事情了。The fad for trompe loeil gardening has been a boon for lawn-painters such as David Bartlett, the owner of Xtreme Green Grass, whose business has grown 75% this year. Over the same period Jim Power, who runs a lawn-paint supply company called LawnLift, has seen sales triple. “It has become more socially acceptable to paint your lawn,” he says, “especially as its become more socially shameful to water it.” At the same time, fewer Californians are buying new turf, says Jurgen Gramckow, who grows the stuff and says sales at his farm in Oxnard are down 20% this year.仿真园艺热潮给草坪画家大卫·巴特利特带来了商机,他是Xtreme Green Grass的老板,今年工作量增加了75%。同期,吉姆·鲍尔名下的草坪喷漆供应公司LawnLift销售量翻了两翻。“给你的草坪喷漆已经被大家接受,”吉姆说道,“特别是在这个时候,给你的草坪浇水,是很可耻的一件事。”与此同时,种植草皮的Jurgen Gramckow表示,越来越少的加州居民购买草皮,而且他在奥克斯纳的公司今年销售量下降20%。The drought, one of the worst in a century, has pushed the state to waste a bit less water. In July California banned such things as allowing sprinkler water to run off lawns on to streets and washing cars with hoses that have no shut-off nozzle. And on August 29th the state legislature passed three bills that would allow local agencies, for the first time, to curb excessive pumping of groundwater by landowners.百年一遇的旱灾已经让加州节约用水了。今年七月,加州禁止诸如向草坪浇水和没有自动闭合喷嘴的水管洗车等之类的行为。8月29日,州议会通过了三项法案,首次允许当地机构控制土地所有者过分的使用地下水。Historically, California has resisted groundwater regulation, favouring local property rights even as every other western state embraced state control. But sentiment has shifted with the realisation that the water might run out. By some measures, the states billion agricultural industry aly accounts for 62% of water consumption. And it is getting thirstier, as profitable fruit trees and vines have replaced other crops. As surface reservoirs are depleted, farmers are forced to drill deeper. Perhaps 65% of Californias water could come from underground this year, up from 40% in average years, according to the California Water Foundation, a green group. Over-use of wells means that salt water can invade coastal aquifers, and also that fresh water disappears. A recent study by the California Department of Water Resources found that, in about half of the wells surveyed, water levels had aly fallen to their lowest point for a century.有史以来,加州不管制地下水,偏爱当地产权问题,然而在西部的其他州,地下水受到州政府监管。但是随着旱情加重,水资源短缺,加州开始发愁了。加州产值450亿美元的农业已经消耗62%的水。因高利润的果树和葡萄藤已经取代了其他庄稼,天气越来越干旱了。随着地表水库消耗殆尽,农民不得不往地下更深处汲水。据加州一个绿色环保组织California Water Foundation指出,今年,大概有65%的水来源于地下,地下水用量平均增加了40%。过分使用地下水,意味着海水将流入滨海蓄水层,而且淡水也从此消失。加州水利部门最近的一项研究发现,所有考察过的井中,大约有一半井水的水位线降至历史最低。Several cities are trying to conserve water. Earlier this year Santa Cruz began enforcing rationing for every home and a ban on filling hot tubs and jacuzzis, with weighty fines and “Water School” for transgressors. The results are striking: in July citywide water use fell 26% compared with last year. In comparison, statewide water use had declined by only 7.5% from the previous year, despite recent pleas from Governor Jerry Brown to all Californians to cut water use by 20%.有些城市试图蓄水。今年年初,圣鲁克兹开始实行家庭定量配给水资源,并禁止任何形式的浴缸用水,违背者接受巨额罚款,并送至“Water School”进行教育。效果很显著:今年七月,较去年全城用水量减少26%,但全州用水量降低只有7.5%,虽然地方长官杰瑞·布朗最近号召加州居民减少用水量20%。The states water shortages can be resolved only by putting a sensible price on water. State law will eventually require water metering on all buildings, but not until 2025. “We are finally moving toward a pricing system,” says Barton Thompson, a professor of natural resources at Stanford Law School, “which is really the only way to truly encourage people to conserve.”要解决加州水资源短缺问题,只能通过设定一个合理的水价位。加州的法律最终要求所有的建筑物上按照仪表测量用水,但不是到2025年。“我们最后制定一个定价系统,” 斯坦福大学法学院自然资源教授巴顿·汤普森说道,“而这确实是鼓励人们节约用水的唯一办法。” /201409/331497平湖市红十字会医院去痘多少钱

嘉兴有多少家做脱毛的地方Business this week本周经济要闻Federal air-accident investigators began looking into what caused a spaceplane owned by Virgin Galactic to explode over theMojave desert during a test flight, killing one pilot. The accident is a setback for the burgeoning private space industry. Virgin Galactic had been hoping to take rich tourists to the edge of space in the aircraft perhaps as early as next year. Sir Richard Branson, its founder, promised to keep the project going and build a second spaceplane. He had planned to be aboard the inaugural passenger flight.维珍航空公司旗下的一架飞船,在测试飞行中于莫哈维沙漠上空发生爆炸,导致一名飞行员死亡。联邦航空事故调查员已对此展开调查。此次事故给热火朝天的私人太空飞行产业浇了盆凉水。维珍航空公司本来争取在明年将富翁级别的乘客送往太空边缘。公司创始人理查德·布兰森爵士承诺,将建造第二艘太空船以继续该项目。布兰森曾计划亲自参与首次太空游览。Access to the internet走近互联网Robert Hannigan, the head of Britains GCHQ intelligence agency, called for more support from internet giants such as Google and Apple in gathering information about suspected terrorists. He described social-media sites as “the command and control networks of choice” for terror groups, and criticised the extra security measures being added to the internet by companies in their efforts to deter surveillance by Western spies.英国情报机构政府通信总部负责人罗伯特?汉尼根发出呼吁,要求互联网巨头(诸如谷歌与苹果)提供更多协助,以收集疑似恐怖分子的信息。他说,互联网已经成为恐怖组织“指挥和控制的手段之一”。一些公司为防止西方间谍侵入,给网络增设了安全措施,此举也遭到了汉尼根的炮轰。Haruhiko Kuroda, the governor of the Bank of Japan, strongly defended the massive expansion of the governments quantitative-easing measures, announced on October 31st. Mr Kuroda said that he would do whatever it takes to cure Japans “chronic disease of deflation”, though critics think the scale of the new initiative will distort markets. After the policy was revealed the Nikkei stockmarket index jumped to a seven-year high and the yen tumbled against the dollar.10月31日,日本行长黑田东彦表示坚决持政府实施的大规模量化宽松政策。黑田称将竭尽全力,以消除日本的“慢性通缩”。不过批评家认为,新的量宽举措将扭曲市场机制。新政一经公布,日经指数即创七年来新高,而日元对美元的汇率下跌。Inflation in the euro zone will remain below the European Central Banks target of almost 2% until at least 2016, according to the latest official economic forecast from the European Commission, which also sharply reduced the outlook for growth next year, to 1.1%.欧盟委员会最近发布的官方预测认为,至少到2016年,欧元区的通胀水平可以保持在2%以下,而这是欧洲央行设定的目标。同时,委员会将明年的经济预期增长率大幅下调至1.1%。Americas economy grew at an annualised rate of 3.5% in the third quarter, thanks in part to increased government spending and exports. But the unexpectedly large growth of the trade deficit in September suggests that the GDP figure will be revised downwards.得益于政府财政出和出口两个方面的增长,美国经济第三季度增长率如按全年计算,达到3.5%。但出人意料的是,九月份出现了大规模贸易逆差,所以全年的GDP增速可能反而下调。Amid the rouble rubble卢布泡沫The announcement by Russias central bank that it would curb its support for the rouble pushed itto new lows against the dollar and the euro. The bank spent more than 30 billion propping up the currency in October and it raised interest rates to 9.5% just recently. Limiting its interventions will increase inflation, but also protect foreign reserves and help avert the risk of a full-scale currency crisis.俄罗斯央行曾宣布减小对卢布的持力度,随后卢布对美元和欧元的汇率双双跌至新低。为了撑卢布,俄国央行于10月投入超过300亿美元,近来更是将利率上调至9.5%。减少干预将增加通胀,但也能保护外汇,并有助于避免全面货币危机。The price of Brent crude sank to a four-year low afterSaudi Arabia cut its price for oil forAmerica while raising it elsewhere, seen by some as an aggressive move by the Saudis to increase market share. With the Saudis trying to boost oil imports intoAmerica, BHP Billiton, meanwhile, was hoping to test a ban on oil exports fromAmerica by selling oil it has extracted but processed only very lightly inTexas.沙特阿拉伯降低对美油价,同时提高对其他地区的价格。此举导致布伦特原油价格跌至四年以来的新低,此举被看做沙特在有意抢占市场份额。在沙特试图扩大对美石油出口的同时,必和必拓想打个擦边球,绕过美国原油出口禁令,出口产自德州的超轻质油。A report by the IMFs internal auditor concluded that having first advised countries to adopt fiscal stimulus during the global financial crisis, the funds later push for austerity had “turned out to be a mistake and its timing unfortunate”, because the recovery was fragile. Christine Lagarde, who has led the IMF since 2011, said the auditors report benefited from hindsight.国际货币基金组织一份内部审计报告称,虽然该组织首先建议各国采取财政刺激政策以应对全球经济危机,但经济复苏如履薄冰,使得后来该组织推行的紧缩政策“成为错误时机的错误选择”。2011年就任国际货币基金组织总裁的克里斯蒂娜?拉加德认为,这份报告不过是马后炮罢了。The trial of the most senior Swiss banker to be charged with helping Americans evade tax came to a swift end, when a jury inFlorida took just over an hour to find him not guilty. Raoul Weil used to run the wealth-management division at UBS. The prosecutions case was based partly on testimony from his former subordinates, some of whom struck deals to avoid prosecution. His defence team was so confident about winning that it didnt bother calling any witnesses.近年颇有一些瑞士家因涉嫌帮助美国客户逃税而在美国受审。其中级别最高者当属Raoul Weil,他曾在瑞士联合掌管财富管理部。此案审理得相当迅速,佛罗里达州的陪审团仅用一小时即宣判其无罪。控方虽然找到了Raoul Weil从前的一些下属充当污点人,不过辩护团队信心满满,甚至没有传唤人。Alibaba issued its first earnings report since making its stockmarket debut in September. The Chinese e-commerce companys revenue in the third quarter grew by more than half, to 2.7 billion, from the same period last year, mostly because many more people inChina are using mobile devices to shop.9月上市后,阿里巴巴首次发布财报。这家中国电商第三季度营收达27亿美元,同比增幅过半。这主要得益于通过移动设备购物的中国客户大大增加。Ryanair,Europes biggest low-cost airline, reported solid earnings for the latest quarter and raised the outlook for its annual profit. The butt of many jokes about poor airline service, Ryanair has refocused on attracting business passengers and overhauled its systems, reducing its online booking process from 17 to five clicks. Its boss, Michael OLeary, who once described passengers as “idiots”, said that being nice was new to him, but was turning out to be a winning strategy.欧洲最大的廉价航空公司瑞安发布财报,显示最近一个季度收入稳定;该公司随之提高了预期年利润。瑞安曾因糟糕务为人嗤笑,如今重新关注商务客户,并彻底改进网上订票系统,将有关步骤从17项精简为5项。老板迈克尔?奥利瑞曾将旅客称为“白痴”,他表示善待他人在他的字典里是个新词,不过这招非常奏效。A tasty deal美味交易ed Biscuits, a British baker that includes Jaffa Cakes and Twiglets among its brands, was sold by its private-equity owners toYildiz,Turkeys biggest food company, for a reported 2 billion.联合饼干公司旗下坐拥佳发蛋糕和Twiglets两大品牌。私募股权拥有者将其出售给土耳其最大的食品公司Yildiz。据说收购价格为20亿英镑。译者:韦永睿 校对:江虹蕾 译文属译生译世201411/342119 In our informal survey, 61% of teachers indicated that better pay is the best way to retain teachers. As part of our ;Learning to Teach; week at Michigan Radio, Joshua Cowen, an associate professor at the Education Policy Center at Michigan State University, discusses teacher pay in the state.Cowen says theres disagreement within the state of whether monetary compensation or professional opportunities work better to reward teachers.The old model has been based on tenure, or being guaranteed a certain amount of money for teaching a certain length of time. Cowen says the alternative being used by some instead bases compensation on performance.Cowen suggests the best solution is a hybrid of the two models, ;where experience is rewarded financially,; but ;the standards that you have to pass to reach tenure, for example, are higher than they were in the past.;Its important to reward experience because, as Cowen points out, ;In education that experience does lead to increased effectiveness over time. The first five years in particular teachers, by almost any measure, become more effective.;While compensation is also a factor, Cowen says its about more than just money.;One of the arguments against the way things are done now is that its not so much that money itself matters, but its money for what youre doing,; Cowen says.Salary often doesnt incentivize people to enter or remain in the profession, according to Cowen. Instead, monetary compensation is important when it reflects an appreciation of the teachers hard work or specific skills.;I think the take-home point is its not all about the money, its sort of the rewards for what youre doing,; Cowen says.201504/367482南湖区去痘医院哪家好海盐驼峰鼻矫正多少钱



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