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Make sure you use the facilities before you put this office bathroom trick into hilarious effect.在办公室浴室制造滑稽可笑的效果。不过首先确保你准备好了所有道具。You Will Need你需要Several pairs of shoes几双鞋子Several pairs of slacks几条宽松的裤子Some newspapers几张报纸Steps步骤Step 1 Get some slacks1.准备好宽松的裤子Get one pair of slacks and one pair of shoes for every stall in your office bathroom.在办公室浴室的每一个小隔间准备一条宽松的裤子和一双鞋子。You can raid your own closet, or stock up on inexpensive slacks and shoes at a local second-hand clothing store.可以搜索自己的衣柜,或者在当地二手衣物商店购买廉价的裤子和鞋子。Step 2 Stuff them2.填充Stuff each pair of slacks, from the knee down, with old newspaper. Don’t overstuff the pants, or they won’t look like ‘believable’ legs.把每一条裤子膝盖以下装满旧报纸。不要填的太多,否则看上去不像逼真的双腿。Step 3 Position them3.放置鞋子Position a pair of shoes in each stall.在每一个隔间放一双鞋子。Step 4 Set up4.摆放Position a pair of stuffed pants atop each pair of shoes. Arrange the top of the pants to fall just right – so it looks like someone is sitting on the toilet with his pants down.在每一双鞋子上方放置一双填充了旧报纸的裤子。让裤子顶部滑落到合适的高度——这样就好像有人正蹲在马桶上。Step 5 Lock5.上锁Lock each stall door from the inside.将每一个隔间在里面锁上。Step 6 Start a rumor6.制造谣言Start a rumor that there’s a stomach bug going around the office that is keeping people on the john.制造一个谣言,宣称胃肠细菌横行,有的人一直跑厕所。Step 7 Enjoy7.欣赏Enjoy the chaos that ensues as increasingly desperate people try to figure out who is hogging the bathroom.随后,许多惊慌失措的人们都将试图查明到底是谁霸占着厕所,你就躲在一边偷着乐吧。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/236139湖北化学纤维厂职工医院治疗腋臭狐臭多少钱襄阳市医院人流价格Louis was living just like his great-grandfather,路易的生活尽如他的曾祖父ruling as an absolute monarch,他拥有绝对专权enjoying the hunting in the forests around Versailles,喜爱在凡尔赛宫附近森林里狩猎and soon fulfilling the first and most important并且很快就完成了皇室成员的of all his Royal roles,第一要务fathering an heir.生下继承人The relationship between Louis XV and his wife,路易十五与妻子Marie Leszczynska, started very well, really.玛丽·蕾姗斯卡的关系开端甚好They managed to put together a relationship,他们成功维持了which, over a period of ten years,一段长达10年的certainly, was quite a happy one.愉快关系They had a string of children他们连续育有多子and they seemed to have found a certain,似乎在相互扶持的生活中you know, sort of, emotional support in each otherscompany.找到了某种情感寄托More children followed, at regular intervals,接下来快乐的十年中 每隔一段日子over the next ten happy years.就有孩子出生Eight girls and two boys.他们共有二子八女Louis may have enjoyed being a father, but the Queen,路易也许喜爱身为人父的感觉 但王后after a decade of non-stop pregnancies,在经过10年的不断怀后was fed up with it all.已经对此甚为厌烦The Queen began to complain that she was either pregnant, in bed,王后开始抱怨自己不是在怀卧床or being brought to bed.就是在和路易上床Eventually, they had ten children by the time Louis, himself, was 27.最终 路易27岁时已有十个孩子The Queen had really had enough.王后终于受够了So, she began to tell the King所以她告诉国王that he wasntallowedto come into her bedroom on certain saints days,在特定的圣日里他不能来她的寝宫because she was a very pious woman.因为她非常虔诚201205/180702枣阳市第一人民医院盆腔炎多少钱

襄阳第四人民医院治疗痤疮手术多少钱襄阳市中心医院北区有泌尿科吗Sharpes job, decoy, to distract the Feds.夏普的职责是引诱和分散联邦警察的注意力In Franklin County,99 residents out of 100 are thought to be involved.据称在富兰克林郡99%的居民与私酒业有牵连Secret stills are everywhere.到处都有私藏的蒸馏器Moonshine is flooding across the country,100 million gallons a year.私酒充斥着整个美国,每年产量达1亿加仑Even the President has a private wine cellar.就连美国总统也有自己的隐秘酒窖It seemed so ridiculous.看起来真荒唐Anyone would ever tell you 基本上人人都会告诉你you cannot legislate morality,不能将道德制定成法律you certainly cant stop people from drinking.喝酒的行为是禁止不了的People need a drink at the end of the day.人们终究还是需要一杯好酒的Outrunning the cops is the new extreme sport.跟警察赛车成了新的极限运动Locals witness Carter Sharpe in action.当地居民亲眼目睹了卡特·夏普的行动I saw her go right through our town.我看到她从我们镇里直穿过去There was a federal car after her.后面有辆联邦警车在追They were trying to shoot down her tires.他们想把她的车胎射瘪She was driving at 75 miles an hour.她的时速有75英里She got away.She gets away because of this:她逃脱了,她逃脱的法宝在于An ordinary car souped up for more horsepower.将原本普通的车,改装成马力超强的赛车A supercharger rams additional air into the cylinders.用增压器向气缸内推送额外的空气The result, Americas first muscle cars.美国最早的高性能赛车就此诞生Theyre so popular,they kick-start a new national pastime,stock-car racing.它们如此受欢迎以致开启了一项崭新的全国性运动,改装车比赛Even today, theres a driving maneuver called ;The bootleg turn.;直到今天仍有一个赛车动作被命名为私酒大转弯But theres a darker side to bootlegging.但私酒贩运还有更为黑暗的一面The illegal liquor trade is worth tens of billions in todays money,非法私酒贸易额相当于今天的数百亿美元and its not Willie Carter Sharpe whos in charge.Its gangsters.当然控制权肯定不在薇莉·卡特·夏普手中,而是在黑帮手里Organized crime has a stranglehold stretching across the country.黑社会组织掌控着整个美国的私酒贸易Lucky Luciano in New York,Frank ;Chee-Chee; DeMayo, Kansas City.纽约的;小福星;卢西安诺[黑帮教父],堪萨斯城的法兰克· ;奇奇;· 德迈奥Joseph ;Iron Man; Ardizzone in LA.洛杉矶的约瑟夫·;铁人;·阿尔迪佐尼The Licavoli family, Detroit.底特律的里卡沃利家族Harry Rosen, Philadelphia.费城的哈里·罗森Charles ;King; Solomon, Boston.波士顿的查尔斯·;国王;·所罗门And in Chicago, the most notorious gangster of all,Al Capone.还有来自芝加哥的最臭名昭著的黑帮头子,阿尔·卡彭He earns over 0 a minute from illegal alcohol.他每分钟从私酒贸易中牟利超过100美元Thats ,500 today.But his luck is about to change.相当于今天的1500美元,但他的好运就要到头了2122 North Clark Street,headquarters of Capones bitter rival,George ;Bugs; Moran.北克拉克大街2122号,卡彭的死对头乔治·;小虫; ·莫兰的大本营February 14, 1929.Two men in police uniform arrive.1929年2月14日,两名穿着警察制的男人在此出现Normally the cops leave without arrests after a quick payoff.通常只要花点小钱就能疏通警察免于逮捕But this isnt a normal day,and these arent regular cops.但这一天不同寻常,他们也不是一般的警察What happens on Valentines Day 1929 will change the course of Prohibition in America.1929年情人节发生的事件,将会改变禁酒令在美国的命运 /201301/218077襄樊第一人民医院预约挂号襄阳哪里医院皮炎正规

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